You have a great website and plenty of tools to bring surfers to your website. But what’s next?

Do you know the best ways to turn those casual Internet surfers into clients? It’s all about following up on leads. And to do that you need a good plan of attack:

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

In other words, if you don’t respond quickly, you may very well lose that lead. If you can contact your leads by telephone or email, do so, and don’t waste time! But whatever you do, don’t send out blanket, generic emails. Make sure you are focusing on what that lead is asking you for, and take the time to create an instant relationship by personalizing the email and showing the client that you took the time to understand what they wanted. If you view each and every lead as the key to your livelihood, you will make the time to respond personally.

The best rule of thumb is to block out time, at least a few times of day, to respond to Internet leads, and make sure you concentrate on those leads, and only those leads, for that space of time.

If there’s one thing many companies have learned is that Internet surfers want their information immediately, and if they don’t get it, they will look elsewhere. Don’t let that happen to you!

Enlist Help, If Necessary

If you are so lucky as to have too many Internet leads to handle personally, then make sure you enlist help to do so on your behalf. You’ve done the work to get clients to your website, now don’t miss the opportunity to convert them! To put it bluntly, don’t cry and whine over missed opportunities, particularly if they are sitting at your front door with a little red ribbon wrapped around them.

If needed, hire someone to handle all of your leads. The money spent is most always worth your time. And don’t stop with just one follow-up to a lead. Send a response, and then send another email, text or phone call a day later to see if they received the information and ask if they have any questions. Your persistence and care will almost always pay off.

Handle Your Leads with Kid Gloves

Not sure how to convert those precious leads into clients? Consider attending a webinar or seminar and find out all the tricks of the trade. Learn how to respond, when to respond and, perhaps most importantly, the importance of responding within a certain window of time. Internet surfers make decisions quickly, and they don’t have the time or the patience to waste waiting around for someone to respond to their inquiry. If you are going to be at the head of the pack, you must respond quickly to your leads if you want to remain competitive in the realm of the Internet. The leads are there, ready and waiting! What you do with them is up to you!

This post was written by Richard, who is the CEO & Broker of VIP Realty, The Premier Firm in Real Estate. Our offices focus on the Greater Austin Texas real estate market. If you need assistance buying or selling, don’t hesitate to visit our website.