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Zapier Discount: Promotions Offered, Current Promo Codes & How To Claim

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Zapier is an efficient automation tool that streamlines your workflow for repetitive tasks and reduces the chances of human error, without the need for coding.

Zapier offers discounts based on the pricing plans that resonate with their needs.

If you’re interested in getting a Zapier discount, this article will outline which ones are available and how you can get them.

Does Zapier Ever Offer Discounts?

Zapier offers a few discounts for its automation services if you sign up for any of the company’s pricing plans.

However, they might not be accessible to people who don’t qualify.

Zapier also doesn’t offer promo codes for their services.

If you’re interested in getting a Zapier discount, you can check out their website to see what’s available.

How Do You Get a Zapier Promo Code?

Unfortunately, Zapier doesn’t offer promo codes for any paid plans on their website.

Although some websites offer Zapier promo codes, the company doesn’t offer official coupons and promo codes.

Quick Reference: Current Zapier Promo Codes

Zapier doesn’t offer coupons and promo codes you can use to get a discount on their plans.

The website won’t prompt you to add a promo code when paying for any pricing plan.

However, the company offers a free 14-day trial where you can access premium apps without needing promo codes.

Therefore, if you decide that you don’t want to use Zapier, you won’t get penalized for not moving forward with it.

Once your 14-day free trial ends, they won’t charge you or ask for your credit card information if you decide to use their default free version.

The website lets you know how many days of the free trial you have left before asking if you want to upgrade to their paid pricing plans.

How Do Zapier Discounts Work?

Zapier doesn’t offer discounts through online coupons and promo codes for reducing their plans’ pricing.

Can You Use More Than One Discount on Zapier?

Unfortunately, you can’t use more than one discount whenever you sign up for Zapier’s annual pricing plans.

This discount applies after every automatic renewal per year if you don’t change to a monthly subscription payment.

For instance, if you choose their Starter (1,500 Tasks) plan, you can save $234 off your total payment by paying $469 per year.

However, if you opt for their monthly payment of $58.50 per month, your total payment at the end of the year will be $702.

How to Use a Zapier Promo Code

Since Zapier doesn’t offer promo codes, you can’t apply them when finalizing your purchase for any of their paid plans.

However, there are ways you can reduce your annual and monthly payments when choosing a plan.

  • Step 1: Visit Zapier’s pricing page and check the drop-down list for each plan’s tasks per month. The prices and maximum task quotas increase as you upgrade to the next plan.
  • Step 2: After choosing your plan, choose if you want to pay annually or monthly.
  • Step 3: Add your payment information on the checkout page.

Types of Discounts Offered by Zapier

If you’re curious if you qualify for a specific Zapier discount, check out the following demographic groups to see where you stand.

Zapier Discounts for Education

Although many automation companies offer educational discounts for students and teachers, Zapier doesn’t have as many options.

Does Zapier Offer a Teacher Discount?

Unfortunately, Zapier doesn’t offer a teacher’s discount through their website’s pricing plans.

Does Zapier Have a Student Discount?

Although Zapier doesn’t have a student discount promoted on their website, they can benefit from using a free version of the online platform before choosing a payment plan within their budget.

Although some digital coupon websites might list promo codes for 25% off discounts for the pricing plan of their choice, they aren’t a reliable resource for high school and college students to seek discounts.

Zapier Discounts for Volume

The closest thing Zapier offers volume discounts for is their Zapier for Teams or Companies plans.

However, it has a few nuances compared to most volume discount plans.

Does Zapier Offer a Volume Discount?

Unlike most volume discounts other websites provide, Zapier’s prices won’t increase based on the number of people you have in a company workgroup.

There isn’t a limit to how many people you can have per plan.

However, the annual or monthly costs of your Team or Company pricing plans can change based on the number of tasks you plan to complete each month.

The larger your company’s team is, the more tasks you’ll want to accomplish through automation.

For instance, you can expect a $2400 difference if you choose their 100K-task Team plan over their 50K-task Team plan. The 33% discount still applies if you pay annually instead of monthly.

Does Zapier Offer Discounts on Yearly Pricing?

If you decide on paying annually for Zapier instead of monthly, you can get significant savings for their automation tools and application compatibility.

These yearly pricing plans also depend on the number of tasks you’ll complete each month.

For example, you can pay $73.50 per month with their Professional plan.

On the other hand, if you pay $588 for the annual plan, your average payment for each month rounds out to $49 per month.

Of course, the annual prices increase as you upgrade your pricing plan preferences.

You can save up to 33% on your price plan payments through annual payments than standard monthly payments.

Does Zapier Offer Renewal Discounts?

Zapier doesn’t offer renewal discounts at the moment.

The yearly renewal price stays the same as the day you first sign up for their plans.

Other Zapier Discounts

Some discounts are available for specific occasions or groups of people, such as military veterans or non-profit organizations.

Here’s a quick rundown of additional Zapier discount offers that you should consider before signing up for any of their paid pricing plans.

Does Zapier Offer a Military Discount?

Zapier doesn’t offer military discounts and digital coupons for veterans.

However, if they sign up for their Starter, Professional, Team, or Company payment plans, they can get a discount if they select annual billing.

Does Zapier Offer a Non-Profit Discount?  

Zapier offers 15% non-profit discounts for non-profit organizations interested in signing up for any of their paid plans.

To qualify for this discount, you’ll need to send a 501(c)(3) letter as proof of your non-profit status.

If they decline your request for a discount with your payment plan, they will give you a refund.

Does Zapier Offer Discounts on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

Zapier doesn’t offer discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for anyone looking for money-saving deals before the holidays.

Does Zapier Have a Free Trial?

Zapier offers a 14-day free trial for anyone signing up for a monthly or yearly payment plan.

Users interested in a Zapier free trial can access unlimited multi-step Zaps, fast update times, and data transfer tools.

Once the trial expires, you can upgrade to a paid plan to keep using its services for as many years as you want.

They also offer a free plan without premium apps for anyone who prefers using a basic version for everyday tasks.

If you purchase an annual Zapier plan but want to cancel it if you aren’t satisfied, you can request a refund within 30 days.

Troubleshooting: My Zapier Discount Isn’t Working

If you want to use a Zapier discount when signing up for an account, the last thing you’ll want to encounter is getting it denied.

Here are a few possible solutions to consider troubleshooting these situations.

You Aren’t Eligible for a Specific Discount

Some Zapier discounts are only available to specific groups of people, so you might not qualify for these savings.

For instance, certified non-profit organizations can apply for a 15% discount for any of Zapier’s paid pricing plans.

But, as a result, you won’t get the discount if you don’t have documented proof of your non-profit status.

You Change Your Payment Plan

Another reason you might not receive a Zapier discount is if you change from an annual payment to a monthly payment.

When you switch from an annual to a monthly plan, the company charges you full price and takes your 33% discount off your monthly fees.

You can fix this issue by logging into your Zapier account and managing your pricing settings via your dashboard.

Expired Free Trial

Zapier’s free trial for their premium paid features lasts 14 days, so if you try logging in to access them after two weeks, you won’t be able to access them.

The only way you can continue to use these features is to sign up for a paid Zapier account.

The number of features differs from plan to plan, so it’s up to you to decide what you want the most from what they offer.

Misleading Coupon Offers from Third-Party Websites

Since Zapier doesn’t offer coupons, some third-party websites might advertise coupons for discounts. However, once you click them, they won’t do anything.

Companies With Similar Discounts

Many websites offer discounts to people interested in saving extra while using their tools. Here are three web tools offering similar discounts to Zapier’s services.


Grammarly offers advanced writing tools to enhance your writing’s clarity, grammar, and tone.

It automatically generates creative suggestions for improving your written content.

People signing up for Grammarly Premium can save 60% through their annual payment plan of $12 a month.

Check out our website to learn more about Grammarly discounts.


ProWritingAid is another excellent tool for anyone interested in improving their writing skills when creating unique content.

Their yearly subscription gives users a 50% company discount on their standard $20 monthly fee.

Here’s more about ProWritingAid discounts.


Canva offers customizable graphic design tools for creating web content and promotional materials.

Canva offers many discount options for business teams of varying sizes, students, teachers, and non-profit organizations.

For instance, they offer 15% discounts on print orders and 25% off two or more print or digital orders.

Discover more about Canva discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about getting a Zapier discount or want to know more about its key features?

Here are a few answers to some common questions.

Can I update my Zapier account at any time?

You can update your Zapier account’s preferred payment plan at any time.

After accessing the pricing plans webpage, you can select the payment plan you want to upgrade or downgrade from your current one.

You can also swap between monthly and annual payments.

Does Zapier offer customer support?

Zapier offers customer support through email messaging through their Help Center.

They will usually get back to you within a few business days and answer any questions you might have.

However, they don’t offer phone support.

Wrapping Up

Zapier is an excellent tool for streamlining repetitive tasks, like adding leads to email lists or saving files to the cloud, with an easy-to-use interface.

Although the company doesn’t offer promo codes for its services, you can save money if you pay annually instead of monthly.

Non-profit organizations also benefit from their limited discounts.

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