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Zapier Free Trial: Length, What’s Included & How To Extend

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Zapier helps in strengthening workflow.

It organizes your web apps and tasks automatically, eliminating the need to complete them manually.

If you sign up for their service, they provide a 14-day free trial.

If you’re interested in using this tool for your business but want to elongate your Zapier free trial, you’re in luck!

In this guide, we will review the duration of the free trial, how to extend it, the features it includes, and more.

Is Zapier Free or Paid?

Zapier is a paid tool.

Their price ranges from $20 to $600 for their subscription plans.

However, they do provide a free pricing plan.

With this free pricing plan, you start off with five zaps, 15 minute update time, and a transfer feature that lets you move data from one web application to another.  

Does Zapier Have a Free Trial?

Yes! Zapier does offer a free trial for its users.

You have the opportunity to test out its premium features to see if this automated workflow tool is the right fit for you.

As previously mentioned, you can also try out their free pricing plan.

How Long Is the Zapier Free Trial?

The Zapier free trial lasts only 14-days until they start charging you monthly for their services.

It only provides you two weeks to use its premium features.

However, we will discuss ways to save money and still use their services.

Does Zapier Require a Credit Card To Activate a Free Trial?

Zapier doesn’t require you to put your credit card information to activate their free trial.

All you need to give them is your name and address.

Of course, if you are interested in the premium subscription plans for your business, you can also request a demo that requires your business name and information.

You don’t need to put in your financial information to request a demo.

How Much Is Zapier After the Free Trial?

The cost of Zapier depends on what subscription plan you selected.

They provide five pricing plans to choose from, one being free.

Several of those pricing plans include the following:

  • Free Pricing Plan: $0/monthly or $0/annually
  • Starter Pricing Plan: $20/monthly or $30/annually
  • Professional Pricing Plan: $50/monthly or $73.50/annually
  • Team Pricing Plan: $300/monthly or $448.50/annually
  • Company Pricing Plan: $600/monthly or $900.50/annually

What Comes With the Zapier Free Trial?

One of the benefits of setting up an account and selecting a plan is that you have access to various features.

Though if you want access to their premium benefits after your trial ends, it’s required to choose one of their pricing plans.

Features You Can Test With a Free Trial

To fully understand what this workflow automation tool has to offer, below, we will review several features included if you activate your free trial.

1. Integrations

One of Zapier’s primary features is its integrations feature.

This gives you the freedom to easily incorporate a variety of applications when completing tasks.

Several of those integrations include the following:

  • Google Analytics
  • Squarespace
  • DocuSign
  • Reddit
  • Unbounce

2. Automation

The automation feature allows users to create automated actions when working on tasks.

Users can implement this feature which helps to create automated emails, blog posts, or templates for that specific application.

These are primarily known as zaps.

3. Multi-Step Automation

The multi-step is another favorite among users and includes your 14-day free trial.

Like its automation feature, multi-step can create automated zaps; instead of managing one task, it handles several.

For example, if you manage an eCommerce website, you can create a zap that sends a thank you and order detail email, notifies your team, and adds that customer to the newsletter list.

4. Paths

Zapier’s path feature allows users to create a zap and implement options based on hypothetical decisions chosen by their viewers or potential customers.

It maps out data from one application to multiple scenarios.

For instance, if they purchase an item on your website or subscribe to your site for updates, the primary action would be to add the customer to the email newsletter list.

5. Transfer

The transfer feature allows users to transfer data records from various applications.

With the help of its integrations feature, users have a wide variety of options to manage their data efficiently to avoid the hassle of data errors, copy-pasting, and more.

Zapier Free Trial Limitations

Luckily, Zapier doesn’t implement free trial limitations when using its premium features.

However, to use the features mentioned above, as well as others such as filters, formatters, connections via webhooks, or more, you must create an account.

After your trial ends, you won’t have access to unlimited features anymore.

Is Zapier Customer Support Included With Free Trials?

Zapier customer support is included with their free trials.

It’s not limited regardless of what pricing plan you select for your business.

Once you create your account, you have access to their video tutorials, community, contacting Zapier experts, and more.

How To Claim a Zapier Free Trial

Fortunately, it’s not as difficult to claim a free trial for Zapier.

The first thing you need to do is go to their homepage or pricing plan page.

Typically, under the pricing plans, it says, “Try Free.”

Once you select your plan, it will redirect you to a sign-up page where you can create your account by putting your work email address and name.

Finally, click on the button that says “Get Started Free.”

Then you’re done! You now have access to their premium features.

How Do I Get the Most From My Zapier Free Trial?

To get the most from your Zapier free trial, use their premium features as soon as you create your account.

This free trial lasts only about two weeks, so getting well acquainted with its features and how to use this workflow automation tool is essential.

Try to set some time to study how it works and familiarize yourself by viewing tutorials.

How Can I Make My Zapier Free Trial Longer?

Unfortunately, there is no way to extend your Zapier free trial.

However, if you couldn’t use their features during your free trial or there were some technical issues, you can contact their customer support for more guidance.

Does Zapier Automatically Charge Users After the Free Trial Ends?

Zapier doesn’t automatically charge users after the free trial ends.

However, once your free trial ends, you won’t have access to the premium features, and your account will downgrade to the free plan.

As previously mentioned, you cannot extend your free trial, and if you want access to the premium features, you must select a paid pricing plan.

Can You Cancel Zapier After the Free Trial?

Fortunately, you can cancel your Zapier subscription after your free trial ends.

However, if your trial ends and you’re still interested in using this for your business, you can select one of their premium pricing plans.

How To Cancel a Zapier Free Trial

If you don’t want to use their premium features after your free trial ends, you don’t have to sign up for one of their paid pricing plans.

Fortunately, since you didn’t have to put in your financial information, no other action is required to cancel it.

However, please be advised that it will downgrade your account to its free plan.

How To Remove Card Details From Zapier

To remove your card details from Zapier, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your dashboard settings on your account.
  2. Click on the billing and usage settings.
  3. Go to the edit information tab next to your card details in the payment information section.
  4. Select delete.

If you are using one of their paid pricing plans, once you remove your card details, it will downgrade you to the free plan.

Is Zapier Worth Paying For?

Zapier is definitely worth paying for. One of the benefits they provide for their users is to use their services even when your free trial ends.

They offer a free plan with some helpful features, but you can always select from one of their five pricing plans.

To learn more about how Zapier benefits your business, Our Zapier Review covers its features, how it enhances your business, and other factors.

What To Expect From a Zapier Subscription

When you create an account and select a subscription to Zapier, you can utilize their premium features more frequently than you would with their 14-day free trial.

You have full access to enhancing your tasks by implementing its automated factors to reduce the frustration of completing these manually.

Other Ways To Save On Zapier Pricing

If you are interested in using this automated workflow tool, but your business is on a budget, don’t worry!

Here we will review other ways to save on Zapier.

  • Zapier Promo Codes: Unfortunately, Zapier doesn’t offer promo codes for its users.
    However, they provide a free pricing plan if you still want to use this tool.
    Though, it’s essential to note that if you select this pricing plan, you won’t have access to most of its premium features.
  • Zapier Discounts: When it comes to discounts on Zapier, unfortunately, they do not offer discounts for their services.
    You can only save on Zapier pricing if you select their free plan or sign up for their free trial.
  • Zapier Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials: Unfortunately, Zapier does not offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday specials.
    Some third-party websites state they have discounts, but these aren’t legitimate to use for their services.
    There will also be unofficial coupon codes, so be wary of those.

Is There a Zapier Student Plan?

Zapier doesn’t provide a student plan for its users.

If you are a student and want to use this automated workflow tool, they do have a free plan that you can sign up for.

Once you sign up, you will also have access to their premium features for 14 days.

What Is a Free Alternative to Zapier?

Compared to Zapier, there are a few workflow streamlining options to consider.

Calendy helps with your workflow strengthening, while Jasper can help with AI-generated content writing needs.

Grammarly is excellent proofreading software that can catch those tricky grammatical errors.

Here is more information on each service and their free trial options:

  • Calendly Free Trial: Calendly is specialized software to enhance your business communication methods.
    This software provides 14 days to try out its services with the Calendly Free Trial.
    Calendy also offers a basic plan that is always free.
    Tiered pricing plans begin at $8 per seat monthly for the Essentials package, $12 per seat monthly for the Professional option, and $16 per seat monthly for Teams.
  • Jasper AI Free Trial: Jasper AI is an AI-generated copywriting software used to generate automated content for your business.
    They provide five days to use its software with its Jasper AI Free Trial.
    After the free trial, Jasper begins at an estimated $40 monthly for the Starter plan and an estimated $82 monthly for the Boss package.
    Contact Jasper for custom plans and pricing for the business plan.
  • Grammarly Free Trial: Grammarly is a content writing assistant that guides users in enhancing their writing through grammar, punctuation, clarity, and engagement.
    With its Grammarly Free Trial, you can try out its premium features for seven days.
    Grammarly offers a free version that includes its basic features.
    Grammarly premium starts at $12 monthly, with the business plan priced at $15 monthly per member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure about Zapier?

We will provide a couple of frequently asked questions below.

Is there something better than Zapier?

Automate is another better alternative to Zapier.

What counts as a task in Zapier?

One task that counts would be creating a contact in Google Contacts.

Wrapping Up

In review, how can you extend your Zapier free trial?

Unfortunately, you can’t as it only offers two weeks to try their services.

You can try other alternatives for similar features, such as Automate and Microsoft Flow.

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