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The Guide To Creating Great Blog Posts That Engage Readers



Blog Engagement

In this guide, I will walk you on how to create great post to engage readers and build loyal readers. You might ask why is it so important to write great content? Creating quality content is the most important strategy when it coms for growing your blog readership. When done correctly a great post will get you more email subscribers, great ranking positions, and more people will recognize you as an expert of your field. A great strategy for attracting more visitors to your website is providing great pieces of content they will want to share with others. The next step is figuring out how to create content that visitors will be coming back for more.

Write Compelling Content Your Audience Will Love

How can you write compelling content for your audience? The secret of writing compelling content is providing information that normally others in your field would charge a fee. When you write engaging content and provide solutions for a problem you will stand out from the competition. The key in building an audience is by providing your visitors with epic content that nobody else is doing at the moment. Are you struggling to get your blog noticed especially in a crowded niche? The main way to get instant attention in any niche is by writing compelling content. Since I have address how to build an engaging audience let’s get started with how to stand out from your competition.

Finding Content Ideas

Are you worried that your message is getting ignored? A lot of us suffer from content creation. We all run out of ideas on what to write about. I will explain in this guide various ways to help you find new topics to write about and share my strategies in creating compelling content.

#1 Writing List

A terrific way to get attention from your audience is by writing a great list. Many people think writing informational post presented on a list are cliché. I personally think if you compose a terrific list post is a great attention grabber. When writing a post list make sure you take the time to create a massive list of great resources your audience can’t find elsewhere. Many of my readerships love writing list because of the massive information they receive in just a single article.

An example of a post list headline would be:

“20 Ways To Make Money Online”

#2 Case Studies

Another great way to increase engagement in your existing blog is creating case studies. Case studies are a great way to expose your brand to a larger audience. Readers love when you can share your experiences through a case study since it provides a blueprint for them to follow. Case studies are also a great method in becoming recognized as an expert in your field. Being perceived as an expert is crucial to building and engaging your audience.

An example case study headline will be:

“How I Made Money With Facebook Ads In 30 Days By Testing Different Ads, Details Inside”

#3 Ultimate Resource List

Finding useful resources online on one easy spot is difficult task. By creating an ultimate master list of resources will help your audience save time from finding the resources themselves. The ultimate resource list should be compose of valuable content not found very easily online and usually information that is been charged by others in your niche. When writing a resource list make sure you take your time in coming up with the top information that fills your audience needs.

The ultimate resource list usually has headlines like the following:

“The Ultimate Affiliate Guide List”

#4 Writing About Influential People

On every field there are influential people that are expert on their niche. A great way to achieve credibility is building relationship with influential people on your niche. If you do it right, a round up post can be part of a strategy that can give you credibility because you are writing about the different strengths of influential people. It is an effective way to build reputation among your readers.

An influential post headlines can be:

“The Most Influential Bloggers of 2013”

#5 Glossary of Terms

Developing a glossary of terms for your niche is a great way to help newcomers. The glossary terms will guide newcomers on terms they might be confused and help them become successful in their niche. Taking time out to help your audience understand everything about your niche will help you gain credibility. Many people make the mistake of thinking that everyone understands the lingo of their niche. It is important that you provide a place for your readership to learn everything possible on your niche and creating a glossary of terms is a great way to help. The glossary of terms will be greatly appreciated by your readership.

#6 How Value Affects Business

A terrific way to engage your audience is to show a clear expectation of your values. I personally make it a point to tell others that my blog is a place where you can stop to find solutions for online marketing. I also make sure to have an about me page which focuses on telling my customer upfront what my site is about and what they can expect from me. This helps my readership get to know me and build authenticity on my blog.

#7 Tell Engaging Stories

I love telling engaging stories about my blogging mistakes. By telling engaging stories it helps me instantly become more personal, conversational, and engaging. The key is writing meaningful stories that will engage your audience to learn from your mistakes and not waste their time.

Here is an example of an engaging story of, “How To Increase Page Rank The Safe Way” (The post goes into details of how I rank my blog from PR 0 to PR 2 in 5 months)

#8 Interview An Expert

A terrific way to drive traffic to your website is by interviewing experts in your field. Interviewing subject matter experts will help build credibility and drive more traffic to your website. Targeting an expert in your field will help you grow your readership audience and help you gain insight into the minds of some of the most successful people on your field. Grow your blog with the power of experts!

#9 Multimedia Content

A very effective way to increase traffic is to give visitors a reason to return. Another way to drive traffic is using multimedia content. There are many various types of multi media content. The multi media includes graphic image files, video clips (YouTube), and podcasting. Podcasting has had an increasingly growth in the past year. In the podcast, you can add multi media presentation, picture perfect images, and video files. I personally love listening to podcast since they are so personal and you can use at any given time. Podcasting is best when done in multiple stages and formats. I suggest doing a whole series in small segments.

#10 Answering Questions

I personally like asking my audience questions or concerns they might have about my niche. Listening to my audience and answering their questions helps me engage with my audience and build credibility on my field. Learning how to listen to your audience will help you become aware of what they need and grow your blogger community. Another way to grow your blog is developing a relationship with your audience.

#11 Current Events

Another common way to drive traffic to your website is writing about current niche events. Write posts about events happening in your related niche. This will help your audience be up to date with any current events and help you gain a stronger readership. A marketing strategy that works for me, it’s letting my subscriber list know of any special events happening in the related field by sending out a blast email. You can also create a special tab on your website with current events.

#12 Place A Contest

If you want to drive more traffic to your site and run more attention to your brand holding a contest is another way to engage your readership. When placing a contest is important to create hype and should be linked all over the place. Placing a contest will help you engage your audience and drive a few new visitors to your site. When I place a contest on my site I like to add a sign up box where the reader must register to sign up for the giveaway. Make sure to keep the sign up process simple for example, enter your name and email address.

Why run a contest?

1. Encourage People To Visit Your Website
2. Word Of Mouth Marketing
3. Build Your Email List
4. Build New Relationships
5. Source Of Data

I want to address, “Source of Data” running a contest is a great way to collect data. The data will help you analyze where you receive the most interaction. This collective data will give you valuable information to learn more about your consumers and what social media outlets drove more traffic.

#13 How To Article

One of the most effective ways to bring attention to your website is writing “how to” articles. Writing an article that people actually want to read from start to finish can be quite challenging. I personally love “how to” articles because the reader is aware of a problem and by the end of the post they find the solution. The “how to” articles will give your readership a blueprint of how to fix a problem.

A “how to” article headline will read:

How To Train Your Dog To Potty In 6 Simple Steps

#14 Survey Your Audience

Running a consumer survey on your website is a great way to know what you audience needs. It gives growing businesses the opportunity to capture real-time customer feedback. There are many tools you can use to collect feedback from your website visitors. The surveys will help you improve your audience experience and develop a successful website. Insights from customer surveys support increased levels of customer loyalty satisfaction and are effective means of communication and identifying trends.

Advantages of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

1. Up To Date Feedback
2. Benchmark Results
3. Show That Your Care

These are 14 ways to create engaging post that will engage readers. If you have any additional ways you engage your audience please share in the comment area!

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How to Drive Blog Traffic through Facebook: 7 Tips



I drive oodles of blog traffic through Facebook.

Easiest platform for building blogging success because Facebook makes it simple to build bonds 1 to 1.

As the crickets serenade me on this fine evening in Thailand, I feel at peace. Everything comes together more quickly blogging-wise and I see win after win.

Facebook played a role in my blogging success. Seems to be the best platform for making friends and sharing value.

How to Drive Blog Traffic through Facebook

Facebook blog traffic converts. People addicted to FB follow my updates and Like freely, expanding my blogging reach far and wide.

I see it as a simple channel for helping folks and making friends.

1: See Yourself Successfully Driving Traffic through Facebook

As within, so without.

Speed up your Facebook success. Paint a mental picture of your blogging success on FB.

Clearly see your latest post registering 100 Likes. Read the 40 comments in your mind’s eye. Have it, by seeing it and feeling it to be real. Having a vision moves you into relaxed, calm, confident blogging actions accelerating your success.

Everything flows according to your focus. Visualize success. Success follows.

2: Share Blog Posts Aligned with Your Reader Dreams

I noticed a quick surge on Facebook recently.

Not only do my success-themed posts vibe with my readers, my selfies in the world’s most stunning tropical spots inspire readers to follow my blog diligently, to buy my stuff, to hire me, to endorse me and to become rabid fans.

how to drive blog traffic through facebook

I share how I spend months in places like Fiji, Bali and Thailand and back it up with a picture. Facebook folks love images. Eye candy.

My readers dream of seeing the world. I supply the dream through my example. Engagement jumps and my Facebook blog traffic increases.

3: Keep Updates Positive

I only post positive, uplifting content to Facebook. Doing so aligns me with positive people, positive circumstances and greater success because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Inspire people to live their dreams. Be warm. Share your inspired blog posts. Follow up with positive images and stories. Motivate people with love and fun. Drive traffic by being a bright light in the world of Facebook.

4: Respond to Like’rs

I find this to be the easiest way to drive blog traffic through Facebook successfully.

I go to where I am loved by responding to folks who Like my blog post status updates. Addressing Like’rs by name builds bonds. Plus every comment response boosts engagement and increases your exposure in the main feed.

1 to 1 engagement gives your attention and energy to readers who see your success. Observe as your success expands in response to giving fans and friends your attention and energy.

Check in 2-3 times daily as Likes grow. Give your energy to fans to expand your fan base. Increase your blog traffic.

5: Respond to Comments

Respond to comments on status updates. Boost engagement. Increase your blog traffic.

Someone comments on one of my status updates linking to my blog. One engagement alerts Facebook; people are talking. I respond. Facebook gets alerted again. Plus I engage someone 1 to 1 to build a stronger friendship.

Responding to comments is easy on your phone. Type a few words or speak a few sentences via voice to text to boost your blog traffic through the concept of engagement.

Answer comments. Give your energy to users who enjoy your content. Increase the size of your tribe. Watch how more visitors find your blog through Facebook.

6: Post Inspirational Updates in Blogging Themed Groups

I share a few inspirational updates to blogging themed Groups daily on Facebook.

New folks find my blog through these updates daily.


People crave inspiration. If everybody zigs by sharing links and business opportunities, stunningly successful bloggers zag by sharing an inspirational update and a link of them living their dreams.

Folks have been going gaga over my New Zealand pictures recently. For good reason; this may be the most gorgeous country on earth. Picture the eye-popping Southern Alps, the semi-tropical North Island and rolling pastures filled with grazing sheep and cows.

This is from my 3 month trip to New Zealand.

Of course anybody who sees me in New Zealand sharing inspiration wants to follow my blog; more traffic for me.

Be inspiring. Share uplifting updates on blogging themed Groups.

Answer questions too for a nice blog traffic post.

7: Give Your Energy Only to Positive Facebook’ers

I only engage and follow positive folks sharing uplifting updates. As I align with success I notice success finds me easily on Facebook and through all channels online.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Giving your energy to positive, inspired people increases your blog traffic and profits. Positive folks are prospering folks. Inspired people freely buy your products and services. Plus these successful people endorse you and promote you for a nice blogging success surge.

Follow bright lights closely. My successful, wise readers Like my updates quickly, hungry for an inspirational boost. I noticed my latest blog post status update garnered 6 Likes in minutes. People want positive bloggers in their stream. Super successful bloggers keep it positive all the time on Facebook.

Be positive, focus on success and the sky is the limit for your Facebook blog traffic.

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Blogging Mindset: How to Go from Survival Mode to Servant to Stunning Success



Tropical birds provide background music for me as I write these words from Thailand. How’s that sound for developing  successful blogging mindset?

The sun shines brilliantly. My home office feels cool and inviting.

A cold drink sits on the desk.

I am a stunning success now but did live in survival mode for a bit. I also became a humble servant. Servants do not get paid well. Ask a maid or butler.

The best blogging role you can play in this life time is that of a stunning success.

Success is your birthright. Success is yours now. Take it. Seize it. Give your energy to success. See your wins. Accelerate your blogging growth.

Blogging Mindset

Realize this: being successful is as simple as shifting your focus to positive ideas. After making that shift everything changes, from your thoughts, to feelings, to actions.

Example; you are reading this post. See this as being positive. Stunning success is yours because you are learning from a guy whose life reads like a movie. Big time win. Easy win too.

Check out this photo I snapped from my 4 month trip to Fiji.

blogging mindset

What 10 positive things happened blogging-wise today? You published a post. I see that as a positive. You broadcast live on Facebook. Make that a positive. You feel better about your blog, right? Good. You have success within and feel successful so you will see success in the physical world. Where your energy goes, grows.

How to Leave Survival Mode and Servant Mode Behind

Kill 2 birds with one stunning success stone: leave both poverty conscious states of mind behind by developing a vision of your dream life.

Easy peasy.

This step involves sitting in a quiet room and allowing a picture of your dream life to appear in your mind. Either narrate the picture to yourself or let the image pop up in your mind.

Add details to make it feel real. Visualize your success.

Relax and listen to intuitive nudges.

The split second you see your dream and feel it as being real, the dream expands into physical form, for where your attention and energy goes, grows. See success. Success expands. Quite simple.

Exit survival mode – just trying to get by and pay bills with your blog – and leave servant mode while you are at it. Success seekers become the best in the world in their blogging niche. Forget trying to just survive. Leave behind the self-image of being a humble servant, a less than slave, putting people on a pedestal or not seizing your success, your brilliance, your most spectacular dream.

Success is your birthright. Grab the spotlight. Make more money. Help more folks. Step up into stunning success as you move higher and higher in blogging circles.

Create and Connect

Create uplifting content to inspire your readers.

This is from one of my many trips to Bali.

From one of my many trips to Bali.

Connect with top pros in your blogging niche by helping them.

Following these practical tips becomes easier and easier after you give your sole attention to:

  • your dreams
  • your success
  • positive thoughts and feelings

Focus on success. Watch how quickly success expands in your experience.

Creating and connecting is the work part of blogging but if you focus on positive ideas the work becomes easy because it is simple. Listen to your readers. How can you help them? Serve up valuable content through your blog posts.

Connecting with top pros is as simple as reading their posts, commenting genuinely on their blogs and promoting them. Easy.

World Famous Features

I landed features on Fox News among other world famous sites by building a vision of a fun, freeing life.

Do the same to see stunning success.

Features on famous blogs follow positive focused bloggers who know they are succeeding now. Focus on the moment. Feel good about every blogging win you see today. Feel good about your success. Success is as certain as the night following the day because you were born into a legacy of success. Let go any mental image of being a struggling servant or someone desperately trying to survive.

Step into your most spectacular dreams now.

Spectacular is ordinary in my life because I see spectacular as normal. Who knows if I am going to Bali or Malaysia next? Maybe I will just fly back to New York City. We will see.

I visualized this dream life and followed my intuition. My intuition nudged me to take certain actions from a chill, relaxed energy.

Energy Game

Energy is everything guys. Your life follows your energy. Focus on your dreams but do so from a relaxed, peaceful, chill vibe. See your vision as if it is real, already. Know you are succeeding now.

If you have this picture in mind you can relax. No need to work hard, to panic or to hurry. No need to rush or force things. Survival mode bloggers panic and hurry because these folks have no vision or dreams; survival mode bloggers just want to survive, being desperately driven by circumstances.

This is from one of my many trips to Thailand.

You know better.

You follow Blogging From Paradise.

Slow Down and Calm Down Because Success Is Already Yours

Your vision tells you to slow down, to calm down and to allow stunning success to flow your way in calm, confident fashion.

I spent most of today offline. After watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones – second time – with expat buddies here in Chiang Mai I am settling in to finish this post. My mental image makes it happen. My focus on success allows my blogging success to expand.

You get to have a life offline – and a rich one at that – as your online success expands. Seize this chief benefit of developing a winning blogging mindset. Exit survival mode and cease being a lowly servant by using your mind power to picture immense blogging success. Move into calm, confident, relaxed action to allow this success to come into form.



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Blogging Inspiration: Count All of Your Blogging Wins



blogging inspiration

You are succeeding now.

Count all of your blogging wins.

Did you drive your 100,000th visitor to your blog this month? See this win.

Did you drive 5 people to your blog today? See this win.

Everything is a blogging win because you are always winning. Every win builds a step nudging you higher in your blogging niche.

Blogging Inspiration

Today I experienced a handful of blogging wins:

  • I wrote and published this post on how to live your dreams
  • I re-shared my Entrepreneur feature; solid win
  • I am writing this guest post
  • I had great engagement on my Facebook Live Broadcast this morning

Plus I experienced the ultimate win; I experienced this blogging success from a quiet village in Thailand. You cannot beat that.

Focus on Wins to See More Wins

I see more wins because I focus on my wins all day long.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give your attention to your wins and you keep winning daily.

See the positive in all you do online and offline. Be a success spotter. Use your mind power to project more blogging wins in your experience every single day.

Quick blogging growth unfolds for win-seeking bloggers. Established, pro bloggers list wins regularly to expand their success and to inspire their readers.

Again; where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Examples of Blogging Wins

Here are a few:

  • wrote and published a blog post
  • received one blog comment today
  • saw 40,000 people visit your blog this month
  • spotted your DA over 30

Every single statistic is a win if you see it as a win. Imagine building something special on every metric you see. See your success. Observe how you are sprinting toward your dreams and how your dreams sprint toward you. Feel good about your perpetual growth. Accelerate your blogging success.

Your Wins Inspire You and Your Readers

Speaking of your wins has a dual effect; you and your readers feel awesome about your blogging success.

I feel great speaking of my achievements. Makes me feel good about my blogging gig. My readers also appreciate seeing my wins because inspiration flows from my success. If I can succeed my readers can and will succeed too.

Plus you see that you are winning right now. You are successful now. Every blogger succeeds now because we all have wins to call upon to keep our success momentum building into something inspired.

 Wins Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Getting 10 people to visit your blog today is a win.

Seeing $30,000 in monthly blogging profits is a win.

Buying your domain and hosting is a win. Receiving 1 more opt in is a win.

Everything is a win if you focus your mind on success. See your dreams in detail. Observe how your success nudges you toward your dreams step by step.

Check out this camel from my 2 month trip to Oman.

I am living my dreams as an island hopping pro blogger but also see my dreams expand daily into something even more spectacular. Connecting with powerful, successful folks nudges me to dream a bigger life and more inspiring experience.

I count every eBook sale as a win. Every comment on my live broadcasts is a win. Everything is a win for every blogger.

As my wins pile up my success expands. I tune into positive vibes and align with positive, inspired folks who expand my vision. Why? My focus on wins aligns me with world renowned winners.

Your Success Is Within

Everything you dream through your blog is within. Success is in consciousness.

Following proven practical tips yields zero results if you think like a failure because how you think determines your results. As within, so without, because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Speed up your blogging success by focusing on your wins in a calm, clear, knowing, peaceful vibe.

Working hard and struggling makes zero sense because you cancel out your effort with a focus on failure and struggle.

Make things easier and easier. See your success within. Shift your focus solely to being successful. Successful ideas flow to you. Act on these ideas from a relaxed, chill vibe and see yourself succeeding. Focus on your wins. See your wins expand as you work less, play more and know success is yours.

Go Beyond Gratitude

Versus counting your blessings just program your mind to see win after win. Observe success after success to go beyond gratitude.

Being grateful accelerates your blogging success but seeing wins every day hyper accelerates the success you experience because win-spotting carries a different, higher powered energy than simply being grateful. Different ball game.

Of course I am grateful for my 3 month trip to New Zealand.

Going beyond gratitude and seeing the trip as an offline win expands my success consciousness.

Seeing myself working aka playing aka blogging in a sleepy village in Northern Thailand at 8:30 PM on a Sunday night feels like winning to me. I worked for just a few hours today. I spent hours offline and also had prime Netflix viewing today, watching an entire movie. I took a short nap and plan to hit the sack early. More winning.

I feel more successful daily and experience greater and greater success with minimal effort. What a neat side effect of counting your blogging wins daily.

Go head. List 30 of your recent blogging wins. Everything counts.

See how quickly you accelerate your blogging success.

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