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Apple Affiliate Program: How It Works, Payment Details & More

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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Due to the popularity of Apple products and services worldwide, being part of their affiliate program provides opportunities to earn a significant amount of passive income.

Learn more about the Apple affiliate program below.

  • Cost Per Action (CPA): Yes
  • Commission Rate: 7% to 400% depending on the product
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Payout Threshold: $30
  • Payment Options: Direct Deposit

Does Apple Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, Apple does have an affiliate program that compensates members for services and content purchased through a customized link.

What is the Apple Affiliate Program?

The Apple affiliate program is a passive income compensation plan that allows members to earn a commission on selling Apple products.

While these sales don’t include computers or hardware, you can make money selling podcast memberships, Apple TV+, music, books, and more.

How Does the Apple Affiliate Program Work?

When your membership in the program is approved, the company will grant you access to your profile on the program’s website.

From there, you can access your custom affiliate link.

In your content or social media, you can insert this URL and earn from any sales that come from people clicking on it and making a purchase.

Is the Apple Affiliate Program Free?

If you decide to apply for the Apple affiliate program, there is no cost for submitting an application or participating in the program.

What Products Can You Promote for the Apple Affiliate Program?

When you think of an Apple affiliate program, your mind often goes to MacBooks and iPhones.

However, this affiliate program focuses on some of the newer online products and services that Apple sells.

1. Apple Music

The Apple Music platform users can purchase songs individually or as part of an ongoing membership.

The membership provides unlimited access to all music available on the platform.

If someone buys a membership after clicking on your affiliate link, you receive a 100% commission for your efforts.

2. Apple TV+

As one of the newest products to hit the Apple company, Apple TV+ offers viewers a new way to tune in to their favorite shows.

Additionally, you can access exclusive content available only to subscribers.

If a membership sale is successful through your link, you can earn a one-time 300% commission.

3. Apple News+

Having access to the latest breaking news and getting it delivered right to your device is highly beneficial for people on the go all the time.

Apple offers a subscription service that gives users access to fast, high-quality reporting.

The sale of one membership through your link will net you a one-time 400% commission.

4. Apple Podcasts

The Apple podcast platform has a surplus of top-notch podcasts for users to listen to at home or on the go.

New options are added every day on various topics.

As part of the affiliate program, if users enter into membership after clicking through a custom link, you, as the program member, are entitled to a 50% one-time commission.

5. Apple Books

Reading is a favorite pastime of many.

Apple has made the process of obtaining new reads all the easier by starting Apple Books.

Now customers can purchase books of all types on this platform and have them ready to read within seconds.

For all sales completed through an affiliate link, a 7% commission is available.

Other Things You Can Promote With This Program

In addition to the above, you can also promote the use of TV shows and movies through the Apple affiliate program.

For every successful purchase through an affiliate link, program members can obtain a 7% commission.

What Products Are Excluded From the Apple Affiliate Program?

As you can see above, the items included in the Apple affiliate program are web-based products and services that customers can’t purchase in stores.

A commission is not available for the Apple items typically purchased in brick-and-mortar establishments, such as the MacBook, Apple Watch, iPhone, and others.

Recurring subscriptions are also not eligible for commission, as those are paid out on a one-time basis.

How Much Do Apple Affiliates Make?

The amount of income you can derive from being a member of the Apple affiliate program will vary depending on your audience and how many views your posts regularly have, whether on a website or social media.

However, with the popularity of Apple products, the possibility of making a substantial commission is probable.

Apple Affiliate Program Commission Rates

The commission rates for the Apple products and services offered under the affiliate program will vary from 7% to 400%.

Below, we outline the specific rates that apply to the products and services in the program.

Books, Television Shows, and Movies

If a visitor to your content clicks on an affiliated link and purchases a book, show, or movie, you are subject to a 7% commission on the sale.

These rates are per sale, so you aren’t limited to earning it one time like other products.


You can include links to various online Apple products and services within your content.

However, your commission rate isn’t limited to the one product you link to in your post.

You can earn revenue on whatever a customer purchases after clicking the link, including podcasts.

For each membership sale associated with Apple Podcasts, you make a 50% commission.


Apple has infiltrated the music market, and they now allow users to purchase memberships that afford them access to unlimited music choices on the platform.

These songs can be played on repeat and added to playlists to your heart’s content.

If you sell a membership through your custom link, you earn a one-time 100% commission.

Apple TV+

For those who are looking for an option to replace standard cable or satellite TV, Apple TV+ is a popular choice.

Users can access all of their favorite shows and exclusive material specific to the Apple TV platform.

Selling a membership for this highly sought-after service results in a special one-time 300% commission if done through your affiliate link.

Apple News+

In what is the highest commission rate available through the Apple affiliate program, the sale of an Apple News+ membership brings you a lucrative 400% commission earning.

While this amount is a one-time earning, it’s substantial money to make in a passive income setting.

How Long Does the Apple Cookie Last?

The standard cookie duration across the board in the Apple affiliate program is limited to 30 days.

This period is inclusive of all products available for commission within the program.

However, if a prospective customer clicks on a different affiliate link after yours and makes a purchase, you will not get a commission for their sale.

How Do You Get Paid From Apple?

The process for getting paid through the Apple affiliate program is streamlined and efficient.

When you receive approval into the program, you input your banking information into your user profile.

Once your earnings reach at least $30, the company will automatically withdraw the funds and direct deposit them into your bank account.

When Does Apple Pay Affiliates?

The payment cycle that the Apple affiliate program abides by takes 60 to 90 days to process earnings.

Once that is complete, and you have at least $30 in your earnings balance, the company will direct deposit the funds into your bank account.

What Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Are Available?

Upon receiving approval to be part of the Apple affiliate program, you will have access to many high-end marketing and promotional tools.

The Apple Services Toolbox is the most beneficial, which helps you make custom links, website widgets, and graphics.

As a member of the program, you will also have access to an RSS Generator, Apple’s MusicKit, an Enterprise Market Feed, and learning resources to improve your knowledge in the area of web development.

This database will also have documents that speak to the program’s guidelines.

Who Should Join the Apple Affiliate Program?

The diversity that comes with the many services offered for promotion within the Apple affiliate program makes it easy for creators of all industries and niches to be successful as a member.


The world of blogging has undergone exponential expansion in recent years.

You can now find blogs on all types of topics, including people with a technology blog.

Whether you write about that subject, fashion, parenting, true crime, or even sports, you can easily integrate music, books, podcasts, and shows into your content through affiliate links.

Social Media Influencers

A surplus of individuals can make a full-time income as an influencer through social media.

With the various platforms available, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, the audience reach is far and wide.

These avenues create significant opportunities for passive income through the Apple affiliate program.

Small Businesses

Earning a substantial income as a small business can be challenging.

However, including affiliate links in your website content can help boost your bottom line when it comes to revenue.

Adding a URL for a podcast that speaks to the service or goods you offer, news that speaks to the need for productivity tools, or a documentary that outlines the topic can help bring in additional cash flow.

Is the Apple Affiliate Program Worth It?

As is the case with all affiliate program opportunities, there are benefits and disadvantages.

You’ll find that Apple has a similar layout in that many reasons make the program worth it, but a few components can cause hesitation.

Pros of the Apple Affiliate Program

When you are evaluating the different affiliate programs that cater to your online content, you will find many benefits.

For the Apple affiliate program, those are as follows:

  • Straightforward Payments: As a member of the Apple affiliate program, you don’t have to give a second thought to withdrawing your earnings as they are processed. The company automatically deposits your funds into the account you provided at sign-up.
  • Multiple Tools: When you become an Apple affiliate program member, you receive unlimited access to an arsenal of tools to help you be successful in your new endeavor.
  • High-Paying Affiliate Programs: Depending on what products you end up selling through your affiliate link, you can net up to 400% commission on the sale of one item. For the affiliate industry, this is considered well above average.
  • Learning Resources: As a member of the Apple affiliate program, the company provides resources to help you learn more about web development if that’s a path you are interested in pursuing.
  • Minimal Threshold: Unlike other programs that require you to earn hundreds of dollars before withdrawing your funds, Apple only mandates that you have a minimum of $30 in your affiliate account.

Cons of the Apple Affiliate Program

You can easily see many benefits associated with the Apple affiliate program.

However, there are a few downfalls as well.

  • Limited Payment Options: While getting your funds is straightforward and requires minimal effort, the company only offers one option, direct deposit, for obtaining the earnings.
  • Lengthy Processing: The period between making a sale and acquiring your commission can often take between 60 and 90 days.
  • One-Time Commission: For the memberships you sell through your affiliate link, you cannot receive recurring compensation if the customer decides to renew later.
  • Minimal Cookie Window: When a prospective customer clicks on your affiliate link, the cookie period is limited to 30 days.
  • Reports: Instead of a dashboard that details your earning breakdown, you must run reports to analyze the activity through your affiliate link.

Conclusion: Is the Apple Affiliate Program Worth It?

Many advantages come with being a member of the Apple affiliate program.

While some details aren’t as prestigious as others, it is still a solid company to partner with when looking to earn passive income on your online content.

How To Join the Apple Affiliate Program

Suppose you have been researching different affiliate programs and have settled on being a member of Apple’s compensation platform.

In that case, your next step is to fill out an application for approval from the program administrators.

Requirements To Join the Apple Affiliate Program

When you are getting ready to apply for the Apple affiliate program, there are a few requirements that you need to keep in mind.

As a first step, you must have a working website or app store with significant traffic.

Additionally, you must be upfront and disclose the information required in all Apple application questions.

If you leave this information out and don’t answer inquiries that come your way from a company representative on the issue, the affiliate program will deny your application.

Lastly, you must agree to follow all the company’s terms and conditions in its application.

The Apple affiliate program will terminate your membership if you post inappropriate content or items that go against the guidelines.

How To Apply [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

When the time comes to complete your application for approval in the Apple affiliate program, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Click into the appropriate application on the Apple affiliate program website
  2. Input all required information
  3. Give details about your website or online presence
  4. Review all answers to verify accuracy
  5. Submit application

After you complete the application, you will have to wait for a response from the program administrators.

Once this is received, you can proceed with including customized links into your content.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved for the Apple Affiliate Program?

The general rule of thumb regarding the amount of time between submitting your application to the Apple affiliate program and receiving approval is five business days.

However, this may vary based on holidays and times of application submission increase.

Does Apple Support the Affiliate Program?

Instead of Apple providing all the back-end support for the affiliate program, a third-party organization operates it on its behalf.

The company that Apple collaborates with is Partnerize, responsible for many affiliate programs outside of Silicon Valley-based Apple.

How To Make Money With the Apple Affiliate Program

There are many ways to make a considerable income as a member of the Apple affiliate program.

Some of our top tips and suggestions are outlined below for your review.

Tip for Success: Link Naturally

When choosing which products and services to link to in your content, don’t choose them randomly.

It’s vital to be conscientious when picking what to include, as it gives viewers a more natural experience that doesn’t feel forced.

Tip for Success: Use the Tools

When options are available to help you fine-tune your content, it’s critical to do so.

The Apple affiliate program offers an arsenal of affiliate marketing tools to help you be successful in earning top-dollar commissions.

Tip To Avoid Failure: Don’t Over Link

While including a few affiliate links within your content is appropriate and can lead to success, overdoing it can cause the opposite effect to happen.

If you have too many products linked within your website, it can cause readers to feel that you aren’t genuine in your recommendations, and they will avoid your material.

Tip To Avoid Failure: Always Disclose

Any time you utilize links that are associated with an affiliate program or sponsorship, you must disclose that information.

Having an appropriate affiliate disclosure within your content is imperative, and not including it can lead to legal ramifications.

Alternatives to the Apple Affiliate Program

If you don’t feel like the Apple affiliate program is suited for your content, or you don’t have the traffic levels required for approval, here are some other options to check out that are alternatives to the Apple platform:

1. Semrush Affiliate Program

As a top SEO company, Semrush makes record-setting sales every year, with customers wanting to improve their online presence and rankings.

If you have content that fits this industry, consider being part of the Semrush affiliate program.

2. Google Affiliate Program

Similar to Apple, the Google affiliate program has a variety of directions in which you can include the products and services available for commission.

You aren’t limited to a specific type of niche as a member of this program, but it comes with various options for linking.

3. Software Affiliate Programs

Another direction to consider when looking for passive income opportunities is representing software that you typically use for your work or online business.

There are many software affiliate programs that you can take part in, and having first-hand knowledge of the offerings gives you a leg up with prospective sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

The world of affiliate marketing is still very new for many people.

Therefore, it’s understandable that people have more questions than answers.

To help the process, we answer some of the most frequent inquiries we receive about affiliate marketing programs.

Does Netflix have an affiliate program?

While the company previously operated an affiliate program that paid members a commission for each free trial converted to a paid subscription, Netflix has since phased out the platform.

At this time, there are no affiliate program options associated with Netflix.

Does Samsung have an affiliate program?

Samsung offers an affiliate program for those with an established web presence.

You can apply through Skimlinks, Sovrn, or Rakuten Marketing.

The terms and commission rates will vary depending on which affiliate network you apply to for inclusion into the program.

Wrapping Up

The popularity of Apple products and services makes the Apple affiliate program a solid choice when it comes to integrating passive income into your website or blog.

With the streamlined payment process, high commission rates, and extensive marketing tools, the earning potential is significant as a member of the Apple program.

That said, there are some downfalls of the program.

While there aren’t many payment method options available and the cookie duration is low, many still find that inclusion in the program proves lucrative and that the products fit in well with their content.

The information in this guide can help you to understand the details associated with the Apple affiliate program.

If you apply, let us know your experience in the comments!

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