Creating a Blog That’s Built To Sell – What You Need to Know

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Blogging Basics – What To Know Before Diving In

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PNG vs. JPEG – What Is The Difference Between These Two Image Formats?

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What Is a Content Management System? The Platform That Powers Your Blog

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What Is WordPress? The Basics Of The World’s Most Popular CMS

Every year millions of new websites are published, and more than one-third comes from a free platform called WordPress. With its open-source management system, WordPress revolutionized and simplified the process of creating beautifully designed webpages. The platform encourages people to take their businesses to the web and find their place in international online markets. In … Read more

What Is the WordPress Admin Dashboard?

WordPress is the leading webpage creator platform in the world. With an abundance of themes and plugins to choose from, it allows users to build a website from the ground up and to their specifications. But, to manage a site, you need to know where and how to use WordPress to the fullest. In this … Read more

Blogging Anonymously or Under Your Real Name: Which Is Best?

When launching a blog, you’ll need to decide whether to publish posts anonymously or under your real name. After all, nearly all blogging platforms show author names by default. They’ll automatically append your specified author name to each of your posts. If you use your real name, readers will see it when viewing your posts. … Read more

9 Different Ways to Get Business Financing for Your Blog or Business

With more business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs either launching new businesses or startup of their own, or focusing on branding, it’s important to ask yourself if you are taking advantage of the financial upswing? The majority of site owners and bloggers start out with nothing, however, initial startup costs and financial investments are always going … Read more

What Does PDF Stand for and How Do I Use It?

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Should You Be Worried That Blogger Will Delete Your Account?

A real concern for Blogger users is whether Blogger could (and would) delete their blog without warning or explanation. Indeed, there are many forums where people have posted their horror stories regarding the deletion of their Blogger blogs. After reading such stories, many Blogger users begin to panic and make arrangements to “defect” to WordPress … Read more

Through The Years: History Of Blogging – An Evolution

When we see a plethora of wide array of blogs, it is really astonishing to know that they surfaced on the web in 1990s. At that time of the year, no one may have really foreseen about the stupendous growth that the blogs will experience over the years. Previously, people used blogs for expressing their … Read more

What To Blog About: How To Find A Niche That Makes Money

Before we even get started and think about creating our blog and buying a domain and web hosting, it’s more important that we take some time to decide what we are going to be blogging about.

You can blog about virtually anything, but without the proper research your blog may be at a dead end before it ever starts.

All You Need to Know About RSS Feeds and More

What the heck is a RSS feed? What do you do with it? Generally, if you’ve set up your blog on Blogger or WordPress, you already have a RSS feed installed. Now you need to harness the power of utilizing it to get more views and followers to your blog. There are different things you … Read more