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You can have the best written and most informative, interesting blog post in the world, but if you don’t have a compelling title for it, it probably isn’t going to get read.
Furthermore, if the title of your blog doesn’t entice your readers and make them want to know more, they’re not likely to opt-in to your list, making it harder to grow your business and achieve greater levels of success.
So, how do you create a title that magnetizes your clients and draws them in? One that convinces them to give you their contact information and make it easier to market directly to them?
Fortunately, there are several options.

In order for your blog title to be successful, it has to speak to the reader in a way that they understand. Here are five ways to do that:

Option #1: Use a Qualifying Title

Choose a title that qualifies who you want to read your blog.
If your blog is directed toward college students, for instance, will they know that by the title?
If not, then you need to reword it in a way so that your target market clearly knows that you have written it specifically for them.
Another qualifying title possibility is to use a headline that says, “If _____, Then _____”.

  • If You Have a Bat Problem, Then You Are Going to Want to Talk To Us
  • If You’ve Ever Been Scammed Out of Money, Then Here is Your Answer

Titles like this tell your reader exactly who you are reaching out to, and who can benefit from reading your blog.

Option #2: Make it Attention-Grabbing

If your blog title doesn’t grab your readers’ attention, then you’ve lost them before you’ve ever had them.
Remember that people are bombarded with marketing ploys all day every day via TV, billboards, email, and every other form of contact, so you’re going to want to use a blog title that commands their attention like a blinking red “Danger” sign.
Some attention-grabbing title examples include;

  • Warning: Eating This One Food Can Damage Your Health
  • Caution: Failing to Take This One Action Can Cost You Thousands of Dollars.

Of course, you have to be able to back up your dramatic claims, but that can only occur if your target market actually reads your blog!

Option #3: Choose Words that are Compelling

A compelling blog title is one that makes your readers stop dead in their tracks, and read what you wrote right then and there. If it doesn’t, they may never come back to it, no matter how well-intentioned they may be.
Fortunately, there are several options when it comes to creating compelling blog titles. Here are just a few to consider using a “Give Me _____ and _____”  title.

  • Give Me Five Minutes and I Will Show You How to Double Your Income
  • Give Me Just Three Days and You Will Learn Everything You Know to Write a Bestselling Book

Titles like these get your reader excited about what they can gain within a certain period.
The key is to make sure you don’t make promises you can’t keep, so you’ll need to be able to follow through on whatever your title states you can do.
Another option for creating a compelling, must-be-read title is to ask your reader a thought-provoking question.
This gets your reader to feel like they can’t finish their coffee break until they know the answer, which makes them stop to read your blog and, hopefully, also opt-in to your list. Some examples of these headlines are:

  • Have You Ever Wondered What Makes Some People So Successful?
  • What Is the Number One Cause of Business Failure?

Both of these make your target audience want to know the answers, compelling them to continue to read what you’ve written.
The last way to compel your reader to want to know what your blog says is to connect with them emotionally. Let them know that you understand where they are mentally, and that you feel what they feel.
An emotion-based title would be something like:

  • If You’re Sick and Tired of Having No Energy, Read This!
  • Don’t Be Frustrated by Slow Weight Loss: Try These 7 Slimming Tricks to Speed Up the Process!

All three of these ideas can draw your reader in and hold them captive, making them want to opt-in to your page.

Option #4: Tell Them What They’ll Learn

The fourth option when creating a great blog title is to share with your reader what they will learn by reading your blog. This is often accomplished by creating a How-to title, like:

  • How to Effectively Deal with a Chronic Illness
  • How to Build a Home Gym on a Budget

You can also take a slightly different approach with this particular blog title tip by using a title that lists reasons, options, or factors. For instance, your title could be:

  •  7 Reasons Your Business May Be Failing
  • 12 Factors to Consider Before Buying Your Own Home

If you are going to choose this route with your title, you’ll probably want to include sub-headings in your blog. This allows your reader to skim your list, giving them a preview of the great ideas your content has to offer.

Option #5: Establish Your Credibility

The last option on generating your own blog title is to create one that establishes your credibility. This can be done by using a short testimonial by a past client, such as:

  •  Find Out Why One Client Called Me “Simply the Best Freelancer Ever”!

However, you can also enhance your credibility by showcasing your education or experience.

  • After 20 Years As a Pediatrician, Here Are 10 Things I Learned About Keeping Your Ki
    ds Healthy
  • 10 Principles of Success Gathered From 10 of My Millionaire Clients.

Use any one of these blog title generating options and you’re sure to create enough excitement that gets your reader to want to know more. Now, the question is which one to try first!

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