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The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration

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You’re someone who knows how to live.

Your friends and family are impressed with your sense of style, beautifully decorated home, taste in food, or world travels.

You’re someone with a diversity of interests, and you could never imagine yourself writing a blog about just one topic (if your rich life even leaves enough time to write a blog at all).

If this describes you, then you might be a perfect candidate for starting a lifestyle blog.

A lifestyle blog is flexible blog category that tends to blend interests in topics like travel, food, interiors, style, and beauty.

However, the beauty of a blog like this is that it can be about whatever you want.

If you have a way of living that you think others would like to learn how to emulate, then you can likely create a lifestyle blog based around it.

Even if you already have the lifestyle, however, it can be tough to figure out how to create the blog to match.

To help you get started, we found 14 of the best lifestyle blogs on the internet. Take a look at these blogs to get inspiration for your own lifestyle blog

1. A Beautiful Mess

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - A Beautiful Mess
Sisters Elsie and Emma share a novel take on DIY in this blog that focuses on creating happiness through a “homemade lifestyle.”

You’ll find guides to DIY crafts, decor, recipes, and style.

You’ll also find advice on how to live the life you want, including tips on family life, gratitude, and the joy of learning new skills.

2. Barefoot Blonde

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Barefoot Blonde
Amber Fillerup Clark runs a blog that began in order to document her life in New York City and share her tips on hair extensions and styling.

Nowadays, Amber lives in Arizona with her husband, two kids, and dog.

But that doesn’t mean her passion for personal style and living the good life has ended.

On the contrary, it’s only grown, and that’s what she shares in this lifestyle blog.

3. A Cup of Jo

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Cup of Jo
Joanna Goddard created A Cup of Jo to share her advice on a variety of topics, including style, food, design, travel guides, relationships, and motherhood.

Since Joanna lives in Brooklyn, you’ll also find a healthy amount of information about what it’s like to live in NYC (as well as gorgeous images of the fashion scene and fascinating people who live there).

4. Gal Meets Glam

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Gal Meets Glam
Julia Engel started Gal Meets Glam when she was in college in San Francisco.

She’s since moved to Charleston, gotten married, and undergone all kinds of other life changes.

The blog has documented this all, and it continues to be a source of inspiration to readers who want to learn about fashion, beauty tips, travel, and home decor.

5. The Skinny Confidential

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Skinny Confidential
Lauryn Evarts was interested in fitness since college, where she taught fitness classes and received her nutrition certification.

She decided to turn those interests into a fitness blog, and that’s how The Skinny Confidential was born.

These days, the blog still includes lots of fitness advice, but it’s also expanded to include “a lifestyle balancing health, wellness, relationships, fashion, home decor, beauty, travel, & everything in between.” Expect photos of California living, as well as chic outfits.

6. Sincerely, Jules

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Sincerely Jules
Since 2009, Julie Sariñana has been writing about style inspiration.

She encourages her readers to live by the motto “Dream, Believe, Achieve,” a set of principles that has changed her life and allowed her to get to the place she is today (and yes, she has a line of apparel sporting this motto in case you want to help spread the word).

7. Corporette

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Corporette
Kat Griffin’s blog offers a take on fashion that’s different from what you’ll find on lots of other lifestyle blogs.

Corporette is aimed at women who want to dress in a way that exudes power and professionalism…without being boring.

Drawing on her own experience working as an attorney and litigator in NYC, Kat helps educates high-achieving women about fashion that complements their ambitions.

8. Candy Pop

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Candy Pop
Candy Pop is the online home of Natasha Denness, a creative business coach who offers career advice and self-care tips to anyone trying to make a living in a creative field.

The blog recognizes that professional success is worth nothing if you sacrifice your physical and mental health to achieve it, and it offers advice on how to treat yourself well while also reaching your creative goals.

9. The LDN Diaries

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - LDN Diaries
London is a place that many people associate with high fashion and sophistication, and you’ll find both when you read The LDN Diaries.

Paula runs the women’s side of the blog, offering tips on beauty, fashion, and the best places to travel.

On the men’s side, Danny offers grooming tips, men’s fashion advice, cocktail recipes, and reviews of good food across London.

Warning: reading this blog may create a strong desire to move to London.

10. Camille Styles

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Camille Styles
Camille Styles wants you to “live life like you mean it.”

On her blog, she shows exactly how to do that, including advice on how to cook healthy food, create a happy home, and travel to the places you always dreamed of visiting.

While the blog has a decent amount of style and wellness advice, it’s notable for the amount of content it has on entertaining (showing you not just how to design a beautiful home and cook delicious food, but how to use both as an element of entertaining friends and family).

11. Katie Did What

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Katie Did What
Katie Did What is a blog that combines motherhood, faith, and fashion to show you how to live a distinct life.

Expect lots of advice on parenting and pregnancy, as well as fitness.

Katie shows that being a parent doesn’t mean you have to give up on dressing well and living a life of great variety; indeed, parenthood can serve as a catalyst for redefining what both of these things mean.

12. Darling, You

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Darling You
Angela created Darling, You to document her transition from being a full-time lifestyle blogger into being a blogger about parenthood, home decor, and raising young children.

She describes motherhood as “a new adventure,” and the blog aims to share that adventure with readers.

13. Hej Doll

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Hej Doll
Jessica Doll is a professional photographer, as well as a self-proclaimed “stylish mama.”

She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she started Hej Doll (pronounced “Hi Doll”) to share images and stories of simple, modern living in California.

She also travels regularly, and the blog contains her stories and photos of that as well.

14. Elizabeth Dhokia

The 14 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Follow for Inspiration - Elizabeth Dhokia
Elizabeth Dhokia runs a blog on “UK wellness and lifestyle,” a broad range of topics that includes posts reviewing wellness destinations and giving advice on how to keep a diary (for health and other reasons).

The blog is also notable among UK lifestyle publications in that Elizabeth is based in Birmingham (not London, as the majority of UK bloggers seem to be).

This lends the blog a unique take on UK life and culture.

Create the Lifestyle Blog You Want

We hope the examples in this post have given you some inspiration for starting your own lifestyle blog.

As you can see, lifestyle bloggers have the opportunity to cover dozens of topics, crossing over with fashion blogs, travel blogs, personal blogs, and even interior design blogs.

For more information on the technical details of lifestyle blog creation, check out our guide to how to start a lifestyle blog.