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Bluehost Affiliate Program: How It Works, Payment Details & More

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Table of Contents
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Table of Contents

Any website or blog that you launch online has to have a host. Bluehost is one of the top hosting companies, primarily for WordPress blogs.

Recently, the company launched the Bluehost affiliate program to recruit more individuals and provide passive income for affiliates.

Bluehost Affiliate Program at a Glance

There are many promising features of the Bluehost affiliate program.

  • Cost Per Action (CPA): Yes
  • Commission Rate: $65 per successful sale
  • Cookie Duration: 90 Days
  • Payment Threshold: $100
  • Payment Options: Paypal and direct deposit

Does Bluehost Have an Affiliate Program?

Bluehost has an affiliate program that Impact Radius manages.

The company previously held the program in-house, where the internal staff was responsible for the daily management.

However, in 2022 they made the switch to affiliate network management due to rapid growth and the projection of high numbers coming down the pipe.

What Is the Bluehost Affiliate Program?

The Bluehost affiliate program allows those with a stable online presence to market the company’s service in exchange for a commission.

While many of the affiliates utilize Bluehost for their hosting or domain needs, this isn’t a requirement.

However, you do have to have a dedicated website or blog rather than just social media accounts.

How Does the Bluehost Affiliate Program Work?

If you decide to become a member of the Bluehost affiliate program, you must first apply to Impact Radius.

Once you receive confirmation, you will obtain access to affiliate links that the company customizes to your account.

For every purchase your followers make using these links, you will earn $65 in commission.

Is the Bluehost Affiliate Program Free?

There are no fees that you have to pay to participate in the Bluehost affiliate program.

You only need to fill out a brief questionnaire to apply, and the affiliate network does not require an application fee.

There are no fees for withdrawal once you earn a commission, as Bluehost covers these costs for their affiliate program members.

What Products Can You Promote for the Bluehost Affiliate Program?

Bluehost focuses on various types of hosting.

As a company, they provide a hosting solution to every need.

If you run a blog, they offer affordable packages to keep you active online.

Alternatively, if you run a large corporation or have special security needs for your site, Bluehost includes options for those unique circumstances.

Shared Hosting

In what is the most standard form of website hosting, shared gives you the ability to get your page or blog online and active.

This style of hosting provides essential services that most websites utilize.

Although this is sufficient for many, if your site is extensive or comes with special security needs, this isn’t the type you want.

WordPress Hosting

This hosting package is for you if you own a blog and utilize WordPress for the management side, including adding new posts and performing routine maintenance and updates.

This option is one of the cheap WordPress hosting providers and includes a free domain for one year.

You also have access to multiple channels of customer support.

Online Store Hosting

If you operate an e-commerce store where you sell niche products or services, Bluehost has a hosting package that they tailor specifically to this industry.

Knowing that online stores come with various needs in terms of speed and connectivity, Bluehost incorporates all necessary elements into this one package style.

WP Pro Hosting

If you are a blogger who runs multiple websites, which is a route that is among the best niches for affiliate marketing, then having the higher-end WordPress hosting package will be the best fit.

Known as WP Pro, this option lets you operate more than one site and offers more premium features to users.

VPS Hosting

There is a critical need for high-level hosting for large corporations or websites with a lot of moving pieces.

The VPS plan with Bluehost understands these requirements and offers the necessary solutions to keep your online platform up and running without interruption.

You’ll find seamless interactions and integrations with this service plan.

Other Things You Can Promote With This Program

In addition to the hosting packages we list above, you can also promote some of the other options Bluehost offers to users.

The dedicated hosting plan is available for those who need a server but can’t take part in shared services.

Additionally, Bluehost provides a reseller’s hosting option that you can promote on your website or blog.

What Products Are Excluded From the Bluehost Affiliate Program?

As a member of the Bluehost affiliate program, you can only earn commission on any hosting packages sold after visitors click on your custom link.

Therefore, while Bluehost offers other products like professional email and marketing services, these items aren’t subject to compensation within the terms and conditions of the program.

How Much Do Bluehost Affiliates Make?

When trying to figure out how much a blogger makes or what an affiliate brings in from commission, you must consider several elements.

First, you must keep in mind how much traffic your site has.

You will find that those with a more profitable niche will have regular traffic and therefore higher income levels.

Additionally, you must consider the effort that goes on behind the scenes.

Some affiliates market the Bluehost plans endlessly and earn upwards of thousands of dollars per month as a result.

Others only promote their affiliate links casually, which doesn’t earn them very much, but can be a nice source of supplemental income.

Bluehost Affiliate Program Commission Rates

Although many high-ticket-affiliate-marketing programs have structured commission rates for various products and services, the Bluehost affiliate program has a flat rate for all sales.

With each successful purchase of a hosting plan that is initiated through an affiliate link, the affiliate program member will earn $65.

How Long Does the Bluehost Cookie Last?

The length of Bluehost’s embedded cookies will vary depending on what program you use.

For the Bluehost affiliate program, they offer members a 90-day cookie duration.

Therefore, if someone clicks on your link, they have 90 days to finalize the sale for you to receive the credit.

It’s important to note that the program operates on the last click operation.

This means that 100% of the sale will be attributed to you if a buyer purchases a plan through your affiliate link.

However, if you do other marketing outside of the affiliate program, you may not receive recognition for these efforts.

How Do You Get Paid From Bluehost?

As a member of the Bluehost affiliate program, you can withdraw earnings from the commission you make in one of two ways.

The primary method they use is PayPal.

However, if you don’t have a PayPal account or prefer not to get paid that way, you can also utilize direct deposit.

At this time, the company doesn’t offer additional methods to receive your money.

When Does Bluehost Pay Affiliates?

When you are part of the Bluehost affiliate program, you are permitted to withdraw your earnings once you reach a $100 threshold in your account.

However, the profits you make from sales won’t enter into your available funds until around 90 days after the sale is final to allow time for cancelations or returns.

What Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Are Available?

After being accepted into the Bluehost affiliate program, you will receive access to various promotional images that you can use to market the hosting packages on your website or blog.

Not only can you select from banners, but you can also choose from images of various sizes with effects that match your aesthetic and design.

The most important promotional tool will be your affiliate link, however.

If you display these prominently on your website or blog and direct your audience toward them, you will have a greater chance of receiving a commission.

Who Should Join the Bluehost Affiliate Program?

If you are considering applying to be part of the Bluehost affiliate program, you may be wondering if you’re a good fit or if you meet their criteria.

While the only requirements for membership are a dedicated website and considerable traffic, there are some genres and a long list of money-making niches that are better suited for the program than others.

Technology Bloggers

Those who run tech blogs will likely see a solid response to their marketing efforts and affiliate links with Bluehost.

When individuals or businesses are building up their online presence, they often turn to these types of content for advice, giving those who manage them a leg up for affiliate marketing opportunities.


While you can’t use your social media profile and platform as an advertising base, influencers that operate a separate blog are great candidates for affiliate programs.

With the extensive reach they enjoy and the dedicated audience that interacts with their content, a person can be highly successful as an affiliate.

Work-From-Home Websites

With the influx of people looking for an opportunity to work from home or engage in life as digital nomads, finding options that bring in passive income are a hot commodity.

Not only can you utilize them for yourself, but encouraging others to create an online presence and follow in your footsteps will bring significant traffic your way.

Is the Bluehost Affiliate Program Worth It?

Many advantages come with being a member of the Bluehost affiliate program.

Not only can you earn passive income by marketing the products, but you get access to promotional tools to help you establish yourself online.

However, not everything is perfect, and even this program has some downfalls.

Pros of the Bluehost Affiliate Program

When we look at the benefits of being a Bluehost affiliate member, we can see why people enjoy the program so much.

  • Commission: Having a flat rate commission of $65 makes it easy to estimate your earnings and eliminates confusion over compensation levels and amounts.
  • Competitive: The amount you earn as an affiliate is a competitive rate in the affiliate market. While there are opportunities to make more in other programs, many have a smaller payout.
  • Sign-Up: To apply for the Bluehost affiliate program, you only need to fill out a brief application for the management team to review. This process takes only a few minutes of your time.
  • Cookies: When an individual visits one of your affiliate links, their information embeds for 90 days.
  • Threshold: While some affiliate companies require you to earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars before cashing out, Bluehost only sets a threshold of $100.

Cons of the Bluehost Affiliate Program

In the world of affiliate marketing, there is no such thing as a perfect program.

Although Bluehost has many positives, there are some disadvantages as well.

  • Payment Methods: Whereas some companies offer a variety of payment methods, Bluehost only permits PayPal and direct deposit.
  • 90-Day Payouts: The period for finalizing your earnings is much lengthier than what you see in competitors’ affiliate programs at 90 days.
  • Last Click: Although visitors’ cookies save for 90 days, you will not be compensated for the sale if they return to the website by clicking on a different affiliate’s link.
  • Minimal Tools: The Bluehost affiliate program offers various promotional images for its members but no marketing tools or resources.
  • Commission Reduction: Since operating under the Impact Radius affiliate network, the Bluehost program has reduced its commission from $100 to $65.

Conclusion: Is the Bluehost Affiliate Program Worth It?

Even with the disadvantages of being part of the Bluehost affiliate program, the benefits still outweigh the negative aspects.

The program is highly rated, and the payout is still higher than many other commission rates available in other companies.

Therefore, participation in this program is worth it in many different aspects.

How To Join the Bluehost Affiliate Program

If you want to join the Bluehost affiliate program, then you are likely wondering what the next steps are and how to join the network.

Here are all the steps you should take to join the program and start earning a commission.

Requirements To Join the Bluehost Affiliate Program

When it comes to being part of the Bluehost affiliate program, there are fewer requirements to do so than what many other companies enforce.

To receive approval, you must have a dedicated website and not just a popular social media profile.

Additionally, it’s necessary to have a fair amount of traffic to your content to prove that you will be able to promote Bluehost.

How To Apply [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

To complete the application correctly, it’s necessary to follow the appropriate steps.

  1. Visit https://www.bluehost.com/affiliates
  2. Click “Join Now”
  3. Input all required information
  4. Read through the terms and conditions
  5. Review your application to verify everything is correct
  6. Click “Sign Up” to submit your information for consideration in the program

Once these steps are complete; your information will go into an approval queue with Impact Radius and the company will examine your credentials and content to see if you are a good fit for the program.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved for the Bluehost Affiliate Program?

After you submit your information to Impact Radius, the company will need to review it and verify your website.

The duration between submission and receiving approval will depend on the volume of applications they have at one time.

However, the average waiting time is around one week.

Does Bluehost Support the Affiliate Program?

Until 2022, the company’s internal staff ran and managed the Bluehost affiliate program.

However, they have since transitioned to using the Impact Radius affiliate network for daily operations, and the Bluehost company no longer fulfills that role.

This makes it easier to receive support or get questions answered, as you have a better chance of contacting a representative.

How To Make Money With the Bluehost Affiliate Program

As an affiliate marketer, you want to do everything possible to increase your earning chances with the programs you serve.

Doing so provides an increase in traffic and engagement to your affiliate links.

To help you on this journey, we have gathered various tips for success and routes to avoid failure below.

Tip for Success – Use the Tools

While Bluehost only offers promotional materials in the way of various images, you can find an arsenal of free affiliate marketing tools to review.

These items will help your chances of earning passive income through proper engagement and SEO efforts.

Therefore, it’s worthwhile to use any means you can find to increase opportunities for success.

Tip for Success – Push the Discounts

When people consider purchasing a plan, they want to know that they are getting the best deal available to them at that time.

Therefore, it’s critical to push any discounts on Bluehost that come your way to reel in the biggest audience to your affiliate links.

Tip To Avoid Failure – Use a Disclosure

There is a legal component to affiliate marketing that requires the presence of an affiliate disclosure when you are referencing products that you are promoting.

While many people want to skip out on this detail, that can hinder your success and possibly cause legal ramifications.

Tip To Avoid Failure – Push the Free Trial

As an affiliate marketer, your instinct is to promote the products that will earn you a commission.

Typically a free trial does not bring in any money, and therefore people opt to bypass any promotion with that at the center.

However, if you promote the Bluehost free trial, you can cinch the deal with prospective customers.

Alternatives to the Bluehost Affiliate Program

If membership to the Bluehost affiliate program doesn’t appear to be a good fit for you or your content, don’t feel like you are out of options.

Many alternative high-paying affiliate programs

 are available online, and we have compiled a list of the best affiliate programs for you.

Shopify Affiliate Program

If e-commerce is the focus of your content and you are looking for a suitable program to promote this niche, consider checking out the Shopify affiliate program.

As one of the top online store platforms, they have a large audience and many prospective customers that are willing to explore all the features they offer.

GoDaddy Affiliate Program

If you are looking for an affiliate option with more services and products available, then it will likely be worth your while to explore the GoDaddy affiliate program further.

Not only do they sell domains, but they also have a website builder and other popular products.

With this program, you can reach a wide variety of viewers with the items available for promotion.

HostGator Affiliate Program

A popular competitor to Bluehost for high-performing hosting plans is the company HostGator.

In addition to the multiple packages they offer to customers, they also have the HostGator affiliate program for publishers.

If Bluehost isn’t your cup of tea, consider applying for this program instead to drive engagement to your affiliate links.

Frequently Asked Questions

The world of affiliate marketing can be overwhelming to those just starting.

Here are some of the top questions about working as a Bluehost affiliate.

How do you get paid on Bluehost?

After becoming a member of the Bluehost affiliate program and reaching the $100 threshold, you will be eligible to withdraw your funds from your affiliate account.

You can opt to do this through Paypal or direct deposit.

How do I withdraw money from a Bluehost affiliate account?

When transferring your earnings from your Bluehost account to your Paypal or bank account, you will first go into your affiliate dashboard through Impact Radius.

You will then go to your earnings report and click the button to initiate a withdrawal.

Wrapping Up

Many affiliate programs are available for content creators to participate in for passive income.

As one of the most popular hosting platforms, the Bluehost affiliate program has come to fruition to provide additional promotion through publishers and users.

While there are some detriments to the program, including a limited amount of marketing tools, the pros outweigh the cons.

Do you have other questions about becoming a Bluehost affiliate?

Let us know in the comments!

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