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Canva Affiliate Program: How It Works, Payment Details & More

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Are you interested in the Canva affiliate program?

We have all the information you need.

Whether you’re an established design influencer, a rising social media star, or a design educator, the Canva affiliate program might be a perfect fit.

Read on to discover how you can join the Canva affiliate program today!

Canva Affiliate Program at a Glance

Check out this rundown of the Canva affiliate program at a glance.

  • Cost Per Action (CPA): Cost per sale
  • Commission Rate: 15%-80%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Payout Threshold: $10
  • Payment Options: PayPal and bank account

Does Canva Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, Canva has a thriving affiliate program that is always recruiting.

The company encourages fans and regular Canva users to sign up for the affiliate program.

The program allows you to strengthen your skills as a marketer by promoting Canva’s Pro plan with affiliate links.

You can apply today and start earning a commission within 30 days!

What is the Canva Affiliate Program?

The Canva affiliate program is an online promotional program that allows social media marketers to partner with the Canva brand.

Affiliates post marketing content on their social platforms or blogs and earn a small commission from the Canva company.

Canva uses the Impact company to connect with affiliates.

How Does the Canva Affiliate Program Work?

The Canva affiliate program works by requiring affiliates to post promotional content for Canva Pro memberships.

When new users sign up for Canva Pro through your social media, they click on a custom link.

The Canva affiliate program detects the weblink and sends affiliates a commission within 30 days.

Is the Canva Affiliate Program Free?

Yes, it is free to participate in the Canva affiliate program.

There is no monthly subscription cost or fee for enrollment.

Canva does not require affiliates to make a minimum monthly sale, so you won’t ever have to pay out of pocket for this program.

What Products Can You Promote For the Canva Affiliate Program?

The Canva affiliate program is among the best niches for affiliate marketing.

The main product that Canva encourages affiliates to sell is the Canva pro membership, but there are many features within Canva pro that you can market.

With Canva, you can market niche products like Magic Resize, Brand Kit, and more.

Read on to find out which products you can promote as a Canva affiliate!

1. 420,000 Premium Templates

One of the top products you can promote is the over 420,000 premium templates that are part of the Canva Pro membership.

You can feature your favorite templates on your social media and encourage followers to check out the templates for themselves.

2. Video Editor

Promote the Canva video editor feature as an affiliate.

The easy tool allows users to create professional videos with the click of a button, even if they aren’t skilled editors.

You can also promote the popular drag-and-drop tool, a feature of Canva Pro that lets users make videos with pre-made templates.

3. 3000 Premium Fonts

The Canva Pro membership includes over 3000 unique fonts, ranging from classic types to creative scripts.

The professionally-designed typefaces are some of the best on the market, and there’s a font for every need.

You can promote this feature as an ambassador and showcase Canva’s fonts on your social media or blog.

4. Magic Resize

Magic Resize is a one-click feature that allows users to convert designs into alternative formats.

It comes with a subscription to Canva Pro, and the product instantly transforms Canva designs.

You can promote it on your social media platforms if you’re a Canva ambassador.

5. Brand Kit

Brand Kit is ideal for social media influencers and small business owners.

With Canva’s Brand Kit product, users can upload their brand’s theme, colors, logo, and fonts.

Brand Kit will ensure that all the brand’s posts and content follow a coherent theme, making the product some of the best graphic design software on the market.

Other Things You Can Promote With This Program

With the Canva affiliate program, you can promote more products associated with Canva Pro.

Background Remover is a helpful tool that lets users easily remove photo backgrounds, and Content Planner helps social media users schedule and organize posts for different platforms.

Also, check out Premium Animations, which adds a dynamic feature to content.

How Much Do Canva Affiliates Make?

The Canva affiliate program is among the best high-paying affiliate programs on the web today.

Ambassadors earn a good commission from each sale of Canva Pro.

Canva Affiliate Program Commission Rates

The Canva affiliates make money by promoting sales of the Canva Pro subscription.

Users can purchase a Canva Pro plan through an affiliate link, either the monthly subscription or their annual plan, and Canva pays affiliates a commission from each sale of the pro plan.

Canva Pro Annual Membership

The Canva Pro annual membership costs $119, a one-person plan for social media designers and freelance workers.

If you sign up for the Canva affiliate program, you can earn a 15% commission for every individual sale.

That equals $29.85 per sale, but there is a $36 commission cap.

Canva Pro Monthly Membership

Affiliates earn a commission from each sale of Canva Pro.

If your social media followers purchase a monthly membership, you will earn an 80% commission for the first two months of membership.

The base Canva Pro plan is $12.95 per month, and affiliates get two payments of $10.36.

How Long Does The Canva Cookie Last?

The Canva cookie lasts for 30 days.

This time window ensures you’ll get your payment even if users opt for a free trial before subscribing.

If you become a Canva affiliate and a follower signs up for a free trial, you earn a commission if they upgrade to a pro plan within 30 days.

How Do You Get Paid From Canva?

When considering the Canva affiliate program, you might wonder how much a blogger makes for Canva and how you’ll get paid.

Canva uses multiple formats to pay affiliates.

If you have a PayPal account, you can connect PayPal to Canva for simple and safe payment.

Alternatively, you can directly link your bank account to Canva’s billing system with a simple form.

The Canva company also uses e-transfer options to pay affiliates.

When Does Canva Pay Affiliates?

Working for Canva is a profitable niche, and getting paid is easy.

Canva pays its affiliates within 30 days of receiving commissions.

You can cash payments within 15 days after payout confirmation, and the cookie-based payment system lets you cash quickly and easily.

There is a $10 payout threshold, so you can only request a payment if you’ve made over $10.

What Marketing Materials And Promotional Tools Are Available?

Most of Canva pro’s marketing comes in the form of high-ticket-affiliate marketing.

However, the Canva affiliate program offers tips for promoting the brand.

The site recommends adding a link to Canva Pro in your YouTube video descriptions, creating short videos about Canva on Tik Tok, and linking to Canva Pro in your blog posts.

Also, you can use Canvas pre-made advertisement banners.

Who Should Join the Canva Affiliate Program?

The Canva affiliate program is technically open to everyone, but the brand prefers that its affiliates meet several requirements.

Design Educators

Canva encourages design educators to apply for the affiliate program.

Design educators are people who teach design classes or programs online and have a large subscriber base.

It’s even better to have a substantial email list and a following on social media.

Social Media Design Influencers

If you’re a social media influencer focused on graphic design, the Canva affiliate program might be perfect for you.

Also, this category includes graphic designers, bloggers, and video creators on Tik Tok and YouTube.

Sign up for the Canva affiliate program if you have a large subscriber base with a passion for graphic design.

Is the Canva Affiliate Program Worth It?

Yes, based on what we’ve researched, the Canva affiliate program is worth it.

If the Canva company approves your application, you can start earning money quickly and easily.

Pros of the Canva Affiliate Program

Check out these top positive aspects of the Canva affiliate program.

  • Commission rates are high. Earn 15%-80% for a single customer sale.
  • The payout threshold is only $10. With a low payout threshold, you can cash your paycheck after only a few sales.
  • Canva’s pre-made advertisements are straightforward to use.
    You can download them for use on your social media sites.
  • Canva uses Impact, an affiliate tracking software that’s reliable and easy to navigate.
    You can use Impact to connect with support staff and get questions answered.
  • The Canva affiliate program uses cookies to track sales.
    You’ll get a unique link for your subscribers, and you can earn sales for up to 30 days until the cookies end.

Cons of the Canva Affiliate Program

Read on to discover the negatives of the Canva affiliate program.

  • Affiliates work on commission.
    That means that you won’t receive a monthly payment and you’ll only earn when you make a sale.
  • The Canva cookies only last 30 days.
    Many other affiliate websites offer 60 or 90-day cookies, making Canva’s policy relatively short.
  • Canva has a low acceptance rate for affiliates.
    The company only accepts 43% of applicants.
  • The monthly commission rate only applies to the first two months of the subscription.
    That means if you make a sale, you won’t be earning a percentage for the majority of the subscription period.
  • Canva has a $36 cap for annual subscription sales, so you can’t make as much money from annual sales.

Conclusion: Is The Canva Affiliate Program Worth It?

Even with a few drawbacks, the Canva affiliate program is worth it.

It pays well and the payout is easy and quick.

The application process is competitive, but the program is ideal for graphic design influencers with a big subscriber base.

How to Join the Canva Affiliate Program

Becoming a Canva affiliate is a quick and straightforward process.

Applications happen through a linked company called Impact, and you’ll go through a competitive process to become a full-time Canva affiliate.

Requirements to Join the Canva Affiliate Program

Canva has several conditions to become an affiliate, and we encourage you to apply if you fit at least one requirement.

However, Canva may consider other applicants.

Having a large subscriber base is a crucial requirement.

Canva suggests you have at least a million monthly visits if you’re a blogger.

Also, the company recommends that you have an established online presence with a large audience, and your social media must have relevance to design.

How to Apply

Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial to apply to the Canva affiliate program.

  1. Confirm that you meet Canva’s suggested requirements.
  2. Visit the Canva website for the affiliate sign-up link.
  3. Create an Impact account.
  4. Select the correct country or region on Impact.
  5. Fill out the application form with your information.

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved for the Canva Affiliate Program?

The Canva affiliate approval process is relatively quick.

You will only have to wait 48-72 hours to learn if you are Canva has approved your application.

Does Canva Support the Affiliate Program?

Yes, Canva provides excellent support for the affiliate program.

Their staff is available daily to answer your questions and address any concerns.

Affiliates can contact customer support via live chat or email.

Also, you can help through the Impact portal.

How to Make Money With the Canva Affiliate Program

Become the most successful affiliate at Canva and avoid failure with these helpful tips.

1. Wide Customer Base

You’ll want to reach as large a customer base as possible to succeed at Canva, so keep traffic to your blog high.

Promote your brand and gain more followers on social media to increase revenue.

We recommend branching out to other social platforms to increase web traffic, so add other sites like Pinterest and FaceBook to your account.

Make sure to practice affiliate disclosure, which means informing your customers that you earn a percentage.

2. Add a Canva Banner to Your Site

Canva provides many affiliate marketing tools, including advertisement banners you can post on your blog site or social media.

Choose a banner that matches the theme of your brand, and you can increase attention on your website. Make Canva the center of your website and earn a higher commission.

3. Post Frequently

It’s easy to fail if you only post Canva promotional content rarely.

A quick post every week or two just won’t cut it in the Canva affiliate program.

We recommend you post at least several times a week to avoid failure.

Reach out to followers and promote the Canva Pro membership to earn more income.

4. Promote Canva to Your Friends

Promote the Canva Pro membership to your friends and family to avoid failure.

You can encourage people you know to sign up for Canva Pro and earn a high commission.

Tell people why you love Canva, and encourage them to sign up as well.

Make sure they subscribe using your affiliate link!

Alternatives to the Canva Affiliate Program

If you’re not satisfied with the Canva affiliate program, or you don’t fit the requirements, consider these other software affiliate programs.

1. Jasper AI Affiliate Program

Jasper AI is a copywriter program that’s a similar alternative to Canva.

It sells top-notch written content produced by artificial intelligence, and the unique brand has an ideal affiliate program.

Jasper AI calls their affiliates referral partners.

If you become a referral partner in the Jasper AI affiliate program, you can earn a 30% commission.

2. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr is a freelance service with a fantastic affiliate program.

The Fiverr affiliate program is free to participate in, and you can earn sales immediately.

Promote Fiverr Business, the company’s logo maker, and more.

There is no referral limit, and the company provides you with resources to ensure success.

3. Squarespace Affiliate Program

The Squarespace affiliate program is great for graphic design influencers and bloggers.

Squarespace is a website design site that offers site templates and design features.

Promote Squarespace products as an affiliate.

You can earn a commission percentage from each sale, and Squarespace offers round-the-clock support to help you with troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re a seasoned brand affiliate or you’re brand new to the game, you might still have questions about the Canva affiliate process.

Check out these frequently asked questions about the Canva affiliate program.

How do I promote Canva products?

We recommend posting ads for Canva on your social platforms, but promoting Canva products isn’t just limited to social media.

Send email announcements, write blog posts, and spread the word to friends.

How difficult is the Canva affiliate program?

The Canva affiliate program isn’t too hard if you have a large viewership.

Like any job, it will take time and effort to succeed and earn revenue, so we recommend dedicating several hours weekly.

Wrapping Up

The Canva affiliate program is an ideal option for graphic design content creators, bloggers, and social media influencers.

It has pros and cons, but we think it’s worth the time. Sign up for the Canva affiliate program today!

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