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The Top 13 Coolest Celebrity Bloggers

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We love our celebrities, and we want to know just about everything that’s happening in their lives.

Usually, we rely on tabloids to get sensational information about their lives, but many of them are now sharing controlled information about their lives with the public through their social media platforms and with the help of public image consultants.

 A select few use blogging as a means to share events that are happening in their life and build their personal brand.

Those are the ones we will focus on in this article.

In this article, I will share a list of the most popular celebrity bloggers on the planet and also explain the motivation and core focus of their blogs.

What Is A Celebrity Blogger?

Celebrity bloggers are people who became famous as a result of their accomplishments in their industry or field of discipline, such as music, film, politics, science, business, sports, writing, etc.

Celebrity bloggers are usually famous before they start blogging, although some exceptions become celebrities because of the popularity or notoriety of their blogs.

This also explains how celebrities differ from influencers. Influencers gained popularity because the content they produce on their social profiles gained such authority in their niche that they were able to build a dedicated group of followers.

Celebrity bloggers aren’t relying on their content to become famous; they already are.

Their stardom means there is an army of fans that are always ready to read anything they post on their blogs, and for business owners, this could be an opportunity to work with a celebrity to help promote your product to their audience.

Which Celebrities Have Blogs?

While many of the celebs on this list post about their lives, they also use their blogs as a medium to share their passions and business interests with their readers.

1. Perez Hilton

01 perez hilton

Blog:  Perezhilton.com

Niche: Celebrity gossip

His real name is Mario Armando Levandeira Jr., and he is one of the few people on this list who didn’t become famous because of their accomplishments in the entertainment sector.

Mario became a celebrity in his own right because of the notoriety of his blog. The digital newspaper covers gossip on sensational events in the lives of celebrities, including scandals, divorces, childbirth, and much more.

Of course, given that he built a whole career out of sharing information that famous people want to keep secret, his website is hated by members of the Hollywood elite.

In addition to his blogging, he has published four books and appeared in movies and television shows.

2. Chrissy Teigen

02 cravings by chrissy teigen

Blog:  Cravings

Niche: Food blogger

Chrissy is married to popular singer John Legend, and she first became known to the public via her career as a Sports Illustrated model. Her marriage to Legend made her even more famous.

Her blog is a way for her to share her love of food with others. The content on the blog reflects her fun personality, and she shares recipes as well as tips and tricks for solving cooking challenges.

The blog has recently evolved into a full-blown online eCommerce store where she sells cookie mixes, bread mixes, cookware, and even grill pans. Her Instagram profile serves as an extension of that business.

3. Ree Drummond

03 ree drumond

Blog: The Pioneer Woman

Niche: Home and life

Ree is another person on this list that became a celebrity because of her blog, which she then parlayed into several cookbooks and a TV show.

Her blog is a record of her life as a wife and mother on a ranch. She shares information about recipes, family activities, and her interests. The blog has been an astounding success, and it won the “Weblog of the Year” awards for three consecutive years; 2009, 2010, and 2011.

The success of her blog got her onto Forbes’ Top 25 Web Celebrities List in 2010. Her TV show was also titled “The Pioneer Woman,” and her book “From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels—a love story” is a best seller.

4. Eva Amuri

04 eva amurri

Blog:  Happily Eva After

Niche: Motherhood and life

Eva was born to be a star. Her mother, Susan Sarandon, is an actress, and her father is an Italian movie director. In a successful career, she has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including The Banger Sisters, Saved!, Californication, Undateable, and many others.

She started her blog in 2015 to share her co-parenting journey with her now ex-husband. There she shares practically anything that’s on her mind. She also shares information about family events and planned holidays.

Eight years later, the blog now includes a gift shop where she sells clothes, shoes, bags, oils, and so many other things.

5. Chiara Ferragni

05 chiara ferragni

Blog:  The Blonde Salad

Niche: Fashion

The Italian fashion blogger and businesswoman started her blog at the age of sixteen while she was still a law student at the university. The blog soon gained so much traction that she didn’t bother to obtain her law degree.

The content on her blog was primarily a visual depiction of her fashionable, fun lifestyle. Readers were captivated by content showing her in designer brands attending parties, fashion shows, and other social events.

The blog has since evolved into a full-blown lifestyle business. She now sells a whole range of Ferragni shoes, clothes, suitcases, and other luxury products. She also models for fashion brands.

6. Mayim Bialik

06 mayim bialik

Blog: GrokNation

Niche: Lifestyle and diary blog

Mayim is an American actress who first became famous because of her leading role in the 1990s sitcom Blossom. She continued acting in various movies and shows, but it was her role as Sheldon’s girlfriend in the hugely popular TV series The Big Bang Theory that made her a global star.

She started her blog after the end of the show as a medium to talk about her activities and contemporary issues that she is passionate about.

The content on the blog covers a wide range of topics, from her interest in environmental causes to mundane issues like why she may change her hair.

7. Tiffany Theissen

07 tiffany theissen

Blog: Tiffani Thiessen

Niche: Food blogger

Most people know Tiffani for her role as Kelly Kapowski in the hit series Saved By The Bell, but she has had a long career in the entertainment industry. She won a beauty pageant at the age of 15 and was featured in several TV commercials as a teenager. She has also starred in the popular TV show White Collar.

She started her blog as a way to share fun family events and food recipes. She has continued to post consistently on her blog, and if you visit, you will find detailed recipes for her favorite meals as well as her book titled “Here We Go Again,” priced at $32.

8. Alicia Silverstone

08 alicia silverstone

Blog: The Kind Life

Niche: Health and wellness

Alicia has starred in several movies throughout her long career, including The Crush (1993), Clueless (1995), Batman & Robin (1997), and the 2003 TV series Miss Match.

Alicia strictly adheres to a vegan diet, and the content on her blog is mostly about how to live a healthy lifestyle on a plant-based diet. You will find other things, too, including tips on sustainable living and brands that source their raw materials ethically.

She has published two books; The Kind Diet and The Kind Life. Her blog is regularly updated compared to some people on this list, and you will always find information that can help make your life better.

9. Greg Gutfeld

09 greg gutfeld

Blog:  The Gutter

Niche: News and pop culture

Greg is the co-host of the popular Fox News talk show, The Five, and he also hosts his own weekend show, Gutfeld! He is very famous for his outrageous and outspoken personality, and it’s safe to say that he has legions of fans.

He created the Gutter platform as a safe space for people with similar interests to exchange opinions and ideas. It is a membership blog, and you can join for free. If you want access to more features on the platform, you will have to subscribe to the relevant paid subscription plan.

Greg is also an author, and he has appeared in quite a few TV and radio shows.

10. Lauren Conrad

010 lauren conrad

Blog:  Laurenconrad.com

Niche: Lifestyle

Lauren became famous because of her role in the reality TV series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and she has since launched her own fashion and jewelry brand.

Her blog was a place where she shared information about her private life, interests, and news about her line of clothes, footwear, and handbag. She stopped blogging in January 2023 to focus on her business, but the blog is still live.

She is also an author, and she has written six books, including a New York Times Best Seller. You will find all the books on the Collections page of her blog.

11. Gwyneth Paltrow

011 gwyneth paltrow

Blog:  Goop

Niche: Lifestyle

Gwyneth is one of the most famous actresses in America, and she is best known for her role as Tony Stark’s girlfriend in the Iron Man franchise. She has won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Shakespeare in Love.

She is now more of a businesswoman and less of a blogger. Her Goop website started as a travel newsletter, and it’s now a massive empire with physical locations across the U.S., where she sells a wide range of products that align with her idea of a modern lifestyle.

12. Jessica Alba

12 jessica alba

Blog:  Honest blog

Niche: Health and wellness

Jessica has been acting since she was thirteen, and she has starred in several high-grossing films, including Honey (2003), Fantastic Four (2005), Good Luck Chuck (2007), Mechanic: Resurrection (2016), and several others.

Like Gwyneth Paltrow, her website is a hub for her wellness brand, Honest, but unlike the Goop blog, which is all about upselling the company’s products, it operates like a traditional blog with several articles on how to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.

13. Joanna Gaines

013 joanna gaines

Blog:  Magnolia

Niche: Home improvement and decor

Most people know her for the Fixer Upper show, which she and her husband headlined on HGTV. They started as small-time house flippers with an eCommerce store, Magnolia Market, where they sold home goods until they landed HGTV hit series.

After the show was canceled, they launched Magnolia, a home furnishings and real estate company. The company’s website includes a blog where they share tips on home renovation, maintenance, home accessories, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Celebrity Bloggers Make?

Celebrity bloggers can earn money in a wide variety of ways, from being paid to promote brands on their blogs to selling their own wares.

That’s why it’s very difficult to arrive at a fixed number, but there is enough information to show that there are bloggers who earn over $10 million annually.

Who Is The Most Famous Fashion Blogger?

Chiara Ferragni, the owner of The Blonde Salad blog, is the most popular fashion blogger on the planet. She also sells her own line of luxury goods on her website.

Wrapping Up

Celebrity blogs give us an opportunity to connect with our idols in an informal setting where they can let their guard down and share things they are passionate about with us.

Sadly, popular global stars like Jennifer Aniston, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and several others don’t have blogs. We will just have to make do with the snippets of information we get on their Twitter and Instagram profiles.

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