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Chewy Affiliate Program: How It Works, Payment Details & More

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Chewy is a major online retailer in the pet products market.

The Chewy affiliate program is an interesting way to monetize your blog, YouTube channel, or any other outlet you use to share content and connect with pet parents.

Learn more about this affiliate program, what you can sell, and whether we think becoming a Chewy affiliate is worth it.

Chewy Affiliate Program at a Glance

Chewy’s affiliate program stands out thanks to a higher-than-average commission rate.

Here are a few numbers to give you a better idea of what to expect:

  • Cost Per Action (CPA): $15 per new customer
  • Commission Rate: 4%
  • Cookie Duration: 15 days
  • Payment Payout Threshold: $50
  • Payment Options: Bank deposit or paper check

Does Chewy Have an Affiliate Program?

Chewy offers an affiliate marketing program through the Partnerize platform.

The popular pet retailer has a standard affiliate marketing program that any content creator with an interest in pet blogging or a social media presence can join.

A second affiliate marketing program, called the Shelters and Rescues Network, also exists.

If you run a non-profit organization, you can earn commissions and access other benefits such as the Chewy Wish List feature, a platform where you can list pets available for adoption, and more.

What Is the Chewy Affiliate Program?

The Chewy affiliate program allows you to earn a commission every time a shopper purchases after following one of your affiliate links.

You can get started by filling out an application.

Chewy has a few standards regarding content quality, but the program seems easy to get in.

Once Chewy has reviewed your application, you will get an affiliate link.

You’ll get access to an affiliate dashboard where you can generate affiliate links for specific products and more.

You’ll earn a 4% commission for each sale with no minimum sale amount and no cap.

If a new customer purchases via your link, you’ll earn a flat $15 fee regardless of the purchase amount.

Is the Chewy Affiliate Program Free?

The answer is yes. You can sign up for free and cash out for free.

You might incur some expenses when creating and promoting your content, but the program itself is entirely free.

What Products Can You Promote with the Chewy Affiliate Program?

Chewy has been around since 2011 and has quickly established itself as one of the main online pet stores.

There are products from over 2,000 brands in stock and a huge potential for affiliate marketers.

Dedicated pet owners tend to spend significant amounts on their furry companions.

On average, a person will spend $1,300 to $2,800 during the first year of owning a dog.

Cat owners spend around $1,000 to $2,500 per year.

Pet spending is currently high, and experts believe it could triple before 2030.

It’s a lucrative market, and Chewy is doing an excellent job of tapping into this market with a huge product selection.

You can earn commissions on a wide range of products with Chewy.

Food and Treats

Did you know that pet food is a $54 billion market?

Pet owners are spending more to get premium food or food that addresses specific health concerns for a highly personalized diet.

You can educate your audience about nutrition to promote food, or share affiliate links to cookies, chews, dental treats, food toppings, and more.


Toys typically have a low purchase price, but they can make good impulse buys.

Chewy has close to 4,000 toys in stock for dogs and over 1,300 products for cats in this category.


The pet supplement market could be worth $3.2 billion by 2030.

It’s growing faster than the market for human supplements.

Chewy sells supplements for pets, horses, and even farm animals.

You can educate your audience about concerns like allergies, arthritis, or vitamin deficiencies to promote these products.

Litter Boxes

More than 38% of households have a cat.

Litter supplies are an ongoing expense for these pet owners, and many are opting for automated self-cleaning litter boxes.

The market for these products is currently growing at a rate of over 5%.

Self-cleaning litter boxes can be an interesting product to promote due to their higher price point.

Tanks and Terrariums

Chewy sells tanks, terrariums, and supplies for fish, reptiles, and other small animals.

If you’re knowledgeable when it comes to taking care of these animals, you can recommend heating products, lighting, substrates, filters, and more.

Other Things You Can Promote with the Chewy Affiliate Program

You have many other options to explore:

  • Potty pads for puppies
  • Bowls, feeders, and water fountains
  • Grooming products
  • Flea and tick prevention products
  • Leashes, collars, and harnesses
  • Clothing and costumes
  • Cleaners
  • Bird cages
  • Books
  • Livestock supplies
  • Beekeeping supplies

What Products Are Excluded from the Chewy Affiliate Program?

Chewy doesn’t say which items qualify for the program.

Based on the language used on the Chewy website, it looks like everything sold by the retailer qualifies.

However, the affiliate program may not extend to Rx items that require a veterinarian’s prescription.

How Much Do Chewy Affiliates Make?

Affiliate earnings can vary a lot depending on the size of your audience.

Your level of experience can also impact what you earn.

A study found that 60% of the top affiliate marketing earners had at least five years of experience.

The good news is that 86% of pet owners shop for supplies online and Chewy allows you to tap into this growing market.

Data reveals that affiliate marketers earn anywhere from $11,000 per year to six-figure numbers.

Close to half earn under $82,000 a year and 24% earn between $11,000 and $46,000.

You can expect to earn a few hundred per month if you’re launching a new blog or have fewer than 2,000 social media followers.

Your earnings will grow as you gain more followers or focus on SEO strategies to make your content easier to find.

Chewy Affiliate Program Commission Rates

You can earn two types of commissions with this program.

Commission on Purchases

The Chewy affiliate program uses a simple structure for commissions.

Any purchase will qualify for a 4% commission.

New Customer Referral

If a shopper creates a new account or reactivates an account they haven’t used since 2012 after following one of your links, you will get a flat commission of $15 regardless of how much they spend.

How Long Does the Chewy Cookie Last?

Chewy affiliate cookies are good for 15 days.

You’ll earn a commission as long as a shopper completes a purchase within roughly two weeks of clicking on one of your links.

This timeframe is great for impulse purchases and even for purchases that require some research, like pet food.

However, bigger purchases like a new tank or terrarium setup might take too long for this timeframe.

Use an email list to keep users engaged as they research these large purchases.

How Payments Work for Chewy Affiliates

Payouts are easy.

You can visit your affiliate dashboard at any time to request a payment.

How Do You Get Paid from Chewy?

You’ll have to share your bank account information when you sign up for the program.

Once Chewy verifies your bank account, you can request deposits.

If you don’t want to share your bank account details, you can request paper checks.

You’ll have to wait a few days to receive your paper check.

Bank deposits are the fastest way to receive your money, and this method also limits fees.

Platforms like PayPal charge these fees before you can transfer the money to your bank account.

When Does Chewy Pay Affiliates?

Chewy doesn’t pay affiliate marketers on a set schedule.

You’ll have to manually request a payout by visiting your affiliate dashboard.

You become eligible for a payout once your account balance reaches $50.

What Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Are Available?

You’ll find a lot of marketing materials and helpful guides in your affiliate dashboard.

Chewy has some banners, graphics, and more.

Use these materials to make your affiliate links stand out and promote specific deals.

These graphics also help build trust since they feature the recognizable Chewy logo prominently and look very professional.

Chewy also has an extensive repository of videos and guides to help you succeed with affiliate marketing.

Regardless of the marketing materials and tools available to affiliates, Chewy offers several ways to save on pet products.

These different deals and incentives can become strong selling points.

You can, for instance, mention free shipping on orders over $49 or draw attention to Buy One Get One 50% deals.

Who Should Join the Chewy Affiliate Program?

Is the Chewy affiliate program a good fit for you?

We think this program can be a good fit for anyone who creates content about pets.

Pet Bloggers

We highly recommend the Chewy affiliate program for product review bloggers and anyone who writes about topics relevant to pet parents, whether it’s nutrition, health, training, or simply sharing their journey with adopting a pet.

Sharing your personal experience with some of the products offered on Chewy, comparing products, or guiding your audience through setting up a tank or terrarium can create value for potential shoppers.

Social Media Accounts for Pets

Petfluencers are a hot trend.

These famous pets sometimes have millions of followers and generate engagement through cute videos.

If you have an Instagram profile or a YouTube channel for your pet, the Chewy affiliate marketing program is the perfect opportunity to monetize this outlet.

These social media accounts are a fun way to connect with your audience and promote products that would result in an impulse buy, whether it’s toys, apparel, pet beds, or treats.

Rescues and Shelters

If you run a nonprofit, the Chewy affiliate program is a no-brainer.

Animal lovers can help you by using your affiliate links to shop for the supplies they need or even buy items from your Wish List.

Is the Chewy Affiliate Program Worth It?

We think joining the Chewy affiliate program is worth it if you have an online presence in the pet niche.

It’s one of the best high-paying affiliate programs for this market.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider.

Pros of the Chewy Affiliate Program

Overall, Chewy offers a competitive affiliate marketing program:

  • The 4% commission is higher than what other programs offer, and you can earn a flat $15 for new customers.
  • The pet niche is a huge market that will continue growing.
  • Chewy has thousands of products you can promote, and most products meet high-quality standards.
  • Chewy has a positive reputation and offers fast shipping.
    A positive experience means shoppers will be more likely to use your affiliate links again to buy from Chewy.
  • The affiliate dashboard is a helpful tool with lots of great resources.

Cons of the Chewy Affiliate Program

The Chewy affiliate program has a few drawbacks to consider:

  • You can only promote products for the pet niche.
  • Pet products are a popular niche.
    There is a lot of competition among bloggers and content creators.
  • The cookie duration is only 15 days. Other programs have affiliate cookies that last longer.
  • There is a $50 threshold to request a payout.
    It might take a while to earn your first $50.
  • Chewy offers auto-ship for repeat purchases.
    It’s a convenient feature for shoppers, but you might miss out on some repeat sales because of auto-ship.

Conclusion: Is the Chewy Affiliate Program Worth It?

Chewy is one of the best online pet stores.

The pet industry is a strong market, and there are plenty of opportunities for blogging and content creation.

You can write reviews, share your experience as a pet owner, or even share entertaining content featuring your pet.

The cookie duration is somewhat short compared to other programs, but the commission rate and flat fee for new customers make up for it.

We also like how the wide selection of products allows for a flexible approach to affiliate marketing.

You can decide to focus on fun items that will generate impulse buys, like toys, treats, clothes, or costumes.

You can also pick items with a longer research process and develop content designed to educate your audience.

Additionally, Chewy offers items for more than dogs and cats.

You can find supplies for reptiles, birds, fish, horses, farm animals, bees, and much more.

If you have expertise in taking care of any animal other than common pets, Chewy has products you can promote.

How To Join the Chewy Affiliate Program

Signing up is easy. It only takes a few minutes to complete the application.

screenshot of the chewy affiliate program signup page

Requirements To Join the Chewy Affiliate Program

You must be 18 or older to join and have a bank account or be able to cash paper checks.

Chewy will review your website or social media account to make sure your content meets their quality standard, but you shouldn’t run into any issues as long as you create legitimate content.

How To Apply [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

  1. You can get started by filling out the online form.
  2. Create your login credentials and share a few details, such as your name, address, and your site’s URL.
  3. Once Chewy has reviewed your application, you’ll receive an email with an invitation to log into your affiliate dashboard.
  4. There, you will find more resources to help you get started.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved for the Chewy Affiliate Program?

You can expect to hear back within three to four days.

The review process might take a week at the most.

Does Chewy Support the Affiliate Program?

Chewy has a dedicated in-house team that provides support to affiliate marketers.

The retailer values its affiliate program and gives you the tools and resources you need to succeed.

The support team is available 24/7.

You can email [email protected] with your questions, start an online chat, or call 1-800-672-4399 if you need instant help.

Chewy also has a strong social media presence and typically responds to questions and concerns on platforms like Twitter.

Tips for Making Money with the Chewy Affiliate Program

Focusing on quality content and selecting the products you promote carefully will help you succeed as an affiliate marketer.

Build Trust With Your Audience

Pet owners want what is best for their companions.

They will often research purchases and expect expertise and transparency from those who recommend or review products.

You can build trust by discussing your personal or professional experience with animals.

Discussing your journey as a pet owner can help you connect with your audience while establishing trust.

You should also add an affiliate disclosure to your content to be transparent about the fact that you’re earning commission with your blog.

Focus on Providing Value

You can provide value by educating or entertaining your audience.

You can also provide value by curating products and showing the benefits of the items you recommend.

Use Chewy’s affiliate marketing tools to develop content that is engaging and educational.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

With over 2,000 brands sold on Chewy, it’s easy to let the product selection overwhelm you.

Recommending too many products isn’t a good thing.

Instead, narrow down your selection to give your audience several choices that feel manageable.

Don’t Forget To Check Customer Reviews

Chewy gives shoppers the possibility to rate and review their purchases.

Some shoppers even share pictures of the products they bought.

While most products sold on Chewy meet high-quality standards, some items have mixed or even bad reviews.

Always check the ratings and reviews on the product pages and keep track of these ratings over time.

Don’t waste your time developing content to promote a product that has bad reviews on Chewy since shoppers will likely change their minds once they visit the product page.

Alternatives to the Chewy Affiliate Program

Chewy isn’t the only program to consider if you want to generate revenues in the pet niche.

Costco Affiliate Program

The Costco affiliate program can be a good option if you want to promote items like pet food, toys, or pet beds.

This program offers monthly payouts, but you can also earn a commission on memberships sold with a $3 commission on standard memberships and $6 for executive memberships.

Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon affiliate program gives you access to a huge selection of pet products.

The Amazon third-party seller model also means there are new products added all the time.

You can earn a 3% commission on pet products, but Amazon’s 24h affiliate cookie means you should focus on items shoppers will buy right away.

Dog Affiliate Programs

There are plenty of other dog affiliate programs you can join to promote products in the pet niche.

Options include PetSmart, Petco, Dog.com, Furbo, and many more.

Joining a few different programs is a good strategy if you want to diversify your sources of income and offer a wider selection of products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to learn more about promoting products sold on Chewy.

Is Chewy a good affiliate program?

The answer is yes.

Other programs have affiliate cookies that last longer, but Chewy stands out thanks to the commission rate, the product selection, the quality of the products offered, and the support and resources available.

Plus, Chewy has an excellent reputation and will likely deliver a positive experience once shoppers make a purchase.

Does Chewy allow third-party sellers?

Chewy doesn’t work with third-party sellers.

This practice limits product selection compared to a platform like Amazon.

However, it ensures that the retailer selects every brand and product sold, which helps maintain high-quality standards.

Everything sold on Chewy comes from a Chewy warehouse, which means shoppers can expect two or three-day shipping on every purchase.

Wrapping Up

A Chewy affiliate program is an interesting option for monetizing your online presence.

This trusted retailer has thousands of products you can promote, and the 4% commission rate makes Chewy potentially more lucrative than other programs.

Plus, shoppers are likely to have a positive experience that will keep them ordering more products from Chewy in the future.

Overall, we highly recommend this program to anyone who creates content about pets or other animals.

Joining is free and easy, and you should easily find great products to recommend.

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