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eBay Affiliate Program: How It Works, Payment Details & More

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The eBay affiliate program is an easy way for bloggers, vloggers, and content creators to earn passive income by linking their audience to products on eBay.

Becoming an affiliate for eBay might sound daunting.

Don’t fret; this guide will show you how easy the process is and start you on your journey of earning from affiliate links.

Ready to get started learning tips for success based on expert advice, how the eBay affiliate program works, how much you can earn, and more? Let’s dive in!

eBay Affiliate Program at a Glance

Below is a quick overview of the eBay affiliate program:

  • Cost Per Action (CPA): Cost per sale
  • Commission Rate: 1.5% to 4% depending on item category
  • Cookie Duration: 24 hours
  • Payment Threshold: $10 minimum
  • Payment Options: Electronic Funds Transfer or PayPal

Does eBay Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes. eBay has an affiliate program. The eBay Partner Network (EPN) is an excellent option for content creators seeking to earn a passive income.

By promoting products and linking them to your content, you drive more traffic to eBay, which, in turn, rewards you with cash for your efforts.

That’s a win-win.

What Is the eBay Affiliate Program?

The eBay affiliate program pays content creators a small commission every time someone purchases a product from a link the creator shared.

Affiliate programs are one way for bloggers to earn a passive income and for eBay to boost traffic to their online store.

How Does the eBay Affiliate Program Work?

When you sign up as an affiliate, you’ll have access to special links unique to your affiliate profile.

This way, eBay can recognize the owner of every affiliate link when a customer makes a purchase.

Each link is given what’s called a virtual cookie that lasts for 24 hours.

If someone with a cookie purchases anything on eBay, not just the product you linked to, you’ll receive a commission.

To get people to buy, they need to click on your link.

Boost clicks by posting product links throughout your content to better your chances of someone following the link to its final purchase.

Commissions vary based on the types of products linked to your content.

Each category has a cap for the maximum amount you can earn from one sale.

Is the eBay Affiliate Program Free?

Yes, signing up for the eBay affiliate program is free for all users.

And there are no surprise fees down the line, either.

Affiliate programs are a mutually beneficial relationship between a company and content creators with an audience.

Affiliate programs should never cost any money to join.

What Products Can You Promote For the eBay Affiliate Program?

You can promote any product on the eBay store with the affiliate program.

Each category has a different commission percentage value and commission cap.

We’ll explain the most popular product categories in detail below.


Electronics are popular products to promote with an affiliate program since they’re typically higher-value items.

Electronics have two subcategories.

Items like cameras and photo equipment, TVs, cell phones and accessories, video and audio, video games, and consoles earn a 2% commission with a capped commission of $550.

Computers, tablets, and networking products earn a 1.5% commission with a capped commission of $550.


eBay is one of the best websites for niche products like collectibles.

The eBay affiliate program pays a 3% commission (capped at $550) for items like entertainment memorabilia, coins, pottery, art, antiques, crafts, stamps, toys, and miscellaneous collectibles.


Vintage fashion is another top seller on eBay.

Affiliates promoting fashion products like clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, and health and beauty products earn a 4% commission capped at $550.


Lifestyle products earn affiliates a 3% commission with a capped commission of $550 for items like musical instruments, event tickets, gift cards, coupons, and other miscellaneous lifestyle products.

Home and Garden

The home and garden category encompasses many valuable products that earn affiliates a 3% commission with a capped commission of $550 for items like appliances, pet supplies, baby products, alcohol and food, and miscellaneous home and garden things.

Other Things You Can Promote With This Program

The above product categories cover a broad umbrella of products.

Still, eBay also pays affiliates a commission for promoting categories like parts and accessories, real estate, industrial products, books, comics, music, and magazines.

What Products Are Excluded From the eBay Affiliate Program?

None. All products on eBay offer a commission if the item is purchased within the 24-hour window of clicking an affiliate link.

Even if the buyer doesn’t buy the suggested product from the link, but still makes a purchase on eBay, the eBay affiliate still earns a commission.  

How Much Do eBay Affiliates Make?

While eBay isn’t considered one of the most high-paying affiliate programs, eBay affiliates can make some good money over the long term.

The amount eBay affiliates make depends on their linking strategies, the audience following, and the types of products compatible with their website niche.

An eBay affiliate makes a small commission based on eBay’s revenue from selling the item.

The commission structure is different depending on the product type.

For example, collectibles have a 3% commission with a cap of $550.

If you link a product worth $100 and 33 people click the link and make a purchase, you’ll make around $100. If that link leads to 334 purchases, you’re looking at around $1,000 in commission.

eBay commissions are capped at a maximum amount per item, usually at $550.

With a 3% commission, a collectible item that sells for the price of ~$17,500 will almost reach the cap.

So, if your website generates hundreds of thousands of engaged viewers, the likelihood of making between $100 to $1,000 a day as an eBay affiliate is very likely.

If your content is underperforming, affiliate links may not get you rich quickly.

However, they can still help generate a small passive income as you continue to grow your online business

Plus, affiliate links count as backlinks and are a valuable tool for boosting your website’s SEO.    

eBay Affiliate Program Commission Rates

Commission rates for the eBay affiliate program, or EPN, vary based on the product type.

Fashion and eBay Motors

The highest paying commission percentages are for fashion and eBay motors, with a commission of 4%.

However, eBay motors have a capped commission of $100, while fashion has a capped commission of $550.


Next, you’ll find collectibles, home and garden, lifestyle, media, and vehicle parts and accessories with a commission of 3%.

These product categories all have a capped commission of $550.

Business and Industrial Products

Business and industrial products earn a commission of 2.5%, capped at $250.


Electronics range from a 2% to 1.5% commission based on the type of electronic device. Both categories have a commission cap of $550.

Real Estate

You can even sell real estate on eBay.

However, with a 1% commission rate capped at $100, you will not likely be featured on Selling Sunset.

How Long Does The eBay Cookie Last?

The eBay cookie lasts 24 hours from when someone clicks on your affiliate link.

This means that anyone who makes a purchase from eBay within 24 hours of clicking your link will earn you a commission.

Most affiliate programs pay commission based on something called last-click-attribution.

Last-click-attribution means that if someone clicks your affiliate link but then clicks on another blogger’s eBay affiliate link, you would not receive the commission for the purchase.

How Do You Get Paid From eBay?

Every month on the 10th, the eBay affiliate program pays out the previous month’s commissions via an electronic transfer to your bank or Paypal account.

Fill out your payment method information in the easy-to-fill-out form. Details needed include:

  • Bank Country
  • Account name
  • Account number
  • Type of account
  • ABA routing number

A 2% processing fee (capped at $20) is deducted from your payout when accepting payment via Paypal.

When Does eBay Pay Affiliates?

eBay pays its affiliates on the 10th of every month for the commissions earned in the previous month.

Luckily, the affiliate program with eBay has an autopay option.

With autopay, your bank details are already stored so that if you’ve met the minimum $10 threshold by the 10th day of the month, you’ll automatically receive money in your selected account.

What Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Are Available?

The eBay Partner Network creative gallery has many resources for those in the affiliate program to use to help promote and market their links.

Affiliates can download the eBay logo pack to use their partnership with the iconic eBay symbol.

Affiliates also have access to downloadable banners catered to different product types.

Or users can create their own custom banners if they prefer.

Who Should Join the eBay Affiliate Program?

The best candidates for the eBay affiliate program are bloggers, product reviewers, and eCommerce sellers.

These content creators will get the best return on their time investment as an eBay affiliate.


Bloggers have endless opportunities to tie in useful products into their content, especially bloggers who review products.

Why? Because eBay has so many niche products that any blog could link an eBay product into its text.

Whether a blog focuses on electronics, fashion trends, or stories about rare collectibles, bloggers can monetize their website traffic with affiliate links.

E-Commerce Sellers

An eCommerce seller is someone who buys and sells things over the internet.

ECommerce sellers benefit the most from the eBay affiliate program because they can link to products in their own eBay store.

If the item sells, the seller receives the profit from the sale and the commission from the affiliate program. A double-whammy!

Youtube Reviewers

Youtube reviewers have the unique opportunity to influence whether or not someone buys something directly.

Youtube reviewers engage with the product, so potential buyers know what’s in store should they purchase it.

Youtube reviewers can monetize their views with affiliate links that promote the products shown in their videos.

Is the eBay Affiliate Program Worth It?

eBay is a trusted and well-known name in the eCommerce world with a low payment threshold, so it’s well worth it to sign up for the eBay affiliate program and include links to products in your content.

eBay has staff on hand to help solve customer service issues and a platform that tracks metrics like earnings, conversion rates, and the number of impressions.

That said, visitors only have 24 hours to make a purchase for you to be rewarded for your linking efforts.

At the same time, eBay pays low commission rates and caps your earnings. Making it not one of the best affiliate programs out there.

Pros of the eBay Affiliate Program

Joining the eBay affiliate program has its advantages. These include:

  • eBay is a trusted and well-known brand name.
  • eBay staffs a full-time affiliate team for excellent customer service.
  • The online platform tracks metrics well.
  • Low payment threshold of $10.
  • Wide selection of product categories to affiliate with

Cons of the eBay Affiliate Program

As with any affiliate program, there are some downsides to joining forces with eBay. These include:

  • Low commission rates.
  • Capped commissions.
  • Low (24-hour) cookie window.
  • Varying commissions based on product types.
  • 2% (capped $20) service fee for Paypal transactions

Conclusion: Is The eBay Affiliate Program Worth It?

The eBay affiliate program is worth it for content creators who sell niche products online.

While the commission rates are capped and lower than other programs, the eBay affiliate program is still an excellent way to earn passive income, track progress, and access customer service support.

eBay has a massive selection of products, many of which aren’t available (or as widely available) on other eCommerce platforms.

You can better align product recommendations within your niche with many products at your fingertips.

How To Join the eBay Affiliate Program

Joining the eBay Partner Network is a simple process of filling out business information and bank or Paypal details.

Below we’ll cover all the requirements to consider and a step-by-step tutorial for signing up.

Requirements To Join the eBay Affiliate Program

To join the eBay affiliate program, you need:

  • A registered business
  • A valid email address
  • Bank details or a Paypal account

After being accepted, you must adhere to the terms and conditions of the EPN guidelines.

Domain-parking, typo-squatting, and cookie-surfing are against the affiliate program’s guidelines and will result in your removal from the program.

For transparency, anyone using the eBay affiliate program must clarify to readers that their site will earn a commission when visitors click on links.

How To Apply [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Applying to become an EPN is easy, simply:

  • Visit the eBay Partner Network page.
  • Click Sign Up
  • Enter your email address
  • Fill out company information and business description
  • Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Wait to be approved

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved for the eBay Affiliate Program?

Most eBay affiliates hear back with an approval within a few hours of signing up, but all should hear back within one business day.

Does eBay Support the Affiliate Program?

Yes, eBay has a dedicated staff for the eBay Partner Network so that affiliates can quickly get the help they need.

Contact customer service if you need help with anything related to your affiliate account with eBay.

The helpful and friendly staff are quick to respond with solutions.

How To Make Money With the eBay Affiliate Program

Making money with the EPN takes time, but with these tips for success, you’ll be setting off on the right path.

Link to a Product Page in Multiple Places

Insert links into multiple mediums to cast a wider net for clicks. For example, post a blog with a product link.

Then, search Quora for questions related to that product and post an answer with the affiliate link.

Next, post a video on Youtube about the product with a link.

You’ll have a higher chance of bigger returns with more avenues for people to engage with your affiliate links.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Affiliate Marketing Tools

Affiliate marketing tools encompass valuable resources like WordPress plugins, Mailchimp e-blasts, search engine optimization (SEO) tools, and more.

Using affiliate marketing tools will help grow organic traffic and bring more viewers to your content, resulting in more clicks on affiliate links.

There are seemingly endless resources for affiliate marketers to increase their reach and get more impressions and clicks, so don’t be shy to explore different tools that maximize your efficiency and profits.

Always Disclose That You’re an Affiliate

Affiliate disclosure simply means that someone in the eBay affiliate program must tell their readers or viewers that they’re part of the EPN.

Content creators must be transparent with their audiences that they’ll be earning a commission from any following sales.

Affiliate disclosure is listed in the EPN terms and conditions.

So to avoid failure as an eBay affiliate, be sure to read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

Advocate for Products With Good Reviews

When an eBay affiliate recommends products to their viewers, those products must be actually ones worth recommending.

If you can’t get your hands on the product yourself, be sure to read reviews and find sellers with good seller ratings before linking a product.

You wouldn’t want to lose your readership or audience’s trust by recommending low-quality products.

Align your product recommendations and affiliate links within your niche.

If you link to health and beauty products in a blog about filing taxes, you’ll probably get fewer conversions than if you’d linked to a product like a calculator.

Alternatives to the eBay Affiliate Program

eBay is one eCommerce site with a unique array of products.

However, some similar platforms have affiliate programs worth signing up for to maximize your payouts.

Websites with affiliate programs include Amazon, Etsy, and AliExpress. Other alternatives include Shopify and WooCommerce.

Below, we’ll cover the top three alternatives to the eBay affiliate program in detail.

Shopify Affiliate Program

The Shopify affiliate program pays a 100% commission for the first two months of every new sign-up from an affiliate link.

The Shopify affiliate program is a great network to promote various products alongside eBay products.

With more places for people to purchase, you’ll maximize your efforts for each affiliate link.

Shopify pays commissions out twice per month via Paypal.

Etsy Affiliate Program

The Etsy affiliate program allows content creators to endorse vintage products and handmade crafts on Etsy and get a 4% commission on eligible sales.

Etsy pays out commissions on the first and 15th of every month.

AliExpress Affiliate Program

The AliExpress affiliate program is another helpful avenue for revenue for affiliate marketers.

This program pays a 4% commission on all eligible affiliate sales.

AliExpress has a payment threshold of $16 which is redeemable before the 20th of the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Craving more details about the eBay affiliate program?

Here are a couple of FAQs to fill in any knowledge gaps.

Does eBay affiliate pay per click?

No. The eBay affiliate program pays commissions per sale, not per click.

The amount paid to affiliates is based on the product value and the items’ commission percentage.

Is eBay affiliated with Amazon?

No, eBay is not affiliated with Amazon, nor is it owned by Amazon.

The two are only related because they both sell and ship products internationally.

Some buyers receive eBay products in Amazon packaging.

This apparent mix-up is because the eBay seller is selling Amazon products on eBay at a slight markup.

Final Thoughts

The eBay affiliate program is a great way to earn passive income by recommending excellent products to your audience.

From fashion and electronics to rare collectibles, eBay affiliates have a broad range of products to promote, which can earn a passive income.

Now that you understand everything about becoming an eBay affiliate, getting paid, and succeeding as an affiliate, sign up for the program today and begin earning a small commission from each sale.

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