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Best Erotic Podcasts: 15 Examples

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Erotic podcasts are a sensual way for some podcasters and storytellers to share their creativity with others.

Many erotic podcasts may focus on offering content for men, women, or those in the LGBT community.

However, erotic podcasts have one thing in common: a love for the sensual side of life.

These 15 podcasts may not focus on offering sexual gratification all the time, although plenty of episodes may focus on that.

What Is an Erotic Podcast?

An erotic podcast is any podcast that focuses on erotic content.

Sometimes, this content may be stories written by top authors in the industry. Other times, the episodes may focus on tips for couples and singles who want to try new things in the bedroom.

Erotic podcasts will always center around sexual relationships, often veering into creative opportunities where podcasters may share their favorite erotic stories and novels. Erotic podcasts may also feature guest speakers with erotic industry experience.

What Does an Erotic Podcaster Talk About?

An erotic podcaster will discuss everything sex-related. These podcasters might read aloud their favorite snippets of novels or books that may appeal to their audience. Some podcasters urge their listeners to send in anecdotes and stories they want to share with the listeners.

While some episodes may discuss real-world advice, like how to perform the best sexual positions, many episodes will only provide auditory pleasure to the listener of the erotic podcast.

What Is Included In an Erotic Podcast?

Many things come together to make an appealing erotic podcast, some of which may be unexpected.

However, the most common thing you’ll hear on an erotic podcast is anecdotes and stories for late-night listeners looking for sexual pleasure.

These stories may be published and available to purchase online.

Other Things You Can Find on an Erotic Podcast

An erotic podcast is just like any other podcast and will likely have some of the same components.

You’ll probably hear advertisements and endorsements on these types of podcasts, as well as comparisons and interviews.

  • Guest Speakers: Guest speakers may appear on the erotic podcast you listen to because they can enhance the experience.
    A guest speaker may be an erotic author or someone with industry experience who has a story to share.
  • Comparisons: Erotic podcasters might compare one novel or story to another and discuss what makes a good erotic scene in the books they’re reading. Additionally, these podcasters might compare movies and other erotic works.
  • Endorsements: An erotic podcaster will likely have endorsements for some of their favorite sex toys or items that have enhanced their experience.
    These endorsements can be paid for, but many may be mentioned because the podcaster enjoys them personally.
  • Recommendations: An erotic podcast will likely recommend items and sexual toys listeners can use to enhance their experience with the podcast.
    These items may be pertinent to the story excerpt read and may make the listener feel more immersed in the experience.

Types of Erotic Podcasts

While there is no shortage of erotic podcasts available for listening to, most erotic podcasts fall into one of three categories.

There are erotic podcasts for men, women, and the LGBT community.

  • Erotic Podcasts for Men: Erotic podcasts for men will focus on providing content that appeals to male desires.
    However, these may vary slightly depending on the aim of the content.
  • Erotic Podcasts for Women: Erotic podcasts for women are the most common and are done in many ways.
    These podcasts will include many niches.
  • Gay Erotic Podcasts: Gay erotic podcasts will offer content for those who are attracted to the same sex.
    These may be dynamic, and not all audience members may be interested in every episode.

Best Erotic Podcasts: 15 Examples

These 15 examples of the best erotic podcasts are only a few of the many podcasts on the internet.

This niche is popular, but it isn’t discussed very often because of the stigma associated with it.

How Many Erotic Podcasts Are There?

Erotic podcasting is a niche industry, and there aren’t very many popular choices for this type of podcast.

However, these 15 examples lead the industry and have made strides in offering the right kind of content for many listeners.

Erotic Podcasts for Men

Erotic podcasts for men appeal to general male desires and help men discover more about their sexual wants.

JuicyPeach Audio

JuicyPeach Audio Podcast is a podcast that produces content designed for men about sensual experiences.

This podcast prides itself on being a loving podcast that radiates primal sensuality and depicts only fictional characters men can feel good following.

JuicyPeach Audio fashions some of the best plotlines in erotic podcasting.

All The Filthy Details Podcast

screenshot of the all the filthy details podcast homepage

All The Filthy Details Podcast offers erotic short stories for personal listening.

This podcast may also have interviews with other people in the industry.

All The Filthy Details Podcast prides itself on getting all the luscious details of its stories right to make the most immersive experience possible.

Frank Noir Erotica Podcast

screenshot of the frank noir erotica podcast homepage

Frank Noir Erotica Podcast is a podcast that tries to capture the most carnal parts of sexuality.

These darker urges are expressed throughout the podcast, offering men a safe place to explore these pleasures without shame or fear of judgment.

Booty Call, Explicit Erotic Stories

Booty Call is a podcast for erotic stories that don’t hold back.

This podcast is perfect for getting in the mood right before bedtime and is narrated with men in mind. Listeners can rest assured their wildest dreams are discussed in one of these podcast episodes.

This podcast focuses on primal pleasures for men.


KSWifey is a podcast that offers erotic audio specifically made for men who want a world full of beautiful and sensual women.

This podcast is created by an erotic artist and author who seeks to bring their words to life through classy and sophisticated language.

These stories don’t shy away from every niche that men may enjoy the most.

Erotic Podcasts for Women

Erotic podcasts for women focus on offering women what they want from a listening experience, often creating a safe and sensual environment.

Erotic Audio

screenshot of the erotic audio homepage

Erotic Audio is produced by AudioDesires.com and makes content designed to appeal to women and couples who want to listen to these erotic stories together.

Some of these stories feature multiple people and can provide a good outlet for couples to get out some of their fantasies.

Oh F*ck Yeah With Ruan Willow

screenshot of the oh fck yeah homepage

Oh F*ck Yeah is a podcast hosted by erotic author Ruan Willow who narrates all of the erotic short stories on the podcast.

In addition to stories designed to enhance pleasure, this podcast is full of tips, techniques, and tricks for enhancing sexual pleasure for women, men, and couples.

Knightly Pleasures – Erotica for Women

screenshot of the knightly pleasures homepage

Knightly Pleasures is a podcast that seeks to make every woman listening feel strong and empowered.

These podcast episodes want you to be comfortable shutting the bedroom door and getting some well-needed alone time.

You can relax with weekly releases of your favorite stories with this podcast.

Erotic Stories From Wylde in Bed

screenshot of the erotic stories from wylde in bed homepage

Erotic Stories From Wylde in Bed gathers listeners for a weekly sensual and erotic experience that will offer the deepest level of pleasure.

This podcast seeks to aid anyone looking for pleasure, but the target audience is women.

Here, you’ll be immersed in stories and plotlines that will have you wistful while seeking pleasure.

Dantes Erotica

screenshot of the dantes erotica homepage

Dantes Erotica is all about offering plotlines and sexual encounters in their rawest form.

This podcast uses personal accounts and experiences to detail some of the most stigmatized niches to make listeners everywhere feel comfortable with their desires.

Listeners won’t feel any shame or judgment from this podcast because it covers every niche out there.

Gay Erotic Podcasts

Gay erotic podcasts focus on gay stories that can make a listener feel pleasure without shame.

These podcasts may also be rife with tips.

Naughty Audio for Men

Naughty Audio for Men is a podcast that has a variety of erotic episodes.

Nearly every man will be able to find an episode with a story they enjoy and can derive pleasure from.

This weekly podcast has plenty of new content men will enjoy, with many of the episodes showcasing gay characters.

The Gay Erotica Podcast

screenshot of the gay erotica podcast homepage

Liam Williams, an Australian author, hosts The Gay Erotica Podcast with top-tier gay erotica narration.

These podcasts have different plotlines, settings, and details, so you can rest assured you’ll always get something new and thrilling every week.

Each episode is only about 15 minutes, making it perfect for bedtime listening.

Gay Tantra Podcast

Gay Tantra Podcast offers stories and plotlines that appeal to those who are attracted to gay men.

These stories offer some unique stories mingled with tropes all listeners may be familiar with.

Gay Tantra Podcast can make you laugh while you listen, but this podcast never fails to deliver its mission: offer the utmost pleasure.

Steamy Stories

Steamy Stories prides itself on offering some of the best “bromosexual” stories that discuss the adventures of gay men exploring their sexuality.

These stories are written by an award-winning filmmaker and author who strives to make the best romantic and playful episodes that’ll have listeners coming back.

Wholesome Erotica

Wholesome Erotica podcast doesn’t focus only on gay stories but has plenty of gay episodes that will appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

This podcast seeks to offer passion, romance, and sensuality, regardless of the gender and sexuality represented.

Wholesome Erotica has many episodes available and will have something right for everyone.

Similar Podcast Types To Check Out

Erotic podcasts are similar to those about sexual topics and information.

These podcasts may also be related to relationship and short story podcasts.

  • Sexual Podcasts: Sexual podcasts offer listeners information, tips, and advice on their sexual life.
  • Relationship Podcasts: Relationship podcasts are for those who want to understand their relationship and partner.
  • Short Story Podcasts: Short story podcasts may appeal to writers and avid readers who love a good plot line.

Wrapping Up

Erotic podcasts are not very common, and you likely won’t stumble across one unless you’re looking for them.

These podcasts may have some recommendations for novels, short stories, or sexual toys for a listener’s utmost pleasure.

These 15 examples can help you learn how to start an erotic podcast and get a better understanding of how each is structured.

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