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How To Get More Followers On Instagram: The Complete Guide For 2023

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Are you wondering how to get more followers on Instagram?

Whether you’re trying to build a personal brand, promote your business, or grow an audience around your content, getting more followers on Instagram is essential to success.

From optimizing your profile to creating engaging content, there are plenty of ways you can increase your following.

You can quickly get a large audience interested in your content with the right strategies and techniques.

Let’s get started on how to get more followers on Instagram without wasting any more time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Main Purpose of Instagram?

Being strategic with your hashtag use can help you gain free Instagram followers.
Even better, you can design your custom hashtags. Using related hashtags can make it easier to find your content.

What Should You Not Do On Instagram?

Some of the most important things you should avoid are using difficult-to-find usernames, posting inconsistently without tags or captions, not engaging with followers, stealing content, and overusing hashtags.

How to get more followers on Instagram?

Instagram is a dominant force that many social media use to build their presence.

It has been established that the platform encourages customers to buy things and supports sales.

The platform has been shown to boost traffic, generate income, and promote consumer engagement.

However, you’re not the only one if you’re not satisfied with your Instagram traffic and engagement.

As increasing numbers of brands join the marketplace, there is heated competition.

It is worthwhile to expand your audience because doing so will give you more chances to delight your clients.

We are going beyond the basics of using Instagram and uncovering 10 strategies for growing your Instagram following:

1. Improve your Instagram profile

The secret to turning profile visits into followers is to have a well-planned Instagram feed that amplifies your niche.

IMG 5637

You want visitors to your profile to grasp what your page is about as soon as they land there.

Your bio is the first thing people see when they check your profile; thus, making a good first impression is very important.

To get more Instagram followers, you must write an engaging bio.

You should communicate the appealing narrative of your brand in addition to the essentials, like including your contact information and website URL.

You won’t stand out by merely stating your business type.

People must have a reason to identify with and follow your brand.

2. Maintain a regular content calendar

Continuity is important on Instagram, so posting at random will probably not garner you any followers.

Building your audience through creating content and delivering value is one thing; maintaining it through consistency is another.

Don’t let the dust build up on your Instagram account.

Because of this, maintaining a consistent publishing schedule is essential.

You don’t have to adhere to a rigid posting schedule; most brands publish content daily or nearly daily.

We understand if you’re concerned that enough people won’t see your posts.

Think about how tools like Stories can increase the number of people who view your content if it was not seen the first time.

3. Schedule posts on Instagram

There is no denying that the Instagram algorithm controls a brand’s reach.

Even so, posting at the correct time might still increase the exposure of your content.

Whether in charge of a tiny business or a huge corporation, automating some tiresome activities can make it easier for you to plan, create, and provide consistent, high-quality content.

You can review your content calendar by scheduling Instagram posts and decide on the best time to post on Instagram.

If your postings are sporadic and irregular, they will be influenced by the Instagram algorithm.

4. Test out various content types

Reels are Instagram’s equivalent to TikTok, and if you haven’t created one so far – what have you been doing?

IMG 5649

Since the Reels feature was introduced, creators have remarked on how successful they are at increasing account visibility.

Reels are definitely worth trying if you’re hoping to obtain more followers on Instagram because, according to most users, the platform’s algorithm greatly favors them.

If you’re unsure where to begin, spend some time browsing the Reels stream to see what’s popular.

Jump on board and apply popular effects and filters to increase your clips’ visibility.

5. Compose catchy captions

Writing a captivating caption is an art.

Effective caption use is a quick approach to promote interaction on your posts and help your audience get to know you.

Captions can include questions, jokes, and amusing facts.

Emojis, calls to action, and humorous captions are all tried-and-true possibilities for captions that will increase your Instagram follower count.

IMG 5643

Getting additional Instagram followers requires engaging with your current following.

IMG 5647

Use a survey/poll or question sticker to start a discussion in your Stories; jot out a simplistic, open-ended topic in a post.

Interact with every comment you get since you never know when you might gain a new follower or keep an existing one.

Make friends with your audience, and it will be worthwhile.

6. Use relevant hashtags to improve your content

Using hashtags on your posts is extremely crucial, especially if you want to boost more Instagram followers.

Using hashtags helps users to find your work through search when they click on the same one from someone else post.

IMG 5644

Users follow the hashtags they want to see the best content on their Instagram feed by doing so.

IMG 5646

Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags for a post, but don’t pile on unnecessary ones merely to get 30.

Just be careful not to reuse the same hashtags repeatedly.

Instead, categorize your go-to tags by genre so you can add a few trending keywords to each post.

7. Interact with users by liking, following, and commenting

Finding people who post photographs that interest you, following their accounts, and engaging with their material are fantastic ways to become active in the community on Instagram.

It’s the most organic way to promote your Instagram account.

IMG 5648

There is a good chance that they will look at your profile once they receive the alert that you have followed them.

This goes back to having high-quality content on your profile before engaging with people.

As you gain a following, show your appreciation for your audiences by answering their comments, pinning them, and even reposting their publications as user-generated content.

8. Hold Instagram competitions to boost participation

Running a contest or giveaway is another excellent way to broaden your audience while boosting engagement with your photos.

Users can enter your contest by liking, commenting, or following your account to qualify to win.

You may also include a user-generated content (UGC) component to the event, where individuals post a picture of their own using a specified hashtag.

9. Collaborate with Instagram influencers

Collaborating with Instagram influencers is a fantastic method to attract new followers and users.

You’ll first have to interact with other influencers in your niche to get started.

Before bringing up collaboration, strike up a conversation and establish a relationship.

Once things are going well, bring up the possibility of working together and share some ideas for the type of content you would like to produce.

An Instagram collaboration can increase both your follower counts and the number of your existing followers if you and the other influencer have comparable followers.

Story takeovers and hilarious reels are two of the most well-liked sorts of Instagram collaborations, but you can do whatever you wish because you both mention each other in the post.

10. Promote on Instagram

Increasing your account’s exposure is one of the best techniques to boost your Instagram followers.

Add social media links in your newsletters, post on all other social platforms, and embed your Instagram feed in your blogs.

Asking your present followers across other networks whether they want to join you on Instagram is a terrific approach to getting more followers.

You can also try using Instagram’s promotional options, and you will be able to appeal to more people.

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Wrapping Up

If you have been wondering how to get more followers on Instagram, we hope the above tips can help you get there.

Use these pointers to increase your Instagram following and establish a powerful online presence.

But what’s the secret to attracting more followers that could help your company grow?


It takes patience, trial, error, and work to establish your expertise and build a community.

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