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Do you ever feel like getting traffic is a never-ending battle? Like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get the right eyeballs on your content?
I’ve been there too.
Believe it or not, when I first started blogging, I didn’t know how to get traffic. Sure, I read about SEO and keywords, but I didn’t know the best ways, the right ways, to get traffic.
increased blog trafficBut that all changed when I started to follow bloggers like Yaro Starak, Jon Morrow, and Adam Connell. Through their insightful blogs, I learned that getting traffic isn’t as elusive as I thought. 
In fact, by focusing on just 3 main tactics, I managed to grow Successful Blogging into the blog it is today.
And you know what? My results aren’t out of the ordinary. In fact, these 4 bloggers did it too. They have all been clients of mine and have created amazing results that brought them…
 …more traffic
…loyal readers
 …and more engagement.

1) Pillar Content

Pillar content is content that is more: more detailed, more information, more value.
Yaro Starak says: “A pillar article is usually a tutorial style article aimed to teach your audience something. Generally, they are longer than 500 words and have lots of very practical tips or advice.”
For example, my post called “How To Start A Blog And Make Money” shows readers everything they need to know, from setting up a site to starting to monetize. It has over 2,000 social shares to date, and new bloggers continue to turn to it as a resource.
But like I said, my results are not unique.

Liz’s Epic Results

Let’s look at another example.
Liz from Downtown Demure blogs about modest, but fabulous, clothing. She was seeing modest views on her site until one post changed all that.
Liz put together an ultimate guide, an epic pillar post. Entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Finding Modest Clothing,” she created a guide of the best places to shop for modest clothing, arranged by clothing type, and even noted by price range. Her results?
Liz says:

I typically received 100-200 repins on my posts, and that post has received 2,554 repins to date. I also typically receive a reach of 500-1,000 on Facebook, but this particular post was shared with over 29,000 people. At the time, the page views for most of my posts during a 30-day period fell between 500-1,000. That post received 4,417 views in a 30-day period.

But Liz gained even more than traffic. She added, “More importantly, it continues to lead to paid opportunities with companies who are featured on the list.”
She added,

More importantly, it continues to lead to paid opportunities with companies who are featured on the list.

How great is that? All from a pillar post.

2)Expert Roundup Posts

If you’ve been around Successful Blogging long enough, you know I often mention roundup posts. I post roundups often on my blog, and I also contribute to them.
I recently published “46 Top Entrepreneurs Confess Their Biggest Selling Mistake” and “110 Top Bloggers And Entrepreneurs Share Their Most Successful Social Media Action.” As a matter of fact, Minuca at Minuca Elena wrote these for me. When you don’t have time to do your own roundup, she creates great roundup posts for a very reasonable fee.
And just this year I’ve contributed to 27 posts like 18 Pro Bloggers Share Their Monetization Strategy for 2016” and “15 Famous Bloggers Share Their Best SEO Helpers
I often recommend my clients start building their traffic by writing roundups. They are a great way to connect with experts in your niche and to get tons of traffic.
Let’s look at some examples of roundups that worked.

Crystal Grew Her Email List

Crystal of Happily Ever Uncluttered published her roundup post, “16 Organizing Experts Reveal How to Organize When You Are to Overwhelmed to Start, and immediately saw an increase in traffic.
She reports:

Facebook has never been one of my better areas for social media. However, for this post Facebook did amazing. This post has reached over 21,600 with close to 1200 engaged. And 168 Facebook shares. I have always been lucky enough to get only 10 in the past and even that is hit or miss. This post went up on a Tuesday. That day I had an increase in pageviews of roughly 150. But on that Wednesday, my pageviews were up over 1300! That Thursday, it was still 50% over the normal amount of pageviews.

She also grew her email subscribers. She said while she’s not sure the exact amount, her list did grow to over 100 – great for a new blog!

Gareth Increased His Social Shares

Another benefit of a roundup post is the social shares. Gareth of Lift Like a Rock Star gathered 37 of the top fitness experts to share their biggest workout mistakes.
Gareth says of his results:

Before I did my roundup post my site was getting between 5 and 10 visitors per day which was rubbish! In the 7 days after I published my roundup post, I had just under 5,000 visitors to my site – a pretty big increase!
The article was shared around 100 times directly from my site but I’ve got no idea how much it was shared in total. Around a quarter of the experts who featured in my roundup shared my article across their social networks which was undoubtedly the reason I got the amount of traffic I did.

Even better than the traffic, Gareth says he gained connections:

The main benefit of the article was it allowed me to start building relationships with people in my industry. Before this article no one except my friends knew who I was, this is completely different now and have had 2 of the contributors to the round up post offering me the chance to guest post on their site.
There’s an insane amount of work that goes into doing a roundup post, I worked non-stop on it for well over a week but the results were worth it.

3. Blog Commenting

The third tactic I like to focus on is commenting. By leaving comments on other popular blogs in your niche you get the attention of the blogger and their readers. Ryan Biddulph of Blogging From Paradise says,

I’ve seen nice traffic through guest posting but nothing compares to blog commenting. More bloggers from top sites have asked to interview me based on my comments than you’d believe. It’s amazing how simply treating comments like content, sharing your thoughts to add value to a post, opens doors for you and drives traffic to your blog.

How great is that?

Waseem’s Commenting Results

Waseem runs The Better Yoo, a blog dedicated to teaching you to be a better version of yourself. He started off doing a roundup post but didn’t quite get the results he was looking for.
He recounts:

Basically, I have followed Sue on her blog for about 6 months or so and actually spoke with her for one of her Power Hours, where she went over my site with me to see how I could get more traffic.
On her suggestion, I started an expert roundup for my next post and got in contact with many influencers in my field.
The article was published and I got a huge spike in traffic but it didn’t last long, like I’d hoped.
My blog is very new, about 9 months, so I knew I couldn’t be too hard on myself. I had been away and busy with my sister’s wedding so I didn’t work on it at all during September, October and November.”

But Waseem didn’t give up! He decided to try blog commenting.
He says,

So I continued to work at it and followed another of Sue’s recommendations to leave comments on other blogs.
I’ve done that for the past 2 months am now noticing more traffic.
Previously I was getting 800 views per monthly on average. Now, I’m doing a lot better and for this month I’ve already got 3300 views. This is huge for me!
Not only that, but my articles are now getting comments too. From zero comments on all my articles, I currently have 11 comments for my expert roundup post. My older articles are even getting comments.
One of my earlier posts jumped from about 1.5K shares to 3K shares.
This is great, because since I started following Sue’s tactics I’ve been slowly grown my audience.
I’ve also built good relations with some top bloggers, for whom I now regularly guest post.

So from nothing –  no comments, no social shares; and no engagement, Waseem now has traffic, comments, subscribers and guest post opportunities.
Getting traffic, even for a new blog, doesn’t have to be difficult.
Through these 3 tactics, I managed to grow Successful Blogging, and I’ve watched many readers, clients, and other bloggers skyrocket their traffic as well.[spacer height=”10px”] Over to you: what is your best traffic-getting tip? Leave a comment and share.

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