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LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program: How It Works, Payment Details & More

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Are you looking for an interesting and exciting affiliate program to join?

Look no further than the LetsGetChecked affiliate program.

The program is an opportunity for bloggers who want to promote home lab test kits.

In this article, we will explain how the affiliate program works, and provide you with the details you’ll need to know to join.

We will also tell you about the products available through this program.

LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program at a Glance

We will begin by providing you with a few quick facts about the LetsGetChecked affiliate program.

  • Cost Per Action (CPA): N/A
  • Commission Rate: Up to 40%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment payout threshold: $10
  • Payment Options: Bank account or PayPal

Does LetsGetChecked Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, LetsGetChecked does have an affiliate program.

The affiliate program is available to bloggers, vloggers, and influencers who want to promote LetsGetChecked products on their blogs or social media channels.

What Is the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program?

The LetsGetChecked affiliate program is a commission-based program that lets bloggers and influencers earn money by promoting LetsGetChecked products to their audiences.

Bloggers, for example, will typically direct blog visitors via blog posts or email lists to click on LetsGetChecked affiliate links.

Influencers do so from social media or YouTube platforms.

How Does the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program Work?

The LetsGetChecked affiliate program works simply. First, you will sign up for an account with the program.

Once you have completed the sign-up process, you will get a unique affiliate link to share on your blog.

After someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys a product from the LetsGetChecked website, you will earn income on that sale.

The key to success is owning a target market that fits what LetsGetChecked sells.

You should have a blog or social media audience that includes people needing to buy health tests regarding the Coronavirus, sexual health, fertility, vitamins, micronutrients, hormones, and other related issues.

Is the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program Free?

Yes, the LetsGetChecked affiliate program is free to join.

You can sign up for an account on the LetsGetChecked website.

While it doesn’t require money to join the affiliate program, you will need to work hard to teach your audience why the LetsGetChecked products will work well for them.

What Products Can You Promote for the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program?

LetsGetChecked allows you to promote products within five main categories inside one of the most lucrative affiliate marketing niches.

We will review each category and help you understand which products you can sell inside each of the company’s main product sections.

Sexual Health

The sexual health section contains products such as STD home test kits.

You will find that you can offer your audience the following tests.

  • Vaginitis Test (TV, CV, BV)
  • Bacterial Vaginosis Test (BV)
  • Hepatitis B and C Test
  • Herpes Test

If your followers need help testing for sexually transmitted diseases, you can let them know how your LetsGetChecked promotions allow testing for HIV, chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, Gardnerella, Mycoplasma, and more.

Women’s Health

The women’s health section contains products like at-home hormone tests, ovarian tests, fertility tests, PCOS tests, and progesterone tests.

Your target market can access tests that help with various health conditions.

The health conditions often include thyroid problems, cholesterol challenges, and struggles with diabetes.

Other women’s health tests include the following.

  • Vitamin tests
  • Celiac tests
  • Lyme disease tests

Men’s Health

You can offer health tests for men via the LetsGetChecked affiliate program.

Many of the tests for men mirror some of the tests offered to women.

You will also see that you can sell tests that deal with testosterone, men’s hormones, folate, CRP, cortisol, and colon cancer.


The general wellness tests offered by LetsGetChecked include many that we discussed in the women and men sections.

Other tests you can offer in the LetsGetChecked Wellness category include heart, mineral, and kidney tests.


The coronavirus tests you can offer your prospects break down into three areas.

  • Individuals to use as they collect samples from home
  • Travelers needing a travel certificate or fit-to-fly notice
  • Businesses using coronavirus tests for providers, payers, or housing facilities

Other Things You Can Promote With This Program

You can offer additional products and services inside the LetsGetChecked affiliate program.

These offers include oral contraception, erectile dysfunction medication, biometric screening, and paid consultations with LetsGetChecked consultants.

What Products Are Excluded From the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program?

As of this time, we are not aware of any products that LetsGetChecked excludes from its affiliate program.

The company gives you its entire suite of products so you can maximize your earnings as you promote niche services within the health industry.

How Much Do LetsGetChecked Affiliates Make?

As with any lucrative niche, the average income of a blogger promoting LetsGetChecked products varies.

Your LetsGetChecked affiliate income will vary based on the size of your blog, the number of sales you generate, and the conversion rate you achieve.

As an affiliate, you should look at your marketing promotions in the same manner you would when selling products you create.

Run your promotions as if it’s your business. Offer better bonuses than other LetsGetChecked affiliates do.

Your income will rise steadily as your marketing skills improve.

LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program Commission Rates

LetsGetChecked pays up to 40% commission on its products.

You will need to join their affiliate program to see full transparency about which products receive which commission rates.

Let’s look at a couple of examples to help you understand earning potential.

If your audience needs checks for herpes, for example, you can sell the LetsGetChecked herpes test to them.

The herpes test sells for $119. At 40% commission, you will earn $47.60 per sale.

If you sell 10 per month, you will earn a monthly commission of $476. Sell 50 and you will earn $2380 per month.

Let’s say your target market is women who want to test their hormone levels.

You can sell them the LetsGetChecked female hormone test.

It retails for $139.

You will earn a $55.60 commission based on the 40% affiliate commission rate.

Is your audience big enough to support 100 sales per month?

If so, you can generate $5560 in monthly commissions from this one product alone.

How Long Does the LetsGetChecked Cookie Last?

LetsGetChecked uses a 30-day cookie.

If someone in your audience clicks on one of your LetsGetChecked affiliate links from a blog post, email, or social media post, you will receive commission credit if they buy within the next 30 days.

How Do You Get Paid From LetsGetChecked?

LetsGetChecked uses the Impact affiliate program to generate affiliate links, track affiliate commissions, and create payouts to affiliates.

You will receive your commissions via bank account or PayPal.

To determine how you get paid, log into your Impact affiliate dashboard.

Select whether you want to get your payments deposited into your bank account or PayPal.

As you do this, select your payment threshold. Impact and LetsGetChecked allow commission payments after your account reaches $10.

However, you can select a higher threshold.

When Does LetsGetChecked Pay Affiliates?

Via the Impact system, LetsGetChecked will pay you based on Impact’s two scheduled payment periods.

The first is the action locking period. The second is the payment scheduling period.

After the locking period ends, your payment enters the scheduling period.

At that point, you will receive a payment once per month for any commissions inside the scheduling period.

What Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Are Available?

Via Impact, LetsGetChecked provides you with all the promotional tools and marketing materials required to become a super affiliate.

Inside your affiliate account, you will find banner ads, text links, coupon codes, product links, data feeds, and more.

You will also receive performance reports that help you track your marketing results.

The data reports show you how much traffic you drive to the LetsGetChecked website, how many sales you generate, and your conversion rate.

Who Should Join the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program?

Anyone with the proper target market that matches what LetsGetChecked sells should join the affiliate program.

If you know that your audience has the problems that the LetsGetChecked products will solve, you should consider selling what the company offers.


Are you an owner of one of the various blogs for healthy living?

If so, you can sell LetsGetChecked products to your audience.

Write reviews on the products.

Place comparison posts on your blog comparing LetsGetChecked with other related companies.

Send its offers to your email list.

Social Media Influencers

Do you have a significant social media following?

If so, you likely have the power to generate traffic and sales for LetsGetChecked.

Place LetsGetChecked product links on your Pinterest boards. Mention the company in tweets. Review products on your YouTube channel.

Niche Website Owners

Do you run a website in the health and fitness niche where you discuss the pandemic and COVID?

If so, you can use the LetsGetChecked coronavirus products as one of your main offerings on the website.

Or, do you help men and women understand their overall health on your niche website? Offer your audience the home tests that relate to this topic.

Is the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program Worth It?

Now that you know more about the affiliate program offered by LetsGetChecked, you can determine if it is worth your time to join.

Let’s review the pros and cons of the LetsGetChecked affiliate program.

Pros of the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program

The LetsGetChecked affiliate program offers the following advantages as you work to increase your affiliate income

  • Multiple products: LetsGetChecked offers multiple products to sell. It gives you more options as you work to find the right product mix for your audience.
  • Low prices: The pricing of the products lets more people afford them, so you have a chance to sell more and make more affiliate commissions.
  • Support: Should you have questions about the program, you can rely on the support provided by both the LetsGetChecked and Impact teams. You won’t ever feel lonely when you need questions answered.
  • Actionable data: The data you receive from your Impact account is actionable. You can use it to see which links and creatives make a difference in your overall affiliate marketing plan. Make adjustments based on the data and drive more traffic that converts into sales.
  • Creatives: LetsGetChecked provides you with all the creatives required to get started, including ad copy, product links, and more. You don’t have to worry about creating these on your own.

Cons of the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program

The affiliate program doesn’t have many cons, but there are a few worth mentioning.

  • High competition: There is high competition in the LetsGetChecked affiliate program because it is a well-known company inside its niche. You’ll need to work hard to stand out from other affiliates promoting the same products.
  • Low prices: Although we listed low prices as an advantage above, you should consider the disadvantages as well. Low prices mean low commissions. You might want to explore high-ticket affiliate marketing or other high-paying affiliate programs.
  • Impact: Although LetsGetChecked is a quality company, you’ll find plenty of low-quality offers on the Impact platform. Don’t get distracted by these other offers.
  • Annual agreement: The annual agreement on Impact locks you into your commission. If you become a super affiliate, you will need to wait until the agreement ends to negotiate a higher affiliate commission rate.
  • US-based: Impact works well for US-based affiliates. If you work in other international markets, you might want to open separate Impact accounts. It could affect how the affiliate links integrate with your proprietary software or apps.

Conclusion: Is the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program Worth It?

Overall, the LetsGetChecked affiliate program provides an opportunity to earn income by promoting high-quality products.

Using its generous commissions and actionable analytics, you can generate a significant amount of revenue every month.

We deem this affiliate program as “worth it.”

How To Join the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program

Joining the LetsGetChecked affiliate program is a simple process.

Luckily, the company doesn’t place barriers in your way.

However, it’s not as easy as filling out one form and grabbing a few affiliate links to promote.

Requirements To Join the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program

The first requirement for joining the LetsGetChecked affiliate program is to inquire with the company’s affiliate team.

Their team wants to learn about you, your blog, your social media platforms, and your general audience before accepting you into the program.

How To Apply [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Before you can create an account on Impact, you must use the affiliate program form on the LetsGetChecked website.

Here are all the steps to joining the LetsGetChecked affiliate program.

  • Step 1: Visit the LetsGetChecked affiliate page
  • Step 2: Read the page to understand the basics of the program
  • Step 3: Fill out the contact form for the LetsGetChecked affiliate team
  • Step 4: Enter your name
  • Step 5: Enter your email address
  • Step 6: Enter your cell phone number
  • Step 7: Enter partnership type (ie, content creator or health publication)
  • Step 8: Enter your website
  • Step 9: Click on “Send Message”

After you hear back from the LetsGetChecked affiliate team, they will direct you to the Impact website.

On the Impact website, create your affiliate account to receive your affiliate links and creatives.

Follow these steps to join Impact.

  • Step 1: Go to https://impact.com/ and click “Find Brand Partners.”
  • Step 2: Click to sign up via Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email
  • Step 3: Enter your name
  • Step 4: Enter a username
  • Step 5: Enter your email address
  • Step 6: Enter a password
  • Step 7: Enter your phone number
  • Step 8: Tick off the disclosure boxes
  • Step 9: Click on “Get Started”

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved for the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program?

It will take several days for the LetsGetChecked affiliate team to reply to the contact form that you fill out.

Once they do, they will immediately permit you to sign up at the Impact website.

It’s possible to start promoting for the company within a week or two after applying.

Does LetsGetChecked Support the Affiliate Program?

Yes, LetsGetChecked supports its affiliate program.

First, the LetsGetChecked affiliate team engages from the beginning by ensuring that you are a good fit for the program.

After you get approved, you will receive support from both LetsGetChecked and Impact.

How To Make Money With the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program

Now that you understand how to join the affiliate program and what’s required, let’s look at how to make money.

We’ll explore the various affiliate marketing tools and marketing methods that make a difference when promoting an affiliate offer.

Use Affiliate Marketing Tools

Don’t rely only on the tools given to you by Impact and LetsGetChecked.

Seek out third-party affiliate marketing tools to increase your earnings.

You should use tools in the area of SEO, email marketing, and ad tracking.

For example, buy a proper email service provider like Drip or Mailchimp.

Use WordPress or Wix for your blog, SEMrush for SEO, or AdThrive for ads.

Write Product Reviews

As a health and wellness affiliate, you will likely want to properly write a product review for the home lab test kits that LetsGetChecked offers.

When writing LetsGetChecked reviews, mention the pros and cons of each product.

Also, don’t forget to include an affiliate link or two so that your readers can purchase the products that you’re recommending.

Engage in Email Marketing

Via email marketing, you can promote affiliate offers.

You can use your email list to send out weekly newsletters, special promotions, or product updates.

When emailing your list about the LetsGetChecked affiliate program, be sure to include attractive images and well-written copy.

Also, don’t forget to include your affiliate links!

Use an Affiliate Disclosure

If you’re going to promote LetsGetChecked products on your blog, then you should use an affiliate disclosure.

It is a short statement that lets your readers know that you receive compensation for promoting the company’s products.

Place an affiliate disclosure in a conspicuous location on your website, like the footer or about page.

Alternatives to the LetsGetChecked Affiliate Program

As a LetsGetChecked affiliate, you should know that LetsGetChecked isn’t the only game in town.

Other health affiliate programs exist. Use these other affiliate programs to augment the income generated by promoting LetsGetChecked.

Walmart Affiliate Program

Using the Walmart affiliate program, you can promote health-related products on your blog or website.

For instance, you could write a post about the health products from Walmart and include affiliate links to Walmart’s program.

When a reader clicks on your link and purchases a product, you earn a commission.

Target Affiliate Program

The Target affiliate program is similar to the Walmart program in that you can promote health-related products on your blog or social media platforms.

The Target program offers health products like vitamins, fitness trackers, and first-aid kits.

Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular affiliate programs on the internet.

On Amazon, you can find an endless supply of health-related products to promote.

For example, you could write a post about the best vitamins for athletes and include affiliate links to Amazon products.

Or, you might want to write a comparison post by comparing the prices of LetsGetChecked products with similar products on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have a few questions about the LetsGetChecked affiliate program, these answers should help.

Does LetsGetChecked have an API?

LetsGetChecked does not have an API. You will need to use the API offered via the Impact website. Ask your developer to contact Impact for more details.

Do I need a LetsGetChecked account to be an affiliate?

No, you don’t need a LetsGetChecked account to become an affiliate.

However, it might help to create an account to experience how the products work and get a better understanding of how to promote them.

Wrapping Up

The LetsGetChecked affiliate program provides an opportunity for bloggers to promote home lab test kits and earn commission on sales.

The products that you can promote through the affiliate program include a variety of health and wellness tests, such as STD tests, hormone tests, and vitamin tests.

Consider starting a LetsGetChecked affiliate account today and help make it easier for people to get the lab testing they need.

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