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Lifestyle Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples

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Do you want to start a blog but can’t decide what to write about?

You should check out lifestyle blogs and start one of your own.

These blogs don’t always have one specific niche, so they’re flexible.

They can also be quite lucrative.

Read on to learn more about starting a lifestyle blog and making money from it.

The Best Lifestyle Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

What Is a Lifestyle Blog?

A lifestyle blog is a blog that can cover a variety of topics.

While many blogs are niche blogs and focus on one thing, lifestyle blogs are more general.

They can include topics from fashion to food to travel.

These blogs can be under the name of the blogger.

However, a lifestyle blogger may choose a different name based on the types of posts they write, such as recipe posts.

What Does a Lifestyle Blogger Blog About?

A lifestyle blogger blogs about anything relating to life.

Many of them blog about fashion trends, home decor, or travel.

Some parents blog about parenting and cooks may blog about food.

A personal trainer could blog about fitness and health topics.

What Is Included on a Lifestyle Blog?

When starting a lifestyle blog, you can include many things on your site.

You can keep it simple at first, though, with a few blog posts.

However, you might want to add more things to your site as you go.

Some blogs do very well when they’re simple, while others have more pages or details.

Consider the following things to include on your blog.

Category Pages

Since many lifestyle blogs cover multiple topics, they usually have category pages.

The blogger will typically add the categories to the main menu near the top of the page.

That way, readers can find the posts they want to read.

Categories may include fashion, beauty, decor, fitness, and food.

The exact categories will vary between blogs, so stick with what you enjoy.

Your lifestyle blog gets to be about your favorite things, but having category pages makes navigation easier for your readers.


Of course, no lifestyle blog is complete without a running list of articles and posts.

When you publish a new post, it will go live to your audience.

Some blogs will show all of the posts in reverse chronological order.

Other bloggers may showcase the top posts on the main page.

Then, they’ll show all posts on the respective category pages.

Basic Pages

You don’t need many pages when starting your lifestyle blog.

However, you might want to add more pages as your blog grows.

That way, your readers can get to know you and contact you with questions.

Consider adding an about page where you share your background and why you started the blog.

Use the contact page to share your email and a contact form for readers to send you questions or sponsors to ask to partner with you.

Privacy Policy

If you want to monetize your lifestyle blog, you’ll probably need to include a privacy policy.

This policy includes disclaimers about affiliate marketing, cookies, and other legal issues.

Without a privacy policy, you could risk breaking specific rules for affiliate programs and other partnerships.

You can include a link to your privacy policy in the footer of your website or the menu bar.


A lot of lifestyle blog topics lend themselves to the use of photos or videos.

If you want to share a recipe, you’ll probably include pictures of the ingredients and each step of the process.

Of course, you should share photos of your outfits for a fashion blog.

You can include the media in relevant posts so readers can view the products.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Lifestyle Blog

Some lifestyle blogs include a few more elements, such as:

  • Logo: A logo can help make your lifestyle blog more visually memorable.
  • Shop: After you’ve had your blog for a while, you might choose to sell digital or physical goods on your site.
  • Search Bar: A search bar can help readers find the specific post they want to read.
  • Display Ads: Display ads are a common, easy way to make money from your lifestyle blog.

Types of Lifestyle Blogs

Some lifestyle blogs cover every topic out there.

However, others will focus on one or two areas of life to help cater to their audience.

A few sub-niches you can choose include:

  • Lifestyle Blogs for Fashion: If you love clothing, you can blog specifically about fashion and trends.
  • Lifestyle Blogs for Food: Chefs and home cooks may share recipes, cooking supply reviews, and other topics about food.
  • Lifestyle Blogs for Health & Fitness: Many blogs share workout routines, review fitness gear, and help you be healthier.
  • Lifestyle Blogs for Hobbies: From crafts to other fun activities, you can blog about your hobbies.
  • Lifestyle Blogs for Travel: People who travel often share their trips and include tips for others visiting specific cities or traveling in general.

Do Lifestyle Blogs Make Money?

While some lifestyle bloggers run their websites for fun, many want to make some money.

If you want to add a side hustle or quit your job, a blog can be an excellent way to do that.

That’s why one of the main motivations for starting a blog is to earn money.

Luckily, some lifestyle blogs can earn money.

Of course, many won’t earn a ton, especially in the beginning, but it’s possible to turn your blog into an income source.

How Do Lifestyle Blogs Make Money?

Before you start your blog, consider the different types of blogs that make money.

Most blogs can make money from display ads.

However, it’s also relatively easy to earn money from affiliate marketing, where you promote products you love.

Blogs with a ton of traffic can make money from sponsored articles.

You can also earn money selling services or digital or physical products.

First, however, you should build up a loyal audience who will trust and purchase the offers you create.

How Much Do Lifestyle Blogs Make?

When their site gets a lot of traffic, bloggers can make good money from their lifestyle blogs.

As a new blogger, you probably won’t make a ton in your first year.

You may not make your first dollar for multiple months.

The most successful blogs have usually been online for years.

Those bloggers have been working hard to create content and promote their posts consistently.

If you want to see a similar level of income, you need to do a lot of the same tasks.

Products to Promote and Sell on a Lifestyle Blog

The products you promote on your blog depend on the type of lifestyle blog you start.

A fashion blogger will promote their favorite clothes.

However, a travel blogger might promote credit cards that offer travel rewards.

If you focus on food, you could sell recipe books.

You can also sell similar products on Etsy that you create or join the Etsy affiliate program.

Then, you’ll be able to link to the site and get a commission whenever your readers purchase something.

Of course, the specific products you sell can vary between posts.

Make sure you focus on products that are relevant to the topic.

You should also only promote products you use and love so that you know they’ll work for your readers.

Best Lifestyle Blogs: 25 Examples

You should consider some of the best lifestyle blogs when starting your website.

Use them as examples to inspire your blog layout and the topics you cover.

Never copy another blog or blogger since that can lead to legal trouble.

You’ll also come off as less genuine than if you were to focus on your blog.

However, you can take some basic ideas from the most successful blogs in this space.

That way, you can increase the chances of your blog doing well.

How Many Lifestyle Blogs Are There?

It’s hard to pinpoint an exact number of lifestyle blogs.

However, there are more than 600,000,000 blogs across the internet.

That number includes blogs in other niches, from finance to music.

Still, it’s probably not too crazy to assume that lifestyle blogs make up a big percentage.

There are probably at least a few million lifestyle blogs, if not more.

Lifestyle Blogs for Fashion

Fashion is one of the most popular subcategories within the lifestyle niche.

Many bloggers focus on fashion, or it’s at least a big part of their more general lifestyle site.

Either way, take a look at some well-known fashion lifestyle blogs to get an idea of how to start yours.

1. Rachel Parcell

screenshot of the rachel parcell homepage

Rachel Parcell blogs about fashion and other topics.

However, she eventually turned her blog into a full business selling clothing and home decor.

Her collection includes dresses and other items, and her blog is still a big part of the website.

Many of her latest blog posts are about fashion and clothing.

2. Refinery29

screenshot of the refinery29 homepage

Refinery29 has blog posts on everything from fashion to work.

Like Rachel Parcell, the blog has also turned into an online clothing shop.

They also sell handbags and other accessories to complement your outfits.

Of course, it’s a lifestyle blog and covers topics outside of fashion, but its fashion content is excellent.

3. The Everygirl

screenshot of the everygirl homepage

Another fashion blog that covers other lifestyle topics is The Everygirl.

This blog has a fashion section that covers work and travel outfit ideas.

You can also read about trends, shopping, and beauty.

This blog is a great example of how you can cover multiple topics as they relate to your life.

4. He Spoke Style

screenshot of the he spoke style homepage

Many lifestyle blogs have women as their target audience.

He Spoke Style breaks from that trend by focusing on menswear.

Topics include watches, grooming, and even a guide for grooms looking forward to their big day.

Like some other lifestyle blogs, this one has a shop where you can find clothing and accessories.

5. Corporette

screenshot of the corporette homepage

Corporette is a fashion blog for women in the workforce.

The name is a fun play on words, and the topics range from suits to workwear inspiration.

As a work fashion blog, there is a section on career posts, but fashion is equally a focus of the blog.

Lifestyle Blogs for Food

Everyone needs to eat, so a food lifestyle blog is an excellent idea.

It’s also very flexible because you can narrow in on a specific food topic, such as a dietary need.

Here are some popular food blogs to inspire you.

1. The Pioneer Woman

screenshot of the pioneer woman homepage

Ree Drummond has made a name for herself as The Pioneer Woman.

Her blog is a major part of that brand, and it covers a few lifestyle topics.

However, food and recipes are front and center on the home page.

The blog has a fun design and allows Ree to share all of her favorite things.

2. Downshiftology

screenshot of the downshiftology homepage

Downshiftology is another excellent example of a food blog.

The menu features a recipe index, but it also shares categories of breakfast and dinner topics.

Readers can shop for products, watch videos, and order the blogger’s cookbook.

If you want to focus only on food, this blog is a nice example to follow.

3. The Stingy Vegan

screenshot of the stingy vegan homepage

As the name suggests, The Stingy Vegan aims to make veganism more affordable.

The blog shares recipes that fit the vegan diet.

Each recipe includes a list of ingredients and the estimated cost.

You can also buy a cookbook, which is an excellent monetization strategy for a blog like this.

4. Beauty Cooks Kisses

screenshot of the beauty cooks homepage

Beauty Cooks Kisses is more of a general lifestyle blog with a good recipe section.

Along with recipes, the blog covers health and beauty.

While it’s not as focused as some, the name is perfect for the blog.

You can take inspiration from all of the categories when starting your lifestyle blog.

5. Cookie and Kate

a screenshot of the cookie and kate homepage

Kate is the founder of Cookie and Kate, and she blogs about whole foods.

Her blog has recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There’s a monthly roundup for what to cook each month so that you can get inspiration for your recipes.

She also has a cookbook with more recipes and ideas.

Lifestyle Blogs for Health & Fitness

Health and fitness also fall under the lifestyle umbrella, and you can find multiple blogs within this sub-niche.

Before taking this route, consider what you want to write about.

Some of the following bloggers have professional training in their field to help build credibility.

1. Kayla Itsines

screenshot of the kayla itsines homepage

Personal trainer Kayla Itsines has a successful blog and online business.

She’s created many workouts to help you get fit from home.

Her blog covers workouts, dieting, and products she loves.

The blog also helps market her Sweat program that you can go through using her app.

2. Wellness Mama

screenshot of the wellness mama homepage

Katie is the founder of Wellness Mama, and she covers natural remedies, mindset, and other wellness topics.

While she’s not a professional, she works with medical advisors and other researchers.

That way, her blog can give the best possible advice to readers.

If you’re also not a health expert, take her lead for your blog.

3. A Foodie Stays Fit

screenshot of the a foodie stays fit homepage

A Foodie Stays Fit is a blog about running and recipes, among other categories.

The recipes focus on whole and healthy foods.

There are also tips for running better and how to prepare for a race.

She’s not a fitness expert, but she states that and simply uses her experience to blog.

4. Yoga With Adriene

screenshot of the yogawith adriene homepage

Adriene is a yoga teacher and creator of the Yoga With Adriene blog and YouTube channel.

She also runs a yoga studio in Austin, so she practices in the field.

That allows her to publish content that will help readers, and she’s a trustworthy source for yoga.

Between articles and videos, you can learn yoga for free from a professional.

5. Blogilates

screenshot of the blogilates homepage

Cassey is the founder of Blogilates, another fitness blog and YouTube channel.

She’s a pilates teacher and has taught other instructors who operate their own studios.

Her blog has articles on workouts, food, and body image.

Of course, her experience in the industry makes her blog stand out from others.

Lifestyle Blogs for Hobbies

Many people have hobbies and want to learn more about those things.

If you want to share your hobby with others, you can start a blog about it.

However, you may want to consider the following blogs to get post ideas.

1. A Beautiful Mess

screenshot of the a beautiful mess homepage

A Beautiful Mess is a blog about crafts, DIY, and recipes.

The blog is 15 years old, so it has plenty of content for readers to check out.

It has a full team that creates articles, so you can learn from multiple perspectives.

Of course, not all blogs have a team, but it gives you something to strive for with your blog.

2. Soap Queen

screenshot of the soap queen homepage

Anne Marie is the founder of Soap Queen, a blog about soap making.

She uses the blog to promote her line of soap-making products.

The brand also includes a YouTube channel, which allows her to show more details in her tutorials.

However, the blog covers soap-making tips, and it has pictures to help convey the tips.

3. By Sophia Lee

screenshot of the by sophia lee homepage

Sophia started her blog in college and focused on college dorm decor.

Her blog has grown, and she now covers a variety of home decor topics.

While this isn’t necessarily a hobby, a lot of people may not want to hire a designer.

So they can use By Sophia Lee to find design ideas when decorating a room.

4. The Craft Patch

screenshot of the craft patch homepage

The Craft Patch is a blog all about crafting.

You can find posts for specific craft tutorials, product recommendations, and more.

Jennifer has managed to make a good living from her blog, and she’s expanded it to include recipes along with other crafts.

If you love making things, you may want to start a blog like this one.

5. The Spruce Crafts

screenshot of the spruce crafts homepage

Another successful blog to look at is The Spruce Crafts.

This blog receives over 72 million readers each year, and it has thousands of tutorials.

You can find sections on DIY projects, paper crafts, and kids’ crafts.

There is a team of writers, though, so it can be hard to compete with the blog on your own.

Lifestyle Blogs for Travel

Travel is another fantastic topic to cover within the lifestyle niche.

Whether you travel often or occasionally want to share your trips, consider including travel as a blog category.

Use the following blogs to inspire you.

1. Amber Fillerup

screenshot of the amber fillerup homepage

Amber Fillerup is a more general lifestyle blog with a good travel section.

There are posts for destinations all over the world, from Australia to Spain to US cities.

The posts talk about things to do in the various cities, so readers know what to do on their next trip.

2. The Blonde Abroad

screenshot of the blonde abroad homepage

Kiki started The Blonde Abroad to capture her travels.

She has posts about different destinations, and she shares advice for different types of trips, such as solo travel.

Kiki has used her blog to sell Lightroom presets so that travelers can easily edit their photos.

3. Cup of Jo

screenshot of the cup of jo homepage

Cup of Jo is another general lifestyle blog with a nice travel section.

She has posts on airplane safety, family trips, and more.

This blog attracts about a million people each month, and it covers motherhood, relationships, and other topics along with travel.

4. Helene in Between

screenshot of the helene in between homepage

If you want a more travel-specific blog to inspire you, let it be Helene in Between.

The blog focuses on destinations and photo tips for travelers.

There’s even a blogging section if you want to learn how Helene got to where she is.

5. Living in Yellow

screenshot of the living in yellow homepage

Living in Yellow is another lifestyle blog with some travel articles.

There are travel tips for the US, Canada, Europe, and other destinations.

You can find guides for specific cities as well as general articles, like packing tips and beach necessities.

How to Become a Lifestyle Blogger

When learning about lifestyle blogs, you may want to learn how to start a blog.

That way, you can mimic the success of current bloggers.

You also won’t have to narrow down your blog to one topic.

Here are some steps to follow if you want to become the next lifestyle blogger.

Determine the Direction of the Blog

Lifestyle blogs are a dime a dozen, so you need to stand out.

Do keyword research to uncover opportunities in this field.

For example, maybe you find no one has written about healthy recipes you can make in a dorm.

Keyword research can tell you about the competition and search volume, so you can make sure your posts will show up in search results.

Select a Niche

After you research keywords, take a look at what you found.

If you see a pattern in keywords with search traffic but little competition, consider using that to form your niche.

You can decide how to choose the right niche in other ways.

However, data is the perfect resource.

Select a Name

Of course, you also need to name your blog.

You can name it after yourself, or you can choose a name based on your niche.

Coming up with a blog name can take a while, but choose something because you can change it later.

Select a Blogging Platform

Another vital step is to choose where you’ll start and host your blog.

You can choose from dozens of different blogging platforms available online.

WordPress is a fantastic option, and that’s what we’ll assume you use for the following steps.

Register a Domain Name

The best domain registrar is one that is affordable and easy to point to your site.

You can use a website host, or you can go with a different company.

Either way, use the registrar to purchase a domain based on the blog name you selected.

Get Web Hosting

If you want to use WordPress, you’ll want to look for a good host.

We suggest managed WordPress hosting because it has more resources for your site.

That way, you can get the help you need when setting up your blog or if you have questions later on.

Build the Blog

Next, you’ll need to set up a few things in your WordPress dashboard.

Here are a few vital features your new blog should have.


Before you finalize your site, you’ll want to install a WordPress theme.

You can go with a free version from the theme library, or you can find and pay for one on Etsy or another site.


WordPress plugins are another crucial feature because they give your site more function and power.

Like themes, plugins can be free or cost money, and you can start with a few plugins and add more later.

Essential Pages

Next, you’ll want to set up a few essential pages for your blog.

These include an about page, a contact page, and a privacy policy page.

If you are selling something, create a shop page to organize your products.

Produce Content for the Blog

Creating content for your blog is probably the most exciting step you can follow.

Think about your niche within the lifestyle category.

Use your keyword research to come up with a few post ideas and write and publish the content.

Launch the Blog Publicly

After you have a few posts ready to go, launching a new blog is the next step.

You can publish your site in the WordPress dashboard.

Then, people will be able to visit your domain and read your first few articles.

Promote the Blog

Finally, you’ll want to choose a few ways to promote a blog post.

You can use search engine optimization, but it will take time to get results that way.

Use social media, Pinterest, and email to share your link with others.


Similar Blogging Types to Check Out

Maybe the lifestyle niche doesn’t quite feel right.

You can consider a few similar types of blogs to inspire your blog idea.

These options can be lifestyle blogs, or you can get more specific with them.

1. Travel Blogs

Some of the most successful websites are blogs about travel.

You can share tips from your experiences.

For example, you may write about traveling on a plane, or you could focus on specific destinations or travel product reviews.

2. Food Blogs

Blogs about food can do very well, and you can take this idea in a few directions.

Of course, you could create a recipe blog where you share your favorite meals.

But you could blog about how to go vegan or how to maintain a kosher or gluten-free kitchen.

Some blogs also focus on affordable recipes and foods, so you could go that route.

3. Fitness Blogs

If you’re passionate about health, consider a few blogs about fitness.

This niche is great, but it can be tricky if you don’t have any fitness credentials.

Either make it clear you’re using your experience, or consider hiring experts to review your content before you publish anything to help build authority and get readers to trust you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you start your lifestyle blog, consider if it’s the right choice for you.

Here are a couple of things you should know.

vector graphic showing an illustration of lifestyle, with the words

Is it too late to start a lifestyle blog?

Some lifestyle bloggers have been doing it for years.

However, it’s never too late to start your blog.

You may need to work a bit harder to find success, but it’s possible to grow a blog.

What is the difference between a lifestyle blog and a personal blog?

A lifestyle blog can cover any topic relating to your life, but it focuses on the reader with tip articles and reviews.

However, a personal blog is one you start to catalog your life.

Wrapping Up

Lifestyle blogs can attract a lot of traffic and money.

If you want to start one, you may want to choose a niche within that, such as food or travel.

That can help you set yourself apart from the competition.

Be sure to learn how to set up your blog so that you can increase your chances of success.

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