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The Most Pertinent Link Building Basics For Beginners

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Every Webmaster should know the importance of increasing their search engine ranking. If you want your website to become more visible in the search engine results, you will have a lot of work ahead of you.
Beginners are typically unfamiliar with the common search engine optimization terms, so it is crucial to begin your SEO campaign with thorough research. Familiarize yourself with SEO terms, such as alt text, analytics, HTML, anchor text and bounce rate.
Once you start delving into the world of SEO, you will already be a step ahead of the game.

Setting Feasible Goals

One of the biggest mistakes that webmasters make is setting goals that are unreachable. Instead of pushing yourself to the extreme, which will only lead to failure, you will need to set feasible goals that are achievable.
Once you meet your goals, you will be able to set more goals for future endeavors. There is no doubt the only way to be successful in the competitive online world is by creating and meeting goals.
Try setting a goal of building two or three high-quality links per week. This should be easily attainable.

Relevant Links

When you begin your backlink campaign, you will want to search for websites with content that is similar to yours.
For instance, if your content is about dogs, you will need to link to your website from websites with content related to animals. Linking to a dog website from a video game site will look unnatural in the eyes of Google.
If you build too many irrelevant links, Google may spot them and you could eventually be penalized.

Quality Over Quantity

When initially introducing yourself to search engine optimization, you’ll likely believe that you can push your site higher by building backlinks in mass. This isn’t always the case. In fact, a larger number of backlinks will not always be advantageous.
You need to realize that a good backlink from an authority website will be more valuable than backlinks from twenty unknown sites. Placing greater emphasis on quality is highly recommended. A link from an authority site could push you up a few spots in the search results, whereas several low-quality links may do very little, if nothing, for you.
Link building is a delicate process. Take your time and selectively choose the highest-quality websites for your link building campaign.

Diversifying Anchor Text

Google has gone to great lengths to crack down on SEO cheaters. Unfortunately, this has made SEO slightly more difficult for everyone else. Today, Google tends to frown on websites that use the same anchor text repeatedly.
In fact, failing to diversify your anchor text could eventually lead to a penalization. Anchor text diversity is more important today than ever before. When building links back to your site, it is pertinent to mix up your anchor text as much as possible.
You can use generic anchors, an author name, website name, or even a naked URL as your anchor text.
Mix things up and avoid creating too many backlinks using your primary keyword. If you intend to invest in link building services, make sure the provider is willing to provide backlinks with multiple keywords or keyword phrases.

Simple Link Building Ideas that All Bloggers Should Do

Ah, link building. It’s a real pain in the ass.
I won’t lie – link building is a tedious and time-consuming process of acquiring backlinks from authoritative websites so you can increase your organic search ranking for your target keyword.
This reason, unfortunately,  is also what makes link building a vital part of your marketing strategy. You need to actively find websites where you can leave a link to your blog so you can drive more referral traffic from organic search.
“It is necessary for enhancing the SEO of any website because Google’s algorithms consider backlinks to be important ranking factors for rankings,” says SEO Resellers Canada. “It is a difficult and time-consuming process, which is why it is recommended to get it done by SEO experts.”
As a blogger, you probably don’t have any clue where to begin. After all, you’re all about writing content alone!
However, there are simple link building ideas that you can implement on your blog even if you have zero SEO experience.
In this post, I will detail the different link building ideas that you should start doing for your blog.

Optimize your content for target keyword

As a content creator, you need to make your posts the best they can possibly be. That includes optimizing their on-page factors to make your content found much easier on search engines.
To do this, you need to find the most appropriate target keyword for each post.
Assuming that you haven’t optimized your blog content yet with the right keyword, you need to find the search phrase that encapsulates what you have written about the topic. At the same time, you need to find a target keyword that people search on Google the most.
Striking the balance between both factors will help increase the chances of your blog post to rank for its keyword and attract more organic traffic.
Not to mention, you wouldn’t know which anchor text you’ll use to link out to your posts. Doing so allows you to further optimize your site and makes it easier for people to find on search engines!
To help you identify what keywords to target, Ubersuggest will not only help you find keyword ideas from your initial search, but it will also show the approximate search volume of each. It’s the first free SEO tool that reveals search volume outside of Google Keyword Planner, which only shows the range of volume search a keyword gets every month.

The information provided by Ubersuggest will help you find specific keyword phrases for your content with the most search volume. As a result, you not only increase your organic search traffic but also set the foundation of your link building strategy.

Blog commenting

Part of being a blogger is forming relationships with other bloggers.
Doing so opens up your blog to more opportunities for your blog. You can collaborate with other bloggers on a blog post, join roundup posts where bloggers feature your answer to a particular question related to your expertise and many others that will help elevate your brand and drive more traffic to your site.
To get to this stage in your blogging career, you need to comment on the posts of bloggers.
And I don’t mean, “Thanks for this post!” kind of comments. You need to actually share insights that help move the discussion.
The best blog posts help engage with their respective audiences and encourage them to comment on what they think about the post. Some comments can even go as long as a blog post due to the sheer value and information that the user shared in his/her comment.
So where link building fit into commenting on blogs?
When commenting, you can include a link to your blog when filling out information about yourself before typing out your comments. The anchor text will be the name that you entered in the form, so when people click on your name, they will be led straight to your blog. This form of link building is a great way to increase awareness about your blog by association with your name.
If you want to link to your blog posts, you can include a link to it in the comment body. Normally, you paste the URL of your blog post after introducing to readers about your post that helps you explain the talking points in your comment.
That said, you can’t just link out to any random post on your blog. The page you plan on linking to in your comment must be relevant to readers so the blog owner will approve your comment and not flag it as spam.
For maximum effect, you need to comment on at least five blogs a day. It will help you become more visible in the blogging community especially if you’re sharing super actionable ideas and insights. At the same time, you can build links to your blog and posts if done correctly!
Related: 5 Tips for Better Blog Commenting

Use Drop my Link

As mentioned, link building is a thorn in my side as a blogger. I hate it. And yet I’m compelled to do it because it’s a crucial piece of the puzzle in my blog marketing strategy.
What grinds my gears about link building is the thought process that goes into coming up with a sustainable link building campaign.
To maximize the effect of your link building efforts, you need to organize the different tactics that you will use on top of the research that you will have to conduct to find opportunities that you can capitalize based on your competition.
Just typing out how to come up with a link building strategy is already tiring me out!
HOWEVER, there’s a way around all this process:
While there’s no doubt that developing a campaign using different and effective link building tactics is the best way to go, some bloggers don’t need a sophisticated plan to be easily found on Google.
All they need is Drop My Link.
Upon signing up for a free account, all you need to do is type your keyword and choose the category and footprint to reveal hundreds of link building opportunities for your blog from Google Search.

Whether it’s writing guest posts, commenting on blogs, acquiring links on resource pages, and more, Drop My Link takes away the guesswork from your link building. You can get straight to the meat by identifying sites where you can, as the name of the site says, drop your link!

Wrapping it up

It’s okay if you hate link building. However, you can’t hate it because it’s difficult to do. After all, if link building is easy, then everybody would be doing it!
The tips above should help get your feet wet on how to build links to your blog. Whether you’re a newbie blogger or just really lazy when it comes to building links (such as myself), then follow the ideas above and make the most out of your blogging.

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