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11+ Best Link Building Services For 2023 [Ranked & Reviewed]

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Have you launched a website this year?

Maybe you want to know some of the best ways to increase blog traffic.

Or you want to sell more of your products and services.

Then, you clicked on the right article.

We’ll talk about the best link-building services and the absolute best option for you, Page One Power.

Ready to start? Let’s go!

An Overview of Link-Building Services

We need to establish what link-building services are and why you should consider using them for expanding your business.

What Is a Link-Building Service?

A link-building service is an SEO strategy you can use to seek opportunities.

Search engine rankings improve when you include valuable inbound links to your website.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo determine trustworthy and authoritative websites.

You improve your website performance by including respectable links.

You reach your target audience better, gain more followers, and build strong relationships.

Why Are Link-Building Services Important?

Link-building services were the backbone of Google’s original algorithm.

Links tie relevant websites together, making a cohesive and easy-to-understand format.

When considering link-building, focus on quality, not quantity.

You want to grow followers with naturally placed links.

Most importantly, you want to provide the best information possible.

Then, users will come back to your site again.

Types of Link-Building Services

Take a look at the following sections to better understand how link-building services differ.

1. SEO Link-Building

A specialist link-building agency is the best option overall.

They offer various strategies to help you get the most high-quality backlinks for your website.

The process involves hyperlinking from other websites to your own.

Netizens will see the relationship between different pages.

In other words, you’ll gain more authority and traffic.

2. Digital Marketing Link-Building Services

Digital marketing involves advertising delivered through digital channels.

Digital marketing promotes brands and connects with potential customers.

Digital marketing happens through search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps.

Digital marketing uses many strategies, such as SEO and pay-per-click, to sell products and gain sales.

3. Content Marketing Link-Building Services

Content marketing focuses on your website specifically.

Content marketing regularly produces high-authority articles that cover specific and interesting topics.

This process requires time and research to create content readers want.

Additional benefits of content marketing include higher rankings and fewer updates.

You get more natural backlinks that build credibility.

4. Black Hat vs. Gray Hat vs. White Hat

White hat SEO follows the rules, using ethical tactics and following search engine guidelines.

Black hat SEO employs risky practices.

These techniques may work, but only for a short time.

Black hat SEO goes against guidelines and involves more dangerous activities.

If they backfire, you could face legal issues.

Gray hat SEO is a mixture of white and black hat tactics.

For instance, those who employ the gray hat approach will adapt when search engines change.

We recommend working with search engine guidelines regardless.

Link-Building Services To Avoid

You can try plenty of awesome link-building services.

But be cautious of the following:

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a platform for freelancers who can buy and sell services.

But Fiverr has issues with not delivering orders on time or completing sloppy jobs.

Many customers complain about fake reviews and getting service that is not as advertised.

The worst part is these experiences often happen with SEO and backlinks.

Buying backlinks is not a safe choice for your online business.

Plus, you go against Google’s terms of service.

2. PBNs (Private Blog Networks)

PBNs involve building a network designed to link to other websites.

This process attempts to manipulate search engine rankings.

Websites rent links on their pages, but you won’t see long-term results with private blog networks.

3. Paid Guest Posts

Guest posts are a popular link-building method, as long as you get links from reputable sources.

The posts should be high-quality and relevant, or the search engine won’t accept them.

Your website could be flagged or taken down.

Pay attention to the quality of the sites and your backlinks.

4. Spam from the Past

Here are a few other link-building services with more red flags than green.

  • Web 2.0: an outdated link-building strategy that creates a blog on a specific platform and attempts to ride on the success of the domain authority. It’s ineffective and causes spam.
  • Blog commenting: causes unrelated comments. Avoid services that offer backlinks from blog commenting. Never click suspicious links, or you could face other problems.
  • Directories: used to rank highly on search engines at one point. You could post for free, and directories were a cheap option to get links. Google penalizes keyword-stuffed content.

Are Link-Building Services Worth It?

Link-building services improve page and domain authority.

By implementing backlinks, you could see a higher ranking on web pages.

Search engines can easily determine what your website is about, meaning you get more visibility and can grow your audience.

High-quality links are a key factor in how well your website performs.

You get more traffic and can grow your presence online.

Link-building services help drive success to your business in the long run.

Therefore, the investment is worth it.

The Best Link Building Services In 2022: Ranked

Now that we finished explaining everything you should know beforehand, here are the 11 best link-building services in 2022.

vector graphic showing an illustration of the best link building services

1. Best for Personalized Service – HARO

Why We Suggest This

HARO offers excellent link-building services. Transparency and safety are among its highest-quality services. 

  • Best For: People who are looking for personalized link-building services

HARO gets links from respectable domains.

This service offers more exposure and backlinks from trustworthy websites.

screenshot of the haro homepage


HARO is where journalists and bloggers ask for input and subject matter on different topics.

HARO links to the source’s website in the article.

That way, the journalist and website both benefit from respectable content creation.

Our Rating

Four stars because of its strong overall design and average pricing.

Notable Features

What should you know before purchasing HARO?

  • Boost SEO with high-quality backlinks – HARO guarantees high authority links. You get notified when specific media features you in a professional activity thread.
  • Great reputation – HARO values delivering outstanding content with internal expertise.
  • Small team – HARO is a small-scale business, but they tackle complex projects. They spend hours on pitches to confirm they give you exactly what you want.


Here are some of the best qualities of HARO.

  • Transparency – HARO clarifies that you get small packages and long-term engagements. No hidden surprises.
  • Safety – HARO never employs sketchy techniques to get you more traffic.
  • Only pay for qualifying links – Once HARO publishes the links, they stay on social media and websites. You only have to pay for links that fit certain criteria and meet their highest expectations.
  • Works for almost every business – Apart from adult-related content, HARO accepts plenty of companies.
  • Single-use email – The source can’t contact you directly with any question or concern, and the message expires after one time.


What are some downsides to HARO?

  • Might encounter slow publication– Some projects happen in two days. Others could take up to six months.
  • Requires prepayment in the onboarding process – You must choose a spokesperson to represent your company. Then, HARO needs a working email and a down payment for the package.

Pricing & Plans

HARO has a few prepaid plans. They begin pitching after you complete the onboarding process.

  • Three qualifying links ($975)
  • Seven qualifying links ($1,995)

Our Take

HARO is a solid first pick for any business owner who wants to get more out of their website.

The only downside is their services might take a while to complete.

However, their honesty and versatility earn them a top spot.

2. Best for Control – LinksThatRank

Why We Suggest This

LinksThatRank delivers professionally written content with high-quality links.

  • Best For: People who are committed to quality, you're sure to get the best

LinksThatRank is a trustworthy site that gets you high-quality links and guaranteed results.


LinksThatRank delivers professionally written content with relevant internal and external links.

You must provide the keywords, and they’ll take care of the rest.

They take quality very seriously, so you’re guaranteed the best of the best.

screenshot of the links that rank homepage

Our Rating

Four stars because of the manual review feature and easy access.

Not being able to pay via online banks like PayPal knocks off a point.

Notable Features

Here’s what to expect before purchasing from LinksThatRank.

  • No risky pages – They never include author bios or existing links. They help you blend in and satisfy search engine requirements.
  • Manual review – Their team reviews the content length and double-checks for any problems before you submit your order. You still have control over how many links and other specifications.
  • Keyword tracking – They include URLs and keywords so you can get repeat customers. The links are relevant to the site and industry, following strict guidelines.


What are some of the plus sides to their services?

  • Strict blacklist policy – LinksThatRank updates its sources monthly to confirm you get the highest quality.
  • 23-point quality control review – You get a manual and a rigorous, multi-step review.
  • Unique high-quality content – LinksThatRank guarantees articles with properly placed internal and external links, images, and metrics.
  • Less on your plate – You juggle multiple responsibilities daily as a business owner. You don’t need to review the content; let them do the hard work.
  • Simple to use – The team gives you peace of mind with definite quality control before delivery.


LinksThatRank has a couple of negatives.

  • Expensive – LinksThatRank has individual pricing that adds up the more links you need.
  • No PayPal payments – They accept all major credit cards. However, some companies want the option to pay via online banks.

Pricing & Plans

Below is the list of the cost per link.

LinksThatRank has a steeper price range than some of the other link-building services.

  • One low power link ($177)
  • Two mid-power links ($247)
  • Three high power links ($327)

So, for nine links, or three of each, the total would be $2,235.

Our Take

Do your research before purchasing LinksThatRank.

We covered the basics, but consider all the gritty details for the amount of money you spend per link.

Despite that, this link-building service offers a ton for the price you pay.

3. Best for Simplicity – FAT JOE

Why We Suggest This

In addition to offering excellent customer service, FAT JOE is committed to maintaining scalability and user-friendliness.

  • Best For: People who are looking for simplicity

FAT JOE offers SEO and marketing services you need to grow your website.


FAT JOE helps you with blog and article writing.

They also supply website copywriting, press releases, keyword research, and product descriptions.

Their powerful dashboard capabilities make it easy to place, track and manage orders.

screenshot of the fatjoe-blog-title-generator homepage

Our Rating

Three stars; scalability and user-friendliness are great features.

But no money-back guarantee and a long wait time negatively affect the score.

Notable Features

Here’s what you can expect from FAT JOE link-building services.

  • Scalable – Say you have five clients. Maybe you have 100. FAT JOE can accommodate and transform to fit your needs.
  • Easy to order – All you have to provide is your website link, the name, and the job title of your spokesperson. Then, they handle all of the other responsibilities.
  • UK, US, Canada, and Australia agencies and teams – FAT JOE is based in several countries. You can access their services regardless of your location.


What are some advantages of FAT JOE?

  • Natural, in-content links – Their services guarantee you can get traffic to your website without using any black hat techniques.
  • All-in-one dashboard – You can manage the link-building process easily. Multi-task with clients and accomplish other work.
  • Genuine outreach – The link placements will be from websites FAT JOE corresponded with and never anything fishy.
  • No duplication – FAT JOE ensures the links are secure and keeps a history.
  • No contract – You can create a free dashboard and order services as you like.


What about the negatives?

  • No refunds – FAT JOE has a money-back guarantee if they can’t secure placements. Otherwise, they don’t offer refunds.
  • Up to 130 days for 70 pitches – You may not want to wait that long for your link-building service; in some cases, it can take even longer.

Pricing & Plans

Below is how much you can expect to pay when using FAT JOE.

  • 30 pitches and two links ($1,214)
  • 50 pitches and four links ($2,124)
  • 70 pitches and six links ($2,731)

Our Take

FAT JOE gets the job done, but it wouldn’t be our first pick.

A long wait time is the main reason for a lower score.

Give their link-building services a whirl, and you may like FAT JOE.

4. Best Overall – Page One Power

Why We Suggest This

Page One Power stands out through its versatile, reliable, and high-quality service.

  • Best For: Those who are looking for a comprehensive solution

Page One Power gives you better links, meaning better content and results.


Page One Power helps you improve your search rankings and grow your presence online.

Page One Power gets you white hat links with sustainable solutions.

screenshot of the page one power homepage

Our Rating

Five stars because it provides everything you could hope for in a link-building service.

The downsides are minimal, and you can expect great service after consultation.

Notable Features

What makes Page One Power stand out?

  • Designed to fit your business needs – Their team develops custom link-building based on your experience. Page One Power focuses on organic outreach to high-authority and quality websites relevant to your industry.
  • Flexible and credible – Page One Power designs the link-building packages and services. They help grow your website ranking and improve traffic.
  • High-quality standards – Page One Power delivers valuable results from a team of SEO writers and researchers.


Here’s why you should consider using Page One Power.

  • Over 1,000 partners and over 15,000 links earned each year – You can trust Page One Power with those stats and over a decade of experience under their belt.
  • Prioritize business goals – They work with you, not for you, to get the highest quality and long-lasting links.
  • Manual approach – Sometimes, you can’t let robots do the work for you. Page One Power ensures people get results so you can be proud of your website.
  • Google friendly links – Page One Power follows the unspoken rules and creates websites that rank highly.
  • Focused and competitive – Page One Power dedicates time, resources, and energy to give you support throughout the link-building process.


Page One Power has some negatives, but they’re minor compared to other services.

  • No pricing on the website – You have to contact them to get an estimate. Calling might be frustrating when you want to browse different link-building services.
  • Office hours are Monday through Thursday – What happens if you have an emergency on Friday and need to contact them? Their office is closed for a three-day weekend!

Pricing & Plans

Page One Power customizes the price to fit your business.

They align the cost depending on the service and your goals.

How much you spend depends on the industry and competitors.

You get support from a project manager alongside strategic and transparent reporting.

You’re guaranteed high-quality links and a hands-on approach.

The only downside is you have to call or shoot them a message to discuss more.

Our Take

Even though it’s annoying that Page One Power doesn’t list their pricing and you have to give them a call, the benefits outweigh the negatives.

5. Best Quality – E-Commerce Link Builders

Why We Suggest This

E-commerce Link Builders provides real sites and real traffic. A detailed report is delivered to ensure top quality.

  • Best For: People who are looking for excellent quality services

Ecommerce Link Builders supplies white label, link-building packages that satisfy your outsourcing needs.


Ecommerce Link Builders has no-hassle link-building packages.

They help you obtain readers or customers with outreach and website quality control.

screenshot of the ecommerce homepage

Our Rating

Four stars as a great choice for English-speaking bloggers and business owners.

Notable Features

Why should you consider Ecommerce Link Builders over the other options?

  • Strict quality control – The in-house brand uses a white-label building solution. They negotiate topics and link placements.
  • Free keyword tracking – You can see how specific keywords rank and get ROI (return on investment) proof.
  • Premium content creation – Ecommerce Link Builders offers 1,000 words of content in a well-formatted structure. Their team includes internal and external links with no tags, bios, or write-for-us pages that could arouse Google’s suspicion.


What’s so good about Ecommerce Link Builders?

  • Digital agencies – You get an ROI-driven ranking test and account support. Additionally, you get link-building, reseller pricing, and free reporting from knowledgeable teams.
  • Advanced editing – Ecommerce Link Builders goes over 35 checks and strict content proofing before your site is up and running.
  • Global blacklist free – No links from advertised sites. No guest post farms.
  • Real sites, real traffic – You get traffic from new and established domains. You avoid sketchy content from illegitimate sites.
  • Analysis – You get a complete overview to ensure the quality is top-notch.


What’s bad about this link-building service?

  • Only English – Ecommerce Link Builders doesn’t support other languages. The target audience is in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.
  • Lacking customer support – You can only contact them through message or book a service call. Their website didn’t list a phone number or email address to get a hold of someone directly.

Pricing & Plans

How much are Ecommerce Link Builders?

  • Starter – Starter is for new and growing sites. For $1,497 per month, you get one low-power link, two medium-power links, and three high-power links.
  • Growth– Growth is the most popular package for small businesses. For $2,997 per month, you get an increase of two low-power links, six medium-power links, and five high-power links.
  • Takeover – Takeover is the best option for medium to large businesses. For $4,997 per month, you get four low-power links, eight medium-power links, and ten high-power links.

Our Take

Ecommerce Link Builders has reasonable pricing and great analysis features for those who want to make the best content.

6. Best for Curated Links – RhinoRank

Why We Suggest This

In order to achieve lasting results, RhinoRank provides content that fits your market.

  • Best For: People who are looking for best-curated links

RhinoRank excels in link outreach that guarantees increased rankings, traffic, and revenue.


Over 200 agencies worldwide trust RhinoRank.

RhinoRank works with various companies from freelancers to small business owners.

They deliver white-label solutions at an affordable cost.

screenshot of the rhinorank homepage

Our Rating

Three stars due to its forgettable services and limited customization.

Otherwise, RhinoRank offers some of the best ways to get more traffic with authoritative web pages.

Notable Features

What makes RhinoRank unique?

  • Curated links – RhinoRank makes content that fits your market and encourages lasting results.
  • Control over campaigns – You can choose the URLs and keywords. This process ensures 100% natural backlinks and improved traffic to your content.
  • Done by humans – RhinoRank tailors to your needs. They manually outreach to websites and achieve the results you want to see for your company.


What’s great about RhinoRank?

  • Secure more clients – You can establish returning clientele through your existing content. You can link to relevant pages and posts.
  • Full report to email – Once finished, RhinoRank sends a full report explaining the order. They want to be sure you’re happy with the results.
  • Reputability – RhinoRank finds the most authoritative websites that will benefit you both.
  • Anchor text inclusion – Including URLs and anchor words builds the most strength and quantity.
  • Handle volume well – RhinoRank scales to your business, large or small.


What’s not-so-great about RhinoRank?

  • Can’t pre-approve link placements – Their teams spend most of the time outreaching and securing link placement. Even though they naturally place the links and guarantee you’ll be impressed, you lose some control over the design.
  • Only two services – Those looking for a simplified approach will appreciate RhinoRank’s limited services. But those who have a large business might need to look elsewhere.

Pricing & Plans

RhinoRank lists their pricing on their website, starting at $35.

Our Take

RhinoRank is a good beginner link-building service due to its simplistic design and limited products.

The curated and manual link selecting process is beneficial for growing businesses.

7. Best for Quick Turnaround – Authority Builders

Why We Suggest This

The Authority Builders service helps you build high-quality, natural links to your website.

  • Best For: This is the best option for quick turnarounds

Authority Builders helps you grow your website traffic with high-quality and natural links.


You can boost your website ranking with their link-building services.

They reach out to websites manually to ensure the links are of the utmost quality.

screenshot of the authority builders homepage

Our Rating

Three stars.

While they offer additional services that can help your business, they have a lower visitor count.

Notable Features

Why should you consider using Authority Builders?

  • Link audits – Authority Builders analyzes what hurts and helps for an additional charge. You can decrease failures and keep everything running smoothly.
  • Guarantee – Authority Builders claims that you’ll get the minimum monthly traffic or the link is for free.
  • Quick turnaround time – Their team makes custom campaigns from scratch. Authority Builders estimates to complete your campaigns between four to six weeks. You can see updates via online documents.


What are some positives about Authority Builders?

  • Pre-select anchor text – If Authority Builders can’t use the anchor text, they’ll let you know before making the page live.
  • Secure best prices for you – Authority Builders goes over price specifications beforehand. They do their best to fit your niche, metric, and traffic requirements.
  • Quality sites with organic traffic – No links are hacked and found through genuine outreach.
  • No repurposed domains – Google ranks websites with legit traffic highly. You’ll have a website that clients will love with no reused fluff.
  • Since 2016 – Authority Builders communicated with credible website owners and established good relationships.


What are some negatives?

  • Relatively limited features – You get each link at an unchanging price. You don’t have as many capabilities as some of the former options.
  • Fewer visitors per month – Authority Builders helps you meet 1,000 visitors monthly.

Pricing & Plans

You can opt to go up to 50 links per package.

The DR 45+ package is the most popular.

The links are permanent and active for one year.

  • DR 20+ ($177 per link)
  • DR 45+ ($197 per link)
  • DR 60+ ($297 per link)

Our Take

Authority Builders works if you want fast results with a respected link-building service.

They’ve worked with countless people to get you the best links and more traffic.

8. Best for Single Payments – Get Me Links

Why We Suggest This

Get Me Links believes in complete transparency and reliability, which are some of the perks associated with their services.

  • Best For: People who want an excellent option for single payments

Get Me Links works with clients all over the world.


Get Me Links takes the hassle out of link-building campaigns.

They believe in complete transparency and reliability.

screenshot of the get me links homepage

Our Rating

Four stars because of its rich background and single payment options (no monthly pay).

However, you can only unlock customizations after spending a certain amount.

Notable Features

Let’s review some of the best features Get Me Links offers.

  • Scientifically tried and tested – They experimented with different link-building strategies for years. Finally, they came up with solutions that suit you and your business.
  • One and done payments – You don’t have to worry about payments piling up. You can focus on other areas of your business instead of continuous costs.
  • 21-day turnaround time – You don’t have to wait as long to get your project back to you.


Here are some of the perks when using Get Me Links.

  • High-quality, spam-checked links – Get Me Links aims to deliver the best links that help build your website.
  • British SEO supported – Reach another audience with a different version of English.
  • Over 100,000 sites – Get Me Links has access to websites with various backgrounds and experiences. Their services apply link-building strategies related to your niche.
  • Customized to your business – Get Me Links creates links based on the industry from respectable sites.
  • Choose the number and type of links – You can also transform the anchor text and individualize the experience.


What should you know before committing?

  • No phone support – Customer service is only through a message on their website or via email. You can schedule a free consultation; otherwise, their website lists no number.
  • Unlock certain options after paying – You can only pick the anchor text and target URLs after paying $1,500 in orders. They offer discounts only after purchasing ten or more links.

Pricing & Plans

Get Me Links is affordable.

The services select links that compliment each other and the website.

These are the main packages, but you can browse other plans on their website.

You get the same features with a steady increase of links depending on the plan.

  • Slow burner package ($600)
  • Foundation package ($950)
  • White Knight package ($1,250)
  • Black Knight package ($1,350)

Our Take

Get Me Links ranks highly due to its versatility.

They have limited customer support but many packages to choose from to fit your needs as a business owner.

9. Best for Multiple Languages – The Hoth

Why We Suggest This

The Hoth will help your business grow and improve. Hoth creates a tailored strategy for the business and increases traffic.

  • Best For: People who are looking for multiple languages

You can grow your business with SEO services, content, and pay-per-click via The Hoth.


The Hoth hopes to scale and improve your business.

You can get a free account with access to multiple tools, training, and resources.

Their personalized service helps increase traffic and create a tailored strategy for you.

screenshot of the hoth homepage

Our Rating

Four stars because of how many plans they offer and the ability to use foreign keywords.

Notable Features

What makes The Hoth a good choice for link-building?

  • Fully managed service – Increase your traffic with over 20 tools and a full suite of SEO products that make research easy.
  • Content creation – Create blog posts and videos with in-content links that act as a foundation for your entire website.
  • Campaign dashboards – A comprehensive dashboard accesses all the necessary info and more.


What are the good parts of using The Hoth?

  • Amazing support – The Hoth is available via phone, email, and chat.
  • Multiple orders with bulk buying form – If you need additional projects completed within a reasonable time, The Hoth could do that for you.
  • White label reports – No logos, no phone numbers, no taglines. You can resell without issue.
  • Can use foreign keywords – The Hoth accepts any language with Roman characters.
  • Control over anchor text – You add authority and diversity to your site with original and relevant content.


Here are the bad parts of using The Hoth.

  • Requires email address – You need to provide your email address before you can get assistance. You’ll receive newsletters, but that’s the cost of getting a free account.
  • 30 days to contact support with issues – After receiving the final product, you only have limited time to address any questions or concerns.

Pricing & Plans

Get the most out of your money with organized and scaled campaigns.

Every plan includes links, URLs, anchors, and top-level blogs.

You could opt for premium packages that offer advanced English.

You still get everything from the following packages.

  • Foundations Small ($60, 6 authority links)
  • Foundations Medium ($200, 32 authority site links)
  • Foundations Large ($250, 48 authority site links)

Our Take

The Hoth has various plans that work for any business owner.

You can access an account for free (if you’re comfortable sharing your email address).

From there, browse the SEO tools and learn how their team can help you succeed.

10. Best for Big Companies – Loganix

Why We Suggest This

Logonix is an excellent option for analyzing website metrics, history, and content to meet high-quality standards.

  • Best For: Big companies looking for link-building services

Loganix approves all sites before placement.

They aim to meet strict quality criteria and analyze the website metrics, history, and content.


Loganix has a reliable turnaround, and you only pay for the approved links you receive.

Their link-building services choose the most relevant links on high traffic and relevant sites.

screenshot of the loganix homepage

Our Rating

Four stars because it offers replacements and refunds.

Loganix has excellent features that help big companies expand.

Notable Features

Here are the best features for Loganix.

  • Good for large industries – Loganix crafts and executes a complete content marketing campaign. You get real sites with organic traffic.
  • Completed outreach – The team provides content creation. Loganix reports to clients and searches for relevant sites to get you the most benefits.
  • Manual processes – Their team hand picks and scrutinizes links and citations. They follow the guidelines and instructions. They place reputation and good delivery at the top of the list.


Here are other positives to keep in mind.

  • Replacement or refund – If Loganix can’t get the links you requested, they will return your money. Or they find a suitable replacement.
  • Expert level articles – Each post has premium domains and aims to get an average of 10,000 visitors.
  • Well-established sites – Loganix only uses domains with over 50,000 visits per month. They approve of the site before placing the link into your article.
  • Tackles various industries – Loganix can help in marketing, business, and technology.


Nothing is without faults.

  • Up to two months average waiting time – Compared to other link-building services, it’s not the worst or the best.
  • Expensive – Loganix can get pricey, but for some people who want more visits, the cost is worth it.
  • Can’t get links requested – Loganix naturally places links on your website, so you have less control over what’s going into your article.

Pricing & Plans

The following features like relevant sites or articles, SEO review, 500 words, US and Canadian writers, and white label apply to all the plans.

  • Tier 1 (up to 5,000 visits, $400 per link)
  • Tier 2 (up to 10,000 visits, $500 per link)
  • Tier 3 (up to 50,000 visits, $600 per link)

Our Take

Consider using Loganix if you want to expand your business.

For the price, you must have an established company with a reasonable revenue before committing.

11. Best for Time Management – Love To Link

Why We Suggest This

The Love-to-Link program offers a guarantee for a lifetime blog. also, it provides high-quality sources to get more traffic to your website.

  • Best For: People who are looking for quick results

You can get more visitors to your website with Love To Link and its high-quality sources.


You won’t be as stressed or worried about taking the time to execute a successful website.

They handle everything from choosing the anchor text to finding relevant blogs.

screenshot of the love to link homepage

Our Rating

Three stars.

This link-building service offers nothing unique about its packages and charges an additional $100 to set up the plan.

Notable Features

Love To Link uses simple and client-friendly solutions.

  • Backlink packages – These plans have several links and deliver more power to your blog. You have control of the SEO, access to the database, and backlinks.
  • Genuine blogs – Love To Link looks only for high-traffic websites that manage links well.
  • No private blog networks – No repurposed domains, no labeled or sponsored posts, and no author bios. Wear a white hat, not black!


Here are some pros to using Love To Link.

  • Guaranteed for the lifetime of your blog – You have peace of mind that the links will remain active until you say so.
  • Save time and avoid problems – Spend more energy on the things that matter.
  • High-quality articles – You work hard to make your website stand out. You expect and deserve the best. Love To Link provides top-notch posts.
  • Track backlinks – Love To Link monitors all links so you can rest easy knowing they come from reputable sources.
  • Reliable – Over 6,000 clients trust their team to deliver quality work.


Here are some cons to consider before purchasing.

  • Customer support – You can only contact them via email or message on their website.
  • Additional $99 – You have to spend more for a one-time set-up fee regardless of the plan.

Pricing & Plans

All the plans include authority, link velocity, and anchor text analysis.

You can save up to 10% if you opt for the largest package.

  • Three links per month ($499)
  • Six links per month ($949)
  • 12 links per month ($1,799)

Our Take

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to try out Love To Link.

They offer some great benefits, but we simply determined that for the price, you deserve something better.

Features To Look for in a Link-Building Service

Are you still reading?


That was a lot, but thanks for sticking with us!

Here are some features you should look for before working with a link-building service.

  • Promotes High-Quality Links: The link-building service should offer link-building tactics relevant to the industry. The team should elaborate on how they structure the campaigns and ensure they get links from high-quality websites.
  • Uses a Variety of Promotion Tactics: Who you decide to partner with should do a detailed competitor analysis and outdo their services. They must determine what link types to use for successful website building. They have discounts on certain packages to entice more customers.
  • Pricing Is Fair: A link-building service should have multiple packages with different pricing. If you see some that are too good to be true compared to other companies, then you might want to tread lightly.
  • Samples From Previous Successful Campaigns Are Available: Ask for samples of their linking projects beforehand or see if they posted case studies on their website. Read testimonials and evaluate the quality of their work before purchase.

Wrapping Up

Page One Power is the clear winner here.

They have customizable pricing, various discounts, successful testimonials, and high-quality links.

Other link-building services like The Hoth, Get Me Links, and Ecommerce Link Builders were close runner-ups.

Check out these websites to see if they match your needs or if you’re curious to learn more.

Each of the services on this list has various benefits with minor downsides.

Think about how they could benefit your company.

Or, send them an inquiry today.

We’ve done the hard part; it’s up to you to decide what service is best for you!

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