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As machine learning develops more, AI tools see use in more industries than before.

Specifically, AI tools for writing are getting to a point where they can put out solid content.

Tools like HyperWrite claim that AI assistance improves a writer’s productivity with their various predictive tools.

But how good is this tool? How much does it cost, and surely there are limitations to what it can do.

If you’re curious, then let’s take a look at HyperWrite and how this AI-powered app can improve your writing experience.

HyperWrite at a Glance

Here’s a quick peek at what HyperWrite looks like:

Market Segment

Generalist and Non-fiction writers

Best For

Non-fiction content creators

Plans and Pricing

The program operates on a subscription model for those that want access to the more advanced features regularly.

These are the payment levels listed by HyperWrite:

  • Free: $0/month
  • Premium: $14.99/month
  • Ultra: $54.99/month

What Is HyperWrite?

HyperWrite is an AI-powered writing assistant from OthersideAI meant to help writers generate inspiration or content for their nonfiction writing.

The program uses a combination of AI tools and online references to suggest sentences, paragraphs, topics, and so on to get a writer going on their projects.

What Is HyperWrite Used For?

HyperWrite works best as an inspiration source or as a way to clean up your writing.

The tool has several options for generating content, ranging from sentence suggestions, paragraph creation, and word choice optimization for various tones and article structures.

You could rely on the tool to finish sentences for you or help you find a better way to state an idea.

How HyperWrite Works

HyperWrite relies on AI tools using generative pre-transformer 3 (GPT-3).

Despite the technical name, this machine language produces a natural tone and word choice using large databases filled with hundreds of billions of sample sentences and other writing samples.

The program then runs in real-time, comparing the entered text with its references.

With this database available, HyperWrite can then offer these suggestions as you write, giving a writer options for how to word things for their content.

HyperWrite also uses this database to generate text when given things like a topic or an article structure.

Notable Features of HyperWrite

Let’s talk about the big features of HyperWrite and why they make the program worth a look:

Sentence Autocompletion

While typing, you can use the HyperWrite extension or dashboard to create suggestions to continue or finish the sentence you are working on.

These suggestions help improve the pace you write by giving you a way to continue writing without thinking about every single word.

Paragraph Generation

In addition to sentence suggestions, you can also generate paragraphs using HyperWrite.

The main use of this feature is the introduction paragraph generator, which creates an intro for articles based on a supplied topic.

Sentence Rewriting

When you submit writing to HyperWrite, you can also ask the AI to suggest rewrites based on tone or context.

HyperWrite then suggests how you could change up the wording to fit different tones, such as casual or formal.

These suggestions also come with grammar and syntax cleanups to reduce your editing workload later.

Database of References

Part of HyperWrite’s toolset is its GPT-3 machine learning language.

Included with this is access to billions of writing samples across many topics, allowing HyperWrite to make suggestions based on data or information already out on the Internet.

While you can’t get specific references from HyperWrite, you can at least get yourself on the right track when working on a research piece.

Interoperability Across Platforms

As a web browser extension, HyperWrite can work with many different web apps and platforms to improve your writing.

It has specific integrations with some of the bigger names, such as Google, LinkedIn, and Notion.

Still, you can copy your writing into the web app version of HyperWrite to get suggestions if your platform of choice doesn’t natively support HyperWrite.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use HyperWrite?

As a web app and browser extension, the hardware requirements for HyperWrite aren’t steep.

As long as you have a Chrome-based browser and an Internet connection, you can use HyperWrite.

There isn’t a mobile app for HyperWrite yet, meaning mobile users have to log into their HyperWrite account through their browsers to use it.

How Much Does HyperWrite Cost?

Outside of its free option, HyperWrite offers two tiers of subscription services: Premium and Ultra.

Both of these tiers give you access to an unlimited number of sentence suggestions, paragraph generators, and rewrite options when analyzing your writing.

The difference between the two tiers is the level of access you have to HyperWrite’s writing suggestions.

The Ultra tier offers broader access to HyperWrite’s predictive tools, giving writers better suggestions than the Premium tier.

Considering the Premium tier is $14.99 per month and the Ultra tier is $54.99 per month, this difference may not be enough for many writers to go for the Ultra option.

Does HyperWrite Have an Enterprise Version Available?

HyperWrite doesn’t currently have an enterprise version of their paid subscription service available.

This fact unfortunately means that businesses looking to add this tool to their staff’s options will have to set up individual accounts.

HyperWrite Promotions and Savings

To help you save some money, here’s a little info on promos and savings related to HyperWrite:

Does HyperWrite Have A Free Trial?

HyperWrite offers a seven-day free trial for their Premium tier subscription service.

This promo gives folks access to an unlimited number of suggestions, paragraph generators, and similar tools for the week.

Does HyperWrite Offer Coupon Codes?

For the time being, HyperWrite doesn’t offer any coupon codes.

As the business grows, there is a chance that these offers come up, though!

Does HyperWrite Have A Lifetime Deal?

HyperWrite doesn’t offer a lifetime deal for their subscription for the time being.

Each of their subscription services keeps its cost regardless of how many months you stay subscribed to the service.

Who Are HyperWrite’s Main Alternatives?

HyperWrite isn’t the only AI writing tool on the market.

HyperWrite has some fierce competition to stack up against:


Jasper is another AI-supported writing tool meant to help writers generate new content.

The application boasts over 50 different copywriting tools meant to help the writer create solid content all within the Jasper web app.

This program doesn’t offer a browser extension like HyperWrite does, however.

Also, Jasper charges customers a variable monthly subscription fee depending on how many words the writer needs each month.


CopyAI is an AI writing assistant with a focus on marketing and digital copy.

The database of content backing CopyAI focuses on effective sales writing and other sales copy that has a proven track record of click-through rates and sales conversion.

CopyAI also has a variable fee depending on the monthly word count.

However, this price drops by 25% when you sign up for an annual subscription.


For those looking to augment their social media and business landing pages, Writesonic is an AI writing assistant that helps with writing these pages.

This web app focuses on improving content relating to business pages and social media engagement.

Like the other writing assistants listed above, Writesonic charges a monthly fee based on the word count you need.

However, you can adjust the quality of the words generated by the tool to get more generated content each month as needed.

How Does HyperWrite Differentiate Themselves From Competitors?

HyperWrite stands out from its competitors in the ways you can engage with the program and the pricing models they use.

Most AI-assisted writing apps rely on word count to determine how much you have to pay each month.

HyperWrite instead charges a flat amount per month regardless of how many words you need each month.

Plus, HyperWrite integrates better with other apps thanks to the web extension they offer.

This extension works within big web apps like Google Docs and LinkedIn, meaning you don’t have to go to another website to improve your writing.

Who Is HyperWrite Best For?

HyperWrite is best for writers looking to improve their writing times or overcome writer’s block.

The automatic suggestions give writers a way to continue with their work without getting stuck on troublesome wording or lack of info about the topic.

Why Is HyperWrite Best for Nonfiction Writers?

Nonfiction works best with HyperWrite for the same reasons most other AI writing assistants work well with nonfiction.

Given the factual nature of nonfiction writing, it’s easy for the AI to figure out what should logically come up next when writing.

Since fiction follows a different narrative structure and style than an online article, the AI has a harder time coming up with what you should say next.

Is HyperWrite Easy To Use?

HyperWrite is simple to use.

The controls for the web extension integrate easily into your usual workflow thanks to the one-button keyboard shortcuts.

The web app can stay open in another tab of your web browser if you need some of the advanced tools.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

These are the top two features users of HyperWrite love about the app:

Predictive Capabilities

HyperWrite is great for filling in the gaps in your writing.

When writers get stuck, having the AI assistant suggest a sentence or generate an intro paragraph to get ideas flowing helps HyperWrite users stay productive.

Error-Free Suggestions

Not all AI writing assistants create grammatically correct suggestions.

HyperWrite plugs into your workflow by also creating writing that follows the rules of proper grammar and syntax while still allowing room for rewrites based on tone.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Still, some features of HyperWrite lead to a little bit of friction with some users:

Limited Uses of Features

The Free version doesn’t offer a huge amount of use for the various features of HyperWrite, meaning a writer might not get a good feel for what HyperWrite is like with the Free version.

The limit of 15 paragraphs and 15 rewrites per month doesn’t compare to the unlimited access from the paid tiers.

Subscription Model

While it is a common sight in software these days, subscriptions don’t sit well with older writers compared to outright buying the software.

Even for non-writer business owners, the subscription can feel like an extra luxury compared to the other expenses needed to keep a business rolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the common questions out there about HyperWrite:

How good is HyperWrite?

HyperWrite does a good job of helping writers out with their projects.

It has a large database of samples from across the Web to help fill in gaps with information or help improve word choice and tone.

The included tools don’t help much with fiction, but HyperWrite could help many other writers develop and hone their

Is there an AI that can write an essay?

While large writing projects are tough for AI right now, HyperWrite’s developers OthersideAI make steps each day to close that gap.

HyperWrite can generate essays based on a provided topic using the same database it uses for suggestions and

Wrapping Up

AI writing assistants should help you get through the writing task in front of you, and HyperWrite does this.

The predictive suggestions and rewrite tools alone make it worth a look, let alone the advanced tools which are hidden deeper in the app.

Keep in mind that since this tool uses a database consisting of billions of samples, there is a real possibility that it will pull too much from existing sources.

That being said, you can always check with widely available plagiarism tools.

If you have experience with this tool, leave a review below!

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