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Surfer SEO is a market-leading SEO platform that provides users with powerful tools to help them improve their search engine rankings and visibility.

Some of the world’s top companies and organizations use Surfer, including Microsoft, Nike, and Samsung.

Surfer SEO is also popular with small businesses and individuals looking to improve their online presence.

Surfer SEO at a Glance

It’s no secret that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, which makes it difficult to keep up with the latest SEO trends.

That’s where Surfer comes in.

Market Segment

Various types of companies use Surfer SEO. Small business, medium business, and enterprise-level organizations all leverage Surfer to increase SERP position and visibility.

Surfer is also popular with individuals who are looking to improve their online presence.

Best For

SEO specialists and content marketers want to rank higher in search engines by reverse engineering top-performing content. It’s especially helpful for those in competitive niches.

Surfer also works well for those who want to improve their website’s on-page SEO.

Plans & Pricing

$49/month for the Basic plan, $99/month for the Pro plan, and $199/month for the Business plan.

What Is Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO is a content optimization tool that allows you to analyze the top-performing content in your niche and reverse engineer it to help you rank higher in search engines.

It works by comparing the content of a page to “500+ on-page” signals.

It’s no secret that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, which makes it challenging to keep up with the latest SEO trends. That’s where Surfer SEO comes in.

The Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) Analyzer gives a detailed breakdown of the first page. This analyzer is Surfer’s primary feature. It’s a comprehensive analysis of the SERPs for a particular keyword.

In this report, you’ll find information on:

  • Average word count
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword frequency
  • Page speed
  • Alt text

The Surfer Content Editor aids in the development of search-friendly content.

It examines the first page’s material for Latent Symantec Indexing (LSI) keywords and helps you incorporate them into your material.

Google’s AI tries to figure out what you’re looking for based on the first page of search results.

It also analyzes the content structure of these results, such as word count, number of photos, and average paragraph length.

You may pick the pages you want to analyze on the first page.

By default, they concentrate on the top five results.

Copy your material into the content editor.

The tool informs you about the precise LSI keywords you need and how many times to include them.

The keyword research tool is similar to other keyword analysis tools.

Enter a seed phrase, and you’ll receive a list of associated keywords and their search traffic.

The keyword research tool does not list a keyword difficulty score, which would be helpful when comparing results with other search analysis tools.

What Is Surfer SEO Used For?

Surfer SEO is used to create and optimize content that ranks at the top of SERPs.

Surfer compares your content to top-performing competitors and shows you what to include in your articles.

This process automates what used to be a time-consuming manual procedure.

How Surfer SEO Works

Once you have entered your keywords and competitor URL, Surfer SEO provides an overview of the top-performing content for those keywords.

You can dive into each piece of content to see what’s working and replicate it.

Surfer checks the content against over 500 on-page signals.

Surfer uses correlational SEO, which involves using the top answers from a query and determining what they have in common.

This process allows you to use these features to improve your on-page SEO.

Notable Features of Surfer SEO

Surfer is a feature-rich optimization tool, but some stand out:

1. Content Analysis

Surfer uses AI to help you create content that hits the Google algorithm in positive ways.

Analyzing your site’s relevance to keywords can increase your ranking in search results.

Surfer makes it possible to rank for multiple keywords with the same content.

The keywords selected will always be up-to-date because Surfer constantly analyzes current SERP results.

2. Competitor Analysis

Other websites at the top of the search rankings have already figured out what to do, so there’s no need to (totally) reinvent the wheel.

The Google algorithm compares your content to the user’s intent to perform a search and boosts pages satisfying this search intent.

Surfer’s SERP analyzer examines the top pages and shows you the keywords you’re missing that you can add to increase your search ranking.

You can also do a backlink analysis to see who links to competitors.

3. Keyword Research

The keyword research tool finds new keywords you can potentially add to your content.

You will see the keyword used in common questions, search volume, and similar terms.

Keyword research is not Surfer’s primary function, so this tool is not very robust.

The remaining features make up for this, however.

4. SEO Audit

The site audit finds actionable advice that you can implement quickly. 

Performing a site audit will give you details about the top-ranking pages, including word count comparison, missing words, and any problems Surfer encounters in your content.

You can also examine backlinks that your competitors have that you are lacking.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use Surfer SEO?

There are no minimum skill requirements necessary to use Surfer.

The optimization process is intuitive, and many helpful help and support options are available.

To use Surfer, you should have a computer with a minimum of a single Core 3.0GHZ processor, 1GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 5xxx series, or equivalent graphics card, and network broadband.

Recommended requirements include Duo Core or higher processor, 2GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 7xxx series, equivalent graphics card, and network broadband.

How Much Does Surfer SEO Cost?

$49/month for the Basic plan.

  • Grow one website on autopilot with Grow Flow
  • Write and optimize 10 Articles/month
  • Audit 20 Pages / month
  • Guidelines enhanced with NLP free for 1st month
  • Invite 1 Team Member

$99/month for the Pro plan.

  • Grow five websites on autopilot with Grow Flow
  • Write and optimize 30 Articles/month
  • Audit 60 Pages / monthGuidelines enhanced with NLP
  • Invite 3 Team Members

$199/month for the Business plan.

  • Grow ten websites on autopilot with Grow Flow
  • Write and optimize 70 Articles/month
  • Audit 140 Pages / month
  • Guidelines enhanced with NLP
  • Invite 10 Team Members
  • White Labeling
  • API

Surfer does not offer an enterprise option.

Surfer SEO Promotions & Savings

Surfer requires no long-term commitments, and you can cancel at any time.

Does Surfer SEO Have a Free Trial?

No, Surfer does not offer a free trial.

Does Surfer SEO Offer Coupon Codes?

No, Surfer SEO does not currently offer any coupon codes.

Does Surfer SEO Have a Lifetime Deal?

No, Surfer SEO does not have a lifetime deal.

Who are Surfer SEO’s Main Alternatives?

Surfer SEO’s main alternatives are Page Optimizer Pro (POP), Cora, and Website Auditor.

1. Page Optimizer Pro

Surfer has a slicker interface than Page Optimizer Pro.

POP is more about displaying data withoutmuch concern for looking slick. 

POP offers a seven-day free trial. Surfer recently eliminated their seven-day trial.  

Surfer offers many more metrics, including page speed and backlink analysis. 

POP creates a separate project for each keyword which keeps work organized more effectively than Surfer’s single list approach.

2. Cora

Cora costs $250/month. The layout is intense and statistics based.

Cora is more for agencies that want to do deep analysis.

Surfer SEO is more approachable for most users.

There isn’t an interface in Cora, and it’s all raw data. 

Cora analyzes 880 ranking factors, many more than Surfer.

This number can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing. It can be overwhelming for some users.

3. Website Auditor

Unlike Surfer, you download Website Auditor and install it (there is a Mac version). 

Surfer is more precise, while Website Auditor is a more general tool.

Surfer gathers data from over 40 pages in Google, while Website Auditor only looks at the first page of the SERP. 

Surfer also returns more keyword information, including keyword density per page.

Website Auditor is more affordable than Surfer.

You save a ton of money at $129 per year for a Professional plan.

How Does Surfer SEO Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Surfer SEO differentiates itself from competitors by its focus on content optimization. 

With Surfer SEO, you can see what’s working for your competitors and replicate their success.

Surfer also gives you the exact keywords to add to your content and the number of times you should add them.

Who is Surfer SEO Best For?

Surfer is best for anyone who wants a user-friendly SEO tool that helps improve search engine rankings via competitor and content analysis.

Surfer SEO is number one for niche websites because it allows users to find low-competition, high-traffic keywords quickly.

Is Surfer SEO Easy to Use?

Yes, Surfer SEO is easy to use. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Some users love Surfer SEO because it’s an all-in-one platform that offers keyword research, competitor analysis, and content optimization.

The competitor analysis and content optimization tools allow users to quickly improve their search engine rankings by understanding what’s working for their competitors and apply it to their content.

Many people like the monthly plans with no long-term commitments because they are flexible and can be canceled at any time.

The 500 on-page ranking factors help users quickly identify what they need to fix on their website.

Users also appreciate the one-click competitor analysis that lets them quickly see what’s working for their competitors.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Surfer eliminated the seven-day free trial they offered for several years.

Some users find Surfer SEO frustrating because it doesn’t offer a lifetime deal.

The keyword research tool does not provide many options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users often ask the following questions about Surfer SEO:

What is a good score on Surfer SEO?

A good score on Surfer SEO is anything above 66/100.

How do I cancel my SEO Surfer subscription?

To cancel your Surfer SEO subscription, go to the My Account page and click on the “Cancel Subscription” button.

What is the refund policy for Surfer SEO?

Surfer SEO offers a seven-day money-back guarantee.

If unsatisfied with the platform, you can cancel your subscription and receive a full refund.

What Is the minimum contract length?

There is no minimum contract length for Surfer SEO.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Is there a lifetime deal for Surfer SEO?

No, Surfer SEO does not currently offer a lifetime deal.

Wrapping Up

Surfer SEO is an optimization tool that helps users improve their website’s ranking on search engines.

It provides users access to various tools and features that help them optimize their website for better search engine visibility.

These tools and features include various keyword research tools, backlink analysis tools, and competitor analysis tools.

Surfer SEO also provides users access to several tutorials and articles that can help them further improve their website’s ranking on search engines.

Surfer SEO has several features that make it an excellent tool for improving your website’s ranking on search engines. First, it provides access to a variety of keyword research tools. 

These tools can help you identify the best keywords to use on your website.

Second, Surfer SEO provides access to several backlink analysis tools.

These tools can help you analyze the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your website.

Finally, Surfer SEO also provides access to several competitor analysis tools.

These tools can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website in comparison to your competitors.

Surfer SEO Reviews

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Surfer SEO helps content creators and businesses perform better on search results by giving them comprehensive tools to create highly optimized content. This Surfer SEO review will tell you about Surfer SEO’s purpose, features, solutions, and comparison to similar products.
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5 out of 5.0


  • Does not do much for technical and off-page SEO
  • Not fully customizable to your businesses
  • Integrations limited to Google Docs and WordPress


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Comprehensive from planning to outlining, to writing and publishing
  • Less expensive than competitors
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