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Lowe’s Affiliate Program: How It Works, Payment Details & More

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As a top home improvement store, Lowe’s has thousands of locations available for customers, as well as a highly trafficked online presence.

When you walk through their doors, you are presented with everything from bathroom fixtures to lumber and garden supplies to cleaning solutions.

Lowe’s Affiliate Program at a Glance

To further market their products and services to the general public and take advantage of trending online content, the company began the Lowe’s affiliate program to encourage those with a solid online presence to promote Lowe’s merchandise in exchange for a commission.

  • Cost Per Action (CPA): Yes
  • Commission Rate: Up to 2%
  • Cookie Duration: 24 hours
  • Payment payout threshold: $50 for ACH, $100 for a check
  • Payment Options: Direct deposit or check

Does Lowe’s Have an Affiliate Program?

With its second place position as a home improvement store in global rankings, Lowe’s continually expands to new marketing methods.

With the affiliate program they have in operation, they are able to retain publishers to promote their products in exchange for a commission.

What Is the Lowe’s Affiliate Program?

The Lowe’s affiliate program is an opportunity for those with a significant online presence to earn passive income by promoting items specific to Lowe’s website.

When a visitor clicks on one of their custom links and makes a purchase, the website owner earns compensation equivalent to 2% of the sale price.

How Does the Lowe’s Affiliate Program Work?

When you receive approval to be part of the Lowe’s affiliate program, you get access to a custom dashboard where you can create affiliate links for various online products.

You can also track your sales and commission earnings.

Once a visitor to your website or social media profile clicks on your link and makes a purchase, the publisher receives a commission.

Is the Lowe’s Affiliate Program Free?

For those who have an interest in signing up for the Lowe’s affiliate program, it is helpful to know that there are no fees you incur during the application and sign-up process.

Additionally, membership in the program doesn’t come with any annual costs.

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What Products Can You Promote for the Lowe’s Affiliate Program?

With the thousands of items available on the Lowe’s website, there is a surplus of options to link to with the hope of earning a commission.

Some of the most popular items that members promote include the following.


There is a wide variety of tools available for any type of home improvement project.

While the price point varies, most come in at $100 or more and are critical to completing the task at hand.

Therefore, promoting the many manual and power tools available can lead to a lucrative payout.


When an appliance goes out, a home improvement store is one of the first places people turn to for replacement.

Lowe’s offers every type of appliance available and the newest models and features.

Additionally, they allow customers to purchase these items online and schedule delivery.

Outdoor Furniture

As the weather warms up, so does the need for patio furniture.

If you are looking for product options to promote on your webpage for passive income, consider the inclusion of furniture.

The high price point will translate into a large commission with each affiliate sale.


Lowe’s is one of the top places to go when looking for a new ceiling fan, lighting fixture, garage door opener, or even security system.

The number of products they have available to help your house become a home is endless.

If you have content that incorporates design elements or technology, it may be worth linking to some of the many fixtures available on Lowe’s website.


On Lowe’s website, you’ll notice that they offer items that many consider decorative.

These products include curtains, rugs, and blinds. You can even custom order blinds to fit your windows and functionality.

Many believe these items are necessary for a home and purchase them regularly. Therefore, they are a top contender for commission earnings.

Other Things You Can Promote With This Program

Although the items above are some of the top promotion options for affiliates, this doesn’t mean other products aren’t available.

Whether it’s an air conditioner, snow blower, paint brushes, welcome mats, Christmas decorations, garden accessories, or even electrical equipment, the opportunities to earn are endless.

What Products Are Excluded From the Lowe’s Affiliate Program?

While many options are available for you to link to your website to earn a commission, some products are off-limits and not subject to compensation.

These items typically include the sale of gift cards and lumber but may expand to others in the future.

How Much Do Lowe’s Affiliates Make?

The amount you can make as a member of the Lowe’s affiliate program will drastically vary due to critical elements.

These items include the size of your audience and the consistency in which you post.

Additionally, they include the amount of traffic that visits your site.

Lowe’s Affiliate Program Commission Rates

A standard commission rate applies to all company products across the board.

For all eligible items sold through an affiliate link, the corresponding member will receive 2% in earnings.

However, if a sale includes gift cards or lumber, those items will come with a 0% commission.

How Long Does the Lowe’s Cookie Last?

The Lowe’s affiliate program has one primary downfall.

The cookie duration that comes with a link click has a limit of just 24 hours.

Additionally, the program operates on the last click performance.

Therefore, if a visitor clicks on your link but navigates away from the page, only to return later via a different affiliate URL, you will not earn commission from the sale.

How Do You Get Paid From Lowe’s?

The Lowe’s affiliate program undergoes management by a third-party network company called Impact.

When you receive your payment from the network, you can opt to get it through direct deposit or a check.

It’s essential to note that if you choose to have a check sent, the length of time to receive your payment will be longer.

When Does Lowe’s Pay Affiliates?

Payment terms for the Lowe’s affiliate program operate on a two-month basis.

Therefore, you can expect your commission to be available for withdrawal two months after the purchase finalizes.

What Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Are Available?

When you receive approval to be part of Lowe’s affiliate program through Impact, you are privy to various marketing tools and learning resources.

The dashboard you see when you log in to your account will help you analyze your commission earnings and the number of link clicks that have taken place over time.

Additionally, you get access to customer service support that can help you through any challenging spots as you establish yourself in the program.

While there isn’t a dedicated manager assigned, you can receive support anytime from the Impact team.

Who Should Join the Lowe’s Affiliate Program?

Many diverse niches can tie their content into the products available through the Lowe’s affiliate program.

Some of the top creators that stand to earn the most include the following.


With the many directions bloggers can take for their content, tailoring it to home improvement or DIY is an easy path.

One area that has seen a significant amount of success is dad bloggers.

Dad bloggers make a great referral partner, and their content makes it easy to sell Lowe’s products and services.

Small Businesses

While it may seem counterproductive to link to an outside company’s products, it can be a financially sound option.

For instance, if you specialize in interior design, you may include content for small DIY projects on your website and link to Lowe’s website for the materials readers need.

This way, you will earn a kickback if they purchase the items.


The earning potential when linking affiliate URLs can be significant for those with a considerable number of followers or subscribers on their social media profiles.

When an audience is prominent in size, many people take suggestions and recommendations that creators post to heart.

This confidence easily converts to a sizeable commission.

Is the Lowe’s Affiliate Program Worth It?

There are various pros and cons when representing Lowe’s corporation as a member of its affiliate program.

While there are several benefits for publishers, some elements leave much to be desired.

Pros of the Lowe’s Affiliate Program

Having the opportunity to earn passive income is something that all content creators hope to have someday.

Thankfully, the Lowe’s affiliate program offers ample opportunities that benefit those in the industry.

  • Number of Products: Whereas some affiliate programs only offer commission for a select few items, Lowe’s allows affiliate members to earn on anything online as long as it isn’t gift cards or lumber.
  • Easy Commission Terms: While some programs have different commission rates for various products, Lowe’s offers a set 2% across the board. This layout provides less confusion on earnings.
  • Low Payment Threshold: If you opt for direct deposit when withdrawing your earnings, you only need to have $50 available. If you choose a check, it must be at least $100 at a minimum for withdrawal.
  • Recurring Payments: With the help of the third-party network that manages Lowe’s affiliate program, members receive their payments in a timely manner. While this is often standard, there are many programs that fluctuate regarding payments.
  • Resources: As a member of the program, you are given access to many marketing tools and learning resources to build up your content. Not all affiliate programs offer perks like this, and the addition of these materials is highly beneficial.

Cons of the Lowe’s Affiliate Program

While there are many benefits that come with being a member of the Lowe’s affiliate program, there are also some features that aren’t quite up to par.

  • Limited Cookies: When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, your information is only saved in the database for 24 hours. This length is well below the industry average and can severely limit the number of sales you can make.
  • Last Click: In addition to the short cookie duration, if a customer leaves the page and comes back via a different affiliate URL, you will not earn a commission on any purchases made.
  • Payment Methods: When you withdraw your earnings, you can only choose from two options – direct deposit and check. While circumstances may change in the future to offer more options, the third-party network that operates the program currently only has these two possibilities for payment.
  • No Dedicated Manager: While you are privy to many resources to up your affiliate game, you don’t receive a dedicated manager. Not all programs offer this, but some of the higher-end plans provide it to members.
  • Item Restrictions: Although many products are available for commission, two significant areas aren’t included – gift cards and lumber. While this may not seem like a big deal, these are two products that are most commonly purchased in a home improvement store.

Conclusion: Is the Lowe’s Affiliate Program Worth It?

For some content creators, the commission given in return for a successful sale is worth it.

This conclusion is especially so when the niche revolves around interior design or home improvement.

However, many find the commission rate too low and not worth the extra work required.

How To Join the Lowe’s Affiliate Program

If you think that the Lowe’s affiliate program is a good fit for your content, you can apply through the Impact network website.

While they require several different types of information, the process is streamlined and involves only a few steps.

Requirements To Join the Lowe’s Affiliate Program

For those who have an interest in joining the Lowe’s affiliate program, the company requests that you have the following in place:

  • A high-quality US-based website with qualified traffic numbers.
  • Affiliates that use and understand the fundamentals of loyalty shopping, email marketing, and promotional content principles.
  • Websites with a home improvement focus have a preference in the program.

While the requirements focus on websites, it is possible to be an affiliate program member with social media.

If you have a significant audience or follower count and content that speaks to DIY or for bloggers who review products, you can also apply for Lowe’s affiliate program.

How To Apply [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

When it comes time to apply for Lowe’s affiliate program, there are a few simple steps to fulfill.

You’ll notice that there are two different types of applications. One is specific to the affiliate network, while the other is for inclusion in the Lowe’s affiliate program.

  1. Navigate to the affiliate network website
  2. Apply for approval with Impact
  3. Upon notification of acceptance, navigate to the affiliate program page within the network
  4. Apply for Lowe’s affiliate program by including all pertinent information
  5. Wait for notification of approval for the affiliate program

You must include all relevant and required information when filling out both applications.

If you are missing data, the issue may delay your application approval.

Additionally, you may experience immediate denial from the program due to withholding pertinent information from your application.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved for the Lowe’s Affiliate Program?

Typically those who apply for an affiliate program through Impact will receive notification for approval within a few weeks.

However, a unique element for Lowe’s is that the company itself reviews all applications for inclusion in the program.

Therefore, the time for approval is slightly extended to account for the additional review.

Does Lowe’s Support the Affiliate Program?

While the third-party affiliate network Impact manages the day-to-day operations and applications for the program, Lowe’s is not entirely hands-off in the process.

Although they don’t offer customer support, they review all applications as they come through and approve them in conjunction with Impact.

How To Make Money With the Lowe’s Affiliate Program

With the massive amount of products available for commission, many find it easy to make money with the Lowe’s affiliate program.

Here are a few additional tips for establishing yourself in the program and industry.

  • Tip for Success – Regularly Post Content: To keep your online presence relevant, it’s vital to publish content on your website and social media on a routine basis. However, do not saturate your website with content, as it will decrease the quality of your work and give the appearance of a scam.
  • Tip for Success – Use the Tools: When your affiliate program offers resources for your development, it’s critical to make use of them. Lowe’s offers various affiliate marketing tools for member use. These resources are highly beneficial to members.
  • Tip To Avoid – Spamming: While it’s essential to post content regularly, you don’t want to include too many affiliate links. This tactic can mark your website as spam, and you’ll see a reduction in views. Less traffic equates to minimal commission earnings, which you want to avoid.
  • Tip To Avoid – Non-Disclosure: There are legal obligations that come with affiliate marketing. It’s of the utmost importance to include an affiliate disclosure within your content to avoid ramifications in the future. Remember that you can come up against legal charges if you don’t abide by the appropriate guidelines.

Alternatives to the Lowe’s Affiliate Program

If you don’t meet the requirements for Lowe’s affiliate program, there are ample opportunities within other companies.

We list some of the top options below for you to review.

  • The Home Depot Affiliate Program: With many similarities, the Home Depot affiliate program offers comparable products to those in the Lowe’s plan. However, the commission rate structure has a few differences. Regardless, this option may be a better fit for creators than Lowe’s affiliate program.
  • Ikea Affiliate Program: As a company, Ikea offers a unique style of home furnishings. While there aren’t as many stores available worldwide as you expect from places like Lowe’s and Home Depot, there is a good Ikea affiliate program. Publishers can earn from an extensive list of eligible products.
  • Home Decor Affiliate Programs: Content creators who focus on home decor rather than home improvement don’t feel like all hope is lost. If Lowe’s isn’t the type of program you are looking for, other options are available. Check out the extensive list of home decor affiliate programs that many companies offer to creators.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the best fit when it comes to affiliate programs can be a challenge.

There are many questions that potential publishers have with answers that aren’t readily available.

Below we respond to some of the top inquiries we receive on the topic.

Who runs the Lowe’s affiliate program?

While Lowe’s has a hand in the application approval process, most of the program management resides with Impact.

Impact manages many top corporations’ affiliate programs as a third-party affiliate network.

Therefore, if you become an Impact affiliate member, you can access many high-paying affiliate programs.

Does Ace Hardware have an affiliate program?

In addition to the programs we list in this article, Ace Hardware also offers its own affiliate plan.

The products differ from what you get at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

However, various tools and materials exist for whatever projects you may detail in your content.

Wrapping Up

There are many benefits to participating in an affiliate program.

For those who have content that is rich in the subject of home improvement, do it yourself, or interior design, having a passive income option that caters to those topics can prove lucrative in just a short time.

The Lowe’s affiliate program allows you to promote whatever products are on their company website, outside of lumber and gift cards.

Additionally, you earn a flat commission percentage on all items that you sell, regardless of what department they are part of in the store.

Many publishers have succeeded with Lowe’s affiliate program, but it’s not for everyone.

Are you a member?

How has your experience been since joining?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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