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By: | Updated: September 28, 2020

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Whether you’re a small-time influencer with only a few hundred readers, or you’re a blogger getting millions of readers on your website a day, there will be the opportunity for you to make money blogging.

Whilst some people who have a blog make it their full-time job, others use the income they get from it as a little bit of extra cash to buy luxuries with. For a quite a few years people have been making money from their blogs in various ways. However, there are now more methods than ever that people can use to successfully make money from their blog.

For some people, blogging is simply a hobby and their blog doesn’t follow any sort of theme. For those who want to make a consistent income, it’s better for the blog to have a clear theme and niche.

Making money blogging isn’t as hard as you may initially think, and a lot more people make money from it than you may realize. It’s all about taking the time to learn about the methods you can try to make your blog profitable.

If you wanting to blog about your opinions and feelings in a personal way by sharing your experiences and memories, then you will find it harder to make money from your blog. However, if your blog is more focused on your hobbies and interests then you could possibly make some money.

We’ve got some top tips throughout this guide to help you build up a blog that will not only get amazing traffic but will allow you to make money from it too. We’ll also be sharing how to start a successful blog and the various methods you can use to make money.

Not everyone is a good writer, but if you are, why not put it to good use and make money from it? There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there making a lot of money from writing articles. If you want that to be you, you just need to take the necessary steps.

Blogging as a Source of Income

Most of the time, the income you earn from your blog depends on the amount of monthly/weekly readers you have. Depending on how you make the money, it could also vary month to month.

Those who use blogging as their main source of income tend to have a thousand or more readers every week. There are many people who get thousands of pageviews on their blog every day, and those are the ones making the big bucks.

To start earning an income, we would recommend working on your content and also targeting a certain audience in order to grow your readership. For example, if you regularly blog about mom and family topics, then most of your articles should center around this topic. This is the key to a successful and profitable blog: a regular audience and topics that people enjoy.

Becoming a full-time blogger who makes money purely from writing articles on their site you must have two things: a good social media presence where you can promote your blog articles and an interesting topic to write about.

Before we start recommending you leave your full-time job, there are many measures you can take to grow your following and improve your writing. That could mean taking courses on how to write engaging articles or maybe trying to research viral trends that will get you more website views.

If you’re serious about having your blog as a source of income or want to do it as your full-time job then you’re going to have to be one of the best in the business.

It is also important to think about how you’re going to concentrate on making your blog better, even if you aren’t initially making a lot of money from it. Over time, the blog will start making money naturally, but the first few months won’t be easy and it will take a lot of effort for things to start to come together.

Eventually, the money will become like a full-time wage, but before then you may have to work part-time or freelance as you work on growing the readership of your blog. You should commit to regularly posting quality content on your blog.

Some people are lucky in that one or two of their blog articles go viral, and they get followers and readers from that. For others it takes years to get a good amount of readers on their platform.

Starting a Money-Making Blog

Before you think about making money from your blog, you have to actually have a good blog which is sustainable and can deal with a large amount of traffic. You may have to put some money into getting a website or logo made (if you’re not the creative type), but this is just a small price to pay in order to have a fully-functioning blog with lots of features for your readers.

There are a few key steps (which we will cover below) in order to have a success blog that is ready to implement money-making methods. Building up some content and having a good number of posts is always a good start before you try to make money on the blog as you want people to realize it’s interesting and that there is plenty for them to read if they wish to come back in the future.

Research the best platforms to start a blog on

If you don’t want to pay a huge amount of cash for a custom-built website which you can post your blog articles on, you will need to use a ready-made platform and design or install a theme yourself.

WordPress and Blogger are the top-rated blogging platforms, and both sites allow the user to create a custom website that is unique to them. There are many plug-ins for WordPress which allow users to track their readers and see which posts on their website are the most popular. This is useful as it gives you an idea for the kind of content that people want to read.

These plug-ins also give you some insight into the days and times when readers are most active on the website, meaning you can know when you’ll get more traffic and the best times to post new articles on your website.

Blogger is similar in the way it allows the user to know the number of active and inactive users on their blog, as well as seeing where their readers are coming from. If you concentrate your advertising on Facebook but most of your traffic is coming from Twitter or Instagram, then this may give more of an insight into how you should spend your promotion budget.

By researching the best platforms and learning more about what they all offer, you will be able to see which one suits your needs best and which one will work for the style of blog you’re setting up.

Create an account and set it up to how you want it

Again, this is all dependent on what platform you use as some are paid whilst others are free. If you’re planning on making an income-generating blog, then you will want it to look professional and work really well.

What a lot of people do is to start a blog on a free blogging platform at first and then get a new custom-made website later on. A lot of platforms also have paid themes which cost anything from $10 to over $150+ and will make your blog will look a little more unique.

If you get a free version of any platform, the blog will probably have limited features. Creating an account is mostly free though, so even if you want to have a look at the different features each platform provides, you can sign up to a few different websites then decide which one is your favorite.

Plan your content and know what your audience wants to read

Being organized is the key to a successful career in blogging. You always want to know what you’ll be uploading and writing for a least the next month. Ideally, you want to have all your posts written a month in advance then scheduled to upload for the next month. Being ahead will allow you to relax and not always worry about your content going up on time.

Planning your blog posts will also ensure that you stick to the topics and theme you originally planned. If you start to write last-minute articles, they can often become unnecessary and deviate from what you originally wanted to say.

Even if you don’t write your articles a whole month or week in advance, make sure you do research and plan the key things you’ll be writing about for that week before you start writing any posts. Making an Excel or Word document may help you to stay focused and feel more organized.

Start posting engaging content and find reader

Half of having your own blog and being a full-time blogger is posting engaging content and growing your audience all the time. By adhering to what your readers want, you will naturally grow the readership as people tend to share things with others when they know they’ll like the content too.

Being active on social media will also allow your audience to grow. If you share your blog articles on your platforms, they are more likely to get shared all over social media.

In turn, this will positively benefit the number of people who read your blog, even if it is just for one post. Trending or viral topics are often good to write about too as they’re relevant and a lot of people are talking about them.

Share on your personal social platforms and ask people to share your posts

Like we talked about before, sharing your blog link and blog articles on your social media is great if you want more regular readers. Getting your immediate family and friends to share your posts will also guide people from all different backgrounds to your site.

The more your blog articles get shared on social media, the better it is for the exposure of your writing and the website. If you are following any influential people on social media that you are friends with, it could be good to ask them if they’re willing to share your links in order to get even more traffic. The more traffic your blog has, the more money you can make from it.

Start thinking about earning money once you have a regular readership

It is always advised to have a regular audience before you start trying to make money from your blog. Starting off smaller is the key as well, instead of going straight in and trying to make thousands off your blog while you only have a few hundred readers a month, as this isn’t going to work.

Everything may seem slow at first, but you will soon reap the rewards in the long-term. The more effort you put into making your blog the best, the more rewards you’ll find you get in the end.

A regular audience is ideal if you review products using affiliate links (which you can earn money from) on your blog as those you regularly read it will be more likely to click the links and trust your good instincts on a product.

Making money isn’t as hard as it might seem when you have an audience and readership who trust what you think. For example, mega YouTube and blogging stars such as Zoella and Tanya Burr have their millions of followers who read their blog will buy the products and services they recommend as they trust what they say.

Both are millionaires with plenty of money in the bank and although YouTube has provided some of it, they definitely make good money off their websites and blogging.

Ways to Make Money

There are so many ways to make money blogging, and we wouldn’t recommend you try everything at once. If you’re new to the blogging world then you will need to get used to the way things work before you try to make money.

Whilst these methods have worked for people in the past, not everything is going to suit the style of your blog and if you already have an established audience then you don’t want to change your content just to make money. It’s all about trying the different methods and deciding what works best for you.

In addition, if you’re not very technical, you might need to learn more about how to implement some of these methods in addition to reading this. There is so much to learn about each method that it’s simply impossible to put it all in one place!

We’ve put together a small list of the most popular methods you can use to make money off your blog. They do work, but as with lots of things in life you get out what you put in.

You may have heard the term ‘monetization’ before. If you want to make money from your blog then you’ll need to know the best ways to monetize it.

Monetizing your blog basically means earning revenue from it, in any way. This could be anything from various marketing strategies or even having a few ads on the main page.


Affiliate marketing

This is based entirely on performance, and it is one of the best ways to earn an income from your blog. It involves including links to services or products that are offered through an affiliate program (you can sign up to quite a few big ones for free – Amazon has a great one!)

Then, whenever one of your visitors clicks on the link you have provided on your blog and purchases something, you receive a commission.

There are many different affiliate programs to join and depending on which one you use, the rate of commission will be different. It typically ranges from 2% to 10%.

We would suggest only promoting products or services which directly relate to your topic and blog scheme as promoting anything else would seem out of place.

Also, make sure you only add the links naturally in the text. You have to state that there are affiliate links in the blog article, but you don’t want the post to be filled with unwanted promotions for another product or service. Overuse of affiliate links could result in a loss of readers which would mean a loss in earning potential.

Recommended affiliate marketing programs include LinkShare, Amazon Associates and Awin. However, you don’t have to stick with the big names; there are many smaller businesses which offer great affiliate programs.

Email marketing

This is often seen as the best way to make money with your blog. It might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about monetizing your blog but it helps a lot when keeping your readers in the know and up to date with everything that’s happening on your platform.

Whenever you upload a new article or have a new product you can email everyone on your mailing list to get people to visit your site. List building is when you add new subscribers to your email list by enticing readers to put their email into the box.

You can entice them even more by offering the chance to win a gift or money off your products and services. You may find that a lot of retail companies put up a subscribe box in order to get 10% off their clothes.

This is one of the easiest ways to get people coming back to your website and therefore reading more of your blog giving you more money in the long term.

You can also monetize your email campaigns with affiliate links and ads, which gives you even more reason to have a huge subscriber list. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money whilst blogging.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most popular networks around when it comes to ads. They specialize in making ads that are tailored for your audience and you get money based on two different things: impressions and clicks.

AdSense works best for those who are on a self-hosted blog, but it is compatible with blogger and self-hosted WordPress blogs too. However, it doesn’t work with free WordPress blogs.

AdSense pays for both impressions and clicks. Impressions are dependent on page views. The exact amount is different for everyone but normally for every 1,000-page views you get, you will get a set dollar amount (maybe $5).

Payment for clicks happens whenever a visitor clicks on the ads on your site. Whenever they click, you earn a cut of the ad revenue, this is normally a small amount from less than a cent to several dollars.

You can make good money off using Google AdSense, you just have to have the right tools to do it. If you have no idea how to work it then it’s never going to make you much money, but if you do some extensive research on it then you may be able to make it a success.

Sell advertising

You could use a plugin to sell ads directly to others and promote their content. Alternatively, you could contact other bloggers and website owners and agree to show an ad linking to their site.

In the blogging world, the more you connect with others in the industry, the better. It will allow your brand and blog to grow and eventually get huge in the industry.

You can choose to sell an advising space if you get a good amount of traffic or you can start your blogging career by giving it away to others who will direct more traffic your way. There are plugins on WordPress which users can download in order to sell ad space to others for certain prices. Effectively the bigger the ad space, the more expensive that space will be.

Linking to other established blogs will also help generate traffic which is good for blogs that are just starting out. However, selling ads isn’t a hugely profitable market unless you have a big following and people actively want to promote their business or blog on your site.

Selling products

Selling physical products on your blog can be a money-making opportunity if you have a unique idea. You can sell relatively easy products such as notebooks or jewelry, or if you’re slightly more creative you can make your own products or personalize them for everyone who buys one.

A lot of blogging sites sell unique gifts that people love. This may be a niche market but if you have the right audience and readership who will buy your products then why not try selling some physical products.

If your blog starts to get big though, you may need to hire someone to be in charge of distributing and managing the products on the website as it can be a stressful and time-consuming task.

Selling products is a great way to make a lot of money though, especially if you’re creative and you’re making gifts to sell as the profit margins can be very high.

Sell services or courses

Selling services or courses to others on your website and blog could be another way to make a lot of money. If you specialize in a certain area of expertise and feel as though you could teach it to others for a price, then selling your services may be the way to take your blog to a new level.

You may want to do it all online, such as with e-courses or online consulting, or you could offer services in your local area/city. People may want to take one-to-one lessons if you’re selling a service such as photography, but if it’s something like web design or writing then you can always do them online.

If you are able to sell these services online and teach them online too, then this opens up your services to anyone who wants them, no matter where they are in the world. People really respect those who have particular talents and skills, which means the number of people buying your services could be very large.

Try to ensure that the services or courses you sell match the brand of your blog as that will make them much easier to sell.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored blog posts are one of the best ways to make money when your blog is getting a lot of traffic. The more traffic you get on your blog, the more money you can charge companies for sponsored blog posts on your website.

While some may ask if receiving products is enough to sponsor certain posts, if you have a large audience you can request payment of any kind. Bigger brands are more likely to pay more if they know that your influence in the blogging community is large and that your audience trusts your opinion on certain products.

There are so many brands that will choose to do sponsored blog posts as well as sponsored social media posts, and that could eventually add up to a decent amount of money. Sponsored posts are probably the biggest money-making opportunity for bloggers with a following as they have the potential to charge huge brands a lot of money.

Big bloggers with a few thousand followers can get up to $100 for one sponsored post, while those who have millions of readers can get $5,000 per sponsored post or even more. The amount of money you can get from a sponsored post is all down the amount of traffic you get on your site.

For those of you who are just starting out and building up their brand image, it may be slow but once you have a good number of readers on your blog, you will be able to charge brands the big bucks.

Write reviews

This is similar to sponsored posts, but instead of brands contacting you in order to write a sponsored post, you can go on different sites such as PayPerPost or SponsoredReviews to apply to write reviews for brands.

This is often paid, and brands will normally have a budget they want to pay their reviewers. You are able to bid for reviews depending on how much you’re willing to go down to.

Some brands may have a $20 budget whilst others may have a bigger one. Bear in mind that other bloggers will be your competition, so be realistic when you’re bidding for reviews.

Also ensure that whatever you decide to review something on your blog, it fits in with your theme as you want to keep your readers engaged and interested.

In reviews and sponsored posts, you can also use affiliate links if you’re part of an affiliate program, so you could eventually earn even more money than you initially thought!

Offer freelance services

There are various freelance projects you can get involved with when you’re writing a blog. If you’re a talented writer and brands or businesses notice this, they could ask you to do some writing for their website.

This is a great way to make some money as well as monetizing your blog and making money from that. It can also lead to more freelance jobs and eventually even a full-time job at some point.

Your blog is a great way to get your writing skills out there for people to see them, and acts as a portfolio if you want to make a name for yourself as a writer. Some companies and businesses will want blog articles for their own websites in order to promote their services or products and if you apply to do this you can use your blog as evidence as your past work.

It’s best to try writing for a company in an industry related to your blog. For example, if your blog is about cleaning you could write for a cleaning company, or if it’s about beauty you could write for a makeup business.

Tips for Developing Your Social Media Image

A big part of making money through your blog is having a big social media presence and knowing how to grow it. If you’re able to present yourself to a big following on your social media then you will be able to grow your blog and in turn, make more money from it.

Just having social media accounts will not get your blog out there to the world; you must share your blog links on the platforms and get them shared as much as possible. Here are a few tips for developing your social media image:

Use hashtags

On social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter where hashtags are popular, this will allow your links and posts to reach more people. If you use relevant and interesting hashtags then you will more likely get a bigger readership from it too.

Hashtags are great if you want to show off your work to a specific group of people. For example, if have written a review on the latest mascara (including affiliate links) you could share it on Twitter and use hashtags like #beauty, #makeup and so on, which will mean that more people see your post.

Make the most of your social presence

Ensuring all your biographies and profiles on social media are up to date and posting regularly are essential for a successful career in blogging. If your social media presence is big, it is more likely that your posts will reach more people.

If you have a logo and URL then add them to your social media profiles too to make sure that anyone who visits them can easily get onto your blog and find out more if they wish.

Stay up to date with relevant trends

It’s always good to blog about what everyone else is talking about, but it’s even better if you get involved by posting on your social media platforms. We wouldn’t recommend being controversial in what you post but talking about trends and getting other people commenting on your blog links will really spread the word about your writing.

Trends will always be the best conversation starter on your blog posts and writing posts about them on social media will really add something to your platforms.

Try new social media platforms

Most bloggers have a profile on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. However, there are some very good platforms such as Pinterest and Blogger that attract an audience and get even more social shares meaning your blog link will reach more people from different backgrounds. If you want to grow your social following then joining more platforms definitely helps.

Make your own unique hashtag

If your blog has a certain series of blog posts or a specific name then you can create a unique hashtag that all of your readers and followers can search for if they’re ever on social media. This will also allow your followers and readers to connect with each other and speak if they’re ever both hash-tagging together.

It’s also a great way to interact with your readers as you blog grows bigger – there may be a time when you can’t read all the comments on your blog posts or on your social channels so it would be great to make a unique hashtag so that people can use that in association with you.

Making your blog a platform where people can come together and feel like part of a community is essential if you want to build a good brand image. From the point of view of a marketer, you need to take all the possible measures in order to make your blog stand out from others to be truly successful.

Having a successful and money-making blog isn’t simple and does require a lot of hard work, but it will be repaid with a good readership, a lot of people sharing your work and eventually plenty of money!

Don’t forget to enjoy writing for your blog; you will always seem a lot more interesting if you talk about and review things you love. The most successful people in the blogging industry are those who enjoy what they do and always try their best.

Money is something that will only come to those who wait and work tirelessly in pursuit of their goals. If it has always been your dream to start a blog and make it your career, there has never been a better time to do it.

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