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24+ Makeup Affiliate Programs: Payouts & How To Sign Up 

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Are you thinking about promoting cosmetic and beauty products?

Doing so can give you another source of income, and it helps if you’re up to speed on which programs to join.

This article will delve into some of the best makeup affiliate programs around. We’ll discuss why these programs are excellent options for making affiliate income.

Lastly, we’ll offer helpful tips on how to maximize your potential profits.

An Overview of Makeup Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs or associate programs are partnerships where online merchant websites agree to pay affiliate websites a commission in exchange for the opportunity to send traffic to them.

Affiliate websites will then post links to the merchant site in exchange for payment according to a predetermined agreement.

What Is an Affiliate Program in the Makeup Niche?

Makeup or beauty affiliate programs allow you to promote beauty-related products like makeup, etc., and you’ll receive a commission for the beauty products sold online.

Many options on our list include cosmetic products such as makeup, brushes, skin care creams, serums, eyelash creams, and more.

Makeup affiliate programs typically fall under the beauty umbrella, meaning you could be promoting a variety of items.

What Makes the Makeup Niche Lucrative?

Beauty is a particularly lucrative industry and is stable year-round.

The statistics show that over $170 billion represents the turnover rate for various cosmetics.

The figure above is proof that there is a huge demand for beauty and cosmetic products.

Therefore there’s considerable profit that you can make in this industry.

Quick Reference: List of Makeup Affiliate Programs

After reviewing all of the highest commissions within the industry, what they offer affiliates working for their program, EPCs, and more, we’ve created a list of makeup affiliate programs worth checking out.

Here are the best programs that also offer free samples to allow you to test and review the products, tracking tools, promotional offers, and other perks.

What Is the Highest Paying Makeup Affiliate Program?

The title of the world’s leading wellness and beauty product affiliate program on the internet belongs to Market Health.

It distinguishes itself from other affiliate programs because they boast a carefully crafted selection of skincare and supplement items.

Market Health has more than 200 items available on the market for sale—with such a vast selection, you are sure to find something that’ll appeal to your followers.

Interestingly, Market Health features one of the most profitable commission rates.

It’s possible to earn up to 60 percent commission for every sale in just a window of 30-days.

Additionally, an affiliate with at least 20 referrals can negotiate commission rates.

Other Makeup Affiliate Programs We Suggest

The requirements to be an affiliate are simple; you just need an audience and traffic.

You should note that you don’t need a website for affiliate marketing.

Instead of a website, it can be a blog, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or other social media platforms.

If you can match the product’s contents with your audience, you can maximize your profits.

If you enjoy blogging about beauty or health and wellness topics, consider the following programs.

  1. Sephora Affiliate Program
  2. MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  3. Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program
  4. CHANEL Affiliate Program
  5. Birchbox Affiliate Program
  6. Dermstore Affiliate Program
  7. SkinCeuticals Affiliate Program
  8. BabeBox Affiliate Program
  9. Clarins Affiliate Program
  10. NARS Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  11. Yves Rocher Affiliate Program
  12. BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  13. Juice Beauty Affiliate Program
  14. OLIVE YOUNG Global Affiliate Program
  15. Madison Reed Affiliate Program
  16. Allure Beauty Box Affiliate Program
  17. Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program
  18. BK Beauty Affiliate Program
  19. Avon Affiliate Program
  20. Lash Star Beauty Affiliate Program
  21. Alikay Naturals Affiliate Program
  22. Alpyn Beauty Affiliate Program
  23. Black Opal Affiliate Program
  24. Clean Beauty Affiliate Program

How To Choose the Best Makeup Affiliate Program

There are many choices when picking the best affiliate program for your particular situation.

With numerous considerations, we’ve narrowed it down to the factors that matter most, no matter the niche.

1. Audience Purchase Probability

Does your target audience vibe with the offer closely? Can your audience benefit from the service or product?

Have you taken the time to write down the advantages and disadvantages?

These are the questions you ask before you decide to sign up with a specific affiliate program.

Make sure you’re marketing to an audience with a high likelihood of engaging the links you place on your platform.

This consideration is critical because it drives the success of your participation in the program.

2. Cookie Duration

When reviewing affiliate programs, pay attention to the cookie duration—it determines how long the relationship lasts with the referred users after so many clicks on the affiliate link.

In other words, suppose a company sets the cookie duration at ten days.

If one of your visitors purchases a product before the cookie expires, you’re eligible for commission, but you’ll lose out on the profit if the time expires.

3. Commission Type

Usually, firms will pay affiliates per sale and less frequently for impressions or clicks.

You can receive a flat fee for every sale, such as $20 per sale. Or, you could get a percentage of each sale, such as 20%.

The most beneficial type depends on the affiliate program and the average order value.

There are also CPA marketing and tiered commission rates depending on the number of sales you complete.

The more sales, the higher the commission.

4. Commission Rate

Your commission on every sale is integral when researching makeup affiliate programs since it directly affects your passive income.

On average, the commission rates rest between 5 and 30 percent.

If you’re fortunate enough to find a company with a high commission rate with a company that sells products at a high rate, the potential for high earnings is tremendous.

5. Payouts

Consider the payment methods that the affiliate program allows and how low they’ve set the payment threshold.

You want to choose a program that enables you to get paid through multiple avenues such as checks, direct deposit, wire transfer, Paypal, etc.

Also, if the payment threshold is $100, you might have difficulty getting paid, especially if you’re just starting.

A program with a lower threshold, closer to $20, is better because you can cash out sooner.

24+ Best Makeup Affiliate Programs Programs

Here are the top makeup affiliate programs you can sign up for if you’re promoting topics and products surrounding health, beauty, and wellness.

1. Sephora Affiliate Program

screenshot of the sephora homepage

Since the 1970s, the beauty and cosmetic brand, Sephora, has been operating and found in nearly 3,000 in 35 countries.

Sephora employs an omnichannel marketing approach, allowing the company to dominate the beauty industry.

They are renowned for their propensity to adopt trends early and often, which is an approach that led to Sephora being the first to embrace m-commerce and VR technology.

Products To Promote From Sephora

Sephora specializes in skincare, hair, makeup, fragrance, and many other beauty products.

Additionally, they feature other beauty products from smaller independent producers—this allows the company to be more versatile in its beauty product selection.

Consequently, you’ll find products with Sephora that you won’t find elsewhere, such as eyelash serum, lipstick, eye care cream, concealer, and more.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Aside from the well-known brand that should be easy to sell, Sephora offers a decent commission rate.

A great benefit to choosing Sephora is that you can leverage their free sample and free shipping offers in your advertisements to persuade readers to purchase.

Sephora Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Rakuten/Impact/Sovrn
  • Application Link: https://signup.linkshare.com/publishers/registration/landing
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: Fenty Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Too Faced, Huda Beauty, etc.
  • Commission Rate: Up to 10%
  • EPC: $12.50
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: BR/KR (Rakuten), HK/AS/PH/TH/ID/SG/MY/NZ/AU (Impact), NZ/Global (Sovrn)
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, check, direct deposit
  • Other Notes: No brand restrictions exist so that you can earn a commission on all products. Shipping is free for products up to $50, and free samples complement every order.

2. MAC Cosmetics Affiliate Program

screenshot of the mac cosmetics homepage

MAC is a cosmetics company with high-performance makeup products highly touted in the beauty industry.

They produce makeup products such as eyeshadow, foundation, and lipstick.

MAC offers top-of-the-line products and even seasonal products allowing users to refresh their makeup look every season.

Their ultimate goal is to provide customers with a limitless way to express themselves with the help of their extensive line of products.

Products To Promote From MAC

MAC offers an assortment of products, including all kinds of makeup like face primer, mascara, liquid concealer, matte lipstick, and more.

They also carry brushes designed for professionals and all the beauty tools you need at your disposal.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

By joining that MAC Cosmetics affiliate program, your readers get granted access to an industry-leading makeup company that’s also a household name to boot.

MAC is always spearheading trends while celebrating individuality and diversity for all genders, races, and ages.

They don’t have the highest commission rate, but they’re one of the most recognized brands in the world.

MAC Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: FlexOffers
  • Application Link: https://www.flexoffers.com/affiliate-programs/mac-cosmetics-affiliate-program/
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: MAC
  • Commission Rate: Up to 10%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 7 days
  • Markets: AU/Global (Skimlinks), US/CA (Rakuten), Global (Sovrn)
  • Payment Methods: Check, PayPal, direct deposit, wire transfer
  • Other Notes: MAC cosmetics may have an in-house affiliate program in the future. Currently, the only public program they offer is through Flex Offers.

3. Ulta Beauty Affiliate Program

screenshot of the ulta beauty homepage

Ulta Beauty has grown to be the biggest cosmetic and beauty retailer in the US—with more than 1,200 locations.

Ulta Beauty is in close competition with Sephora as their wide selection of beauty products has created a loyal fan base, and they are even active in the VR world.

Products To Promote From Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty offers skincare, makeup, fragrance, cosmetics, hair care tools, and bath and body products.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Thanks to the fact that they boast a wide variety of products and lenient brand policies makes, Ulta Beauty is easy to promote.

Also, they offer free shipping, gifts, affiliate specials, 2-hour in-store pickup, and more.

It’s a stellar program to join.

The earning potential is exceptional, and the brand has a culture of supply chain transparency, great discounts, and cruelty-free products.

Ulta Beauty Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: impact.com
  • Application Link: https://app.impact.com/campaign-mediapartner-signup/Ulta.brand?execution=e1s1
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics, haircare
  • Brands: Kylie Cosmetics, MAC, Ulta Beauty, Clinique, BaByliss, Redken, etc.
  • Commission Rate: Up to 10%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: US (Skimlinks), Global (Sovrn)
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Other Notes: Dedicated affiliates have access to additional promotions offered by Ulta Beauty’s management team, which include special offers like gifts, coupons, free shipping offers, and more.

4. CHANEL Affiliate Program

screenshot of the chanel homepage

Since its inception in 1910, CHANEL has become one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

They’ve led the way in creating top-of-the-line designer handbags, clothing, accessories, and more.

Products To Promote From CHANEL

CHANEL is renowned for its handbags, clothes, watches, fragrances, eyewear, skincare, and makeup.

Perhaps they’re most famous for the CHANEL Suit and the CHANEL No. 5 perfume.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Since CHANEL happens to be one of the most coveted brands in the world—it had to make our list.

Although prices can get into the range of ten thousand or more for particular items, people are still vying for the position to add a signature CHANEL item to their precious collection.

Even though the commission rate is low, it balances out because of the expensive price tag on the items.

It takes just a little bit of promotion to convince people to purchase something from CHANEL.

CHANEL Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Sovrn
  • Application Link: https://www.viglink.com/merchants/52721/chanel-affiliate-program
  • Service/Product: Fashion, fragrance, cosmetics, clothing
  • Brands: CHANEL
  • Commission Rate: 10%
  • EPC: $0.17
  • Cookie Duration: Unlisted
  • Markets: US
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, direct deposit
  • Other Notes: Remember there’s only the option to apply through a third-party website because there’s no sign-up section on the website.

5. Birchbox Affiliate Program

screenshot of the brichbox homepage

Birchbox is a unique beauty care supplier because it is a monthly beauty subscription service that sends a box with various curated skincare products or makeup samples to customers.

Products To Promote From Birchbox

The products you’d get asked to promote include perfumes, organic-based skincare items, and many other cosmetics.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

The advantage of promoting a subscription service as an affiliate is its versatility.

It can work for small budgets, big budgets, casual users, and seasoned veterans.

Birchbox’s monthly package with great samples is very much appealing to users; this is what makes this affiliate program unique, and it has a high earning potential.

Birchbox Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Rakuten/Sovrn
  • Application Link: https://commerce.sovrn.com/merchants/39218/birchbox-affiliate-program/5618844/us
  • Service/Product: Skincare, fragrance, cosmetics
  • Brands: MAC, Adesse, BBB London, Wander Beauty, Stila, etc.
  • Commission Rate: Up to 7%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 7-30 days
  • Markets: US/UK (Rakuten), FR (Sovrn)
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, direct deposit
  • Other Notes: You receive a payout on 4% of subscription purchases, 12% of Arrow SKUs sales, 4% of subscription purchases, and 5.6% of all other sales.

6. Dermstore Affiliate Program

screenshot of the dermstore homepage

Dermstore is a reputable retailer that sells professional-strength formulated skincare items from top skincare brands.

Through this program, customers will have access to products that are only available to dermatologists.

This product line is for you if you want to feature specialty products backed by science on your site.

Products To Promote From Dermstore

You’ll have the opportunity to promote reliable makeup, beauty, and skincare products such as ache cream, cleansing oil, makeup application brushes, body wash, and more.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Dermstore has high-quality products at affordable prices, which will appeal to your customers if they trust your judgment on the best products.

This program has a high commission rate, plus other bonuses to earn more like 2% for return customers or $5 for every item purchased via their Skimlinks network.

Dermstore Affiliate Program

  • Program Host: FlexOffers
  • Application Link: https://www.flexoffers.com/affiliate-programs/dermstore-affiliate-program-2/
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: Stila Cosmetics, Colorescience, Estée Lauder, Jane Iredale, etc.
  • Commission Rate: Up to 15%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: US (CJ), Global (Skimlinks/Sovrn)
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, or Payoneer
  • Other Notes: You can improve your affiliate links with features such as “shop now, pay later,” customer cashback program, and new customer coupon codes.

7. SkinCeuticals Affiliate Program

screenshot of the skineuticals homepage

SkinCeuticals is a skincare company based in the UK with a particular niche in the industry, with longtime customers and professionals who swear by the efficacy of their successful skincare products.

Through years of research, SkinCeuticals has created high-potency formulas, and they have fantastic consumer reviews to attest to their usefulness—this is an excellent option for affiliate marketers.

Products To Promote From SkinCeuticals

The company features the best skincare products for all skin conditions and types.

Here you’ll find some of the best products for aging, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

There’s a simple registration process for affiliates alike.

SkinCeuticals offers exclusive limited offers and branded creatives that you can advertise on your website.

And you will receive advance notifications on product launches and special offers.

SkinCeuticals Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Awin
  • Application Link: https://ui.awin.com/merchant-profile/15728
  • Service/Product: Skincare
  • Brands: SkinCeuticals
  • Commission Rate: Up to 10%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: UK (Awin/Rakuten), US/DE/UK/FR (Skimlinks), Global/Brazil/US/UK (Sovrn)
  • Payment Methods: Unlisted
  • Other Notes: Affiliates are ineligible for payouts until the cookie period ends.

8. Market Health Affiliate Program

screenshot of the market health homepage

Market Health’s vast array of products makes it a lucrative option for affiliate marketers to advertise to their audience.

Their particular niche within the beauty industry is known as cosmeceuticals.

Commissions differ on products between a cost-per-sale model and a cost-per-action model.

However, there are massive opportunities for commission earnings here since this affiliate program has one of the highest EPC rates in the industry.

Products To Promote From Market Health

You get the chance to promote more than 100 offers ranging from natural skin care products to health supplements.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

The company has already been around for over two decades, so the brand is known.

Affiliates also get access to the company’s affiliate program dashboard, where they can keep track of their commission earnings and analytics.

Market Health Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: http://stats.markethealth.com/signup/
  • Service/Product: Health, fitness, beauty
  • Brands: Dermology, Revitol, Provillus
  • Commission Rate: A standard rate of 50% on all products, dependent on whether the product falls within the cost per sale or the cost per action commission category. If a customer uses your affiliate link to order a product and makes another purchase, you will earn recurring commissions on every sale. You can earn up to 60% after 20 successful sales.
  • EPC: $9.85
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Markets: Global (134 authorized countries)
  • Payment Methods: Check, wire transfer, Skrill, Payoneer,
  • Other Notes: The site has various categories listed with their payout rates. Payments occur twice a month on the 1st and the 16th. There is a two-week waiting period for initial earnings.

9. BabeBox Affiliate Program

screenshot of the babebox homepage

BabeBox features products from innovative indies and big brands that are cruelty-free certified.

BabeBox goes above and beyond with their boxes by not merely offering samples but instead sending four to five premium full-sized products with each BabeBox.

Inside the boxes are products valued at more than $80 for as low as $24/month.

For an affiliate marketer, such an asset is pure gold.

Products To Promote From BabeBox

You’ll have the opportunity to promote various cosmetic and makeup products like lip gloss, face masks, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow palettes, and more.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

BabeBox offers regular campaigns and custom promotions to help drive referrals.

It has an affiliate management team with over 15 years of experience at your disposal when you need support.

BabeBox Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Refersion
  • Application Link: https://babebox.refersion.com/affiliate/registration
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: Avant, St. Luxe, Sophia & Mabelle, MCO Beauty
  • Commission Rate: $5 per sale
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: US
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, direct deposit
  • Other Notes: All affiliate marketers can benefit from Babebox’slimited edition products and exclusive offerings within the beauty and makeup industry.

10. Clarins Affiliate Program

screenshot of the clarins homepage

Clarins is a French cosmetics brand that has made a global name for itself in the sector.

They began in the 1950s by creating products made without harsh chemicals, and now they produce cosmetics that are among the most coveted on the market today.

Their products get produced with the safest, most responsible, and most effective sourced ingredients on earth.

Products To Promote From Clarins

Clarins’ particular niche is in makeup and luxury skincare products.

Their best sellers consist of products such as concealers, lipstick, lip gloss, eye makeup lines, and foundations.

Additionally, they sell hydrating body washes, revitalizing serums, and other highly specialized products.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Clarins is a high-profile manufacturer of beauty, skincare, and makeup products.

Typically, people who choose Clarins products become lifelong users of the line.

If you are someone with the right audience, their affiliate program can be pretty valuable to you.

Clarins Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: FlexOffers
  • Application Link: https://www.flexoffers.com/affiliate-programs/clarins-usa-affiliate-program/
  • Service/Product: Skincare, cosmetics
  • Brands: Clarins
  • Commission Rate: Up to 20%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: Up to 7 days
  • Markets: US (Yazing), UK/US/CA/ES/IT (Skimlinks), US/CA (Impact), CA/US/FR/Global (Sovrn)
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, direct deposit
  • Other Notes: They have an appealing rewards program and an eco-friendly design

11. NARS Affiliate Program

screenshot of the nars homepage

NARS‘s humble beginnings began in 1994 with the launch of their twelve lipsticks at Barneys New York.

Immediately, there was a great demand for their assortment of unique colors.

Since then, the brand has grown considerably, and as of late, they’ve begun to offer beauty NFTs for sale.

Apart from the elegant design and rich colors, they offer a host of special offers that customers can sample.

Products To Promote From NARS

NARS boasts high-quality makeup, skincare, and beauty products like concealer, lip gloss, lipstick, lip pencils, facial creams, bronzing powder, blush, and more.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

This affiliate program is for you if you have an audience full of professionals who want to purchase quality products and tools for work in the beauty industry.

NARS is a popular brand in the form industry that’s easy to advertise.

Also, the commission rate for this affiliate program specifically is more than the average commission rate.

NARS Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Sovrn
  • Application Link: https://www.viglink.com/merchants/1220/nars-affiliate-program
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: NARS
  • Commission Rate: Up to 14%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: Up to 30 days
  • Markets: BR/UK/FR (Rakuten), CA/US (Pepperjam), US/MX/TW/KR/BR (Skimlinks), Global (Sovrn)
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, direct deposit
  • Other Notes: The names of some of the products from this company can be a little startling to some and have been controversial in times past. For example, their “Orgasm” Collection might not be for every audience! Be sure you prepare your followers ahead of time on what to expect.

12. Yves Rocher Affiliate Program

screenshot of the yves rocher homepage

Yves Rocher is a cosmetics company that has made a splash in the United States and abroad.

They distinguish themselves from the rest of the companies by using all-natural ingredients in their hair care, skincare, and makeup products to ensure that there are no harsh chemicals.

Thanks to their concerted effort to ensure that they don’t overcharge for their products, their products are accessible to more people.

Products To Promote From Yves Rocher

Yves Rocher has a wide array of quality products at great prices, including face care, body care, hair care, shower gels, anti-aging care, and more.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Yves Rocher already has a broad clientele base thanks to its popularity, making it relatively easy to market.

The brand has an excellent reputation, so you don’t have to waste time convincing your audience to buy these products.

Yves Rocher Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Sovrn
  • Application Link: https://www.viglink.com/merchants/23145/yves-rocher-affiliate-program
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: Yves Rocher
  • Commission Rate: 15% per sale
  • EPC: $44.85
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: US/Global
  • Payment Methods: Check, bank transfer, and Payoneer
  • Other Notes: The website has an excellent seven-day EPC. This factor should make you confident they’ll do a good job converting traffic from your site into sales.

13. BH Cosmetics Affiliate Program

screenshot of the bh cosmetics homepage

BH Cosmetics is an online beauty and cosmetics store that sells high-quality makeup for the face, lips, and eyes.

They have an extensive product catalog with brilliant, beautiful, and bold options at budget-friendly prices.

There are sales on the site regularly that includes a passionate community, detailed makeup guides, and an approach to beauty products that are constantly evolving, which is the main reason for its continued relevance.

Products To Promote From BH Cosmetics

BH Cosmetics products get specially formulated with vegan-friendly ingredients only.

This devotion to the planet and the things in it carries over to their other products, such as liners, brushes, color cosmetics palettes, and even lashes.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

BH Cosmetics is attractive to affiliate marketers.

Each time you refer a successful sale within 60 days, you will earn an 8% commission on that specific order.

Affiliate marketers will also receive access to banners and coupons to promote their products, weekly and monthly consumer promotions, monthly affiliate newsletters, and 24/7 customer service.

BH Cosmetics Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://www.bhcosmetics.com/myreferrals.list 
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: BH Cosmetics
  • Commission Rate: Up to 8%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Markets: Global
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit, wire transfer
  • Other Notes: BH Cosmetics’ target markets are Millennials and Gen Z’ers, with a customer retention rate of 6.46%.

14. Juice Beauty Affiliate Program

screenshot of the juice beauty homepage

Juice Beauty is an up-and-coming makeup and skincare brand that’s totally organic and is currently making its mark on the beauty industry.

They carry signature collections such as Green Apple, Signal Peptides, Stem Cellular, and more, made with 100% all-natural ingredients.

This line of beauty products is both cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Products To Promote From Juice Beauty

When you promote Juice Beauty, you’re promoting powerful and effective products without harmful chemicals and adverse effects on the skin.

They use an organic juice base consisting of grapeseed, algae, essential oils, stem cells, and other pure ingredients.

Some products include overnight serums, body washes, wrinkle moisturizers, anti-aging creams, and more.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

We chose Juice Beauty as a program worth checking out because of the perks.

The company allows you to post links on Juicebeauty.com that direct traffic to your website.

Your customers will get direct and full access to their phenomenal line of beauty products, and you can count on the additional income.

Juice Beauty Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Rakuten
  • Application Link: https://juicebeauty.com/pages/affiliate-program
  • Service/Product: Skincare, cosmetics
  • Brands: Juice Beauty
  • Commission Rate: 6%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: US/CA
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, direct deposit, check
  • Other Notes: While they have an open approval process, there are criteria that you have to meet. You can’t have offensive content up, and you must also have an aesthetically pleasing website or platform.

15. OLIVE YOUNG Global Affiliate Program

screenshot of the olive young homepage

Olive Young is a reputable Korean beauty brand that has garnered worldwide attention.

This particular niche within makeup and beauty focuses on Korean products that are lightweight, non-comedogenic, and produce an almost glass-like finish (Korean staple).

Products To Promote From OLIVE YOUNG

The k-beauty trend centers on skincare, hair care, and beauty products from Korea that are now extremely popular in Western countries.

You get a work of art when you combine western manufacturing techniques with traditional Asian ingredients.

They sell makeup, skincare, supplements, beauty tools, and more.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Korean Beauty has been a hot topic on search engines for the last five years.

Olive Young is well-known in the industry, enabling affiliates to capitalize on the current public interest.

The K Beauty industry is worth over $12 billion a year.

The commission rate can be as high as 10%, which is pretty good for makeup affiliate programs.

OLIVE YOUNG Affiliate Details
  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://global.oliveyoung.com/influencer 
  • Service/Product: Korean beauty
  • Brands: Olive Young
  • Commission Rate: 5-10%
  • EPC: $129.10
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: Global
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Other Notes: You can generate a comfortable revenue from this program, even if it doesn’t have the highest commission. The brand’s popularity alone will self-promote.

16. Madison Reed Affiliate Program

screenshot of the madison reed homepage

Madison Reed is a hair color company based online.

They offer tutorials and detailed steps to help you color your hair at home with the utmost confidence. They promise salon quality results from their ammonia-free dyes and other hair care products.

Products To Promote From Madison Reed

All Madison Reed products get delivered to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

You’ll promote a wide range of hair treatments and products, such as coloring dyes, touch-up powders, hair cleansers, styling tools, toning glazes, and more.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Being a part of one of the highest-paying affiliate programs has significant perks.

You can earn money in multiple ways, like the refer a friend program.

You get $10 for each blogger you refer, and there’s no limit to how many people you can invite.

Additionally, you get $5 for returning customers, and the average order value is at least $40, meaning you get a decent commission almost every time someone visits the site and makes a purchase.

Madison Reed Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: impact.com
  • Application Link: https://app.impact.com/campaign-promo-signup/Madison-Reed.brand?execution=e2s1 
  • Service/Product: Hair care, cosmetics
  • Brands: Madison Reed
  • Commission Rate: Up to $25 per sale
  • EPC: $130+
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: Global
  • Payment Methods: Check, wire transfer, direct deposit
  • Other Notes: You’ll get a free trial of hair dye, promotions and newsletters every two weeks, incentives for sales volume, and more when your application gets approved.

17. Allure Beauty Box Affiliate Program

screenshot of the allure beauty box homepage

The Allure Beauty Box is a highly sought-after cosmetics subscription box that offers customers the best beauty products.

The editors have tested the makeup and vouch for its safety and efficacy.

Subscribers receive a mixture of travel-sized and full products, a mini-magazine that contains editor tips, a gift for new members, and even free shipping.

The box costs between $15-$24 for $50-$100 worth of items.

Products To Promote From Allure Beauty Box

With Allure Beauty Box, you will promote various skin, hair, and wellness products.

They have retinol serums, eye creams, organic body washes, a cleansing masque, nail polish, cheekbone highlighter, and more.

However, more than the products, you’re selling the excitement of getting a new box in the mail each month that could contain anything!

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Promoting an affordable beauty box can be easy, as it allows your customers to sample various products consistently.

You may persuade them to sign up because of the popular brands and cult favorites that the Allure Beauty Box carries.

The affiliate program also allows deep linking and backlinks and plenty of tools for affiliates to use to improve the functionality of their site with the links.

Allure Beauty Box Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Yazing
  • Application Link: https://yazing.com/brand-ambassador-programs/beautybox.allure-influencer 
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: Nécessaire, Zoya, Sigma Beauty, Carbon Theory, etc.
  • Commission Rate: $5 per sale
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: US
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, direct deposit, wire transfer
  • Other Notes: Allure has a good reputation for customer service and reliability, which is an excellent pitch point for your audience.

18. Sigma Beauty Affiliate Program

screenshot of the sigma beauty homepage

Sigma Beauty creates some of the best quality makeup and tools for professional artists and beauty enthusiasts.

All of their brushes and cosmetic products are both cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

The company features a variety of unique collections filled with vibrant colors and high-performing serums and creams.

The name Sigma is synonymous with excellence.

Products To Promote From Sigma Beauty

While initially selling only makeup brushes known for being some of the best in the industry, Sigma has now expanded, and they sell face and body products as well.

You’ll also promote eyeshadow palettes, foundations, cleansing tools, and more.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

We included this company primarily because of its attractive bonuses and commission package.

Aside from the above-average 10% you’ll receive, they also offer 24/7 customer service access.

Sigma provides distinct marketing and content campaigns.

Lastly, they’ll also link you with other influencer networks that can help you and advise you on how to boost earnings and sales.

Allure Beauty Box Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://www.sigmabeauty.com/sigma-pro 
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: Sigma
  • Commission Rate: 10%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: Global
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, direct deposit
  • Other Notes: They offer a two-year warranty on brush care tools and brushes, which is a great way to promote the products.

19. BK Beauty Affiliate Program

screenshot of the bk beauty homepage

BK Beauty is another cosmetic company focusing on a specific niche within makeup and beauty: cruelty-free products.

This brand, created by beauty influencers, appeals to those who want the best for themselves and for their client’s skin.

It’s also the perfect brand for those with sensitive skin.

Aside from being vegan-friendly and free of harsh chemicals, another thing you can count on from BK Beauty is luxury.

The prices are on the high end, but most everyone feels that the quality matches the price tag.

Products To Promote From BK Beauty

The brushes from BK Beauty have the same rich feeling as a product made with real hair.

They also have makeup sponges, brush cleaners, mascara, retinol creams, concealer, and other products that produce a flawless finish.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

When you join the BK Beauty affiliate list, you get access to some of the best makeup tools in the industry and the resources necessary to take your platform to the next level.

They handle all orders, the shopping, and the billing, while you just sit back and earn.

ShareASale, their program host, also offers analytics and tracking tools for your benefit.

BK Beauty Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: ShareASale
  • Application Link: https://shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=93743 
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: BK Beauty
  • Commission Rate: 15% per sale
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: US
  • Payment Methods: Check, Payoneer, direct deposit
  • Other Notes: BK Beauty also donates to a charity with every purchase. It’s an excellent pitching point for your audience.

20. Avon Affiliate Program

screenshot of the avon homepage

More than a century old, Avon has become one of the most well-known companies focusing on beauty.

Throughout North America, Avon is very popular, and they have independent sales reps in Puerto Rico, Canada, and the USA.

Avon is also excellent for those interested in high-quality yet affordable products.

Products To Promote From Avon

Avon, their products are innovative and come at competitive prices.

They sell a vast array of fragrances, body care, skincare, makeup, fashion, and home goods.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

When you have a reputable brand, it’s easier to promote the products.

Their affiliate program also offers ambassadors text links, promotional materials, and exclusive deals.

You’ll get product launch info and other updates on the brand ahead of time and even sneak peeks and samples to share your experience with others.

Avon Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: AWIN
  • Application Link: https://ui.awin.com/merchant-profile/19048 
  • Service/Product: Beauty, fashion, home
  • Brands: Color Cosmetics, Anew, Anew Clinical, Skin So Soft, Avon, etc.
  • Commission Rate: $2-$20 per sale
  • EPC: $34.50
  • Cookie Duration: 30-45 days
  • Markets: US/CA/PR
  • Payment Methods: Avon Wallet Payment Portal, PayPal, check, direct deposit
  • Other Notes: Entry into the affiliate program is competitive.

21. Lash Star Beauty Affiliate Program

screenshot of the lash star beauty homepage

Based in New York, Lash Star Beauty is a company that focuses solely on everything you’ll need to make your eyelashes look amazing.

They are the only brand that features color cosmetics and has found a home within the world of professional artistry.

Products To Promote From Lash Star Beauty

If you’re an affiliate with Lash Star Beauty, you’ll promote cosmetic tools and lengthening mascara.

Additionally, they carry all types of eyelash-enhancing products and growth oils.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Lash Star Beauty is a unique company that offers affordable products for an ever-growing population of women who love to get their eyelashes looking bold, natural, flirty, and so on.

It’s a popular subsection of makeup that’ll be easy to market.

They offer payouts once a month, but the threshold is on the lower end.

That, coupled with a 10% commission, makes us feel it’s worth checking out.

Lash Star Beauty Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: ShareASale
  • Application Link: https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=65781 
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: Lash Star Beauty
  • Commission Rate: 10%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: US
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit, wire transfer, PayPal
  • Other Notes: Many of the items at Lash Star Beauty are less than $40, which is affordable and a fun way for customers to treat themselves and family/friends to products that look and feel amazing.

22. Alikay Naturals Affiliate Program

screenshot of the alikay naturals homepage

When it comes to hair care products made with natural ingredients for men, women, and children with tight curls, Alikay Naturals is amongst the best.

It is a lifestyle and beauty brand that caters to quality and has received numerous awards for its dedication to excellence.

Their products cost a bit more, but they give you everything you need to care for your strands.

Products To Promote From Alikay Naturals

Alikay Naturals have products such as deep conditioners, shampoo curl custards, leave-in conditioners, body butter, and much more.

They carry items that feel luxurious and smell incredible.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

The Alikay Naturals affiliate program is the perfect way for influencers to use their platforms to spread knowledge about hair products designed explicitly for afro-textured hair.

You’ll get free samples, personalized discount codes, perks, and more.

It’s free to join and an excellent way to earn a little extra cash.

Alikay Naturals Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://alikaynaturals.com/pages/alikay-affiliate
  • Service/Product: Hair, baby, body, beauty, lifestyle
  • Brands: Alikay Naturals
  • Commission Rate: 10%
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Markets: Global
  • Payment Methods: Unlisted
  • Other Notes: This brand isn’t commercially well-known, but you will be able to market to people of color looking for particular products for their hair types.

23. Alpyn Beauty Affiliate Program

screenshot of the alpy beauty homepage

Alpyn Beauty is a luxury skincare and cosmetics brand that offers- customers sustainable, environmentally friendly alpine products.

Everything they sell is 100% natural, hailing from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Many people willing to pay higher prices for their products genuinely care about doing their part while looking fabulous.

Products To Promote From Alpyn Beauty

You’re not only hanging your hat on the fact that your audience will enjoy products that you recommend because they trust you, but also, the quality is hard to match.

Alpyn Beauty offers green and clean products like serums, peels, moisturizers, cleansers, and more.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

We already know that the cosmetics industry is booming.

Still, as each generation becomes more and more informed about global warming and environmental damage, there’s a growing concern for safer, more responsibly-sourced goods.

That’s where Alpyn Beauty steps in and is quickly making a name for itself.

It’s a great time to capitalize on the rapidly growing interest.

You get a 25% commission per sale with an extended cookie period.

Alpyn Beauty Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: ShareASale
  • Application Link: https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=87114 
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: Alpyn Beauty
  • Commission Rate: 25% per sale
  • EPC: $110
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Markets: US/Global
  • Payment Methods: Unlisted
  • Other Notes: Since the products are somewhat costly, it might limit the audience you have to market to, but they offer payment plans.

24. Black Opal Affiliate Program

screenshot of the black opal homepage

Black Opal offers color cosmetics and skin care products for women of color.

They desire to represent women of every shade, especially the dark shades that often go overlooked in the cosmetics aisles.

Notable celebrities and print publications like Teen Vogue have praised Black Opal for contributing to the makeup industry.

Products To Promote From Black Opal

Products you’ll promote include foundation, concealers, blush, cleansers, peels, and more for skin shades that run from light to deep.

Their products are high-quality and unique, focusing on skin needs and affordability.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Black Opal made our list because it’s an excellent company that offers resources and tools to drive traffic to your site and help boost conversion rates.

They also have tracking tools and a responsive management team.

You’ll love promoting products that don’t hurt the bank while being highly recognized as effective.

Black Opal Affiliate Details

25. Clean Beauty Edit Affiliate Program

screenshot of the clean beauty homepage

The Clean Beauty Edit is an Irish company that spends countless hours building an emporium centered around beauty and wellness.

They sell sustainable, vegan products from cult brands around the world.

Their mission is to inspire others to seize control of their health and use products that work with your body, not against it.

The mentality at CBE is that each one teaches one.

Products To Promote From Clean Beauty Edit

Taking up the mantle for companies pushing the agenda for healthier, cleaner living, you’re Clean Beauty wants affiliates not afraid to speak up about the importance of organic, vegan products.

You’ll be promoting all-natural, luxurious facial creams and cleansers, foundations, eye masks, and more that deliver results.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

The Clean Beauty Edit made our list because it’s a company that stands for something essential to preserving our planet and bodies.

Healthy, clean products may cost a bit more, but you won’t have to worry about adverse reactions like skin irritation, clogged pores, etc.

Their dedicated customer service team will explain everything you need to know to market their products. Plus, they offer special affiliate deals.

Clean Beauty Edit Affiliate Details

  • Program Host: Refersion
  • Application Link: https://thecleanbeautyedit.refersion.com/ 
  • Service/Product: Cosmetics
  • Brands: The Organic Pharmacy, Innersense Organic Beauty, Olio E Osso, Evolve Organic Beauty, etc.
  • Commission Rate: 8-10% per sale
  • EPC: Unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: US/CA/UK
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Other Notes: This niche brand is easy to market to those who want clean and vegan-friendly products with no harsh ingredients.

Similar Affiliate Programs To Check Out

Here are similar affiliate programs that you might be interested in, with a full breakdown of the benefits you can expect.

  • Fashion Affiliate Program: If you’re into fashion and discuss the latest trends, high-quality clothing and accessories, and more on your platform, consider these fantastic fashion affiliate programs.
  • Fitness Affiliate Program: Staying in shape and being fit is a craze that’s taking over, in a good way! For fitness enthusiasts who love sharing their knowledge and tips with others, it might be worth collaborating with fitness affiliate programs that allow you to earn while promoting a niche you enjoy.
  • Pet Affiliate Program: Got a pet or two that you love taking care of and showing off to the world? Well, there are pet affiliate programs out there that can not only drive more traffic to your site but can provide extra income as well.

How To Promote Products in the Makeup Niche

Though makeup is a popular niche that’s easy to market, your website, platform, or whatever channel you may be using won’t market itself.

You’ll need to identify a few of the most effective techniques for reaching a specific audience.

Check out these marketing ideas for a beauty blog:

YouTube Marketing

People love purchasing products when they can see the product, see you using it, and see your results.

There’s an openness, and the transparency usually gets bloggers more traffic and willing customers.

They get to see how to use the cosmetics, and then they can decide after watching the video to click the link and try it for themselves.

Email Marketing

After your audience starts to grow, you can.

Easily set up an email marketing campaign where you develop the mailing list and then set up notifications about new products and reviews, and so on.

This tactic encourages buyers to continue doing business through your site and get regular updates about sales, promotions, and discounts.

Social Media Marketing

We all know that social media is booming. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, etc., constantly show us ads for different products and convince us that we need them.

You can reach your target audience by using your account to promote these items and direct people to your blog site.

Examples From the Top: Leaders in the Makeup Niche

Here are a few of the best beauty blogs around that have millions of followers because they’re reliable and do a great job of marketing their beauty brands:

Who Is the Number One Affiliate in the Makeup Niche?

Huda Kattan is currently the top-earning makeup affiliate.

She promotes her Huda Beauty brand and partners with other notable makeup brands, such as Sephora.

View this profile on Instagram

HUDA BEAUTY (@hudabeauty) • Instagram photos and videos

She has nearly 50 million followers on Instagram who trust her cosmetics industry expertise.

Her estimated earnings are around $2 million per year between her sales from Huda Beauty and her affiliate commissions.

Other Examples of Websites Dominating the Makeup Niche

Here are a few other popular influencers currently receiving high earnings as beauty ambassadors:

Nyane Lebajoa

For all things makeup, fashion, and wigs, Nyane is amongst the top beauty influencers in this niche.

Lebajoa has nearly two million followers on Instagram and YouTube.

She lived in the UK for most of her life but has roots in Lesotho in Africa.

She works with many companies as an affiliate, such as NYX Cosmetics.

Nabela Noor

Nabela has around 1.7 million followers on Instagram, for a good reason.

Noor promotes diversity and how to apply makeup to any skin shade properly.

She has a lifestyle brand called Zeba, but she also uses her social media platforms to collaborate with Sephora, NARS Cosmetics, and others.

Em Ford

Em is an influential beauty influencer who began blogging through Instagram and YouTube about how she deals with having severe acne and which products she uses.

She has amassed around one million followers, and her audience continues growing.

She’s a brand ambassador for Olay UK.

Tips for Promoting Makeup Affiliate Programs

Check out these dos and don’ts that could have a massive impact on how successful your affiliate marketing is with your target audience.

1. Use Affiliate Marketing Tools

Using affiliate marketing tools such as reporting and sales trackers to help you see which links perform best, the design tools to help reconstruct your blog site aesthetically, and even your earnings per click.

These tools will assist you with getting the most from the affiliate program.

2. Full Disclosure

None of the people that visit your site want to feel like you’re just interested in getting a quick buck or like you’re trying to dupe them.

Place an affiliate disclosure at the top of the screen, letting them know that you may receive a commission should they use the links on your site to make a purchase.

They’ll know what’s going on up front and will likely be more willing to help you.

3. Too Many Links

Don’t sign up for too many companies at once, making your page look cluttered.

Try one or two companies first to see how it goes and what’s the best strategy you’ve found for affiliate marketing.

Once you develop a rhythm and have seen results, decide how you want to proceed with your audience and if they enjoy being brand loyalists.

4. Inconsistent Promoting

When promoting your affiliate links, ensure you’re consistent and have a well-thought-out strategy.

Don’t skip weeks or get lazy during the process, as this could hinder your success.

Stay consistent, and remember to tailor your promotional efforts to the audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the responses to commonly asked questions concerning makeup affiliate programs and selecting the best one available.

vector graphic showing makeup affiliate programs

Does MAC Cosmetics have an affiliate program?

MAC’s affiliate program offers a standard commission rate of 10%.

The brand’s popularity means you have a better chance of attracting customers and don’t have to work hard to promote their products.

Joining their affiliate program is simple and free, and you can begin earning money immediately.

Does Sephora have an API?

Yes, messenger API for Instagram allowed companies like Sephora to utilize the Khoros platform to foster better customer service.

Using Khoros’s technical tools and automation, beauty retailers can redirect client queries received via comments, Instagram direct messages, and story mentions to team members with the appropriate expertise.

Wrapping Up

Becoming an ambassador for any of the makeup affiliate programs on the list can boost your site traffic and serve as a decent passive income stream.

If you are passionate about the beauty niche and want to become an affiliate, check out the programs listed today!

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