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Rakuten Affiliate Program: How It Works, Payment Details & More

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Rakuten Group, Inc. is an electronic commerce and online retailing company.

Hiroshi Mikitani founded the company in Tokyo, Japan in 1997.

Rakuten created the Rakuten affiliate program to help brands connect with their customers.

By using Rakuken’s global media properties, advertisers and brands can gain a more far-reaching audience.

Rakuten Affiliate Program at a Glance

There are a lot of benefits for shoppers when using Rakuten.

However, many more come with being a member of the Rakuten affiliate program.

We highlight these reasons below for your review.

  • Cost Per Action (CPA): Yes
  • Commission Rate: Varies depending on which program you apply for
  • Cookie Duration: Varies depending on which program you apply for
  • Payment Payout Threshold: $50
  • Payment Options: PayPal, direct deposit, or check

Does Rakuten Have an Affiliate Program?

The Rakuten company houses an entire affiliate network.

Therefore, you can sign on to be a member of their platform and take advantage of the numerous high-paying affiliate programs available through other companies that also reside within the Rakuten network.

What Is the Rakuten Affiliate Program?

The Rakuten affiliate program is a network of many prominent companies represented by Rakuten.

Through an agreement between Rakuten and the company, the designated affiliate program obtains management within this particular network, and Rakuten staff performs all administrative functions.

How Does the Rakuten Affiliate Program Work?

Companies can sign up to be represented by the Rakuten affiliate program through their website.

You’ll find a surplus of benefits when signing up with Rakuten.

You will have ample learning resources and marketing tools and enjoy the multiple payment methods, diverse company platforms, and personal dashboards.

However, there are some downfalls to the program.

These primarily include delays in payment, an aging interface, and limitations in the type of information you can find on each program before network approval.

Is the Rakuten Affiliate Program Free?

If you are interested in signing up to be an affiliate through the Rakuten program, you can rest assured that the network won’t charge you a sign-up fee or initiation charge.

The Rakuten network is free for publishers who want to participate.

What Products Can You Promote for the Rakuten Affiliate Program?

With the Rakuten affiliate program being a network of top companies, you have opportunities to promote various product lines and corporations.

There are new options that come available throughout the year.

However, some of the most popular company programs are listed below.


As a well-known company that has been around for many years, Macy’s offers a wide variety of products on its website.

When you join this program through the Rakuten network, you can promote their fashion merchandise, household goods, toys, fine china, and more.

JetBlue Airways

Many airlines have made a name for themselves in the industry.

JetBlue is known as one of the most favorable options for air travel.

If you have content with a focus on travel, being part of the JetBlue Airways commission plan through the Rakuten affiliate program can positively impact your passive income.


We have all seen a surge in ride-sharing applications in the last few years.

They are quickly taking the place of high-priced cab rides and creating a more obtainable way to get around big cities.

You can include this Rakuten affiliate program vendor in many content routes to earn extra commission on your website.


After all these years, the Lego company is still going strong.

Not only that, but they are among the most popular and highly rated toy brands on the market.

If you have a blog that caters to families and children, enrolling in the Lego affiliate program through Rakuten can add to your bottom line over time.


You can’t go anywhere without seeing a Walmart today; its online presence is just as prevalent.

No matter what content you create daily, Walmart will have products suitable to your topic.

Signing up through the Rakuten affiliate program can give you access to earning money with one of the largest companies in the United States.

Other Things You Can Promote With This Program

As a member of the Rakuten affiliate network, you can choose from over 1,000 other programs to participate in, including those listed above.

These companies include Gaiam, Vans, Mountain Warehouse, Wayfair, Wells Fargo, Lancome, Hanna Anderson, Birchbox, Ashley Furniture, and many others!

What Products Are Excluded From the Rakuten Affiliate Program?

The products available for compensation through the Rakuten affiliate program will vary by each company and its specific guidelines.

For some, like Macy’s, the sale of certain designer products may not be available for commission earnings.

However, other retail chains may allow that caveat.

How Much Do Rakuten Affiliates Make?

The amount of money a Rakuten network affiliate can make will depend on various factors.

First and foremost, the amount of traffic that comes to your website will strongly influence the number of sales and link clicks that take place.

Additionally, the company programs that you sign on to through Rakuten will sway how much commission you earn.

Some companies will offer higher rates than others, whereas, at times, you will also make a higher compensation if you participate in bonus opportunities that specific corporations provide to affiliates.

Rakuten Affiliate Program Commission Rates

The commission rate affiliates earn will depend on which program they participate in after signing up with the Rakuten affiliate program.

Once you get a notification of approval into the program, you can then apply to other plans that Rakuten runs.

Those plans will vary in compensation amounts as the exact terms are decided upon between the company and Rakuten.

How Long Does the Rakuten Cookie Last?

One of the most popular questions regarding affiliate programs is the cookie’s duration.

For the Rakuten network, there is no set period. Instead, the length of time is determined at the start.

This decision comes when a company signs up to be represented by Rakuten and is unique to each affiliate program.

How Do You Get Paid From Rakuten?

When it comes time to collect your earnings, you have three options for withdrawing funds from your Rakuten account.

The most utilized option is through direct deposit.

With this route, you designate your bank account information within your Rakuten profile, and the company deposits funds directly into that account.

The other two options available to program participants are PayPal and check.

Using PayPal is a streamlined method that is available to individuals worldwide.

However, opting for a check payment instead of an electronic option will take longer and may require extra approval to deposit at the bank.

When Does Rakuten Pay Affiliates?

All Rakuten programs operate on a Net 60, which means that once a purchase is completed using your affiliate link, you will see payment within 60 days.

However, there have been occurrences where participants saw a delay in payment.

Problems with the transaction can hold up your earnings for a bit longer, depending on the time of year or any possible issues with the order.

What Marketing Materials and Promotional Tools Are Available?

Once you receive notification from the Rakuten affiliate program that you have official membership approval, you will have access to a personal dashboard with a significant amount of resources.

You can track your daily sales and earnings and find multiple marketing resources that help you direct your content to influence a higher level of sales.

For those who work better with one-on-one guidance, you can access expert assistance from digital advertising and marketing professionals.

Who Should Join the Rakuten Affiliate Program?

Due to the massive amount of companies that have enrolled in the Rakuten network, there are no limits to who should consider joining the program.

We list those who benefit most from inclusion in the Rakuten network below.


The internet has seen a sharp increase in bloggers in recent years.

One distinct advantage of running a blog is that you can customize your comment to fit in affiliate links naturally.

For instance, if you run a blog about games, you can expand to include promoting games as a service.

Small Businesses

If you operate a small business, it may seem counter-productive to link to outside sources for sales.

However, this will depend on what you sell personally.

For example, if you are a small business that offers a service, you can choose to be part of a Rakuten affiliate program that sells books that speak about your industry.

You can also include links that sell planners or budget templates if you are in a service like accounting.

Affiliate Websites

If you have a website for the sole purpose of including affiliate marketing links, you can do so as part of the Rakuten affiliate program.

You can tailor your content to include links to specific products or services.

Many do this by writing reviews or writing about why you might need one of the linked products.

Is the Rakuten Affiliate Program Worth It?

With the many directions you can take with your content as a Rakuten affiliate program member, it’s easy to see its benefits.

However, there are a few areas that can improve.

Pros of the Rakuten Affiliate Program

Earning money as an affiliate sometimes seems too good to be true.

This emotion is especially strong when looking at all the perks that the Rakuten affiliate program offers members.

  • Diversity: When you get approval to be in the Rakuten affiliate program, your membership allows you to apply for various plans.
    There are many to choose from within the database, all serving different purposes.
  • Resources: As a network member, Rakuten offers you various tools to increase your marketing potential.
    These resources will help you to become a top affiliate and earn high commissions.
  • Dashboard: You can monitor your activity in real-time with the Rakuten dashboard you receive upon your membership approval.
    This layout helps you to see what links have been performing well and which haven’t.
  • Payment Methods: As a member of the Rakuten affiliate program, you can get your earnings through three different methods.
    You can choose from PayPal, direct deposit, or check.
  • Routine Payments: The turnaround time you experience as a Rakuten affiliate program member is 60 days, which is quicker than most other networks.

Cons of the Rakuten Affiliate Program

While there are many benefits to the Rakuten network, some areas can be improved.

  • Limited Information: You can’t easily view the details associated with the different programs within the network until you receive approval as a Rakuten network member.
  • Varied Rates: It can be hard to understand what commission you earn from a sale because each program has its own rates and terms.
  • Aging Interface: While you can get real-time updates on your earnings via your personal dashboard, the interface desperately needs an update.
  • Automatic Approval: When you receive approval to be a Rakuten affiliate network member, you don’t gain automatic approval to join the other programs.
  • Delayed Payments: While you can typically enjoy regular payments with the Rakuten network, the instances of delayed payments are becoming more prevalent.

Conclusion: Is the Rakuten Affiliate Program Worth It?

The best thing about the Rakuten network is that they have over 1,000 companies they work with and individual affiliate programs for each.

Therefore, even with the few disadvantages of the network, the benefits typically outweigh any issues that arise.

How To Join the Rakuten Affiliate Program

If you have done your research and concluded that being part of the Rakuten network is the best fit for you, then you are ready to move on to the next step.

Continue reading below to find out how to fill out and submit your application for approval.

Requirements To Join the Rakuten Affiliate Program

Before applying for approval to Rakuten, you must ensure that you have met all the requirements for membership.

To be a member of the Rakuten affiliate program, you must have a working website, blog, or social media site.

Your website or profile must also have unique and exciting content to drive visitors to your links.

Lastly, it would be best if you had a business plan you could share with Rakuten that outlines your ideas in the future for your website, blog, or social media profile.

How To Apply [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Now that you have your requirements ready to go, you can move on to the network application phase of the process.

Find out the exact steps for this below.

  • Click “Become a Publisher” on the main page of the website.
  • Fill out all required information.
  • Review the terms and conditions.
  • Submit your application.

Once you receive a welcome email from Rakuten that says your application has been approved for membership, you can log in and start looking for companies to partner with for commission.

Participating in these plans will require a separate approval process, with applications specific to those programs.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved for the Rakuten Affiliate Program?

For many affiliate programs, you can expect a response in just a few business days.

However, the Rakuten network can take up to two weeks to get an answer on whether your application is approved.

This duration may vary depending on the number of applications received or due to holidays.

Does Rakuten Support the Affiliate Program?

While Rakuten doesn’t have its own affiliate program, they manage over 1,000 affiliate plans through its network.

Therefore, the customer support you receive as a member of one of those plans is provided by a direct employee of Rakuten and not from the affiliated company itself.

How To Make Money With the Rakuten Affiliate Program

Making money as an affiliate marketer is easier as you gain more experience.

However, you can incorporate a few things to make the process more streamlined and efficient in the long run.

Tip for Success: Post Frequently

The more content you produce on your blog, website, or social media profile, the more traffic you will get to your affiliate links.

However, this doesn’t mean you should post ad nauseam throughout the day.

Instead, pace your posts steadily and ensure they are high in quality.

Tip for Success: Use the Tools

You gain access to various affiliate marketing tools when you receive approval for membership in the Rakuten affiliate program.

These resources are free to use and implement into your content.

Using these as you compile your content and market your affiliate links is beneficial.

Tip To Avoid: Link Stuffing

When formulating your content and posts, you must make your links appear as natural as possible.

For example, if you include an affiliate link within every sentence of your blog post, it’s more likely to be seen as spam.

This assumption will reduce the amount of traffic you see to your links.

Tip To Avoid: Affiliate Disclosure

While it is tempting to forego the legal requirement of the affiliate disclosure on your website and within your content, you should never bypass this element.

You can face severe legal penalties if they find that you did not include the pertinent information.

Alternatives to the Rakuten Affiliate Program

If you aren’t sure that the Rakuten affiliate program is the best fit for you, plenty of alternatives are available.

For those without a business plan or those still beginning their website, turning to one of the options below may work better for your content.

Amazon Affiliate Program

For those who are just starting out with their blog, website, or social media channel, Amazon is an excellent option for an affiliate program.

They are conducive to those new to affiliate marketing and give ample opportunities to earn the initial commission they require.

Joining the Amazon affiliate program is easy, and approval is quick.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Promoting various freelancing services is more lucrative than many think.

A vast audience is interested in these services, and being part of the Fiverr affiliate program allows you to bank on that need.

Apply for the program today and start including the many services on the Fiverr platform within your content.

SAAS Affiliate Programs

If you find yourself in a specific niche that revolves around software and its benefits, you may be able to branch off in a different direction for affiliate marketing.

Various SAAS affiliate programs can help you earn passive income while cultivating content on the topic.

In addition to the above, considering enrolling in a different affiliate program network may be in your best interest.

While Rakuten is a top choice in the industry, many website owners, bloggers, and social media influencers find success with Shareasale and ClickBank.

You’ll find that each network has its own set of companies they represent, all of which are of various sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even the veteran members of affiliate marketing have a lot of questions about the different programs within the industry.

Therefore, if you are new to the field and looking for information, you aren’t alone.

Below we answer some of the top inquiries on the matter.

Is Rakuten bigger than Amazon?

Even though Rakuten occupies an expansive range of products and services, it has not yet reached the caliber that Amazon enjoys.

However, this statistic can easily change in upcoming years as Rakuten continues to expand.

Is Rakuten affiliate legit?

The Rakuten affiliate program is one of the top options for passive income through affiliate marketing.

As a management network, Rakuten operates affiliate programs for over 1,000 companies worldwide, offering a considerable number of opportunities for publishers of all types.

Wrapping Up

Many people know Rakuten as a cash-back application and don’t understand the depth of services it provides online.

With its many features, the Rakuten affiliate program is a high-quality choice for those looking to expand into affiliate marketing.

Are you considering applying for the Rakuten affiliate program?

Let us know your experience in the comments.

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