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Wix is an affordable and intuitive website builder that stands as one of the best values for the resources they provide for its users. They offer a host of features at a great price point, and even have a customizable enterprise plan for scale.
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  • Restrictive
  • Wix branding if you’re on a free plan
  • Premium plans only work for one site


  • Easy-to-use
  • Powerful web editor
  • Templates
5 /5 User Reviews
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Wix is one of the most straightforward and accessible website builders for people to use.

Freelance writers and small businesses use Wix as an alternative to dedicated web designers and other expensive and time-consuming options.

While Wix does cost a fair bit of money, they offer a fantastic editor, integrations, templates, and SEO tools to help freelance writers and business people.

In this Wix review, I’ll go over all the essentials before you commit to using their platform.

Overview of Wix

Before we get into the full Wix review, you should know some basic information.

Wix is an online web-building platform.

They are one of the most user-friendly web builders on the market and continue to thrive because of their accessibility.

Wix users can access numerous templates, integrations, media galleries, and SEO tools.

What Is Wix?

Wix is a highly beginner-friendly web builder focused on a simplistic and functional professional style.

Wix offers essential SEO tools, templates, and integration features to improve your website traffic and appearance.

Wix History

Wix was founded in 2006 by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, and Giro Kaplan.

These three figured out how difficult, and frustrating constructing a website was and decided to take matters into their own hands.

They began working on a website builder that allowed users with no design or coding experience to construct unique, professional-looking websites, saving time and money.

Pros and Cons of Wix

No software is without its downside, no matter how much it brings to the table.

Wix is a powerful editor, but with its utility comes a lack of flexibility and some inconveniences.

Pros of Wix
  • Easy-to-use
  • Powerful web editor
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Templates
  • Analytics
Cons of Wix
  • Overwhelming start
  • Third-party functionality may cost extra
  • Restrictive (not as restrictive as other options)
  • Wix branding if you're on a free plan
  • Premium plans only work for one site

Is Wix Worth the Cost?

When it comes to the base price of Wix, you have to weigh why it’s worth the cost.

Wix provides users with all the tools needed to create a website and make it highly presentable.

Wix gives every user access to a prebuilt site through their templates.

Even if you don’t want to put effort into customizing a website with Wix, you still get an entire website built via the template for virtually nothing.

Why Wix Is Worth the Cost

The cost of building a website from scratch is more than you might initially think.

When hiring a web designer, you can expect steep prices as they usually charge between $30 and $100 an hour.

Within that hour, you can already have a professionally ready website with Wix at half the cost.

The value for Wix is immeasurable, especially for smaller businesses and independent bloggers.  

The Problem Wix Solves

Building a website from nothing is highly complex, and many things can go wrong.

Wix aims to simplify and solve the barrier to entry when building a website.

You don’t need to be a designer or programmer or even have access to massive capital.

Why Would Somebody Want To Use Wix

Wix gives the everyday person a chance to create a fantastic website for their blog, business, or online shop.

Other website builders accomplish a similar goal, but prices, features, and support vary.

Who Is Wix Best for?

Wix is best for small businesses and bloggers.

Why Wix Is Best For Small Businesses and Bloggers

Small businesses operate on limited capital.

Funds are usually low, and overhead costs wrack up constantly.

Saving money with Wix allows small businesses to invest less time and money into their site and more on their business.

For independent bloggers and writers, Wix has become a fantastic place to display content.

Bloggers can show off their creativity and organize their entire website to suit their needs.

Who Should NOT Use Wix?

If you’re planning on starting your website on Wix and then transferring to a different service, you do not want to use Wix.

Wix doesn’t allow users to transfer their websites to different services like Squarespace or Weebly.

Why Growing Businesses Should Not Use Wix

If you’re looking to start out on Wix and then, once your business has grown, switch to a different service, you will probably not want to use Wix.

Instead, you will want to use a website service that meets your needs from the beginning to avoid any issues transferring data.

What To Think About Before Buying Wix

Before committing to Wix, you should consider a few things.

  • You won’t be able to transfer your website to a different service.
  • If you’re planning on using Wix’s free plan, you’ll have to use their branding.
  • If you want premium features on multiple websites, you’ll have to pay for each.
  • Will you need the extra features compared to other website builders?
  • Are you going to use Wix for a personal portfolio, e-commerce, or small business website?

Features and Benefits of Wix

Wix offers an abundance of features to users to justify their subscription fees.

Wix’s features aim to ensure that every website has a successful launch.

Most websites include niche features for a particular demographic, but Wix covers all the basics.

Each website builder I’ve reviewed has templates, standard SEO options, integration options, and an editor, but Wix takes it further.

I’ve gathered the critical features that Wix has to offer its users.  

1. Templates

Wix provides users with the best professionally designed templates they have to offer.

Wix features 800+ predesigned templates that you can choose and customize.

Such a vast catalog of options may be overwhelming, but Wix makes it easier to find these designs by categorizing them.

For some users, it may seem excessive to have that many templates available, but the sheer number of options allows every site that uses Wix to be unique in some way.

Website builders that offer a small number of templates leave sites looking too similar.

Additionally, you can customize each template if it’s not quite what you want.

There are some limitations to this customization option.

For example, you can’t mix and match templates together.

You’re only able to edit one template directly.

The Wix editor allows you to mix design options for each page aspect.

You will find a base template you like and adjust it from there.

2. Wix Editor

Wix has a robust editor that allows any of its users, regardless of experience, to optimize their website correctly.

Drag and drop editors have become famous because they help save users time and eliminate designing complications.

The Wix editor allows you to mix design options for each page aspect.

While Wix has many templates to choose from, you may not find the exact design you want from their templates.

Usually, you will find a base template you like and adjust it from there.

Through the editor, you have every avenue to create the website you need for your business and blog.

For example, you can add multiple pages to lead to your articles, about page, contact information, and even a product page to purchase your products.

The last impressive aspect of the Wix editor is that it gives you access to mobile customization.

The Wix editor offers every user the ability to directly influence how the mobile version of their website will appear on phones and other mobile smart devices.

3. App Market

The application market available for Wix allows for powerful integrations with your website.

You can use powerful email marketing tools like Omnisend and integrate them directly into your Wix website.

Wix categorizes all of its applications into helpful tabs making the application store easy to navigate.

Under their explore section, they have their top recommendations and the most popular applications users use.

They also give you full search functionality in their application store so you can find what you need quicker.

SMS capabilities, video players, and even displaying your Instagram and Facebook feed live to your website.

The only unfortunate downside about the integrations is that some have an added cost or have personalized restrictions depending on the application.

Before you add an application to your store, Wix previews the features, deals, and videos of what that application can do for your website.

You can manage your applications and how they’ll appear on your website through the Wix editor, allowing you to control how the application will integrate with your website.

4. SEO Tools

For bloggers and content creators that focus on SEO content, Wix does offer SEO tools.

The SEO available is very standard but very effective.

You can optimize the title tag and meta description and see a complete preview of how it will look in Google search results.

You will have social share settings that allow you to edit and preview how your content will look when you link it for others to see.

You can also directly edit the link description and directly edit Twitter preview settings.

Something that Wix does offer users if they verify their domain is access to Google Search Console.

This integration lets you see how well your website performs straight from your Wix dashboard.

Additionally, Wix allows you to hire a Wix SEO partner to help your website become more marketable through SEO.

While this option may not be necessary for some users, it’s still a fantastic option for the already present SEO features available.

If you don’t want to hire an agent or integrate SEO applications, Wix offers numerous articles focusing on SEO for your website.

5. Wix Booking

Booking is a feature that many users may take for granted.

For service businesses, Wix allows scheduling and booking directly on their website.

Because of the nature of business, a lot of outside tracking and planning bogs down productivity.

Thankfully, Wix eliminates the need to use third-party schedulers, billing, and calendars and integrates it directly into your website.

Even if you still want to use third-party schedulers, Wix allows users to incorporate popular options.

This feature makes Wix ideal for users who provide consulting, freelance writing, and educational teaching services.

Wix users can schedule appointments months in advance and integrate their meetings with Zoom and other video streaming services.

You can also choose when you charge your clients and customers if you provide a service.

Additionally, Wix offers templates for easy-to-read invoices that you can send your clients within minutes of billing them.

Wix Customer Service

When I looked around for how good the customer service was with Wix, I came across some interesting perspectives.

In its earlier years, Wix was known for having a less than ideal customer service representation.

Wix has vastly improved their customer service, but it’s still less than ideal for most competitors.

This influx of complaints may be associated with the lack of technical know-how users have when facing problems with Wix’s software.

Does Wix Offer Customer Service?

Wix does offer 24/7 customer service.

Users can contact Wix through email and chat room.

They also have plenty of articles to help users.

It’s important to note that Wix customer service is relatively slow, and if you’re contacting them through email, the process may drag out even longer.

What Types of Customer Service Does Wix Offer?

Wix offers users direct customer care and support.

They help resolve technical issues and other fixes to website issues that may occur during construction.

Additionally, Wix offers users access to direct specialists like website designers, SEO experts, and Wix learn.

Wix Learn is their educational course to help guide users through their website and other features.

If you don’t want to go through their learning course, they have plenty of articles to help answer questions and guide users.

Why Should You Trust Us?

I would never make a final decision on a product without hearing what others say about it.

Wix is no exception, so I read as many reviews as possible about users’ experiences with Wix, good or bad.

I’ve had my personal experience with customer support and the editor as a whole, so when reading these reviews, I could personally understand some gripes users had with both customer service and tools available.

What Wix Users are Saying

In general, Wix has polarizing reviews.

While scoring a 4.0 on Trustpilot is decent, most negative reviews stem from customer service-related issues.

Coach Eric Hsu states,

“The support team does not get back to you after three full days, and they have a very cool attitude.

I will not recommend them to anyone at all, and they want to charge you for every little thing.”

Patricia Arnold writes,

“Jordan provided exceptional customer service and technical expertise! He made recommendations to help my nonprofit achieve the most from our website.

In addition, he took the time to ensure that all of my questions were answered.”

Andrea Pedron shares this,

“I hear from customer support about 2-3 times a day to ask questions and report editor bugs, which are often fixed quickly.

They are always super friendly and helpful, even when I’m on the phone with them at 1 am.”

Wix Alternatives

Wix is not the only website builder out there but is one of the most popular.

Regardless, here are the alternatives that do exist and share similar features.

1. Squarespace

squarespace homepage screenshot 1

Squarespace focuses on simplicity and ease while giving users access to more advanced design options.

Squarespace stands as a pricer option for people even though it lacks the essential features that other website builders have.

Users enjoy the simplicity of Squarespace and how effective their editor is in website construction.

How Does Squarespace Differ From Wix?

Wix’s editor is more freeform, allowing you to move and change things on your webpage that Squarespace wouldn’t allow.

With the added restrictions, running into more technical issues or graphical problems is challenging as the editor gives users the ideal layout.

Additionally, Wix has more features, templates, and a better media selection than Squarespace.

Who is Squarespace Best for?

Squarespace is perfect for users who don’t want to deal with a steep learning curve.

Wix does have a more significant learning curve since it boasts more features.

Additionally, their editor may be slower, but it’s more straightforward to use than the Wix editor.

2. Weebly

screenshot of the weebly homepage

Weebly operates similar to Wix but on a smaller scale with a different target audience.

While Wix focuses on the general needs of building a website, Weebly focuses more on e-commerce businesses.

How Does Weebly Differ From Wix

Weebly costs significantly less than Wix, and their editor operates more strictly.

Their editor follows standard drag and drops features that use a grid-based system.

You’ll generally get cleaner-looking websites with minimal design experiences.

Weebly also offers e-commerce functionally, even on their free version.

Wix does not.

Who is Weebly Best for?

Weebly is a fantastic option for e-commerce businesses.

It’s simple, functional, and affordable.

While Wix offers a plethora of features for the general public, Weebly offers features that specifically target the needs of small e-commerce businesses.

3. Duda

screenshot of the duda homepage

When it comes to creating a painless experience, Duda does just that.

Duda boasts that users can create a site fast and effectively with no technical skill necessary, and they’re right.

Out of all the website builder alternatives, it is the most intuitive and easy to use.

How Does Duda Differ From Wix?

Duda is another website builder that doesn’t have as much creative freedom as Wix, but it does offer an impressive amount of sales tools for e-commerce businesses.

Wix locks most of its sales features behind their business plan, but Duda provides users with plenty of options.

Who is Duda Best for?

Duda is best for freelancers who don’t have much design experience and want to get their website running as soon as possible.

While its features aren’t as extensive as Wix, it benefits from not being as overwhelming.

Frequently Asked Questions

For users who still have lingering questions, I’ve gathered some common concerns that I’ve seen floating around.

vector graphic showing an illustration of how to build a website

Is Wix a reliable website?

Wix is overall a reliable website.

No shady practices are going on.

The customer support isn’t too dedicated, and sometimes some things can go wrong with the editor that you will need customer support to fix.

Is Wix or WordPress better?

You may find Wix better than WordPress when you want to save money and time.

WordPress, on the other hand, is more self-serving and users benefit more assuming they have technical knowledge.

WordPress is better if you have the technical knowledge to create your website.

Do professional web designers use Wix?

Professionals web designers create includible websites but do so off templates they’ve done themselves.

Since Wix already has the templates and technical aspects done, designers can skip straight to designing.

Wix has professional web designers specializing with Wix, so yes, some web designers do use Wix.

Does Wix own your content?

The content you create or upload to Wix is yours.

You won’t run into any legal trouble claiming your content.

According to Wix, all other content excluding content from the user is subject to copyright.

Wrapping Up

For the less tech-savvy person, Wix is an ideal solution for small businesses and writers to show off what they can offer to the world.

While Wix takes care of the technical aspect of creating a website, it’s still crucial that you understand the fundamentals of creating a website and what goes into it.

The customer support isn’t too great, so you’ll find little assistance when getting help with your website.

Regardless, Wix is an overall good experience.

I can safely recommend Wix as the most affordable and accessible website builder for small businesses and bloggers who need to save money and time.

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