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Everybody’s using it, so I hope you are too. WordPress is one of the best platforms to build your website on or create your blog.

But you may need help.

Below we’ll show you some of the best managed WordPress hosting options on the market, so your blog or website can make more impact. Why? Because with managed hosting the experts handle what they’re good at, while you get to focus on what you love doing on your website.

But we know that paying for hosting is not an easy decision. It’s going to cost you some money, so we want to help you put that money to the best use.

We’ll start by explaining what you need to know first, and then recommend some good hosting options.

Here we go.

A Few Important Questions

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes, you can create and launch your blog on WordPress yourself without any help from anyone. If you’ve done this, you’ve probably seen the many options available on this platform.

If you haven’t tried it yet, be ready for a learning curve.

WordPress is dynamic, with many user-friendly options. But to get the most out of your site you’re going to need expert assistance.

That’s why a managed WordPress hosting company makes sense. The experts handle the technical aspects of WordPress, including:

  • Ensuring the site functions at the right speed without lag
  • Handling updates
  • Doing backups and caching
  • Making sure sure there’s enough security regarding your information and what other people may share with you via the site to keep info safe from hackers.

Wouldn’t it be better for someone else to handle these tasks so you can simply create the content and focus on the rest of your business?

What makes a managed WordPress hosting company different from other hosting entities is that they will be focused on WordPress sites only. Their servers, skills and experience relate to WordPress so your site can be optimized with all the features & plugins working at high velocity.

What’s the alternative? The main alternative is shared hosting, but it’s not recommended for several reasons.

Differences Between Shared and Managed Hosting

For a start, shared hosting companies cater for many different platforms or scripts. Only with managed WordPress hosting will the servers’ settings be optimized for WordPress sites.

Many features also come as standard with managed hosting, which you’ll have to figure out yourself or do manually if you’re on a shared hosting system. This includes:

  • Backups and updates
  • Scalability is possible when you expect high-traffic volumes, while a standard host only allows a certain number of visitors
  • Security is built in instead of you having to use third parties or plugins.

So there are many handy features, but is this what you need?

Do You Need Managed Hosting?

What should prompt you to get the help of one of the best-managed WordPress hosting companies listed below? See if any of the following apply to you:

  • If you see rapid growth of your website, your current server may not be able to cope and it will require more work, so choosing managed hosting will mean you can simply focus on content.
  • When you know your business is supposed to grow, changing your website’s setup may give you the boost you need.
  • If professionalism and quality service—such as never being offline—are vital to your success, it’s best to trust experts. They can handle server problems, sorting them out quickly to minimize your downtime.
  • If you don’t have much technical knowledge, your blog may take much longer to gain followers. You need to be technical savvy and have excellent content to make it work. So it might be better to leave the technical side to the experts.
  • Does your site often have spikes in traffic? This may happen when you launch a promotion or a marketing campaign. This can cause your site to come to a complete standstill, unless you have a hosting company capable of dealing with those sudden changes on their quality servers.
  • Do you design sites for other companies and prefer using WordPress? You may be an expert at the designing aspect, but not have the servers to handle traffic. In this case, managed hosting could be better.

Not having a quality hosting company can result in a loss of sales or unexpected downtime, which could damage your professional reputation.

If your website plays a pivotal role in your organisation, or if you design WordPress sites for a living, it’s perhaps time to consider getting some help.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Of course, no product on the market is perfect, so let’s list the advantages and disadvantages of managed WordPress hosting so you can make an informed decision.


You’ve probably identified some of these benefits already:

  • Better security against hacking
  • Less downtime because experts keep it running 24/7
  • Automatic backups and updates
  • Support to help you create the right content and use correct plugins
  • Your website will load and respond faster


You need to prepare for these drawbacks though:

  • You’ll spend more money on web hosting, but hopefully increased sales will make up for it.
  • To optimize the site’s speed, servers and hosts block certain plugins. Hopefully the ones you love won’t be on that list.
  • Only WordPress-based sites can be managed. If you’re still using a variety of platforms—perhaps if you have a site and a blog—it’s time to pick one of them.
  • The hosting team is at your service, but they may make changes without your knowledge. It’s important to build a good working relationship with them and communicate, but know that you’ll have less control over technical aspects than before.

A Few Tips to Help You Pick the Best Option

Of course you’ll find many different managed WordPress Hosting companies online. Now you know you need one, which one do you pick?

Here are the main areas of importance when it comes to hosting. When you’re reading reviews or looking at available packages you should vet them according to this:

Customer service quality

You’ll be able to judge this by looking at personal reviews from previous clients.

Support services

These should empower you based on your level of experience. If you know you’ll always need a helping hand because you’re not an expert yet, you want a 24/7 service.


It must make monetary sense. Having several hosting packages to pick from helps.


The level of security is vital as this is one of the main reasons for acquiring this service.

User friendliness


How fast your website will load is important. If it’s opened across the world it helps if the service provider has servers or data centers in different locations.


Can you migrate websites or must they be rebuilt?


Important features include caching, updates and backups.


This includes what the service allows you to use, such as plugins.

Visitor number:

This refers to how many visitors your package will allow.

Payment options:

If you’re creating websites for others, you want the payment to transfer to them eventually.

Remember, any online service must be relevant to your niche. While basic services will be the same, each brand also has focus areas such as providing optimized team collaboration or certain support features.

What do you need?

Your next steps are:

  • Discuss your site with relevant individuals such as your marketing team
  • List your current challenges
  • Determine future goals regarding your website
  • Find a service provider who fulfils most of the requirements on your list.

Ready to get started?

10 of the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Services Today

We’ve put together a list of some of the best services available today. Use these reviews to pick your ideal solution, or to learn how to vet others you find out there.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to managed hosting. Because of the popularity of WordPress and the necessity of having a quality website, you’ll find more than enough options to pick from.

WP Engine

The feeling you get from WP Engine is that the brand does many things fairly well. They may not be the best on this list, but they provide the basic services you want and allocate them to packages that truly cater for users of any type. That could be why it’s still a favorite platform despite problems related to service delivery in the past.

Despite some issues in the past, they must have put effort into improving certain elements since they won a customer service award three times over.

Note that this provider’s plans differ quite drastically in terms of pricing. Of course, you’ll get many more benefits when picking a higher plan, but if you have a limited budget, you may find it better to start with a beginner’s plan.

Note that the brand customizes their coding, so if you migrate to another service provider there may be some obstacles.


  • Free migrations on all plans
  • Plans cater for almost any application
  • Many features
  • Keeps site secure with daily backups and detection of threats
  • Quality managed servers, respected worldwide


  • Coding problems mentioned above
  • Service delivery isn’t consistently good (though it seems to be improving at the moment)


  • Startup: $35/month
  • Growth: $115/month
  • Scale: $290/month
  • Custom options (you can get coverage for up to 5,000,000 monthly visitors)

An excellent benefit is the two-month free option you get when you pay annually.

Who is this for?

Don’t pick this if you’re a beginner developer, as WP Engine’s approach is more advanced. At the same time, top developers may also find it a bit limiting or frustrating.

Therefore, the ideal audience for this brand is for someone with mid-level experience. Hopefully the company will keep on growing with you.

When it comes to the plans, you’ll see options for everything from blogs to business websites. In that aspect WP Engine caters for users across the board.


Because WebSynthesis was started by a blogging focused entity—CopyBlogger Media—you can be sure it delivers most of what you’re after whether it’s for a blog or business:

  • Security
  • Speed thanks to quality servers
  • Excellent uptime because WebSynthesis has sensors in place to alert the brand of problems

The brand also creates WordPress products, so you can be sure they know what managed WordPress hosting should entail.

Here’s something you won’t find mentioned on every review on this list: SEO. Yes, this brand provides keyword research as a service and can even help you optimize your social media activity. In today’s world where SEO and social media determine your market impact, this is a welcome extra.

Note that this platform is now part of StudioPress’ product list.


  • Expert knowledge driving the brand
  • Excellent loading speed
  • Content optimization and marketing services
  • Good security features
  • Free migration


  • Starting package is priced higher than many others on this list


  • Content: $24/month
  • Commerce: $22/month
  • Synthesis: $41/month

Remember, you can save more than a month’s cost if you pay annually.

Who is this for?

The range of plans makes it applicable to many businesses, with the content marketing and SEO rendering it perfect for:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Businesses that prioritize online marketing


You get loads of assistance with this brand, since even the basic packages enable you to do so much with your website:

  • Your site will handle 100 million visits or more
  • You get a lot of storage space when compared to others on this list, since you start off with 30GB
  • You also get at least 30GB backup space

And then you get these basic features too:

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Excellent security such as SiteLock
  • Enhance cPanel makes migration better
  • Good speed statistics


  • 24/7 support (but note this isn’t always up to standard)
  • You can manage multiple websites with one plan thanks to ManageWP
  • Affordable options available with excellent scope for such low payments


  • Only one domain and IP address per package
  • Limited features in comparison to other brands reviewed here


  • WP Standard: $19.99/month
  • WP Enhanced: $29.99/month
  • WP Premium: $39.99/month
  • WP Ultimate: $49.99/month

Who is this for?

Despite a range of packages, the brand doesn’t cater for all companies. Big business owners may find it lacks the capacity to deal with their website’s requirements.

However, almost any other industry or designer will find viable options. Just remember you only get one domain with each package.

Note that the brand is quite versatile, so if you’re looking for WooCommerce or shared hosting, this may also be your solution. They do it all.


With SiteGround, once again, your objectives must be clear before you commit to one of their packages. Each package differs and many vital features don’t exist in the basic ones, so pick wisely.

However, you’ll love that migration won’t cost you anything.

Apart from the above warning, we encourage trying SiteGround out as it has the basics you’re looking for and more:

  • Automatic updates
  • Installation is automated
  • HHVM gives your faster loading speeds

Here’s a handy feature so you know your site will always impress: With staging features you can test new features even if you haven’t published the changes.

Another highlight is that SiteGround understands how important security is to you. They don’t wait for others to provide security updates. The technicians patch security exploits, so you have experts on your side with this company.

You get 20GB disk space on some plans. It’s not the most you’ll be offered, but it’s double what other well known, and pricier, platforms can provide.


  • Good security
  • Fast loading
  • Domain name is free
  • Support is excellent, even providing 24/7 phone assistance


  • Brand only uses a specific CDN (Cloudflare)


  • StartUp: $3.95/month
  • GrowBig: $5.95/month
  • GoGeek: $11.95/month

Who is this for?

At the StartUp or GrowBig price this platform enables almost anyone to have quality WordPress insight at their beck and call. If you have a limited budget, this is a good brand to start with while you grow.

If you plan on having multiple websites, or you’re designing for other businesses, this brand makes sense to partner with, because there aren’t limits to how many websites you can have. Of course, this applies to certain plans.


Here’s an example of quality service where a brand decides on a niche and sticks to it. With Flywheel it’s all about making it easy for designers.

It aligns with most of the basic requirements you’ll have of your hosting company such as daily backups.

We love Flywheel because it enables collaboration. People on your team will have their own login details for viewing or editing, so everyone can work together on creating the perfect site.

It boasts a powerful infrastructure so it can provide fast site loading in most regions around the globe.


  • Free migrations
  • Various plugins come as standard and will be installed automatically when you start
  • Speed and uptime have excellent stats, at almost 99%


  • It’s a new company with limited experience
  • No 24/7 support
  • Traffic spikes tend to disrupt the services


  • $15/month to $250/month, depending on how many visits you want to cater for
  • Bulk plan available, making it easy and profitable to use this for your website design business

Who is this for?

Flywheel is good for design companies and those businesses that have experienced designers on the team. You can take your time designing the perfect website and only start paying when you’re satisfied and ready to go live.


Kinsta is a favorite of ours because it allows so much traffic. Perhaps you have a huge growth curve coming up or you’re struggling to cope with traffic spikes at the moment.

This /won’t matter when you use Kinsta because it will support unlimited visitors to your site. That’s what you want before you start a marketing campaign, right?

And, of course, you want security too. Kinsta provides this by layering security protocols in the back-end of the site.

Security tests are run non-stop, so there’s less chance of a hack getting access to the system. If it does succeed it will be caught almost immediately.

The platform is filled with features, more than many others on this list, so if you’re a pro developer this should satisfy your requirements. Here are just a few:

  • Git integration
  • HHVM
  • You can select a data center
  • SSL
  • WordPress multisite
  • Backups


  • 24/7 support
  • Certain features such as migration can be managed via mobile
  • Caching solution is better than plugins for increasing speed


  • Website isn’t user friendly
  • Expensive option
  • Even the advanced packages only provide 20GB disk space


  • Starter: $30/month
  • Pro: $60/month
  • Business 1: $100/month
  • Business 2: $200/month

Who is this for?

If you’re concerned about speed and configuration, this is one of your best options, but be prepared to pay for those results you crave.


Pagely is very versatile. Not many of the packages on this list can offer you the freedom of using almost any plugin. So, if you’re looking for creative and functional liberty, your dreams just came true.

Because staging is available you can always check if your creative ideas work as well as you imagine they should before you go public with a brand-new feature.

Along with this you benefit from a long list of features such as caching, updates and migration. You also have freedom in customizing your options as you can pick the data center you want to be hosted on.

Pagely offers the following features:

  • HHVM
  • SSL
  • HTTP/2
  • SFTP
  • Git integration
  • PHP7

Yes, Pagely has it all.


  • Filled with features
  • Plugin friendly
  • Impressive speed especially high-tiered plans


  • Lower-tiered plans tend to have less impressive speeds
  • Expensive packages not applicable to small business
  • Doesn’t provide 24/7 support
  • Plans take 24 hours or more to be set up


  • VPS Hosted Solution: $499/month or more
  • Enterprise Solution: $2500/month or more
  • Elite Publisher: $20 000/month or more

Who is this for?

This is a service provider for large companies. Since Disney is one of Pagely’s clients, you know this will work for your large company too.

However, this is reflected in the price range as well, as they don’t really have packages that cater for limited budgets. This is a big-business solution.


This is an all-rounder as you get everything from daily backups to excellent security.

What we love about Pressable is that the brand uses some of the best servers available called Rackspace Hybrid cloud. Because they pair this with SFTP access security, whatever you upload to the cloud will be kept safe. Another bonus is that malware scanning comes standard.

However, a let-down is that they don’t have a 24/7 support feature. This is vital in today’s society and it’s surprising that many hosting companies haven’t caught onto this yet.

This also impacts downtime rates since customers can’t report problems when they happen. This is especially alarming because their higher-tiered packages don’t always perform well on speed test and downtime tests.

Pressable is worth considering because the price range gives startup businesses access to more secure hosting. But be aware that it may not serve you well in the long term and you need to budget for more dynamic hosting in the future.


  • Excellent security features
  • Free migrating
  • Provides affordable hosting options


  • Not kitted for large hosting projects
  • Support can be better
  • Not the most features of the platforms on this list


  • Starter: $25/month
  • Pro: $90/month
  • Agency: $225/month
  • Enterprise: $750/month

Who is this for?

This is another platform that caters for most businesses and average developing companies. However, big businesses and those hosting multitudes of websites will probably want to look elsewhere.


Here’s another all-rounder, but one which will probably have you sleeping more soundly than Pressable, which we mentioned above. It’s already a good sign that their own website is so well thought out. It means they know exactly what you, or your clients, are after.

This brand is not as impressive as the high-end, but very expensive, options such as Pagely, but you get the features most businesses need:

  • Backups
  • Multisite options
  • Staging
  • Migrations that are free of charge
  • SSL
  • PHP7
  • SFTP

Best of all are the customized options such as picking your data center.

You can see it lacks HHVM and SSH access, but it may still give you what you need.

What will impress you is:

  • Speed, even when you have a lot of traffic
  • Uptime which is close to 100%
  • Response time which is impressive all around the globe
  • Security features


  • User friendly website
  • Excellent speed
  • Acceptable list of features
  • Pricing tiers accommodate most businesses


  • Can improve features
  • Limited disc space when compared to some other providers


  • Personal: $42/month
  • Professional: $125/month
  • Business 1: $250/month
  • Business 2: $500/month

Note that these rates apply when billed annually, so monthly payments are slightly more.

Who is this for?

You can use this for your personal website or your business and the packages make it practical for designers too.

WordPress VIP

Here’s your answer if your site needs help dealing with large amounts of traffic. Or rather, not large, but massive. If you expect as much traffic as the Time website then you’ve probably found your hosting solution.

The focus here is that you get some excellent features as part of your package, so you don’t have to shell out more cash in the month when you need additional help. If your traffic’s going to spike after a marketing campaign you’ll still be covered. This applies to:

  • Bandwidth
  • Storage
  • Number of visitors

For these large, busy websites you get:

  • Backups
  • Support at any time of the day
  • High level security


  • Automatic updates
  • Hourly backups
  • 24/7 support


  • Too expensive for small enterprises


  • Minimum $5000/month

Who is this for?

Don’t use this if you have a small website or even if you build multiple small websites for others. This works for high-traffic platforms and paying the high fees doesn’t make sense if you don’t require this level of service.


Did you find the answer for you niche yet?

There are some excellent options we will always recommend such as Kinsta, purely because of its long list of features. But features aren’t the only things that matter, because they may not be necessary for beginner developers or smaller websites. If you have a budget to manage in such cases, it’s better to opt for a product like Pressidium

You can see that the top hosting brands haven’t always been around for many years. New companies come to the fore and may offer even better options.

At least you now know when it’s necessary to look into hosting packages and how to vet the service providers.

Managed WordPress hosting can turn your website into a much more dynamic marketing or sales tool. Pick wisely.

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