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9+ Best Managed WordPress Hosting Companie For 2023

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WordPress has played a significant role in democratizing the web space since 2001.

Today, you can create a blog or website in minutes without worrying about confusing technicalities.

However, issues with the WordPress back end affect your site, and managing the Content Management System (CMS) can be a hassle for many.

Fortunately, the best managed WordPress hosting can take care of that responsibility for you.

We explain what it is and why you may need it.

We also feature the top nine companies in the managed WordPress industry.

Our Top Picks: Best Managed WordPress Hosting (Overview)

An overview of favorite managed WordPress hosts from our full list of managed hosting options below

  1. Our Pick: WP Engine 
  2. Runner Up: Pressidium
  3. Budget Pick: Pressable 
  4. Kinsta
  5. A2 Hosting
  6. Cloudways 
  7. SiteGround 
  8. Flywheel
  9. WordPress VIP
  10. DreamPress

WP Engine
Our Pick
  • The #1 hosting platform for WordPress. This is the same service that powers Bloggingtips.com
  • Massive set of features, including automated backups, automated plugin updates, and highly secure, efficient, and scalable hosting
Runner Up
  • Has a high number of high-profile clients, including LearnDash and Backlinko
  • Offers a variety of different speed and optimization features
  • GREAT customer support
Budget Pick
  • Powerful features at a great price
  • Expert support from the people who built WordPress
  • Cheaper than the alternatives, but a bit lacking in user experience

How We Tested the Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Reproducible and standardized testing is a critical component of Bloggingtips.com reviews.

Here’s how we evaluate every managed WordPress hosting service we test:

Rapid WordPress Creation & Deployment: Every managed host should help you launch a fresh WordPress instance and publish it on the internet quickly.Speed & Performance: Hosts must have data centers or servers in multiple locations to improve website performance in different areas.
Security: The security level is another critical consideration.Price: The hosting plans should make monetary sense.

Our Top Recommendations Explained

This section offers a better understanding of why we chose the options we did.

1. Our Pick: WP Engine 

WP Engine is a fast and reliable managed WordPress hosting provider and one of the most popular.

The provider offers features such as automated backups, disaster recovery, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates, and handles all core WordPress updates.

We choose WP Engine as the winner because they also include a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve website load time.

Plus, WP Engine has a community of experienced users who love the loading speeds and security the host offers.

The provider regularly scans sites for hacking attempts and will fix the issue for free if hacking happens.

2. Runner Up: Pressidium

Pressidium earns a runner-up position among managed WordPress hosts due to its robust performance, unique high-availability architecture, and an impressive set of features.

Despite being relatively unknown, it competes with more popular counterparts through its superior reliability, advanced security measures, and user-friendly management features. Its automatic daily backups, one-click staging site creation, and managed updates simplify site maintenance.

Although Pressidium is priced around the same pricing as than other hosts, the advanced capabilities it offers provide strong value for money, justifying the investment for businesses seeking premium hosting solutions.

3. Budget Pick: Pressable 

Pressable is the best budget managed hosting solution for WordPress sites.

Integrated CDN and caching services offer fast load times.

You get expert hosting support and use the staging site feature to improve your website.

Their daily backups offer uses a solid disaster recovery plan.

You get all these features and more at an affordable price.

The Pressable plans depend on the number of websites you’re running and the projected monthly visits level.

Purchase managed WordPress hosting plans monthly or annually, depending on your needs and budget.

An Overview of Managed WordPress Hosting

vector graphic showing an illustration of a man working on a server that has a WordPress logo on it to illustrate managed WordPress hosting

Website hosting involves making your site available on the internet and storing data.

Website hosts are third-party service providers who help make your site accessible to users.

Managed website hosting means you lease a dedicated server from the hosting provider.

The provider then handles the challenging tasks of maintaining a fast and secure server.

But how does this all work for sites running on WordPress?

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting maintains the security of your WordPress site by handling back-end tasks such as malware detection, caching, backups, and updates.

The service optimizes the WordPress CMS while solving potential and current issues to improve site performance.

The result is a reliable, secure, and fast website.

What Is the Difference Between WordPress Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting?

The best managed WordPress hosting offers a premium-type hosting service specifically for WordPress websites.

Such services include more functionality and performance optimizations.

WordPress hosting is a way of setting up your site and running it, while managed WP hosting goes beyond the minimum by offering features your business can use to get more out of the site.

Why Is Managed WordPress Hosting Important?

Managed WordPress hosting offers more features tailored to your WP site, including site backs that reduce website downtime, early detection of plugin security issues, and automatic deactivation of plugins likely to harm your site.

The service also offers automatic updates for your WordPress website and responsive support teams ready and capable of assisting you.

Why You Should Trust Us

Bloggingtips.com is an unbiased, independent resource, so trust us to reveal everything you need to know about hosting providers.

Finding reliable and genuine web hosting information online can be a challenge.

When we review and make recommendations for the best managed WordPress hosting services, we do so based on the experience of using one such host for the past five years.

We also run a portfolio of websites, so we need things done fast and at scale.

Over the years, we’ve been researching alternatives to ensure we aren’t overpaying for hosting.

We also follow the industry closely and always try to use the latest cutting-edge technology.

Who This Is For

Managed WordPress hosting fits all types of users.

It will benefit anyone working at an agency, as a freelancer, or as an entrepreneur.

Managed hosting benefits e-commerce websites because security, performance, and speed are vital.

More importantly, managed WordPress hosting benefits WordPress website owners.

It’s especially suitable if you don’t want to deal with the technical WordPress site aspects and want to focus on the business side.

Why This Is Best for WordPress Website Owners

Some advantages of signing up for the service include:

  • Setting up or migrating a hurdle-free WordPress website
  • Regular backups ensure a functional website loaded with branded content
  • Critical support for things such as automatic plugins and core WordPress updates
  • Access to WordPress experts
  • Malware monitoring helps expose and address server issues
  • Continuous maintenance

How We Picked and Evaluated Managed WordPress Hosts

Here, we reveal the six factors of a high-quality managed WordPress host.

These factors are what we use to evaluate the options you see.

1. Rapid WordPress Creation & Deployment

The best managed WordPress hosting offers 1-click WordPress installation.

Using the process helps eliminate the tedious manual steps of installing the CMS.

Plus, you can migrate your current WordPress site from one host to another quickly.

Other hosts, such as WP Engine, have WordPress pre-installed whenever you add a website to your account.

This feature helps reduce the hassles that come with creating the CMS.

Why Rapid WordPress Creation & Deployment Matters

Managed WordPress hosting condenses the steps of setting up and configuring your new WordPress install into a few clicks.

The time it takes to download the latest WordPress version, upload to a server, and set up and configure databases is better used in designing your site.

Managed WordPress hosting ensures your new WP installation is ready in less than five minutes.

Quality services offer staging environments so you can test website functionality before deploying.

2. Speed & Performance

Speed is a killer, especially slow website speeds.

A well-managed WordPress host ensures their IT environment delivers fast, reliable speeds.

Why Speed & Performance Matters

Site loading time is a critical user experience component.

It’s a crucial factor in your organic SEO efforts because Google wants its users to have an excellent experience.

Web pages should load in under a second or two.

Longer load times mean your visitors look elsewhere for the information they seek.

Statistics show that 53% of online users abandon a site when load time takes over three seconds on mobile devices.

3. Security

A secure website is critical when potential customers engage with your site and helps you rank in search results.

WP Engine and Kinsta offer their customers an SSL certificate, so your users are safe while browsing the website.

Why Security Matters?

WordPress is the most popular CMS for major business websites and personal blogs.

However, the popularity makes the CMS a huge target for hackers.

A massive 73% of the most popular WordPress sites in 2013 were using software versions with security weaknesses.

Hosts that provide their WordPress hosting customers with automatic updates play a critical safety role.

Further, free and configured SSL certificates encrypt data passing between visitors and your website.

Daily backups enable you to restore your website when it goes down quickly.

4. Price

A managed WordPress hosting plan is perfect for businesses and individuals who want to get the most value from each dollar.

But spending more shouldn’t be an issue as long as you’re getting value.

However, how providers charge for resources varies considerably.

Why Price Matters

The biggest price differentiators are:

  • Bandwidth
  • Storage space
  • The number of sites you can create

The WP Engine price plan reveals that the more websites, storage, and bandwidth you require, the more costs increase.

However, Pressable is cheaper and offers higher limits.

Look for annual contracts which offer a better bargain than buying monthly.

Plus, it’s also less stressful to stick with a provider for longer than having to migrate a critical WordPress business website when your needs grow.

So, look for a platform that offers tiered plans to accommodate your growing traffic.

5. Other Features

Don’t make a purchase decision based solely on peripheral elements.

We also look out for managed WordPress hosting providers offering a few freebies.

However, we have to check whether the freebies are helpful, so you spend less money in the long term.

Why Other Features Matter

Some hosts only have discount codes for some popular services they make affiliate income from, but others are proactive by offering extra tools for the job.

Some additional features include offering free CDN to drop your website speeds further or a collection of the best WordPress themes.

As you build the website and improve the user experience, staging environments can help compare different ideas, layouts, options, and customizations.

Dedicated WordPress hosting providers, such as WP Engine and Kinsta, reduce the number of plugins you require on your site because you can do so much directly on the platforms.

Reducing the plugin number also decreases website issues, especially when scaling.

6. Support & Customer Service

24/7 support can help fix issues with your website.

The best hosting providers also make it a breeze to contact their customer service teams through various channels.

Why Support & Customer Service Matters

All providers promise top-notch service, so we dive into online reviews and see what the reality is.

An all-day, all-night live chat facility is great.

But what happens if there’s a queue?

Sifting through reviews helps us figure out companies with the best customer services.

For example, Kinsta doesn’t offer phone support, but their live chat and ticketing are impressive.

We also look at the migration assistance you get.

While we rate WordPress migration plugins highly, service providers such as WP Engine have customized plugins that simplify the process.

The Best Managed WordPress Hosting: Our Top Picks in Detail

Let’s explore some of the best managed WordPress hosting services.

1. Our Pick: WP Engine 

wpengine homepage screenshot 1

The “WP” in WP Engine does, indeed, stand for “WordPress.”

So, what you get with WP Engine is a WordPress-dedicated service that does wonders for your hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting has been a WP Engine service since its creation.

Today, the host is one of the most popular options among businesses and offers you everything you require from a website host.

The price is high compared to other providers, but that’s because you get fast load times, secure servers, and excellent support.


  • One-Click WordPress Deployments? Yes
  • Free SSL Certificates? Yes
  • Free Migrations? Yes
  • Price:
    • Startup: $20 per month
    • Professional: $39 per month
    • Growth: $113 per month
    • Scale: $275 per month
    • Dedicated Custom: Price on request

What We Like:

WP Engine is a popular web hosting company that offers many advantages, including:

  • Fast page load speed: WordPress-optimized servers use WP Engine’s EverCache technology to load websites fast, and CDN further boosts performance.
  • Improved security: WP Engine protects websites using many advanced security features not available from other hosts.
  • Reliable: The proprietary front-end layer system handles traffic spikes without affecting your website speed.
  • Excellent support: Over 100 representatives make it easy to contact someone when you require help.
  • Up-to-date hosting: The platform ensures WordPress sites get the latest updates and patches.

What We Don’t Like:

WP Engine, however, may not be ideal for everyone.

Some disadvantages to using the provider are:

  • No domain registration: WP Engine only offers hosting services, so you need to register your domain names with another company.
  • Disallowed plugins: You can’t install some WordPress plugins because they duplicate or conflict with WP Engine features or increase server load.
  • Only hosts WordPress: WordPress is a popular website builder but not the only CMS in the industry.
  • No email hosting: You can’t host your email through the provider, so you require a third party or choose another host.
  • Expensive: WP Engine shared hosting plans are more expensive, but the services you get are worth the cost.

Why We Chose WP Engine as Our Winner

While it’s not perfect, WP Engine meets most requirements to become the best managed WordPress hosting provider.

1. Rapid WordPress Creation & Deployment

You install WordPress as you do with other web hosts.

The CMS comes pre-installed.

After signing up and choosing your plan, you get an introductory email with login credentials and how to get started without excess setup procedures.

WP Engine also makes creating pages, posts, and galleries easy.

2. Speed & Performance

WP Engine combines NGINX web extensions, CDN, and SSD technologies to boost your website to the optimal speed.

CDN helps deliver content to visitors depending on location, decreasing page load times.

The provider can differentiate between bot requests and people visiting your site.

WP Engine prioritizes human traffic to ensure your website visitors get fast and efficient performance.

You get a 99.95% uptime guarantee from WP Engine, but this may go up to 99.99% when implementing their enhanced Service Level Agreement (SLA).

A page performance tool runs tests and suggests improvements you should make to improve website performance.

3. Security

All plans from WP Engine come with a free SSL certificate.

You also get a firewall, and the host does daily malware scans to block threats.

The scans are vital if you’re running an e-commerce site that handles sensitive client information.

Enterprise-level firewalls detect threats in real-time, and experts perform free hacking remediation steps.

4. Price

WP Engine offers four hosting packages to address the needs of different customers.

Differences between packages come with the storage amount, bandwidth, and number of visitors.

For example, the startup plan is for a single site with 25,000 visitors monthly, 10 GB storage, and 50 GB bandwidth per month.

Each plan gives you access to over 30 premium themes, free automatic migrations, and daily backups.

The plans also have one-click staging, free SSL and SSH, and advanced security.

5. Other Features

The WP Engine Local Development Environment makes setting up your website simpler.

This tool lets your team use Xdebug and MailHog for debugging and testing.

Git and SFTP connections give you access to development tools they already know.

You can also choose from over 55,000 plugins to improve user experience and add custom website functions.

6. Support & Customer Service

The host boasts a dedicated team of WordPress support experts and an over 97% customer satisfaction rate.

You can contact support 24/7 through live chat.

Phone support is available all days of the week and at any time for all plans apart from Startup.

WP Engine has an extensive library of knowledge base articles, tutorials, and how-to guides.

2. Runner Up: Pressidium

A relatively unknown, yet very powerful, managed WordPress host.

pressidium homepage screenshot 1

Pressidium is a managed WordPress hosting service focused on providing a high-availability platform.

Unlike typical hosts, Pressidium’s platform is built on the same architecture used by big tech companies like Google and Facebook, ensuring your website is always accessible.

While the price might be a bit higher compared to other providers, you get fast load times, resilient servers, and expert support.


  • One-Click WordPress Deployments? Yes
  • Free SSL Certificates? Yes
  • Free Migrations? Yes
  • Helper Plugin Features? Yes
  • Price: Micro: $24.90 per month
  • Personal: $49.90 per month
  • Professional: $149.90 per month
  • Business: $299.90 per month
  • Enterprise: Price on request

What We Like:

Pressidium offers many advantages, including:

  • Fast page load speed: Pressidium’s infrastructure ensures quick website loading times, and their CDN further improves performance.
  • High-availability architecture: Their hosting platform is designed to ensure your website is always accessible, even during traffic spikes.
  • In-dashboard backup: You can create a backup right from inside your WordPress dashboard, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Safe WP upgrade: Pressidium allows you to automatically trigger a backup before applying a WordPress update.
  • Excellent support: They offer direct support from DevOps engineers, providing deep technical knowledge for your queries.

What We Don’t Like

Pressidium may not be the best fit for everyone. Here are a few potential drawbacks:

  • No live chat or phone support: Support is only available via ticket or email, although they strive to provide quick response times.
  • High cost: Pressidium’s hosting plans are more expensive, but the high availability and advanced features may justify the cost.

Why We Chose Pressidium

Despite some drawbacks, Pressidium excels in many areas.

  1. Efficient WordPress Setup: With Pressidium, you get WordPress pre-installed. Their dashboard is straightforward, and setting up your website is a breeze.
  2. Speed & Performance: Pressidium combines advanced technologies to enhance your site’s speed. They offer CDN to ensure quick content delivery and maintain high-availability architecture for robust performance.
  3. Security: Pressidium provides SSL certificates and daily offsite backups. They also employ an advanced security layer to fend off potential threats.
  4. Pricing: Pressidium offers a variety of plans catering to different customer needs. Each plan comes with different resources like storage space, the number of sites, and visitor limits.
  5. Other Features: The unique feature of Pressidium is the Helper suite of features. It allows you to purge cache, enable image optimization service, create in-dashboard backups, and safely upgrade WordPress.
  6. Support & Customer Service: Pressidium’s support staff consists of DevOps engineers ensuring high-quality assistance. You can submit a ticket for your issues, and they maintain commendable response times, especially for high-priority issues.

3. Budget Option: Pressable

This is an all-rounder as you get everything from daily backups to excellent security.

screenshot of the pressable homepage

What we love about Pressable is that the brand uses some of the best servers available called Rackspace Hybrid cloud. Because they pair this with SFTP access security.

Automattic, the same company behind WooCommerce and WordPress.com, owns Pressablem meaning it gets a unique position in the WordPress sphere.

The platform offers users excellent managed WordPress hosting services at a lower cost, making it a good option if you’re on a budget.


  • One-Click WordPress Deployments? Yes
  • Free SSL Certificates? Yes
  • Free Migrations? Yes
  • Price:
    • Entry (one site, 5,000 monthly visitors): $19 per month
    • Personal (one site, 30,000 monthly visitors): $25 per month
    • Starter (up to three sites, 50,000 monthly visitors): $45 per month
    • Pro (up to 10 sites, 150,000 monthly visitors): $90 per month
    • Premium (up to 20 sites, 400,000 monthly visitors): $155 per month
    • Business (up to 50 sites, 1,000,000 monthly visitors): $350 per month
    • Business 80 (up to 80 sites, 1,600,000 monthly visitors): $545 per month
    • Business 100 (up to 100 sites, 2,000,000 monthly visitors): $675 per month
    • Custom Plan: Contact for pricing

What We Like:

Pressable is the best budget managed WordPress hosting solution that offers several benefits:

  • Budget-friendly pricing: You get more bang for your buck with affordable pricing.
  • Admin-level tool: Collaboration with experts when designing and managing your WordPress site.
  • Personalized onboarding: Pressable assigns a staff member to every new customer to help set up the account, start a site, or manage migration.
  • Impressive performance: The platform uses server-end NVMe storage, pre-built CDN, and Automatic Failover.
  • Malware scanning and removal: Pressable runs regular malware scanning and will also fix your website in case of hacking.

What We Don’t Like:

Pressable is a competitive managed WordPress hosting provider, but with a few downsides:

  • No email hosting: You must pay an additional $3.50 for each email you add to your website.
  • No dedicated file manager: Customers must use an FTP client to manage and upload files to their website, which is confusing for beginners.
  • No free premium WordPress themes: Other competitors offer a few premium themes free with their hosting plans.
  • WordPress specific: Not all website owners use WordPress, so we can’t recommend Pressable if you’re in that group.
  • Upgrade-specific support: Customers must upgrade their accounts to get 24/7 phone support or access the dedicated Slack channel.

Why We Chose Pressable as Our Budget Pick

Pressable has affordable and flexible managed WordPress hosting plans, depending on your preference. Here’s our criteria rating for the provider.

1. Rapid WordPress Creation & Deployment

Starting a new site is as simple as tapping the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner of the Pressable dashboard and following the prompts.

The platform sends an email once the deployment is complete.

This email contains instructions for logging into the new WordPress site.

You can also select an existing website on the dashboard to get a control panel for the specific installation.

Some controls and information include an overview, stats, users, and backups.

2. Speed & Performance

Customers get a 100% uptime guarantee from Pressable.

If the platform can’t fulfill this promise, you get a 5% monthly fee refund for each 30-minute downtime you experience.

You also get CDN to enhance website speed, regardless of the website traffic.

Pressable also has Automatic Failover, a feature that switches your website server to an alternate one in case of an issue.

3. Security

Each Pressable website gets automatic protection by a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to ensure it’s unsusceptible to common cyber attacks, such as cross-site scripting and SQL injections.

The platform also has a security expert team that watches your website for malware, and free SSL certificates help keep your website visitors at ease.

4. Price

Pressable has plans suitable for individuals, small to medium-sized businesses, and enterprise plans.

You can choose the plan depending on the number of WordPress installs you want and the expected monthly visitors.

5. Other Features

The platform has free managed WordPress migration, or you can use their migration plugin if you want to make the switch yourself.

An easy-to-use dashboard makes managing your websites simpler.

And customers get a premium Jetpack Security Daily subscription free with all plans apart from the Entry level.

Use the Pressable staging environment to test your site’s functionality, design, and layout before it goes live.

6. Support & Customer Service

The platform doesn’t offer telephone support.

However, the Pressable email ticketing system is accessible between 8 and 11 CST throughout the week.

The support team responds to emails within 60 minutes, but customers report longer weekend wait times.

You also get additional support via a knowledge base section, which includes help guides, tutorials, and FAQs.

Notable Mentions: Other Great Managed WordPress Hosting

You should consider a hosting plan optimized for WordPress if you’re running a WP website.

The recommendations above are the best place to start your search.

But are some other notable mentions.

1. Kinsta

screenshotof the kinsta homepage

Kinsta is a favorite of ours because it allows so much traffic. Perhaps you have a huge growth curve coming up or you’re struggling to cope with traffic spikes at the moment.

Kinsta runs on the Google Cloud Platform while implementing its proprietary LXD-managed hosts to house each website in a container.

Kinsta also fine-tunes WordPress databases automatically depending on your site’s requirements.

Access dozens of timesaving features when you sign up with Kinsta.


  • One-Click WordPress Deployments? Yes
  • Free SSL Certificates? Yes
  • Free Migrations? Yes
  • Price:
    • Starter: $35 per month
    • Pro: $70 per month
    • Business 1: $115 per month
    • Business 2: $225 per month
    • Business 3: $340 per month
    • Business 4: $450 per month
    • Enterprise 1: $675 per month
    • Enterprise 2: $1,000 per month
    • Enterprise 3: $1,350 per month
    • Enterprise 4: $1,650 per month

What We Like:

Kinsta pricing plans offer customers access to all core features and several things we like, including:

  • Excellent performance: The Kinsta platform runs on Google Cloud, so you get fast website speed and fantastic uptime.
  • Automatic database optimization: Kinsta takes care of optimizing your website’s database without doing it manually or using a plugin.
  • Automatic and on-demand backups: The platform backs up your site automatically, and you can pull them on-demand.
  • A proprietary hosting dashboard: Customers don’t have to deal with a clunky cPanel. Instead, they get a slick and easy-to-use user interface.
  • Free CDN and firewall: Your secure WordPress site runs faster.

What We Don’t Like:

Kinsta is not without drawbacks.

Here are some cons:

  • Expensive: Users pay between $30 and $60 monthly for the basic plans.
  • No email hosting: You need to contact another platform to accommodate business emails.
  • Low PHP worker limits: PHP workers let you run multiple PHP processes simultaneously. Kinsta has a lower number of workers compared to other hosts.
  • WordPress only: While expected of WordPress-managed hosting, it can be an issue for some users.
  • Extra fees for US users: Users from the United States paying via credit card pay an additional fee if they don’t use a wire transfer.

Why We Chose Kinsta as Our Runner-Up

Here are our criteria of what makes Kinsta runner-up for the best managed WordPress hosting services.

1. Rapid WordPress Creation & Deployment

Kinsta offers users a dedicated tool for setting up their websites and presets for WooCommerce and WordPress multisite.

You can choose the data center you want per site.

The feature ensures your geographic-specific site remains fast for local visitors.

Staging and deploying your final website is effortless using Kinsta’s one-click WordPress staging environments.

2. Speed & Performance

Kinsta exclusively offers Google Cloud server hosting, using virtual server space to tap into a network of physical servers.

The technology provides excellent reliability, flexibility, scalability, and speed advantages.

Kinsta uses Google’s private fiber network that can reach speeds of up to 10,000 TB per second.

Further, the platform is active on the Google Cloud Premium Tier to offer high-performance levels.

3. Security

All Kinsta websites get free one-click SSL certificate activations through Cloudflare.

The staff receives instant alerts when someone tries to hack your site or it is down, so they can get straight to solving the issue.

Daily malware and spyware scanning, blocking DDoS and code injection attacks, and free hack fixes ensure you have peace of mind.

4. Price

A few years ago, the cheapest Kinsta WordPress hosting package would set you back about $100 a month.

But things changed in 2018.

The platform now has accessible, albeit expensive, entry-level plans starting at $35 monthly.

All plans come with free SSL certificates and a quota for CDN usage.

Higher tiers get more PHP workers per site, which helps improve website speed and performance.

You can get two months free on all plans if you choose annual billing.

5. Other Features

Kinsta runs automatic backups daily and stores them for 14 days, but you can pay extra for automated backups every one or six hours.

Server-level caching means you don’t have to lift a finger.

Kinsta implements page, object, bytecode, and CDN caching.

6. Support & Customer Service

Kinsta only offers live chat support — there’s no option for phone support.

However, you can reach the support team day or night.

The live chat support widget is user-friendly.

Kinsta also offers support in multiple languages, which is excellent if you’re not a native English speaker.

2. A2 Hosting

screenshot of the A2 hosting homepage

A2 Hosting is a high-powered Web Hosting provider that their fine uses its SwiftServer platform to decrease the load time of your website.

They offer a wide variety of hosting options like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting.

A2 Hosting is one of the oldest web hosting providers that claim to offer fast performance.

The platform has shared hosting plans, domain names, managed WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.

A2 Hosting offers plenty of options to boost your website, so visitors always have an easy browsing experience.

Why Is A2 Hosting a Great Option?

All A2 Hosting plans come with unlimited email accounts, while the cPanel application installer offers you access to multiple CMSs, such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

The Startup plan provides customers with a 100 GB storage limitation, and other tiers have unlimited space.

Drawbacks to A2 Hosting

Unfortunately, A2 Hosting isn’t a WordPress-specific hosting provider.

Installing WordPress in your A2 Hosting account means taking a few steps in the outdated cPanel to find Softaculous.

Further, a concurrent HTTP connections limitation is a deal breaker for websites getting more traffic.

3. Cloudways 

Cloudways is an industry leader and innovator, providing consumers with several advantages over conventional web hosting services.

These include far higher availability, more scalability, and superior performance.

With Cloudways, you can put aside the time-consuming technical details and concentrate on making your website look great.

Cloudways homepage screenshot 1

Cloudways is another popular way to start managed WordPress hosting.

The platform strives to offer accessible cloud hosting through the traditional cPanel while making pricing predictable.

Customers get a WordPress hosting solution that’s auto-installed and configured specifically for their cloud products.

Why Is Cloudways a Great Option?

Cloudways offers a wide selection of cloud providers, so you’re not locked into a single service.

You also get fantastic pricing flexibility.

Plus, the Cloudways support team is familiar with WordPress, and customers can get help setting up, configuring, and maintaining their WP websites.

Drawbacks to Cloudways

However, Cloudways doesn’t technically offer managed WordPress hosting services.

Cloudways makes cloud hosting less confusing than getting the service directly from a cloud provider, but they use a lot of jargon and confusing terms you wouldn’t find in traditional web hosting.

4. SiteGround 

SiteGround’s hosting service prioritizes the security and performance of the websites it hosts, and as a result, it provides a wide variety of tools and proprietary in-house solutions.

Screenshot of the siteground homepage

SiteGround provides customized in-house performance optimization and security, making it one of the officially recommended WordPress hosting providers.

SiteGround rolled out its cloud hosting service in 2010, so it’s been around for a few years.

The platform doesn’t regulate its pricing plans depending on the number of sites but on resource caps.

Why Is SiteGround a Great Option?

All plans offer you access to WordPress starter, a tool that helps you choose the best theme for a site and install essential plugins.

You can also migrate unlimited WordPress sites to the service using the WP Migrator plugin.

And the proprietary SiteGround control panel is responsive and user-friendly.

Drawbacks to SiteGround

First, their resource-based pricing is confusing for some users.

Anybody unfamiliar with cloud hosting will find judging resource use and budgeting hard.

Second, business owners and DIYers find getting help from the support team frustrating.

Lastly, SiteGround isn’t a fully managed WordPress hosting provider, but its features offer something close.

Even More Options To Check Out

Here are even more WordPress hosting options worth checking out.

1. Flywheel

Flywheel is one of a few managed WordPress hosts endorsed by WordPress.

It offers a range of options, rapid speeds, and a 30-day money back guarantee that lets you test drive the service before you buy.

Flywheel is designed for enterprise-level clients, although individual bloggers can still benefit.

screenshotof the flywheel homepage

Their services target creatives and designers, but also cater to individual site owners.

Nifty features that web designers love include:

  • Billing transfers to clients
  • Easy collaboration
  • Staging sites

WP Engine bought Flywheel back in 2019, but both companies still run separately and offer distinct features.

However, you’ll notice some price standardization and features, such as the local development tool.

2. WordPress VIP

Here’s your answer if your site needs help dealing with large amounts of traffic.

Or rather, not large, but massive. If you expect as much traffic as the Time website then you’ve probably found your hosting solution.

wpvip homepage screenshot 1

This high-end hosting platform serves large-scale enterprise firms and businesses with high daily traffic.

A glance over the websites the platform hosts shows its power.

These clients include Facebook, Spotify, Quartz, and USA Today.

The website doesn’t have a public pricing page.

However, research indicates that pricing starts from $2,000 to $25,000 a month.

The price includes unlimited CDN, storage, bandwidth, and dedicated support.

The platform also has strict coding standards and processes, which makes it unsuitable for many businesses.

3. DreamPress

DreamPress homepage screenshot 1

DreamPress is a Dreamhost-managed WordPress hosting solution.

Some platform features include on-demand and daily backups, free automatic WordPress migrations, unlimited email, and 1-click staging.

However, DreamPress doesn’t have data centers outside the US, which can be a problem if most of your traffic is from other countries.

Further, you can only install one WordPress instance on your server and don’t get access to advanced features.

Live chat support at DreamPress is infrequent, and you may have to wait a long time before you get connected.

Alternatives To Best Managed WordPress Hosting Category

If you’re on a tight budget and unhappy with the features the best managed WordPress hosting providers offer, there are other alternative categories to consider.

Cheap Website Hosting

Cheap web hosting offers you all the benefits of running your business on the internet without spending a lot.

While opinions vary regarding performance, the truth is that it’s not determined by how much you spend.

Cheap site hosting services are perfect for small businesses and blogs, making them a popular choice for startups.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means your website shares the same server space with others.

The service is best if you’re a new website and traffic is still growing.

Shared hosting services offer a built-in cPanel to ease control over things, such as add-on domains, databases, and email setup, all for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we frequently see about the best managed WordPress hosting.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a man working on a server that has a WordPress logo on it to illustrate managed WordPress hosting

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?

Yes, we think managed WordPress hosting is worth the cost.

WordPress hosting costs more than regular hosting but can save you considerable money and time.

The hosting solution provides convenience so you, the website owner, can take a hands-off approach.

Hosts manage the technical aspects of managing your website, and you can focus on growing your readership.

Is there such a thing as cheap managed WordPress hosting?

Yes. But the key to finding an affordable, yet quality-managed WordPress hosting service is getting it from companies of high reputations and reading online reviews before making a purchase.

Ensure the performance tests reviewers post reflect your reliability and load speed requirements.

Wrapping Up

The best managed WordPress hosting provider depends on your needs.

If you’re looking for a managed hosting provider to scale your business or agency’s WordPress site, we recommend the agency-focused WP Engine.

But if you want to host a single hobby site and not worry about backups, migration, updates, or other maintenance tasks, you’re better off with Kinsta.

Pressable is the best solution if you’re on a tight budget.

All three providers offer rapid WordPress creation and deployment, speed and performance, security, and excellent support services.

Make sure you evaluate your requirements and match them with what a hosting provider offers.

This list covers the top nine picks you can go with if you don’t have peculiar needs.

Which managed WordPress hosting provider did you pick for your site?

Is there a company we missed that deserves a spot?

Comment in the section below and let us know!

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