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Fiverr Affiliate Program: How It Works, Payment Details & More

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The Fiverr Affiliate Program is a marketing tactic that provides affiliates with bonuses for recruiting new people to use the online website.

Fiverr allows people to outsource tasks to freelance workers.

Since the platform makes a profit by having more users, the affiliate marketers who can bring more customers to the site can make money doing so.

The purpose of Fiverr is for freelancers, remote workers, and hands-on workers to make a profit doing odd jobs, pay-as-you-go work, or specific jobs.

Unlike salary workers who will make money no matter what, Fiverr is an online platform that rewards gig workers by connecting them with hiring partners.

Fiverr Affiliate Program at a Glance

So, what is the purpose of the Fiverr Affiliate Program, and why should you use it?

The Fiverr Affiliate Program helps partners make money by recruiting new users via a sharing link.

Members can make money by promoting Fiverr’s various services, such as Fiverr Pro.

Let’s take a look at the basics of the Fiver Affiliate Program for those considering joining this profitable plan.

  • Cost Per Action (CPA):
    • Dynamic CPA – $15 to $150 for commissions depending on the category
  • Commission Rate:
    • CPA Commissions for a First Time Buyer (users can make money on the first purchase of each customer)
    • Hybrid Commission for customers who use CPA and revenue share
    • Revenue Share Commission = % of the total value of the order
  • Cookie Duration:
    • 30 days after the first click
    • Users who register via another link will be assigned a Cookie duration
  • Payment payout threshold:
    • $100 to claim a payment
  • Payment Options:
    • PayPal or Payoneer for monthly commissions <$1,000
    • Wire trainer for monthly commissions > $1,000
    • Payment request via Dashboard for Private Account
    • Upload invoice for Company Accounts

Does Fiverr Have an Affiliate Program?

Fiverr has a Fiverr Affiliate Program for those interested in making money recruiting new users.

The Fiverr Affiliate Program is easy to join, as new users only have to use the online signup form, login, and then begin working.

The Fiverr affiliate Program means users can promote Fiverr, Fiverr Workspace, Fiverr Learn, Fiver Affiliates, Fiverr Logo Maker, and Fiverr Business.

What Is the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

The Fiverr Affiliate Program is a way for freelancers to increase their earnings by driving traffic to Fiverr’s products and services.

How Does the Fiverr Affiliate Program Work?

Freelancers can join the Affiliate Program by entering their personal and payout information.

Then, they can start promoting Fiverr with their unique niche audience and begin earning money through traffic, conversions, and commissions.

Is the Fiverr Affiliate Program Free?

The Fiverr Affiliate Program is free to join and free to use.

What Products Can You Promote For the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

Those associated with the Fiverr Affiliate Program can promote Fiverr, Fiverr Business, Learn from Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, Fiverr Workspace, and Fiverr Logo Maker.

All of these products can help drive conversions instead of a CRO agency.


Fiverr is an online marketplace that provides freelancers, remote workers, and gig workers with jobs without contracts or specific timeframes.

The purpose of Fiverr is to connect those who need specific jobs completed with freelancers who can do the job without long-term commitment.

Fiverr Business

Fiverr Business allows users to reach out and contact an expert in any field.

By connecting with reputable and trusted experts who can offer digital services to customers, you can ensure that you are using verified people to finish a project.

Fiverr Business helps connect people with highly qualified people to finish a project at hand.

Instead of spending hours interviewing individuals, emailing potential candidates, or going through a lengthy narrowing-down process, Fiverr Business recommends vetted individuals to business owners who need a project completed ASAP.

Fiverr Business helps clients and businesses create their own monetary goals, track their progress within the team, keep an eye on various remote workers and freelancers collaborating on one project, and approve or deny communication and transactions.

The perks of using Fiverr Business instead of other products on the Fiverr website are the organizational tools.

These business hacks let clients manage various projects simultaneously, enhance cell communication, and monitor budgeting on one clear dashboard.  

Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is a Fiverr service that offers trusted and verified talent for clients who need a wide range of services, such as graphics, design, digital marketing, translation, writing, video, animation, and much more.

Fiverr Pro offers reputable professionals who can help you finish your project to the highest standard possible, as quickly as you can.

There are numerous options available for clients who need a logo design, social media help, mobile design, voiceover, content production, SEO keywords, article creation, blog posts, and video ads.

After a lengthy process that considers only the highest qualified individuals to be considered Fiverr Pros, this service promotes those with ample background information, professional experience in the industry, and continued excellence in the field.

Plus, clients who use Fiverr Pro are guaranteed reliable and consistent support and communication throughout using the service.

Not only are our workers trusted and verifiable, but our customer service is top-notch.

Learn From Fiverr

Learn from Fiverr is an online platform that helps clients with online classes that help gig workers and freelancers earn jobs, make more money, and broadcast their services and talents.

The online courses help give freelancers common knowledge, practice exercises, and assessments to see how they are progressing in the system.

Freelancers can use Learn from Fiverr to build their skills and market their talents online through the Fiverr marketplace.

Learn from Fiverr courses range in prices and content, allowing freelancers to search for specific topics that can help them with various skills, such as problem-solving, working remotely, SEO marketing, social media, marketing, and mastering social media platforms.

Fiverr Workspace

Fiverr Workspace is a blog for business owners and freelancers alike to help provide them with the necessary skills to build and maintain their business’ success.

Along with teaching basic how-to skills, Fiverr Workspace provides an organized online platform and tools that help owners learn how to manage their workload, receive payments, delegate behind-the-scenes work, and comprehensively build every facet of an online business.

Furthermore, the Fiverr Workspace Blog provides owners with information regarding the specific facets of business, such as invoicing, productivity, workflow organization, time management, and contractual details.

This helpful page can provide information to users via outsourced blog writing. 

Overall, Fiverr Workspace is an online software program that provides owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs with an organized space to handle the different operations of running a business.

Other Things You Can Promote With This Program

Another thing you can promote with the affiliate program is the Fiverr Logo Maker.

The Fiverr Logo Maker allows clients to build a logo in just a few minutes, with freelancers or Guinness owners simply needing to input their brand name and click on ‘Make Your Logo’ to get started.

This AI Logo Maker is personalized to meet your needs and requirements, such as brand guidelines, social media ideas, and aesthetic preferences.

What Products Are Excluded From the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

If you are a part of the Fiverr Affiliate Program, you can promote any of Fiverr’s products and services.

However, if you are interested in promoting a seller, service, or individualized content on Fiverr, you may need to use the Deep Links promotional tactic.

This deep links service connects to a landing page for your promotion.

Furthermore, users are only allowed to have one Fiverr account and one Fiverr Business account to prevent the over-promotion of products or services.

In addition, those who are interested in joining the Fiverr Affiliate Program need to take special care when using the Voice Over service.

If you intend to use Voice Over to promote a specific service or product, you must purchase the Buy-Out on the Gig Extra page.

Similarly, if you want to promote a product or service through radio or internet, you need to buy the ‘Full Broadcast Rights’ on the Gig Extra page.

Lastly, those part of the Fiverr Affiliate Program are not allowed to promote any goods or services that are unlawful or regulated through the service or third parties terms of use.

How Much Do Fiverr Affiliates Make?

Fiverr Affiliates earn a wide range of money depending on how often they use the program and what type of products they promote.

Fiverr Affiliates will have to make $100 before they can claim payment.

Before they reach $100 in total payments, the money will stay in their online balance.

As you get used to using the platform, you can start to earn commission and be paid out on a regular basis.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Commission Rates

Those who are interested in joining the Affiliate Program should know the 3 different plans:

CPA Commission

Affiliates can earn a maximum of $150 for a first-time purchaser who used your link.

The CPA Commission plan allows affiliates to earn between $15 and $150 per month, depending on purchases, payments, and services.

Hybrid Commission

Affiliates earn $10 CPA and 10% revenue for the following year.

This type of commission is a smart choice for those who continually refer more customers.

Revenue Share Commission

The last type of plan that affiliates can use to get paid through Fiverr is the Revenue Share Commission, which provides affiliates with 30% of every course that the person sells on Fiverr Learn platforms.

There are a few ways that individuals can make the most money on Fiverr to increase their commission and payout amounts:

  • Use Blogging — Bloggers can create web pages and content surrounding Fiverr’s services.
  • Facebook — Facebook marketing helps promote affiliate products via job requests and specified Groups. Since Facebook ad agencies are too expensive for most bloggers, this is the best solution.
  • Twitter — Tweet about freelancer jobs, courses, services, and products, while using hashtags to promote Fiverr.
  • LinkedIn — Comment and post about Fiverr’s products and services or those who may benefit from Fiverr (ex: freelancer specializing in SEO, blogging, keyword usage, social media design, etc.).

How Long Does The Fiverr Cookie Last?

The Fiverr cookie duration expires 30 days after the initial click on the link.

If a user goes through another method besides the original link, they will be automatically assigned to the cookie.

The cookie helps store information for user experience, whereas third-party cookies are used by partner programs (ex: social media platforms) to hold client information.

How Do You Get Paid From Fiverr?

Affiliates in the Fiverr program get paid through the website via three different methods. However, individuals must first provide information in order to qualify for their first commission payout.

Those who are using the Fiverr Affiliate Program must provide Fiverr with their personal information and payment information in their ‘Account Details’ section after signing up for the program.

The three different payout methods that individuals can use on the Fiverr Program include PayPal or Payoneer for commissions less than $1,000 per month, Wire transfer for payments over $1,000 per month, or payment requests via users with a Private Account.

When Does Fiverr Pay Affiliates?

If you have made less than $100 so far, you cannot claim a payout.

Those who have made over $100 can then begin to claim a payout for their commission.

Payments that are requested in the time frame of the 1st and 15th of the month are paid on the 1st of the following month.

For example, if you request payment for October 1st to 15th, you will be paid on November 1st (or at the beginning of the month).

Payment requests between the 16th and the last day of the month are paid on the 15th day of the next month or the closest working day.

For example, if the 15th falls on a Saturday or a holiday, the payment will be initiated on the upcoming Monday or the next business day.  

Commissions for those in the Fiverr Affiliate Program are paid only once per month after the platform receives the invoice request via the user.

What Marketing Materials And Promotional Tools Are Available?

There are numerous materials and tools available as part of the Fiverr Marketing program.

As an Affiliate, you have access to helpful services and high-performance tools that can help you increase your reach and success.

One of the most important perks of the Fiverr Affiliate Program is the Default and Deep Links.

These links redirect any person who clicks on the link to any chosen page that is attributed to Fiverr, such as campaigns, services, promotions, or products.

Secondly, Affiliates can use the Creative Assets tool to help their page stand out.

Affiliates can use banners, HTML 5 Banners, video banners, and GIFs.

Thirdly, Affiliates can take advantage of the ‘Advanced Tools,’ such as the Gig Ads, Search Box Widget, and Geo Rotation Banners.

Lastly, Affiliates can use Content for Sharing, such as Ebooks and Emails, to help engage and educate their audiences.

Who Should Join the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

Are you interested in the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

There are a few types of people who may best benefit from this helpful online platform:

  • Freelancers — Freelancers who join the Affiliate Program can broadcast their own products and services while making money in the process.
  • Business owners — Small business owners should join the Fiverr Affiliate Program to promote their own businesses, find specific services, and connect with freelancers.
  • Bloggers — Writers and bloggers specifically should join the Fiverr Affiliate Program to broadcast their own talent, promote Fiverr through their content, and draw more traffic to their webpage.
    Product review bloggers can include specific products or services in their reviews to help redirect readers to one of Fiverr’s affiliates.

Is the Fiverr Affiliate Program Worth It?

Should you join the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

Weighing the pros of affiliate marketing and the cons is essential to see if this is the right program for you.

Pros of the Fiverr Affiliate Program

  • High commission rates — not only are commissions available for a wide range of products and services but there are revenue share payouts for all affiliates.
  • Comprehensive — There are numerous marketing materials, tools, and services available in different aesthetic versions, languages, types, and sizes, appealing to a wide range of people.
  • Payment choices — Affiliates can choose their specific payment type and payout method, increasing the flexibility of this program.
  • Leader in the market — Not only is Fiverr well respected, but it is arguably the leader in the freelance marketplace.
  • Wide range of services — Fiverr offers a comprehensive range of services that are appealing to people, such as business, social media, writing, marketing, etc.

Cons of the Fiverr Affiliate Program

  • First-time buyer perks — Commissions are only applicable to first-time clickers on a link, meaning the rewards program is slightly restricted.
  • High payout — the Threshold for a payout is high ($100 vs. $50 or less on other platforms).
  • Hard-to-use software — The online software is sometimes convoluted and hard to use compared to other more “clickable” layouts.
  • Capped commissions — Although a Fiverr Pro service may be in the thousands, the highest commission payout amount is $150.
  • High use — Since there are thousands, if not millions, of people that use Fiverr, your products or services may not stand out among others, meaning a higher competition level.

Conclusion: Is The Fiverr Affiliate Program Worth It?

So, should you join the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

If you are a freelancer, blogger, or small business owner, you may benefit from joining this affiliate program to help promote your products or services.

How To Join the Fiverr Affiliate Program

If this sounds like something that is up your alley, you need to know the steps of how to join the Fiverr Affiliate Program.

Requirements to Join the Fiverr Affiliate Program

The only requirement that you need to join the Fiverr Affiliate Program is to add your personal information and payout information.

How To Apply [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

  1. Sign Up — add your personal information (first name, last name, email address, username, password) and payout information (account type).
  2. Login — After adding your personal information, payout information, and business info, you can log in and then begin working!

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved for the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

Email confirmation from Fiverr is almost immediate after completing your personal and payout information.

Does Fiverr Support the Affiliate Program?

Fiverr supports the Fiverr affiliate Program since it promotes any one of Fiverr’s services.

Fiverr has a specific webpage dedicated to the Fiverr Affiliates program, including information regarding the commission plans, support tools, resources, influencers, and blog posts regarding the program.

How To Make Money With the Fiverr Affiliate Program

Check out these ways to make money (and avoid failure) while using the Fiverr Affiliate Program.

Tip for success: Form a guide around your specific niche service or product

Write a content guide based on your specific product or service, such as blogging, writing, photography, etc.

Make sure when you create a content guide to promote your services or products that you include an affiliate disclosure.

Tip for success: Use affiliate marketing tools

Use the affiliate marketing tools and services provided by Learn from Fiverr to broadcast your products and services.

Tip to avoid failure: Do not mention services you have not tried

If you mention products or services as recommendations to your followers or those who have clicked on your link, and they are unverifiable, then this harms your credibility.

Make sure you only mention services or products you have personally used.

Tip to avoid failure: Do not include Fiverr on your page

If you do not include Fiverr on your webpage or Resources link, you will lose valuable clicks that can lead to higher promotional possibilities.

Alternatives to the Fiverr Affiliate Program

Not sure if the Fiverr Affiliate Program is the right fit for you?

Check out these other high-paying affiliate programs.

Hubspot Affiliate Program

The Hubspot Affiliate Program is an online program that allows freelancers and small business owners to earn commissions for referrals.

The HubSpot Program provides a 15% or 100% commission rate based on the specific plan, has an average payout of just over $275 per month, and has a 90-day cookie window.

GoDaddy Affiliate Program

The GoDaddy Affiliate Program is an online program that helps freelancers and gig workers make extra money by selling websites through specified marketing channels.

This program offers a wide range of texts and banners, provides competitive commission rates and does not have any minimum purchases.

Software Affiliate Programs

There are other software affiliate programs that users can take advantage of if they are considering making money through freelancing.

Some of the most common programs include ShareASale, ClickBank, Shopify, BigCommerce, Awin, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those who are considering using the Fiverr Affiliate Program need to know the most commonly asked questions to get a better idea of this service.

Does Upwork have an affiliate program?

Upwork has an Affiliate Program that helps users earn commission by promoting Upwork on their own personal web pages and affiliate links.

The Upwork Affiliate Program provides 70% commission for the first contract, provides up to $150 for every new client, and offers 24/7 customer support.  

Which Is Better – Fiverr CPA or Fiverr hybrid?

There are pros and cons to either option as a Fiverr Affiliate member.

Fiverr CPA is better for first-time buyers and one-time users, whereas Fiverr Hybrid is best for those who buy and promote services on a regular basis.

Wrapping Up

So, should you join the Fiverr Affiliate Program?

It depends!

If you are a freelancer or small business owner who wants to promote your own business, services, or products by using Fiverr Affiliate links and the online web page, then this could be a great way to make extra money.

With various payment options that can work with your unique income level, Fiverr is a smart choice for those who want flexibility and versatility.

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