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If you’re pondering the decision to start a blog and asking yourself why you should have one, there are so many rewarding reasons to start a blog.

Blogging is everywhere; it is one of the most popular forms of writing today. Blogging functions as journalism, marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and creative self-expression.

You may perceive blogging to be a fad, hobby or passion at best, and that misconception may make you reluctant to try it. However, there are many compelling reasons to start a blog.

Why Should You Start a Blog?

Let’s start with a few interesting statistics:

  • There are over 130 million active online blog readers in the United States.
  • Approximately 81% of the online audience trusts information and advice provided by bloggers.
  • 61% of online consumers have made a purchase based on a blog’s recommendation.
  • 92% of companies have acquired a customer through blogging.
  • 63% of consumers are more likely influenced by a blog than a magazine.

Of the many different pastimes you will take up in your lifetime, few have the potential to improve or change your life in the way that blogging does.

Whatever your initial motivation for starting a blog, you will almost certainly find yourself reaping the benefits of blogging, beyond just making money.

Reasons To Start A Blog

Starting a Blog is Easy

Blogging is easy and accessible. It requires no experience and minimal set up, technical knowledge, labor or investment. Anyone can start a blog using WordPress. You can use free blog sites or a cheap host like HostGator or Bluehost and build your website in under 20 minutes, even without any programming skills.

Even more important if you are hoping to use your blog for profit is that, unlike most other business ventures, blogs require almost no investment and have no barriers to entry. Most other businesses require capital to buy equipment, hire employees, or engage in large-scale marketing, but you can start a blog with $50.

Become A Better Writer

Blogging will transform your writing and you’ll become a better writer. Writing and any other kind of communication improves with practice, especially when you have feedback.

Blogging is ideal for writers who want to improve because you will naturally improve as you continuously publish new posts and articles. Because writing is a valuable skill, being a better writer will benefit you the rest of your life.

Live A More Intentional Life

Once you start writing and sharing your life and thoughts, you will begin to intentionally shape the events that contribute to your story. Each act, decision, and thought will have meaning.

For example, if you start a food blog and decide to catalog your daily diet with the intention of eating healthier, you will consciously make better decisions and hold yourself accountable.

You will also become more observant as you look for meaning in each aspect of your life. This accountability alone may be reason enough to start blogging now.

Change The Lives of Others

Blogging doesn’t just change your life; it also changes the lives of your readers. Sounds too crazy to be true? Think again.

Blogs are free and, with the expansion of the internet, accessible to everyone. This means that by publishing your productive thoughts, ideas and advice, you are providing a public service.

Each time you publish a post, you are inspiring, motivating, and educating your readers, thereby participating in a symbiotic network. You can recommend businesses, products, services, books, philosophies, art, and even other blogs that you like or find useful.

Sharing these kinds of ideas is wonderful for everyone involved. It feels great to the sharer, maximizing the initial positive experience, and it also benefits both readers and businesses, artists, authors, etc.

You can also use your blog as a space for helpful information for those in need. Anything from simple DIY information to therapeutic advice can help people experiencing everything from everyday challenges to life’s most difficult circumstances. Because it is so tough to address some of these problems face to face, blogs are an invaluable resource for many people seeking anonymous help.

Improve Yourself

Blogging will turn you into a deeper thinker, no matter what topics you blog about.

By analyzing yourself, your ideas, different philosophies, or the world around you and finding a way to communicate your thoughts to your audience, you will undoubtedly become a deeper thinker. As you explore your opinions, research new concepts, and bolster your arguments in writing, you flex your thinking muscles.

You are also more likely to consider many viewpoints and maintain some flexibility in your position. One of the biggest differences between you and the traditional author is that you have a living, dynamic exchange of ideas with your readers in your comment section. Reading comments and responding also allows you to both refine and strengthen your positions when appropriate.

Finally, starting a blog takes you on the same journey of personal discovery that journaling does. Blogging improves your memory and encourages you to explore your emotional life in healthy ways. Your blog may even serve as an archive of your story and improve your confidence as you appreciate the uniqueness of that story.

Develop a Healthier Lifestyle

It may not seem obvious at first, but success with blogging requires healthy lifestyle habits such as a proper diet, exercise, good mental health, and stress management.

As with all endeavors in life, discipline and commitment are required. A blog can provide you with an injection of energy that experts agree can help you through the malaise of a mid-life crisis, for example.

Create A Forum For Ideas

One of the best reasons to start a blog is to make a difference, and to start a dialogue on a topic that matters to you. Issue-based blogs provide important information to readers and connect like-minded people in the community.

If you are concerned about a particular issue, a blog can be an ideal way to express yourself, build awareness, and get others involved in your cause.

Flexibility and Freedom

Becoming a full-time blogger offers more flexibility and freedom than someone who is tied to an office or a traditional 9 to 5 job.

Anyone who freelances probably does so in large part because they place a premium on freedom; if you do, blogging can be a great part of your strategy.

Building a successful blog allows you the independence to do what you want, when you want, especially if that means spending time with your family.

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Self-Branding – Marketing Yourself As An Expert

Blogging is a perfect way to promote yourself in your field of expertise. Branding specialists agree that highlighting your knowledge as an expert lends legitimacy to your business and makes you more appealing to potential clients.

A successful blog that paints you as a “thought leader” also proves that you are a credible source of professional advice.

Network – Build Relationships

You will be amazed at how easily you meet new people and build relationships online once you have an established blog. You will receive comments, e-mails, follows and likes on your social media channels, and other contacts.

Many will be friendly contacts and you will often find that the relationships are mutually beneficial. Overall, positive feedback from your target audience will be a major boost.

Blogging is a great thing to do for social reasons as well. Making new friends and finding like-minded people isn’t always easy, and starting a blog makes the process of sharing ideas across geographical, social, and political boundaries possible.

As a blogger, you are likely to meet many bloggers and readers who want to share ideas and help each other in their pursuits. This can help develop knowledge, ideas and writing skills to the next level.

Grow Your Offline Business

Businesses can use blogging to market their products or services, build brand awareness, earn new customers and drive sales.

This can apply to online ventures or brick and mortar businesses such as consultants, financial advisors, graphic designers, accountants, lawyers, doctors, restaurants, retailers, etc. Companies who blog have 97% more inbound links, resulting in more traffic/visitors and increased sales.

Make Money Blogging

You don’t need to make money to love blogging, but making money online part-time never hurts. Whether you make $100 or $100,000 per year, it’s a great feeling to pursue your passion and earn money in the process.

If you want to make money blogging, you can place ads via Google AdSense, become an affiliate and promote products or services, write and sell an e-book, write sponsored reviews, etc.

Your creativity is the limit when determining how to make money blogging, and the best part is that, unlike your job or career, you can sell your income-producing blog.

Start A Blog For Any Reason

There are so many excellent reasons for starting a blog that it is almost certainly worth your time to try it. When you consider the many benefits of blogging versus the minimal cost, what legitimate excuse do you have to give up before you start?

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