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  • BrightLocal gives you the tools to rank higher, improve your reputation, and generate more traffic and leads from local search.

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If you have been creating content you are proud of but are having trouble reaching an audience.

BrightLocal might be what you are looking for to take your content to the next step.

BrightLocal can help businesses or even just a single person with a blog looking to improve their marketing.

Using BightLocal is like having a local SEO staff at your disposal.

With the work taken off your shoulders, you will have time to complete other tasks.

BrightLocal offers countless features like local search insights, easy ways to identify issues in business listings easily, and competitive insights to help your business outrank your competitor.

What is BrightLocal?

BrightLocal is a local marketing platform that provides help to businesses and bloggers.

They give the tools necessary for generating more traffic, improving your reputation, and ranking higher than your competition.

What Is BrightLocal Used For?

When used by workers looking to improve their SEO content, BrightLocal will compile reports and attract customers.

BrightLocal is used for growing your website’s search visibility and helps monitor and respond to your reviews.

How BrightLocal Works

BrightLocal offers you tools to improve your local SEO.

When using the tools provided by BrightLocal, their highly trained team will identify the problems with your SEO and give you feedback to help you fix the problem efficiently.

Just looking at your dashboard on BrightLocal will give you access to each report and insights on what is working well and what needs further attention and fixing.

They also offer a free interactive training course with BrightLocal Academy.

BrightLocal at a Glance

Market Segment: Local Marketing

Best For: Business owners

Plans & Pricing:

  • 14-day free trial
  • Just Reviews: $8/mo
  • Single Business: $29/mo
  • Multi Business: $49/mo
  • SEO Pro: $79/mo

Notable Features of BrightLocal

  1. Rank tracker: this tool will keep you up to date on where your position is for the keywords you are using to be ranked. It will also show you where your website is found using geolocations.
  2. Local search grid: Similar to the rank tracker, this tool gives you more ranking and competitor data. It will help you better understand how to improve your local search landscape and visibility.
  3. Reputation manager: the reputation manager helps monitor reviews you receive from countless review websites, enables you to receive new reviews from customers, and automatically showcases the best reviews on your website.
  4. Citation Builder: using the citation builder will eliminate the work needed to create citations on your own manually. It also makes sure you always have complete and accurate citations displayed.
  5. BrightLocal Academy: BrightLocal not only provides you with the tools to help you improve your SEO, but they also offer a free training course to teach you how to take your local SEO knowledge to the next level.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use BrightLocal?

BrightLocal does not have any minimum requirements necessary to use their website.

Although, it is helpful to know the basics of running a website and have a basic understanding of SEO and keyword research.

How Much Does BrightLocal Cost?

Depending on what you want to accomplish when using BrightLocal, you may want some tools, not others.

BrightLocal offers four different plans to choose from:

Just Reviews

$8/mo – this plan gives you the reputation manager tool, allowing you to monitor, generate, and showcase any reviews you get from customers.

Single Business

$29/mo – includes everything in Just Reviews, local SEO tool credits, integrations tools, citation tracker, rank tracker reports, local search grid, and local SEO audit reports.

Multi Business

$49/mo – includes everything in Single Business, API access, agency lead generator, additional local SEO tools, and reputation manager credits.

Seo Pro

$79/mo – includes everything in Multi Business, additional local SEO tools, and reputation manager credits and unlocks the remaining features of the website.

Does BrightLocal Have an Enterprise Version Available?

BrightLocal does offer an enterprise plan.

They are very flexible and will work with you to create a plan that suits your business’s needs.

If your business is expanding and you need to expand your plan, BrightLocal will work with you.

BrightLocal Promotions and Savings

BrightLocal can be expensive, but there are chances to save if you know where to look.

Does BrightLocal Have a Free Trial?

If you are unsure if BrightLocal is for you, consider trying out their 14-day free trial.

All their tools will be available for you during those two weeks; no card will be required.

Does BrightLocal Offer Coupon Codes?

Even though BrightLocal does not offer coupon codes at the moment, they do have discounts for the Single Business, Multi Business, and SEO Pro plans when you choose to pay annually.

Does BrightLocal Have a Lifetime Deal?

Due to how popular and used the website is, BrightLocal does not currently offer a lifetime deal.

Who are BrightLocal’s Main Alternatives?

You may have asked yourself, why should I use BrightLocal over some of the other options out there?

Here are some competitors, how they work, and their difference from BrightLocal:

My Web Audit

My Web Audit helps customers to grow their businesses.

They will automatically check 40+ critical factors quickly to find and report any issues with your website.

They provide you with a “top priorities” list as a to-do list.

They also have tools to help your website design and digital branding look more professional.

How is BrightLocal Different From My Web Audit?

Unlike My Web Audit, BrightLocal has tools like the reputation manager to help you stay on top of the reviews left by your customers.

BrightLocal also gives ranking reports on your keywords and competitor data.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is one of the latest products from Moz.

Moz Pro only offers the basics of SEO research and insights, catering to users of all skill levels and those just starting to learn SEO.

They help you find the right keywords and create custom reports.

They have a site crawl tool that provides feedback on every part of your site on how to fix any harmful issues.

How is BrightLocal Different From Moz Pro?

BrightLocal is a far cheaper option between the two.

They provide more advanced tools and features to their users.

With a wider range of tools, BrightLocal helps you understand how an issue occurred and how to fix it.

Visit Moz Pro Bloggingtips listing here: Moz Pro


Semrush provides competitive data to marketing professionals to increase traffic to their websites.

With their domain analytics, you can see an overview of how much traffic your website receives from organic search and paid search.

You can also use domain analytics to analyze your competitors.

They give your recommendations on how to improve your content to increase rankings.

You can also draft, schedule, and post content on social media using Semrush.

How is BrightLocal Different from Semrush?

While BrightLocal has the local search grid tool to give you extra data on your competitors, it is not as in-depth as Semrush is.

But BrightLocal offers more tools and, unlike Semrush, will help you identify and fix issues with SEO.

Visit Semrush Bloggingtips listing here: Semrush.

How Does BrightLocal Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

BrightLocal is by far the cheapest option out there, with the most tools at your disposal.

BrightLocal will work with you to fix any issues you might be having.

They will also be helping you learn exactly how to fix an issue to prevent it from happening later.

BrightLocal has a user-friendly website and dashboard, making it easy to find the information you need to succeed.

Who Is BrightLocal Best for?

BrightLocal works best for single-business owners and small to medium businesses.

As your business grows, your plan with BrightLocal will grow with it.

With their enterprise package plan, you can add or remove any tools whenever you or your business needs.

With their rank tracker and local search grid, you can keep up with your competitors and see how you are doing in comparison.

BrightLocal also helps you improve your website and increase traffic, helping grow your business further.

Why is BrightLocal Best For Smaller Businesses?

BrightLocal is a great tool for small to medium-size businesses or single-business owners.

When owning a small business on your own or with a small team, it can be difficult to maintain everything on your own all the time.

BrightLocal makes it possible to reduce your workload significantly by acting as your local SEO team.

Many of the tools provided by BrightLocal work on their own in the background, like the citation builder, and need minimal work done by you.

Is BrightLocal Easy to Use?

BrightLocal is easy to use.

With their user-friendly dashboards, information is simple for you to find.

Looking further into each tool, they will provide you with additional, very accurate information.

Their interface is very intuitive to each user’s needs.

They make it easy to monitor everything from online reputation to customer reviews in one place, along with insights and rankings.

BrightLocal also provides a free training course to help cover any questions you might have while using their tools.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

A large number of users have said that they love the reputation reporting tool.

Monitoring online reviews is made easy with this tool by putting reviews from multiple websites into one place for users to find.

Users have reported that they love the ranking reports and the local SEO competitor reporting.

BrightLocal has made it easy to track any ranking changes and create multiple local ranking reports from different locations.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Users have reported that the system can be slow and sometimes buggy due to how much information it is trying to give at once.

It can be very frustrating for those who do not have much time to wait for the system to load or need a piece of information quickly.

Using credits/tokens can be a hassle and become costly for some users.

Credits are needed to use some tools like the citation builder and the local search grid.

Credits also get used up very quickly, and users have reported that they run into needing extra credits when trying to complete a task.

Some users have reported that when trying to order citations for a large number of clients at once can become very costly and possibly lose that money if the client cancels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do citations help SEO?

Citations have practical information about a business in the form of an online business listing.

Citations appear on many different sites like online directories, review sites, event sites, and news and blog sites.

Citations have local SEO value, improving your tanking in local search engines.

Search engines compare data displayed in a citation with the business data.

Ranking becomes more elevated for the business when there is a high level of data confirmation.

How does BrightLocal help with schools?

BrightLocal not only helps business owners, but they help schools as well.

They have been working with schools in the Philippines to create better student work environments.

They have supported three schools so far by donating materials, repairing classrooms, and creating safety by building fences around the schools.

They also have provided resources such as printers and reading materials.

They also provide scholarships to promising students in need of some support.


BrightLocal is an easy-to-use platform for small to medium businesses and single-business owners looking to improve their marketing and traffic to their website.

BrightLocal helps to fix any SEO issues with your website along with helping you to learn how to fix the SEO issues.

They provide you with various tools like reports on your keyword rankings, competitor data, citation builder, and a reputation manager.

The platform does have its cons, with its slow loading times and credit system, but in the end, it is a helpful tool for those in the marketing field looking to improve and expand their business.

If you have used BrightLocal or are currently using it, please consider leaving a review below.

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