How to Cancel HostGator in 5 Easy Steps

HostGator is an excellent choice for when you’re starting a blog and need affordable, reliable web hosting services. They have easy-to-use website creation tools and a one-click installation of WordPress and other popular blogging platforms. In addition to all that, the company has live support available via phone and live chat, so help with any … Read more

How To Remove The Digg Bar From Your Blog Using PHP

Last week I showed how you can remove the digg bar from your blog using javascript. Jonathan Bailey also wrote about this subject and he later emailed me about an article John Gruber wrote. As some of you may know, Javscript has some limitations. One of the biggest problems is that users have the option of switching javascript off. Thankfully, John … Read more

How to Set Up an Email Address With a Blog Domain

Whether you blog about food, fashion, technology, or travel, there’s one thing every blogger has in common: We all want to be taken seriously.

There are a few easy things that bloggers can do to make their sites look more professional and more polished.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to set up a professional email address that’s associated with the name of your blog. Using your Gmail or Yahoo account doesn’t exactly lend credibility.

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How to Change Your Header Image in WordPress

Disappointed with the reaction you’re getting to your blog? You know your audience. You’re writing solid content. So what’s the problem? It might be your header image. You can have the most amazing content, but without a great image to bring readers in, you might be losing readers before they even set eyes on your … Read more

How To Create a Link – Make Words Clickable Links on Your Blog

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How to Install WordPress – Complete Guide

Getting started with a brand new WordPress blog might seem like a tough task. What if you don’t have any idea about how to set up a website? Will setting up your site be terribly complicated and take up a lot of your time before you can even start writing your first blog post? Thankfully, … Read more

How To Design A Blog

Learning how to design a blog is one of the best parts of becoming a blogger. Designing your own blog allows you to be creative and give your website some personality. The goal is to design a website that looks beautiful, focuses on your content, and promotes social sharing, yet is functional and high-converting for … Read more

How To Install A WordPress Theme

After starting your blog, you may be wondering how to install a WordPress theme. A WordPress theme is the design or look of your website. Installing a theme can help you customize and style your blog to your specific needs. Furthermore, a unique and professional design will make your blog stand out from the crowd of bloggers in … Read more

How To Move From Blogger To WordPress

WordPress and Blogger (also known as BlogSpot) are two of the best and most popular free publishing platforms for new bloggers. However, if you really want to make money blogging, you need a self-hosted WordPress blog – a blog you own and completely control. With so many bloggers eventually migrating from Blogger to WordPress, we decided … Read more

How To Login To WordPress

After you’ve set up your blog and installed WordPress, you will need to learn how to login to WordPress for the first time. Your WordPress admin or login information will provide you access to your blogging software, where you will have the opportunity to configure important settings, publish posts, upload plugins and themes, and manage your … Read more

Using HTML5 to Embedding Videos on Your Webpage

In recent times, businesses have started employing video marketing strategies as a part of their Internet marketing mix. Companies use videos for marketing, promotions and even as know-how kind of content. Here is the best way to Embedding Videos into your website. Over a period of time, all videos available on the Web have been … Read more

How to Add an Author’s Photo in WordPress-How to Look Amazing

Engaging your audience is an ever more challenging prospect for most sites, as competition for their attention grows fiercer every day. When you Add an Author’s Photo in WordPress it gives the author more credibility. One way to strengthen the connection between your site and its readership is to give a face to the authors … Read more

How to Add Hreflang Tags in WordPress- Why you will need them

Incredibly useful in the modern world, where your internet audience could span a hundred different countries, Hreflang tags allow your site to direct people to the version of your site with the most appropriate language for their location from google searches. However, they can go further than just language, allowing you to direct to region … Read more

How To Migrate from Blogger to WordPress (With a Blogspot URL)

I get asked pretty often if I can put together a tutorial showing Blogger users how to transfer their posts over to WordPress. Well, lookie here, your requests have been answered! This tutorial is for those Blogger users who do not yet have a custom domain set up who wish to move over to a … Read more