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  • Advertising Networks
  • BuySellAds builds advertising solutions for publishers and marketers. Sell ads with powerful advertising technology, or buy ads that reach audiences at scale.

  • https://www.buysellads.com/

In the online world, ad space is a precious resource.

Bloggers and websites can make money from the ads they allow on their sites, and companies can earn revenue by placing ads on the correct websites.

However, not all advertising marketplaces cater to the needs required by businesses.

BuySellAds is an alternative option for those who want more control over their ad space.

If you are looking for advertisers that match the theme of your website and are tired of the ads from Google, check out BuySellAds for a change of pace.

BuySellAds at a Glance

Market Segment: Demographic segmentation

Best for: customized businesses and niche advertisers

Plans and Pricing: Free plan, varied pricing for advertisements:

  • Legacy payments
  • Self-serve payments

What Is BuySellAds?

BuySellAds is an online advertising marketplace open to both advertisers and publishers.

It operates on the premise that Google ad services and other marketplaces just place random ads on your website, while you will have control over the advertising with BuySellAds.

BuySellAds offers a wide range of advertisers and publishers.

Whether trying to advertise or find worthy ads for your site, you will find a match with the art approval and design system on BuySellAds.

What Is BuySellAds Used For?

BuySellAds is used for personal bloggers, websites, and commercial pages that offer side or banner advertisements.

It is a marketplace for both sides of the transaction to gather and decide which ads will perform best on which websites.

BuySellAds is helpful for marketers who don’t make enough revenue on randomly generated ads.

It also works for companies that don’t want random ads on their site – they would instead pick and choose the advertisements themselves.

How BuySellAds Works

With a BuySellAds account, a marketer or a publisher can choose which ads to run on the website.

Once the ads have been purchased, they are designed and approved before going live.

Every ad publisher will approve whatever ads are on the site, and the advertiser will make more money with specific ads.

Once the advertisements are live on the site, they are automatically renewed or updated as time goes on.

However, a publisher can change ads after the agreement runs out.

Notable Features of BuySellAds

Here are some of the notable features of BuySellAds:

  • Customizable ads
  • Power to reject advertisements
  • No beginning fee
  • Various prices
  • Two ways to pay
  • Focused on tech and web design

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use BuySellAds?

Although you must have a functioning website available to use BuySellAds, there aren’t specific requirements for current traffic numbers.

You can set up a website and immediately request to join.

However, BuySellAds doesn’t allow free signup.

Although you won’t have to pay, you do need to fill out a form.

The company will help you decide whether BuySellAds is the right fit for you.

Because they serve an exclusive group of customers, there’s no guarantee that your business will join.

How Much Does BuySellAds Cost?

Although the advertisements cost money, a subscription to the site is free for publishers.

As soon as the managers approve you, you will be able to start looking for advertisers.

There are two ways to participate and purchase ad space on BuySellAds.

The first is self-service ads. You create an advertisement and purchase individual slots for it.

The second is by legacy – once you put money in your account, your advertisements will automatically become live on the website.

While the service itself is free, the advertisements themselves will cost money.

To publish an advertisement, you’ll pay a fee to the website and be matched up with a blog or site.

Once the person on the other end approves your ad, it will run on their website.

Does BuySellAds Have an Enterprise Version Available?

BuySellAds does not have an enterprise version.

The company is best for small businesses, as larger investors have complained of scam ads and targeted accounts.

However, there are advertisements available for larger companies.

Enterprises with personalized ads are hard to find, and BuySellAds does not cater to larger businesses.

If you run a small website or have a niche audience, BuySellAds is a great choice for you.

BuySellAds Promotions & Savings

Of course, any chance to save money is ideal.

Even when buying ad space, it’s crucial to save money if you can.

Here is all the information on BuySellAds promotions and savings.

Of course, it’s a free website if you are selling ad space.

You will likely make money from it as well.

This section is mainly for those looking to buy ad space.

Does BuySellAds Have a Free Trial?

BuySellAds doesn’t offer a free trial because the company isn’t subscription based.

Instead, users will put a specific amount of money in their account and purchase ads out of those funds.

Because of this, there is no free trial on BuySellAds.

Does BuySellAds Offer Coupon Codes?

Instead of coupon codes, BuySellAds offers discounts for beginning members and hosts sales throughout the year.

Although these aren’t consistent, you should be able to find a good deal on advertising through their website.

The ads’ various sizes and lengths of time determine how expensive they are.

Does BuySellAds Have a Lifetime Deal?

BuySellAds does not offer lifetime deals or premium memberships.

The company individually vets all members of BuySellAds to ensure that minimal scams and frauds happen through the open market system.

Not all websites make it into BuySellAds, but there’s no special membership once you get in.

Who Are BuySellAds’s Main Alternatives?

Of course, BuySellAds isn’t the only company offering a place to buy and sell advertisements.

Some of the main competitors are GoogleAds, Marin Software, and StackAdapt.

There are hundreds of other options, but these three are more commonly used than BuySellAds.

Here are some details on each.

1. Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the very first online advertising giants.

With GoogleAds, any company can pay for advertising space on Google’s main page, as a search result, or on a specific webpage.

With GoogleAds, a company gets guaranteed visibility from the strongest search engine in the world.

However, GoogleAds doesn’t offer the same control over advertisements for the people selling the ad space.

Instead, a publisher will simply sign up for the service and make money from whatever ads run on their site.

2. Marin Software

Marin Software is a more targeted advertising approach.

In a similar way to BuySellAds, Marin offers more personalized advertisements and control for the ad publisher.

However, Marin is easier to use and has a friendlier interface, especially for ad sellers.

Marin Software is more targeted than Google but doesn’t have the same level of design control as BuySellAds.

A BuySellAds user can deny an advertisement if the design doesn’t fit with their specific website.

3. StackAdapt

StackAdapt is another targeted advertising company.

The ads sold on StackAdapt are more widely recognized than BuySellAds, and the website is easier to use.

In addition, StackAdapt has some of the best customer services in the market, should something go wrong.

However, StackAdapt is much more expensive than BuySellAds.

With StackAdapt, you can try it for free, but a subscription fee is necessary.

However, BuySellAds doesn’t have a subscription offer, and you simply pay for each advertisement as you buy it.

How Does BuySellAds Differentiate Themselves From Competitors?

BuySellAds Has a goal to differentiate itself from these competitors.

Unlike GoogleAds or other ad buying companies, BuySellAds makes an effort to match up creators with sellers.

Although it doesn’t always match up well, this match-ability is unique to the company.

With BuySellAds, an ad publisher has complete control over which ads run on their site and how long they run.

It depends on how much money and time you are willing to put into your ads, but if you’re selling ads, you can find yourself on some high-profile websites.

Who Is BuySellAds Best For?

BuySellAds is great for small businesses.

If you have a niche interest and are marketing that, it’s a great opportunity to find like-minded people and attract more revenue from similar demographics.

Because the playing field is often small for niche markets, it can be difficult to buy proper advertising (that isn’t directly from a competitor.

Finding the perfect ad or the ideal space to place your ad can be extremely helpful for the business.

Why Is BuySellAds Best For Tech Advertisers

Whether you are a publisher or an advertiser, your tech website will be stronger with targeted advertising.

Any niche within the technology, freelance, or web design world will have a greater advertising pool to choose from with BuySellAds.

BuySellAds rarely rejects a website that follows the rules, but if they do not have the right focus, there might not be enough advertisements to fulfill a contract.

Research what kinds of advertisements you might need before signing up to purchase ads.

Is BuySellAds Easy To Use?

BuySellAds is decently easy to use. There is a learning curve when you first sign up, but it is easier to understand after you figure out how to use the website.

Selling and purchasing ads is easy, especially if you have a pre-paid balance in your account.

However, one of the biggest complaints about BuySellAds is its customer service.

Those who have had issues have expressed not hearing back from customer service for several weeks while their ads expire.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

The main draw of BuySellAds is the ingenuity behind choosing your own ads.

While some businesses and websites have targeted ads, it’s not the same as choosing an ad that fits your website and the demographic you are looking for.

Although the user interface can make it difficult to discover and sell the perfect ad, Semrush is great at matching people with similar interests and website designs.

Those who want to look at designs to fit their business model and website theme can discover a match on BuySellAds.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

The main feature of BuySellAds that draws complaints is the initial signup process.

Although it’s easy to sign up and get into an account, there’s a learning curve when it comes to what you can do and what advertisements you can accept.

However, once you begin to use the website, BuySellAds becomes easier to understand.

Other than the non-intuitive user interface and lack of diversity outside of tech websites, BuySellAds users are generally very happy with their subscriptions.

Wrapping Up

BuySellAds is a resource for both publishers and advertisers.

However, it’s most helpful for those with technology or web design-based sites because the targeted advertisements will provide more revenue for your website.

Now that we’ve gone in-depth with BuySellAds, it’s your turn.

Leave your personal reviews of BuySellAds below, or tell us what we’ve missed!

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User Reviews

Jason Bonilla
Overall 4
1 Jun 2022
4.0 Ease of Use
5.0 Customer Service
4.0 Value for the Money
3.0 Features


I was looking for an easy way to advertise my new book. I found BuySellAds through a Google search and decided to try it out. I created a campaign and started promoting it. Within two weeks, I had received several inquiries about the book. I am very happy with the results!
The only issue is that the platform is fairly complex. I like the overall idea and features, but it is not quite as intuitive and easy to use as something like Google Adwords or Amazon's ad platform.

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