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An AI copywriting tool is software that uses AI technology to generate automated content for your writing.

Typically, it is generated based on the topic and tone of your subject.

Another factor that this tool works with is ensuring your writing is grammatically correct and easy to read.

Examples of copywriting tools include ClosersCopy, Wordtune, and Jasper. AI.

Though another type of AI copywriting tool for content writing would be CopyAI.

CopyAI is a copywriting software that users can utilize for blogging, product descriptions, and other forms of content.

If you’re interested in learning more about this tool, we will review its features, pricing plans, and the top three alternatives.

CopyAI at a Glance

To understand the functions of this online tool, here we will provide an overview of the CopyAI copywriting tool.

This will give you a general idea of what this is used for, its primary users, and the various payment plans they have to offer.

  • Market Segment: AI-Generated Copywriting Tool
  • Best For: Marketing Content Writers
  • Plans & Pricing:
    • Pricing Plan #1 Free Trial
    • Pricing Plan #2 Solo ($49/monthly)
    • Pricing Plan #3 Multiple Seats (Custom Pricing)

What is CopyAI?

CopyAI is a specialized online copywriting software that uses AI technology to help you write high-quality content.

Not only does it use AI to help strengthen your copywriting, but you can choose between numerous templates.

What is CopyAI Used For?

CopyAI is used to enhance writing content for your business.

This copywriting tool specializes in marketing your content by increasing your conversion rate and engagement activity.

How CopyAI Works

CopyAI is a copywriting tool that users can implement in their content for marketing.

It’s programmed to create sales copy, marketing ads, and more.

They typically use GPT3 technology to generate automated content that sounds more human.

Notable Features of CopyAI

CopyAI’s primary focus is to enhance your content by using AI technology.

That way, you don’t have to worry about how to format, correct and word your writing.

Below, we will review several features and benefits of this AI-copywriting tool.

1. Content Templates

This is a feature that users love to implement in their content.

If they’re having difficulty writing their content, then they have access to more than 90 templates.

It can be short or long-form content.

Those templates include social media posts, blog posts, sales copy, and more.

2. Rewrite

The rewriting tool is another feature that users find helpful for their content.

This tool helps rewrite and rephrase your writing so that it sounds concise.

Not only that, but it can help enhance your writing if you produce short or long-form content.

This is to promote clarity and engagement with your target audience.

3. Translator

The translator feature is one of the benefits users implement in their work.

When the content requires to be written in a different language, users can choose from 25 languages.

Those languages include Spanish, Mandarin, German, English, and more.

4. Grammar Checker

Grammar checker is another advantage to enhancing your content.

This feature helps you auto-correct grammar and spelling errors that might occur.

This way, once you proofread, it can catch those errors for you.

5. Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker is a feature that also helps when strengthening your content.

This tool helps detect phrases and sentences that might be the same as another post.

This is to help you rewrite and rephrase your writing, so it doesn’t sound the same.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use CopyAI?

When it comes to using CopyAI, there aren’t an array of mandatory requirements to use this AI copywriting tool.

However, if you’re using this for your business, there are two minimum requirements to consider.

Those requirements include the following:

  • Internet or stable Wi-Fi Connection. Whether working on a mobile or computer device, it’s essential to strengthen worktime with no connectivity issues.
  • Laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device. Any device will do so long as you can access the online tool for your business.

How Much Does CopyAI Cost?

For pricing plans, CopyAI does offer a free trial plan for its copywriting software.

However, with this pricing plan, the majority of its features are limited.

Those payment plans include the following:

  • Pricing Plan #1 Free Trial: This is the starter pricing plan for their copywriting tool. This features 90+ copywriting tools, a blog wizard tool, and ten monthly credits.
  • Pricing Plan #2 Solo ($49/monthly): This is the basic pricing plan for CopyAI. This features access to new updates, priority support, unlimited projects, and unlimited access to the features from the free trial plan.
  • Pricing Plan #3 Multiple Seats (Custom Pricing): This is the premium pricing plan. Users have unlimited access to features mentioned in the solo pricing plan. The only difference is that this plan has custom pricing.
screenshot of the copyai pricing table

Does CopyAI Have an Enterprise Version Available?

CopyAI does have an enterprise version.

Their pricing plan for multiple seats offers unlimited access to its features.

The only factor you have to consider is that they have custom pricing, so you would have to contact CopyAI if you’re interested in this particular package.

CopyAI Promotions & Savings

Even though CopyAI does provide a couple of payment packages to choose from, it can be a bit pricey.

Below we will go over their promotions and savings features.

Does CopyAI Have a Free Trial?

CopyAI doesn’t offer a free trial to its users.

However, it features a free pricing plan that users can use to see if this tool is efficient.

Though, some of the features might be limited for this pricing plan.

If you would like unlimited access to its features, you would have to change your plan, which isn’t free.

Does CopyAI Offer Coupon Codes?

CopyAI doesn’t officially offer coupon codes with their pricing plans.

It often depends on if you’re paying monthly or yearly.

However, some third-party coupon sites offer discount coupons for this.

These might not work as they’re unofficial coupons.

Does CopyAI Have a Lifetime Deal?

Unfortunately, CopyAI doesn’t feature a lifetime deal for its pricing plan.

However, if you’re interested in implementing this copywriting tool for your business, there is an enterprise version you can select.

Of course, the enterprise version doesn’t have a specific price, and you would have to contact CopyAI for a quote.

Who Are CopyAI’s Main Alternatives?

CopyAI specializes in creating generated content to enhance your writing.

This copywriting tool is one of the many options to choose from.

Here, we will review our top three alternatives that are similar to CopyAI.

1. ClosersCopy

screenshot of the closerscopy homepage

Closerscopy is a specialized online copywriting software that uses AI technology to help you write high-quality content without the hassle of figuring out how to do so.

Not only does it use AI to help strengthen your copywriting, but you can choose between numerous templates to further guide you through writing for online advertisements, blog posts, and other content.

For pricing, you can choose between their three payment options, which feature an enterprise version.

2. Wordtune

screenshot of the wordtune homepage

Wordtune might be considered another similar copywriting tool.

However, their primary focus is on rephrasing and rewording your content.

Although it’s limited in the number of templates it offers, it makes up for ensuring your tone and grammar are strengthened in your content.

For its pricing plans, it does offer a free pricing plan and a 7-day free trial.

3. Jasper.AI

JasperAI is considered one of the top alternatives compared to CopyAI.

One of the advantages of this copywriting tool is that its Boss Mode feature is integrated with Surfer SEO to ensure that users’ content is optimized and increases their engagement.

Another factor is that it implements Grammarly to strengthen your writing, aiding in catching grammar and spelling errors.

For pricing, it doesn’t seem like they offer a free payment plan, but the other pricing packages are reasonably priced.

How Does CopyAI Differentiate Themselves From Competitors?

In contrast to its competitors, CopyAI’s features are ideal to use for any form of content, especially with blog creation.

It provides numerous templates to its users, offers up to 25 languages to translate from, and has an efficient interface.

Who Is CopyAI Best For?

CopyAI is a specialized copywriting tool to enhance your content by length, grammar, language, and more.

This tool aids in increasing your engagement with your viewers or potential customers.

You can write all forms of content: sales copy, blog posts, social media posts, and more.

CopyAI is primarily used by marketing management, small business owners, content writers, and digital agencies.

Why is CopyAI Best For Copywriting?

CopyAI is best for copywriting because it helps the user keep track of its clarity and engagement by suggesting automated content for your writing.

It aids in writing short or long-form content to ensure its primary focus is interacting with potential customers.

It generates content that relates to your topic, so your target audience engages more with what you’re posting for your business.

Is CopyAI Easy to Use?

CopyAI’s sole purpose is to ensure its copywriting tool is easy to use.

They utilize their features for its users and specialize in the integration system so that you can use this tool on other word processors.

For instance, if you’re having trouble writing a significant amount of content for your subject, it will generate automated content for you to put in your work.

Another beneficial feature is its translator tool, which can translate to 25 or more languages.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

The features that users love to implement into their content would be its grammar checker and its rewriting tool.

One of the advantages of using the rewriting tool would be that it would help the user reword phrases or sentences to enhance their potential engagement and clarity.

Another feature that users love to use for their content would be its grammar checker.

Sometimes, when writing, users come across a grammatical error or two, so it automatically detects that to fix it.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Some of the features that users find difficult to use would be its rewriting and plagiarism checker tool.

One of the reasons why the rewriting tools might be hard to use is that sometimes when it rewrites a sentence or a short paragraph, the way it rephrases it doesn’t make sense or scrambles the section to shorten it.

Another instance that many users come across would be that if they’re trying to write short or long-form content, their automated results might not sound as legible as they would like.

For the plagiarism feature, even though, at times, it could detect similar wording and phrases from another related post, sometimes it detects phrases and sentences from content that is entirely unrelated to your subject.

So, if you’re working with the plagiarism checker, it would be advised to consider their suggestions and check if the article, post, or other content you’re supposedly plagiarizing from is related to what it is about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions regarding CopyAI.

What is CopyAI built on?

CopyAI uses software such as Stripe, Slack, Figma, Webflow, and Notion for their online copywriting tool.

Is AI copywriting worth it?

AI copywriting is worth it because it helps you figure out how to format your content and gives you options on what to write.

Not only does it have specialized AI-Generated technology for writing, but it also comes equipped with a grammar and plagiarism checker.

Overall Thoughts

CopyAI is a specialized copywriting tool that helps you produce content by generating automated content.

When implementing this tool, you can use its features such as content templates, rewrite, grammar, and plagiarism checker.

You can choose between their three plans, free trial, solo, and multiple seats, which is their enterprise package.

Of course, if you’re interested in similar copywriting tools, there is also ClosersCopy, Wordtune, and Jasper.Ai.

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