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Maybe you’re looking for a bit of self-improvement, or perhaps you’re looking to help others improve themselves.

Regardless of what you want to do, LearnWorlds might be the place for you.

LearnWorlds’ basic premise is that its a platform that allows users to start teaching courses or learning from them after signing up.

It’s an up-and-coming service with a lot of potential to shake up the online world that places like Skillshare have dominated.

What Is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds allows users to sign up and teach online courses on their preferred subject, but it offers much more.

Some of the best features LearnWorlds offers is the ability to make your school website which can serve as a front page for your course or institution.

It also offers the ability to build a mobile app to go along with your class, which should help make it look professional.

What makes this shine is the integrated analytics throughout the entire service.

It’s an excellent tool to see what works and doesn’t, optimizing your product to the nth degree.

What Is LearnWorlds Used For?

LearnWorlds offers many features, but its primary salespoint is that users can start an online class about any material they desire.

If you’re a freelance writer, you can start a class where you teach the basics of pitching and writing stories.

If you’re a fitness fanatic, you could start your training class to get some cash from those daily exercises.

This gives the platform a lot of versatility.

You can probably find a class on anything, and if you can’t, why don’t you be the first to start one on the platform?

How LearnWorlds Works

The basic gist is that the everyday learner can browse the website and then purchase whatever course they see fit.

However, things get a wee bit more complicated if you’re the one making content rather than consuming.

LearnWorlds operates using a subscription-based model for all of its users.

By signing up for one of LearnWorlds subscription plans, you can make your own class and access LearnWorld’s features.

From here, your success is determined by how well the class does.

You can get a lot of students signing up, moving this side-hustle up to your main hustle.

LearnWorlds also offers a subscription model for businesses, giving it the ability to be used as an in-house training course for employees or even streamline how you inform customers.

The biggest issue is that the effectiveness of the service is dependent primarily on the quality of the content you make.

Thankfully, LearnWorlds extensive systems do make it easier for users to notice areas for improvement.

LearnWorlds at a Glance

Market Segment:  Freelancers and businesses.

Best For: Experts looking to make extra money.

Plans & Pricing:

  • Starter – $29 a month, $288 yearly
  • Pro-trainer – $99 a month, $948 yearly
  • Learning Center – $299 a month, $2,988 yearly
  • High Volume and Corporate – pricing option tailored to the company..

LearnWorlds Notable Features

The most prominent feature that makes LearnWorlds notable is its extensive video-learning system.

You can add

  • A synchronized transcript for additional accessibility.
  • Post-production elements that the end-user can interact with.
  • Cloud hosting from LearnWorlds servers.
  • In-depth analytics on viewer engagement.

Those features specifically apply to their video-learning system, but they also offer other services in their subscription plans.

  • App functionality to go along with your website.
  • Branded social media integration.
  • Branded testing and certificates for completion of your courses.
  • Marketing tools to help sell your courses to prospective students.
  • Custom User Roles that can be tailored dot meet your needs.

Minimum Requirements to Use LearnWorlds

There aren’t any minimum requirements to use the service.

At most, you want to have a reliable internet connection, a good camera, and a mic, so your tutorial videos are of adequate quality to gain and keep an audience’s attention.

How Much Does LearnWorld Cost?

LearnWorlds has four plans available: starter, pro trainer, learning center, and high volume & corporate. You can pay these plans monthly or yearly (cheaper option).  


The starter plan is aimed at individuals or schools that are just starting.

For $24 a month or $288 yearly, you’ll have access to a custom domain and a safe website with up to three pages, an unlimited number of paid courses (no free courses), four payment options, 24/5 email support, among other benefits.

However, it only allows for one admin and there’s a $5 fee per course that you sell.

Pro Trainer

Pro Trainer is the ideal plan for those who are not new to the business of training.

It’s $299 a month or $2,988 yearly.

This plan gives you access to a wide range of tools to shape your offer.

You can create an unlimited number of courses, landing pages, and pop-ups.

You can have a full website with a blog incorporated.

You’ll be able to offer subscriptions and memberships or payments by installments to your students.

Access to LW Academy is free, and you’re given priority when it comes to technical support (available 24/7).

There are no transaction fees associated, and you’re allowed to have up to five admins or instructors.

Learning Center

The Learning Center plan offers you all the features of the Pro Trainer plan plus many others.

You’ll be able to define 20 different custom user roles.

It contains several video-related features like automatic subtitles and transcripts, and interactive video (add quizzes, pointers, buttons, etc. to the video).

This plan gives you access to performance reports, user reports, unlimited SCORMs, and a dedicated manager, along with 24/7 premium support.

It’s also possible to have an iOS and Android app for an extra fee.  

High Volume & Corporate

The pricing of this plan is tailored to your particular situation.

You’ll get access to all the features of the Learning Center plan plus bulk enrollments, premium cloud servers and support, custom services and reports, flexible invoicing, and more.

Does LearnWorlds have an enterprise version available?

LearWorlds has an enterprise version available, their High Volume and Corporate option.

Its price isn’t set in stone, but it includes the ability to have the most people signed on, and what those roles can do can be determined by you.

LearnWorld Promotions & Savings

If you’re a fan of discounts and free trials, check all the information below.

Does LearWorlds Have a Free Trial?

LearnWorlds offers a free trial for all of their pricing plans, and they provide an opportunity to book a free demo for their corporate option.

Does LearnWorlds Offer Coupon Codes or Deals?

I couldn’t find any LearnWorlds coupon codes, but they offer extensive promotions and discounts featuring significant price cuts for their yearly plans instead of their monthly offerings.

Does LearnWorlds Offer a Lifetime Option or Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals?

LearnWorlds doesn’t offer any lifetime option, nor could I find any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals at the moment.

I’d recommend you take a look during both Black Friday and Cyber Monday to see if they do.

Who Are LearnWorlds Main Alternatives

  • Udemy

Like LearnWorlds, it allows users to create online videos to teach others.

It differs because Udemy’s primary audience is individuals who are just beginning as online teachers rather than businesses.

  • Skillshare  

LearnWorlds and Skillshare are created as a way for professionals to teach their craft.

It differs because Skillshare focuses primarily on teaching creative arts, meaning it has a much different audience.

  • Teachable

Like LearnWorlds, Teachable is aimed at creating full-in-depth online schools.

It differs because, Teachable is dedicated almost solely to creating online institutions, making it ill-suited for individuals who just want to teach classes.

How Does LearnWorlds Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

What makes LearnWorlds really different from its competitors is that it manages to straddle a line between individuals and institutions.

It has features ideal for building a large online institution capable of teaching classes, issuing tests and exams, and, finally, branded certifications.

An existing business could easily use all of these features to train recruits and teach clients how to use their product.  

An individual could use LearnWorlds to simply teach classes without using the entire litany of features if they don’t want to, which could be overwhelming for a single person.

Its broad ability to serve many scopes makes it different from its competitors, depending on what you want from the host of your online classes.

Who Is LearnWorlds Best for?

The sheer depth offered by LearnWorlds is one of its most significant upsides.

Properly using all the features they offer means it’s relatively easy to optimize your classes fully.

However, this depth is also LearnWorlds’ most significant problem.

LearnWorlds’ litany of features isn’t simple.

It’s not easy to understand analytics, let alone come up with the right solutions.

An individual making classes between other work opportunities likely won’t have that time or training.

Sure, those options are nice to have, but LearnWorlds isn’t cheap.

If you aren’t making the best use of all their features, why pay for all of them?

Because of that, I’d say that LearnWorlds is best for established or new businesses with the human resources required to manage something of such complexity.

If you want responsive customer service, intensely in-depth analytics, and complex website building tools, then LearnWorlds would be the best service available.

If someone who knows what they’re doing is assigned to manage the analytics, and someone else knows how to work an app and website, then any organization can make great strides.

Why Is LearnWorlds Best For Businesses?

LearnWorlds is best suitable for businesses because LeanWorlds primarily acts as a way for institutions to establish themselves.

It lets them create homepages and apps based on the lessons they’re selling.

LearWorlds is a site that acts as an information repository.

A bunch of schools are in their directory, and you can easily access information for them through a quick search.

Any institution that has set up a webpage or app using LearnWorlds, like a K-12 school in this instance, could be linked to LearWorlds and vice-versa.

Easily bringing more eyes to any institution in the same way that having a webpage does.

This function also works for online-only schools and homeschooling course curriculums, which would benefit the most from LearnWorlds functions and features.

Even if they already have the tools and systems set up, they can link back to using LearnWorlds.

Is LearnWorlds Easy to Use?

As a user, sure, LearnWorlds is simple enough.

You sign up and browse for classes.

You can pay to get access after finding one you like, and bing-bang-boom! You’re done.

However, if you’re a creator, then LearnWorlds can quickly become overwhelming.

It’s easy to ignore the bells and whistles that come along with the website, which makes using it pretty straightforward, but making the most of your effort does require you to interact with it.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

One feature that’s continuously praised is the responsiveness of LearnWorlds’ support team.

They’re generally responsive, getting to work and addressing issues when they are brought to them.

Their direct nature, saying yes or no if a feature is available, was also praised.

Positive reviews also mentioned that users love how accessible the code is when making your website.

This means a competent engineer can really add a lot of custom features to the final product.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

One feature that repeatedly comes up in user reviews is how the UI can not only be clunky but sometimes not work for admins.

The cause of this problem is diagnosed as being the fault of LearnWorlds being so new.

A lot of their features haven’t been fully ironed out, and feedback on what to change is still coming in.

It is worth noting that the reviews for the service have generally been pretty positive, and negative reviews have been hard to find, not to mention from a few years ago.

Some of the specific issues negative reviews have brought up have likely been fixed.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Check out some frequently asked questions below and their respective answers.

Is LearnWorlds a good platform?

That depends on what your needs are.

As an individual freelancer who’s looking to make some money teaching others the tools of their trade?

I’d say other websites might be able to serve you better for cheaper.

If you’re a startup or established business looking to improve your use of technology?

LearnWorlds could help get you far.

Is LearnWorlds SCORM compliant?

Yes, it is SCORM compliant. You can upload them alongside HTML packages.

This can be done through their multimedia menu.

You can even upload graded SCORM activities.

Does LearnWorlds have an app?

Yes, they do have an app you can download from the GooglePlay store.

Alongside that offering, they also have their app editor’s version.

Final Thoughts

LearnWorlds has some fantastic features.

It sets it apart from its peers due to its service’s depth and full course.

However, the deep depths of its service are the most significant limiting factor.

At best, they can enhance your service, but if you don’t need them, they’re needless additions you probably shouldn’t be paying for.

Despite that, I do recommend the service.

Companies can make good use of the features, and with a lot of effort, individuals can also, meaning if you have the drive to figure it all out, you can make great strides.

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