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What if you could go to sleep and wake up to income?

That’s the concept of passive income.

You can learn how to make passive income work for you through Smart Passive Income, a learning community that can teach you how to monetize your audience to have exponential growth in passive income.

Smart Passive Income at a Glance

Is your curiosity piqued yet?

Here are Smart Passive Income’s offerings in brief so you can see if Smart Passive Income will grow your online passive income potential.

Market Segment: Entrepreneurs

Best For: Growing online businesses

Plans & Pricing: Courses offered by SPI range in price from $799 to free, depending on the subject and depth.

The price of SPI Pro is $99 a month or $990 a year, with two months free for those who pay annually.

  • Power-Up Podcasting: $799 for an in-depth course in podcasting, ranging from ideas for podcasts and episodes to technical advice.
  • 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing: $699 for a self-paced course in affiliate marketing, a weekly visit with Pat Flynn for questions, and access to Pat Flynn’s SPI Academy Circle.
  • Email Marketing Magic: $499 for a course covering the basics of email marketing, including how to build an email subscription list and develop ideas that will keep your customers and prospects engaged and interested.
  • Build Your Own Brand: A free, five-day course for building your brand online, perfect for those who want to start an online business but don’t know where to start.

What Is Smart Passive Income?

Smart Passive Income is your resource for content, training, and information about developing passive income streams for your online business.

Through blog posts, guides, videos, podcasts, and courses, the platform, and entrepreneur and passive income expert Pat Flynn, will help you grow as an online business owner and developer.

What Is Smart Passive Income Used For?

If you’ve started a blog, podcast, or other online business, you may feel like you’re in it alone.

You may not know of an expert to guide you through growing your online business to include streams of passive income.

With Smart Passive Income, you’ll have access to trusted friends and advisors in the online passive income business.  

How Smart Passive Income Works

Just as there are all sizes of online businesses, Smart Passive Income has an array of information and training options.

Some resources, such as blog posts and the Smart Passive Income podcast with Pat Flynn, are free.

Others, such as SPI Pro, an entrepreneurial community that includes education, training, networking, opportunities for collaboration, access to advice, and helpful passive income tools are subscription-based.

Courses include subjects such as “1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing,” “Power-Up Podcasting,” “Email Marketing Magic,” and “YouTube from Scratch.”

These courses are available for a fee.

Others, such as “Build Your Own Brand” and the companion course to Pat Flynn’s “Super Fans” book, are free.

Notable Features

If you’ve ever wanted the benefits of a Mastermind group of fellow entrepreneurs to motivate and inspire you, consider applying for SPI Pro.

The program offers exclusive training, educational opportunities, and guidance from the Smart Passive Income team.

Here are a few more notable features:

  • Private community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Curated Mastermind groups match entrepreneurs based on business size and interests
  • Exclusive content is available to SPI Pro subscribers
  • Direct access to support from the SPI team and Pat Flynn
  • Affiliate income is available for SPI Pro members who recruit new members

Are There Any Minimum Requirements To Use Smart Passive Income?

For some Smart Passive Income options, such as the free “Build Your Own Brand” course, the only requirement is a desire to be an entrepreneur.

Other options, such as SPI Pro, are designed for those who already have a profitable business but want to see it grow.  

How Much Does Smart Passive Income Cost?

A benefit of Smart Passive Income is that its costs range in price, and the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide its training isn’t for you.

The costs of Smart Passive Income’s benefits include:

  • Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast: This podcast is free to download, and there are free courses and resources on the Smart Passive Income website.  
  • SPI Pro: This option is a subscription-based community for entrepreneurs, and costs $99 a month or $990 per year.  
  • Courses through Smart Passive Income range in price but can be as much as $799.

Does Smart Passive Income Have an Enterprise Version Available?

Smart Passive Income uses the Circle platform for its SPI Pro community.

While there isn’t an enterprise version of Smart Passive Income, there are ways to enjoy SPI content for free.

The Smart Passive Income podcast is free on your favorite podcast platforms, and SPI offers a free “Build Your Own Brand” course.

Smart Passive Income also has a YouTube channel with plenty of videos on subjects, including starting a YouTube channel, podcasting, and more.  

Smart Passive Income Promotions & Savings

A smart entrepreneur always wants to find a bargain.

These questions may help you in understanding Smart Passive Income pricing.  

Does Smart Passive Income Have a Free Trial?

Consider the social media content of Smart Passive Income and Pat Flynn’s podcasts and YouTube videos as a free trial of Smart Passive Income’s course.

The classes are a deep dive into topics he discusses on podcasts and videos, so if you like those, you’re a likely candidate for one of SPI’s courses.

Does Smart Passive Income Offer Coupon Codes?

Smart Passive Income doesn’t have reliable discount codes for newcomers to SPI’s courses, but members of SPI Pro can enjoy discounts on SPI’s courses.

Does Smart Passive Income Have a Lifetime Deal?

No. Smart Passive Income doesn’t have a special price for a lifetime membership, but those who join SPI Pro and pay annually will get two months free.

Instead of paying $1,188 a year for SPI Pro membership, those who pay annually get their subscription for $990.

Who Are Smart Passive Income’s Main Alternatives?

Smart Passive Income isn’t the only resource for entrepreneurs interested in creating passive income online.

Alternatives to Smart Passive Income’s education and Mastermind groups include the following:

1. Wealthy Affiliate 

The Wealthy Affiliate program has been helping entrepreneurs create passive income for more than 17 years.

WA offers a free version with limited support for one website, a $49-a-month version for 10 websites, and a $99-a-month version offering 50 premium websites.

More than 1.5 million customers trust Wealthy Affiliate for their web-based business.  

2. Amazon Associates 

vector graphic showing a screenshot of the signup page for the amazon affiliate program

Among the world’s oldest affiliate marketing programs, Amazon Associates offers ease in setting up an account.

Few sales are needed to remain active, a plus at the start of your online business.

While Amazon Associates can give you links to recommend, it won’t educate you about building a business.

How Does Smart Passive Income Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Rather than being a content-hosting platform, Smart Passive Income is a community for entrepreneurs interested in maximizing the profit potential of their businesses through passive income.

SPI is a resource for education through courses and webinars, one-on-one help, and collaboration with other entrepreneurs.

Who Is Smart Passive Income Best For?

Smart Passive Income’s free options, such as their “Build Your Own Brand” course and Pat Flynn’s videos and podcast episodes, are an entry for beginning entrepreneurs.

Those with profitable businesses can learn how to grow them through passive income through SPI courses, membership, and participation in the SPI community.

Why Is Smart Passive Income Best for Intermediate Online Entrepreneurs?

While there are benefits of Smart Passive Income for beginners contemplating a profitable passive income business and experienced online entrepreneurs, those who have already started their online businesses will reap greater rewards.

This benefit is because intermediate entrepreneurs can take advantage of SPI Pro membership to grow their businesses.  

Is Smart Passive Income Easy To Use?

Smart Passive Income uses the Circle platform for SPI Pro and Teachable for its courses, making Smart Passive Income easy to use.

The platform also allows members to communicate in group chats or one-on-one, and to take part in educational courses and webinars.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Smart Passive Income has multiple SPI Pro features that are fan favorites.

These include:

Curated Masterminds

New members of SPI Pro will be asked to join a curated Mastermind group, with Smart Passive Income matching entrepreneurs based on the size and nature of their businesses and areas of interest.

Members can also join existing Masterminds at any time.  

Access to Exclusive Content

Members of SPI Pro have access to workshops and training only available to SPI Pro members.

Some of these workshops alone are worth the $99 monthly fee.  

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Smart Passive Income isn’t for everyone, and there are some things that users may find frustrating about SPI.

The Cost

Smart Passive Income’s SPI Pro isn’t free to try, and SPI’s courses aren’t inexpensive.

Smart Passive Income competitor, Wealthy Affiliate, has a free option, giving it a slight leg up on SPI.

Training Isn’t All-Inclusive

SPI courses must be purchased one by one, which can be costly.

An upgrade to the $49 option on Wealthy Affiliate will give users access to all course content, making it an all-inclusive, less-expensive option.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have questions about Smart Passive Income.

These frequently asked questions may give you the answers you need.

Is affiliate marketing passive income?


Affiliate marketing isn’t completely passive, as you will still need to include those affiliate links to products or services in your online content, promote your business, and grow email lists to be successful.

But once your links are accessible, you can be on vacation, napping, or working on other projects while you gain passive income through affiliate marketing.

Your tribe of fans, who enjoy your content and trust your judgment, will purchase products you recommend, sending income your way.

How do you get on the Smart Passive Income podcast?

It’s easy to understand why people are interested in being a guest on the Smart Passive Income podcast with Pat Flynn.

The podcast’s guests include the likes of entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, best-selling author Ramit Sethi, start-up investor and author Tim Ferriss, business leader Michael Hyatt, and motivational speaker Chalene Johnson.

If you’d like to be a guest on the Smart Passive Income podcast, start by contacting SPI to make your pitch.

Guests frequently discuss business, marketing topics, and subjects, such as time management and avoiding burnout.

How much do top affiliate marketers earn?

Top affiliate marketers can make millions of dollars through their passive income streams.

Pat Flynn has earned more than $3 million from his projects.

According to a recent survey, the top 3.78 percent of affiliate marketers earned more than $150,000 a year, but the bulk of affiliate marketers, 57.77 percent, make less than $10,000 a year.

More than 16 percent earn between $10,000 and $50,000.

Since affiliate marketing is passive income, starting as an affiliate marketer can be done as a lucrative side hustle, especially if you already have a blog or podcast.

Wrapping Up

Pat Flynn is an expert in passive income through affiliate marketing.

He’s earned millions of dollars through affiliate marketing.

His top-quality training through Smart Passive Income can send you on your way to launching your career as an affiliate marketer or taking your online business to new heights.

The platform is a fantastic way to learn how to grow your passive revenue.

If you learned something from this overview, please leave a review below!

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