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WP Engine

5 Star Rating
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  • Hosting
  • WP Engine provides the fastest, most reliable WordPress hosting for more than 1.5M websites. 24/7 support, best-in-class security, and market-leading support, and more.

The rush for space on the web continues to evolve, and many businesses today want more than a presence online.

Web hosting companies have to revolutionize their services to create and retain an advantageous position in the market.

WP Engine is one company that continues to offer its users top-notch web hosting services that are the envy of its competitors.

In this review, we’ll take a look at WP Engine, its notable features, pricing and plans, and address some of the most frequently asked questions.

WP Engine At A Glance

  • Market Segment: Web hosting
  • Best For: Blogs and ecommerce sites
  • Plans & Pricing:
    • Startup Plan – Starting at $25 monthly
    • Professional Plan – Starting at $49 monthly
    • Growth Plan – Starting at $96 monthly
    • Scale Plan – Starting at $242 monthly
    • Custom Plan – Contact Sales for Pricing

What Is WP Engine?

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting service that helps you manage and increase your website’s security, performance, and uptime.

This platform exclusively optimizes your WordPress website daily while securing it from virus, spam, and malware attacks for optimum performance.

WP Engine is easy to install and does not require any coding expertise to use.

If you are a business person with little time or resources on your hands to oversee your site by the minute, the WP Engine can do that for you.

WP Engine lets you get your website up and running without worrying about maintenance.

How Does WP Engine Work?

WP Engine provides solutions to build your website from scratch or migrate an existing WordPress site onto it for more dedicated management.

It has partnered with renowned technology companies to develop tools and designs that power your site for the best performance on the web.

WP Engine provides you with automatic updates and upgrades to your website.

It also backs up data on your website and monitors traffic and security by the second to ensure you don’t suffer downtime or data loss.

Notable Features Of WP Engine

WP Engine is renowned for the following outstanding features:

Fast And Reliable Performance Speeds

Fast loading speeds make your visitors happy and your website on Google’s SEO ranking.

WP Engine uses EverCache, a WordPress-designed caching technology that can move millions of hits through your site in a day, allowing your site to run faster and produce favorable results for your guests.

Advanced SSL Protocols

WP Engine offers your website SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protection.

SSL encrypts and decrypts data transmitted between your WordPress site and the web server.

It ensures and establishes a secure connection between your site and the web server and helps to block cyber attacks on the platform.

Staging And Backup

WP Engine allows you to stage any features you wish to change on your website.

The staging feature lets you test the new changes without interrupting the front-end operations.

WP automatically backs up all your site data on Amazon S3 cloud storage.

For extra data security, WP Engine transports and stores the data in an encrypted form and avails it whenever you need to restore it.

Automatic WordPress And PHP Updates

WP Engine enforces automatic WordPress and PHP updates to keep your site’s performance and security levels at peak.

Customizable Themes And Workflow Tools

WP Engine allows you to create a website that matches your blog or business’ personality with its customizable themes.

These themes come in current Gutenberg-ready block and font styles, align-wide and align-full supports, and custom color palettes to suit your business needs.

WP Engine also allows you to integrate your site with workflow tools like Yoast SEO, CoSchedule, Oasis Workflow, and others to keep your business’s marketing and advertising operations up and running.

Minimum Requirements To Use WP Engine

You’ll need to have the following to be able to use WP Engine:

  • An active domain name: Being a hosting service only, WP Engine requires you to have an operational domain name. A domain name is what tells your website apart from any other website.
  • Purchase a hosting plan: You will need to decide which WP Engine plan suits your business and pay for it to start using WP Engine.

How Much Does WP Engine Cost?

WP Engine’s plans come with different price and service offerings, as follows:

Startup Plan

This plan offers a hosting service for one website, with 10 GB storage and 50 GB bandwidth every month.

It also allows 25,000 visitors to visit your site every month.

WP Engine Startup Plan costs $25 per month.

Professional Plan

The Professional Plan offers you web hosting services for three sites.

It comes with 15 GB storage and 125 GB bandwidth.

With this plan, you can have a maximum of 75,000 visitors to your site every month.

The monthly cost for the Professional Plan is $49.

Growth Plan

This plan can host up to 10 sites to accommodate your business growth.

It allows up to 100,000 visitors per month with 20 GB storage and 200 GB bandwidth.

The monthly cost for this plan is $96.

Scale Plan

This plan accommodates up to 30 sites.

It contains a 50 GB storage space and a bandwidth of 500 GB.

You can have up to 400,000 visitors on your site with the Scale Plan for $242 monthly.

Custom Plan

The WP Engine Custom plan is for dedicated customers who may have special requirements for their websites.

The features and pricing for each custom plan are unique to the customer’s business needs.

Does WP Engine Have An Enterprise Version?

Yes. WP Engine has an enterprise version by the name Premier.

This version offers enhanced performance speeds, SOC-2 compliant security, and premium support for WP Engine’s enterprise customers.

WP Engine Promotions And Savings

Here are a few key points about WP Engine’s promotions

Does WP Engine Have A Free Trial?

WP Engine does not offer a free trial plan. It, however, provides you a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with any of the products or plans you purchase.

Does WP Engine Offer Coupon Codes?

Yes. WP Engine offers 20% off coupon codes to its first-time users.

This discount is off your first payment and applies if you sign up on the StartUp, Growth, or Scale plans.

Does WP Engine Have A Lifetime Deal?

Yes, it does. WP Engine offers you a two months discount when you make an initial annual payment.

This yearly discount applies to only the Startup, Growth, and Scale plan users.

What Are The Main Alternatives To WP Engine?

The main alternatives for WP Engine web hosting services include:


SiteGround offers similar web and woo-commerce hosting services as WP Engine.

Its plans are, however, cheaper, and it uses some plugins and extensions that are different from WP Engine.

However, unlike WP Engine, SiteGround charges you an extra to migrate your WordPress site to its platform.


Hostinger is also a web-hosting service that competes in the same market segment as WP Engine.

Hostinger uses Litespeed cache to optimize its search and performance speed, while WP Engine uses EverCache.

Hostinger’s plans are also more affordable than WP Engine plans.

Hostinger also has a 30-day money-back guarantee compared to WP Engine’s 60-day guarantee.


Bluehost is one of the most popular web-hosting services available.

Among its most notable features are free domain names.

These make it a favorite for many first time site owners.

Bluehost features pocket-friendly plans, and also offers a wide range of customizable features as compared to many of its competitors.

How Does WP Engine Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

WP Engine is a cut above other web hosting companies in most of its offerings.

WP Engine is a WordPress-only dedicated hosting service, which allows it to maximize all the WordPress functionalities for your benefit.

It offers better performance speeds than its competitors.

Your site will likely achieve a higher Google ranking on WP Engine than any other platform.

WP Engine offers the best value for ten premium WordPress themes for all its plan offerings.

It also provides a free automated plugin to help you seamlessly move your tech stack on its platform.

Customer service is an integral part of any service provider’s resume.

WP Engine offers its users unrivaled customer support and resources.

It boasts a reservoir of information on its WordPress Resources page and round-the-clock customer service for all its users.

Who Is WP Engine Best For?

Due to its well designed, easy to use interface, WP Engine is suitable for website owners with no coding or site management experience but who want their sites up quickly and running uninterrupted.

Why is WP Engine Best For Big Startups?

WP Engine also works excellently for large businesses with high site traffic and startups with growing or seasonal site traffic.

WP Engine offers your site 99.95% guaranteed uptime for every plan you choose.

This guarantee means that WP Engine can handle your site’s regular or seasonal traffic surges without crashing.

Is WP Engine Easy To Use?

WP Engine is very easy to use and doesn’t require you to be a coding professional or to hire one.

The user interface is designed to offer the best experience for all users, whether new or experienced.

You’ll need to have an active domain name to get started on WP Engine.

You can then log in to WP Engine’s portal and select a plan of your choice.

After paying for the plan, you can start creating a WP Engine-managed site from scratch or migrate your existing WordPress site to the platform.

WP Engine offers multiple video resources to help you set up your site.

WP Engine’s portal is highly intuitive and allows you to set up quickly.

You can also refer to its WordPress Resources page for quick tips and answers to any setup or management questions you may have.

WP Engine also has dedicated 24hr/356 days of customer support.

These officials can guide you through any action you wish to take on your site.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Two features that most WP Engine users love are:

Staging Sites

The WP Engine staging feature allows you to make and live test changes on your site website while the site is still running.

You can test out new passwords, themes, and plugins and correct any errors before going live without affecting your site’s front-end side.

Automated Migration

Most users with existing WordPress sites know how challenging and costly it can be to move tech stack across platforms.

WP Engine relieves you of this worry by providing an automatic migration plugin tool that does everything for you in just a few minutes.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

We found these things to be the most frustrating among users.

Plans And Pricing

Most users feel that WP Engine does not offer flexible plan options.

The price differences between the plans are also on the higher side, leaving little room for visitor expansion.

Live Support

Some users feel WP Engine could improve on its customer support program.

Although the support staff is readily available, they are sometimes unable to provide help with some technical site issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about WP Engine

Does WP Engine Use cPanel?

No, WP Engine doesn’t use cPanel. WP Engine cannot use a standard web hosting panel for its users since it’s a WordPress-only hosting platform.

Instead, WP Engine has a proprietary panel that allows you to manage your sites and users intuitively from one page.

How Many Employees Does WP Engine Have?

WP Engine has over 1000 employees working remotely and on-site at its Austin, TX offices.

WP Engine also regularly advertises job openings on their website, and has been recognized as one of the best places to work.

WP Engine is an equal opportunity provider and employs people of all races, genders, and educational backgrounds.

Wrapping Up

WP Engine has continued to offer its users exceptional web hosting services since it started in 2010.

This women-led company endeavors to meet all WordPress site requirements and makes it easy for you to grow your online business from the ground up.  

The company offers you uptime and visitor guarantees that they can live up to, and they have no gray areas about their offerings.

WP engine’s 60-day money-back guarantee is all the assurance you need that they mean business.

Have you recently migrated your site to WP Engine? Please let us know how the migration experience was for you in the review section below.

WP Engine Reviews

Blogging Tips Score
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Star Rating
5/5 WP Engine Reviews

Our BloggingTips Breakdown

In my opinion, WP Engine is the best managed WordPress host on the market, which is why I use it to host almost every site I own. In my 5+ years of using it, it has rarely let me down. They've done a great job of building a simple user experience that allows them to handle the complicated tech stuff, and you to focus on building your site.
Star Rating
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5 out of 5.0
Ease of Use
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5 out of 5.0
Customer Service
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Star Rating
5 out of 5.0
Value for the Money
Star Rating
Star Rating
5 out of 5.0
Star Rating
Star Rating
5 out of 5.0


  • More expensive than cheaper shared hosts
  • Pushy salespeople that tend to reach out with phantom issues
  • Gets expensive with you break 100,000 monthly visitors


  • Very powerful hosting that is packed with features
  • Incredibly easy to use - anybody can do it
  • Award-winning support team who is always happy to help

User Reviews

Brett Helling
Overall 5
1 May 2024
5.0 Ease of Use
5.0 Customer Service
5.0 Value for the Money
5.0 Features


I highly recommend WP Engine. It is easy to use, very powerful, and the support team is great.

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