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16+ Best CPA Networks For 2022

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Digital marketing has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and is set to continue this trend for many years.

It has made many firms use affiliate marketing as an effective tool to promote their products and improve their sales.

One reliable online advertising approach firms use is the CPA network.

The process of earning an income from the best CPA networks can be pretty technical and complex, but on the other hand, it is also gratifying and efficient.

Therefore, choosing the best network for your needs is vital.

To help you make the right choice, we have outlined some of the best CPA networks on the market in this article.

What Is a CPA Affiliate Network?

A CPA (cost per action) affiliate network is an intermediary between advertisers and publishers.

In other words, it allows both parties to reach their target audience. In the process, the network charges a fee for its services.

There are various actions that you can choose from.

These include completing a survey, clicking an ad, installing an app, etc.

Here, the publisher acts as the affiliate marketer for the one advertising.

Through the advertiser, clients can install programs or request goods or services.

CPA networks are pretty popular with affiliate marketers because they offer flexible payment options and detailed tracking metrics.

For your business to thrive, you need a stellar CPA network. With one, you’ll get an unlimited number of leads and increase your sales.

As a beginner or a professional CPA marketer, you must consider several criteria before picking the right network.

A good CPA network will feature a wide range of products and services. It will also offer affiliates a reasonable commission rate.

What Should You Look for in a CPA Network?

There are certain factors to consider when choosing CPA affiliate marketing websites.

We have listed the following five aspects to assist you.

1. Good Payouts

The affiliates and advertisers need to receive a fair return on their investment.

It is best to select your CPA network based on the payment structure.

Find a network that offers you the highest ROI today.

2. Forums and Reviews

The forums and reviews are great ways to get information on a CPA network.

You can find out the commission rates as well as the reputation of the company.

Choosing a CPA network based on quality reviews and comments would be best.

This way, you can be sure that the network has a good reputation for prompt payment, quick affiliate applications, etc.

Reviews help learn more about the problems and complaints of other affiliates.

It is best to avoid affiliate networks that provide low rates.

It would help if you also looked for a reliable, secure network that offers a good service.

3. Ease of Use

A CPA affiliate network should offer ease of use.

It is essential to find out how easy it is to set up an account, upload offers, affiliates, etc.

It also depends on the payment provider.

You can find their costs, fees, and refund policies.

The affiliate network should be easy to use, like one that integrates with any payment processor.

4. Number of Available Offers and Update Frequency

The number of available offers and update frequency are also significant.

You should find a network that allows you to view all the available offers at any time.

It is also recommended that the affiliate network allow you access to new offers.

It will ensure that you remain at the top of your competition.

The CPA network should also offer updates regularly.

This ensures you can get in touch with the latest trends and information.

It will also ensure that you can always receive the best offers available.

5. Payout Period

Finally, you must consider the payout period.

You should select a network that offers a fast payout period made punctually and within a specific time frame.

Of course, you cannot wait for long to see the money in your account.

The Best CPA Networks For 2022

This section will help you learn about the best CPA networks.

We will provide a comprehensive list of the best CPA networks to consider for beginners.

We will also provide you with the affiliate programs that pay the best commissions—not forgetting the best networks for email submits.

What Are the Best CPA Networks for Beginners?

Here are our top picks for the best CPA networks for beginners.


a screenshot of the my lead homepage

MyLead is an affiliate network with 536000 earning publishers.

The network has been around for over five years and operates globally.

The network offers 4237 affiliate programs.

As such, when looking for the best niches for affiliate marketing, you will be sure to find something meaningful to promote.

You also do not need to worry about quick validations and high rates.

The network offers a quick validation process and pays the affiliates on time.

Dr. Cash

a screenshot of the dr cash homepage

This is an affiliate network whereby nutrition manufacturers and marketers meet to make money.\

The CPA network focuses on beauty and health niches and has managed to operate in 55 of these niches.

It also has 2071 offers available on the network.

This means that new affiliates can easily find some exciting campaigns to promote.

CPA House

a screenshot of the cpa house homepage

CPA House is the affiliate network that gives its affiliates high rates.

The network has quick payouts, which is great for affiliates.

It also uses artificial intelligence to detect any abnormal traffic.

The network also provides timely reports and statistics.

This will enable you to make the most of your efforts on the network.

It also allows the payment system of your choice.


a screenshot of the fire ads homepage

FireAds is a known name in the CPA world.

The network has been around for 11 years, with more than 220,000 publishers.

The network prides itself on providing high-quality advertisements to help you make money.

It also offers a wide variety of legitimate products to promote.

Payment goes through a traditional bank transfer or via PayPal.

AdWork Media

a screenshot of the adwork media homepage

This is an award-winning CPA network.

It offers monetization and content-locking solutions to publishers.

The network has more than 2,500 offers covering various niches.

It means that it has a wide range of quality offers.

It also offers 3% referral commissions, not forgetting its powerful tracking platform.


a screenshot of the CPAgrip homepage

CPAGrip is the affiliate network that has promoted its publishers to earn more since 2013.

It has continued to maintain a good record of success.

The network has more than 2,000 offers available.

This means that you will find a range of offers to promote.

It also has special tools like the Content Locker and URL locker.

Such tools make it one of the best networks for advertisers and publishers.

Highest Paying CPA Networks

The following are our top picks for the highest-paying CPA networks.

Dynu in Media

a screenshot of the dynu in media homepage

Dynu in Media is one of the best CPA networks that offer the highest payouts.

For instance, you can earn up to $ 135 in the e-commerce niche.

Also, you will benefit from enjoying diverse traffic types and Ad models with this network.


a screenshot of the myleadhomepage

Besides being suitable for beginners, MyLead also provides high-paying offers for its advertisers.

For instance, you can receive up to 5% for every lead generated from your campaigns.

It is a good offer for beginners, as it will help them generate more sales.


With more than 3,000 active campaigns, MaxBounty is a highly reputable CPA network.

Its offers are not only high paying but also diverse.

Marketers can receive some offers at $100.

Others can go up to $600 per lead.


a screenshot of the peerfly homepage

Peerfly is a well-known CPA network that served for 11 years before halting its services in 2019.

However, the network is set to resume in 2023.

As such, affiliate marketers can use it to earn good money in the meantime.

With Peerfly, the average salary of an affiliate marketer is $56,193.

It makes it one of the best networks for affiliate marketers.


a screenshot of the clickbooth homepage

This network came about in 2002 and has received recognition as #1 in global performance.

Since then, it has proven itself as a reliable CPA network.

It offers various campaigns, which are typically high paying.

Some online marketers can receive around 3 US$ per hour.

Others can earn more depending on their niche and the campaigns.


a screenshot of the crakreveneu homepage

This is one of the best and most trusted CPA networks.

The network has been around for more than ten years. It provides affiliates with more than 700 offers to choose from.

Some of its pay is incredibly high.

The minimum payout is $100.

This video will help you learn more about the CrakRevenue network.

Best CPA Network for Email Submits

The following are our top picks for the best CPA network for email submits.

DMS Affiliates

a screenshot of the dms affiliates homepage

DMS is an affiliate network that incorporates 24/7 Support.

It offers a wide range of products and categories to promote.

The network provides stable payouts, not forgetting its detailed affiliate dashboard statistics.

It is great for affiliates who want to use the network effectively and make more money.


a screenshot of the cpagrip homepage

When it comes to email submits, CPAGrip is your best bet.

It offers a wide range of effective email submits for its affiliates.

This means you can meet your target sales and make more money.


a screenshot of the cpafull homepage

CPAFull offers a variety of highly effective emails.

These emails are compatible with different platforms, which makes it possible for you to promote them to your target audience.

This is why you can make more sales from promotions done on the network.


a screenshot of the envyus homepage

This is a well-established CPA network that offers excellent payouts.

It is also easy to use, which makes it convenient for new affiliates.

The network also has excellent support and customer service, enabling you to earn more money without problems.

What Is the Difference between CPA and Affiliate Marketing?

Have you had challenges distinguishing CPA from affiliate marketing?

Here, you’ll learn about their differences.

Both are viable advertising models. However, their primary difference brings the Cost per action vs. Cost per sale aspect.

In CPA (Cost per action), you get payment from advertisers for the completed action.

It’s a direct transaction between you and the advertiser.

In affiliate marketing (Cost per sale), the affiliate partner receives payment for the sale made to the consumer.

In short, in CPA, you’ll get a percentage on every action, while as an affiliate, you’ll only get compensation when there’s a sale.

How Does CPA Affiliate Marketing Work?

CPA affiliate marketing incorporates three essential parties.

They include the advertiser/business, the publisher, and the CPA network.

The advertiser’s goal can involve increasing sales or generating leads.

On the other hand, the publisher creates content aimed at specific people.

The CPA network then acts as the middleman between the two parties.

It allows the publisher to earn income by promoting the business’s products.

The following section will dig deep into the aspects of a CPA affiliate network.

We will cover its benefits and the factors of choosing the best one.

We will then detail the different types of CPA networks.

Keep reading to learn more.

Why Use a CPA Network?

The CPA affiliate network is a great way to advertise your products.

It is a practical method and one of the best affiliate networks.

The following are some reasons why you should use one.

1. Easy to Set Up

It is easy to set up a CPA affiliate network.

To begin with, you need to select a CPA network and the offer.

It would be best to incorporate a low upfront cost.

You can then decide to engage an affiliate manager.

The manager will be available to negotiate your affiliate agreements.

They will also ensure that you receive commissions promptly through the payment processor of your choice.

Check out this video for more detailed information on the pros and cons of a CPA affiliate network.

When selecting an affiliate manager, it is best to go with someone with enough experience.

An experienced manager will use their expertise to find opportunities for you. As such, they will ensure that you get the best ROI possible.

2. Payment after Sale

You will get to receive your commissions after completing an initial sale.

This means you’ll get paid even if the initial sale is small.

You can then decide to earn extra commissions with your regular sales.

This is a great way to increase your income.

3. Low Risk

A CPA network is a low-risk business.

It relies on a performance-based strategy.

The affiliates and advertisers will only receive their earnings when they perform as required.

Affiliates will market the firm’s offering well to ensure they meet the desired goals.

In return, they get to earn a commission.

Affiliates also generate earnings when a visitor takes action.

It is way easier than waiting for a purchase from the visitor.

4. Create Lasting Customer Relationships

With CPA, you will develop lasting customer relationships.

This is because the customers will value you more as an affiliate.

As such, they would come back for your services later on.

One way to build your relationship with a customer is by keeping them updated on new offers and promotions.

With an affiliate network, you can ensure that you learn about the customers’ interests and preferences.

It will help you provide them with products and services they would appreciate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about CPA networks?

We’ve answered two of the most commonly asked.

vector graphic showing an illustration of elements related to the best cpa networks

How do I find the best CPA offers?

You can find the best offers using various tools.

However, there is nothing like actually doing the job yourself.

On some networks, you can only access tried and tested offers.

This means that you will have fewer options when it comes to choosing.

Other networks allow you to choose from unverified offers.

Here, you can expect to find better offers.

Which is best, CPA or affiliate marketing?

A vast majority of the market believes there is a conflict between CPA and affiliate marketing.

This is not entirely true.

CPA and affiliate marketing are both methods of earning an income online.

There is no conflict between the two.

Affiliate marketing is often viewed as a subset of CPA.

Those who have done both know that they work well together.

This is why the two are often combined to create lucrative revenue streams.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, CPA marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.

It involves promoting products or services offered by affiliate marketers, for instance, through a recurring affiliate program.

However, before you can make money from CPA marketing, there are several factors (like the ones mentioned above) that you need to consider.

Check out the best CPA networks you can use to launch profitable campaigns.

Besides, ensure you understand how to choose a high-converting offer.

Please comment below if you have any queries; we will try our best to help you.

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