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Blogger Jobs: Freelance, Remote and Full-Time Writing Jobs 2023

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With the rise of freelance work, bloggers have been granted many new opportunities.

Writing from anywhere you want is the dream job for many people.

Skip the regular 9-5 office job and work from wherever you are at the comfort of your laptop.

Today we’re pulling back the curtain on the blogger jobs available to digital marketing experts, how they work, and the best places to find them.

What Are Blogging Jobs?

Blogging jobs hire writers to write different types of blog posts, articles, and content.

This content can be for the company’s blog or its customers.

Bloggers will pitch ideas, write, edit, and publish content.

They are also responsible for promoting posts using advertisements, emails, and social media to gain traffic.

They also use Search Engine Optimization to rank posts high in search engines.

What is a Freelance Blogging Job?

A freelance blogging job is where someone signs a form to work online.

They are not required to work in-office and can work from the comfort of their own home.

These jobs became very popular with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Freelance jobs benefit employers because they can hire people from all over the world.

This means they have access to a bigger variety of workers.

Freelance blogging jobs include all of the same responsibilities as a regular blogging job.

All work is submitted online using the internet.

Freelance bloggers have the opportunity to travel while they work, as long as they have a stable internet connection.

How Much do Blogger Jobs Pay?

Blogger jobs vary in how they pay.

Some will pay anywhere from $12-20 an hour, whereas some self-employed bloggers can earn up to $40 an hour.

Blogger jobs will usually pay less than being self-employed.

Self-employed bloggers with their websites will make a lot more.

15 Best Sites to Find Blogging Jobs

Here are the best sites to find freelance blogging careers.

vector graphic showing a header image for blogger jobs page

1. ProBlogger

screenshot of the problogger homepage

ProBlogger is a free online job board that posts freelance blogging jobs.

They also provide a guide on how to safely apply to jobs, how to format posts, and ways to reach more people with your writing.

Employers must pay to post a job on ProBlogger.

This means that many of the jobs will be legit, unlike other job sites.

Registering for ProBlogger is free.

Users can scan through jobs and click on one to find out more information on it.

2. Freelance Writing Gigs

screenshot of the freelance writing gigs homepage

Freelance Writing Gigs is an online network for a variety of freelance writing work.

There are jobs options for writers, editors, bloggers, journalists, translators, and technical writers.

There is no fee for freelancers to sign up and browse job opportunities.

There are also new jobs posted daily.

Only jobs that pay are posted.

3. Contena

screenshot of the contena homepage

Contena is a member-based freelance writing site that provides education and job opportunities.

Writers do have to pay for this site but are promised job education and a start to their writing career.

The sign-up process involves answering a short questionnaire and then they will get back to you.

Depending on the niches you wish to write about, Contena will send you a list of freelance writing jobs for each.

Contena costs $497 for a 1-year membership and $997 for a 2-year membership.

Contena offers modules for starting a writing business, creating writing samples, pitching clients, and landing clients.

There is also the option to have a Contena Coach who can personally help writers.

4. LinkedIn

screenshot of the LinkedIn homepage

LinkedIn is a platform for finding freelance jobs.

How does it work for freelance writers?

LinkedIn has many opportunities for writing jobs.

LinkedIn also has the headline feature which can help you stand out.

If you have a good headline, you will rank higher up on the search when employers search for your type of skills.

By setting up your LinkedIn profile properly, jobs will find you without you having to reach out to them.

Set up your profile outlining the type of writing you do and employers will find you when they are searching.

5. BloggingPro

screenshot of the blogging pro homepage

BlogginPro offers different types of jobs including blogging, content writing, copywriting, journalism, and more.

After applying, the writer will be notified if they are approved or not within a couple of days.

Freelancers can browse jobs for free, but there is a cost to post jobs.

6. Freelancer

screenshot of the freelancer homepage

Freelancer is an online job board that has over 7 million users.

With so many users, there has been an increase in scammers and fake jobs.

Be cautious.

Writers can register in a few easy steps as either a freelancer or an employer.

You can add qualifications and skills to your profile to stand out.

They also have 24/7 customer service support if there are any issues.

This includes email support, live chat support, and extensive FAQs.

7. Guru

screenshot of the guru homepage

Guru is a freelance platform that offers services for finding and hiring workers.

Guru is a site that aims for experienced professionals.

Guru has a weighted percentage system where sellers and buyers rank their experience.

Keep your score high to ensure that they hire you.

Guru’s pricing tends to be complicated.

The platform charges 9% of a freelancer’s earnings.

Freelancers also have the option to use fee-splitting where they can ask for an extra fee to be paid to them.

There is also a standard payment handling fee of 2.9%.

8. Indeed

screenshot of the indeed homepage

Indeed is one of the most popular online job boards that have millions of jobs.

These include many freelance writing jobs.

When searching for jobs, you can set the location too remote if you wish to write from anywhere.

For the job title, you can put writing and a variety of different writing jobs show.

If you do a specific type of writing, such as copywriting or technical writing, you can also type that.

Indeed allows the user to apply for free and upload a resume.

Whenever they apply for a job, this resume can be attached.

9. SimplyHired

screenshot of the simply hired homepage

SimplyHired is a platform for businesses to post jobs that are distributed to other job boards.

This allows them to connect over 30 million people with job opportunities.

Unlike most online job boards, SimplyHired is free to post jobs on.

Type in writing jobs and all freelance writing jobs in your area appear.

You can also type in remote to see jobs from all over the world.

Jobs filter by salary range, job type, and distance from your location.

10. HubStaff Talent

screenshot of the hubstaff talent hompage

HubStaff Talent is a website for freelance jobs with thousands of customers.

Hubstaff users can post jobs for free, but most jobs are low-paying.

Remote workers create a profile and match with employers based on their skills and qualifications.

11. 100 Telecommute Jobs

screenshot of the 100 Telecommute jobs homepage

100 Telecommute Jobs is a website that provides remote jobs that is very easy to navigate.

It is completely free to use and jobs are found right on the home page.

Different categories of jobs can be searched for depending on the freelancer’s requirements.

There are also articles features on the site to assist freelancers.

These articles help inform freelancers of the best office setups for remote work and how to work from home efficiently.

They also have a contact us page if any problems occur while using the platform.

12. We Work Remotely

screenshot of the we work remote homepage

We Work Remotely is an online job board with around 350 000 people.

Job posts are expensive, so you can ensure that the jobs are legit.

Users only see remote jobs postings.

13. SolidGigs

screenshot of the solidgigs homepage

SolidGigs is a smaller job board that aims to hand-pick-worth jobs and remove any scams or poor jobs.

Sign-up is easy and only requires an email address.

A subscription does cost $13 per month and offers a few training courses and a weekly gig list.

14. Flexjobs

screenshot of the flexjobs homepage

Flexjobs is one of the more prominent online job boards that has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Flexjobs is subscription-based.

Users can pay $24.95 a month, $39.95 for three months, or $59.95 a year.

They hand-screen each job posting which a lot of free sites do not.

15. All Freelance Writing

screenshot of the all freelance writing homepage

All Freelance Writing features mainly freelance writing jobs, so it is perfect for writers.

It is free to browse jobs and costs $9.95 to post a job.

The site is easy to navigate through and apply for jobs.

What Skills Do I Need To Become A Freelance Blog Writer?

You should have strong grammar and punctuation skills.

Many jobs will require previous paid writing experience.

Time management skills, communication skills, and attention to detail are important.

Knowing how to use organic SEO for ranking is beneficial.

Having experience with editing, proofreading, graphic design, basic web design, WordPress sites, and content marketing are also assets.

The ability to meet deadlines is a requirement as well as taking feedback and knowing how to apply it to your writing.

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What Are Some Key Practices to Enhance Blogging?

To enhance your blogging work, there are a handful of things that you should do to stand out from the crowd:

  • Always proofread your work or get someone else to.
  • Always take steps to improve your writing skills such as watching videos, taking writing classes, or asking professionals for tips.
  • Write more.
  • Read popular and famous blogs.
  • See how they write and apply these tips to your writing.
  • Write about topics that interest you.
  • Ask experts to guest post on your site.
  • Use imagery to stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding freelance writing.

Why do Companies Hire Writers for Blogging Jobs?

Companies are busy and don’t have enough time to produce as many blog posts on their site as they would like.

They have extra money they use to hire a client to write for them.

They can pay expert writers to create posts that will gain traffic and sales on their site.

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