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LinkedIn Post Inspector: What It Is & How It Works

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LinkedIn has quickly become one of the most dominant social networking platforms in the business world.

The site boasts more than 830 million members and countless connections for users to engage with.

But how can you be sure your posts are appropriate?

One popular solution is the LinkedIn Post Inspector.

If you’re curious about this service, we’re here to help.

Read on for a quick guide on what the service provides.

What Is LinkedIn Post Inspector?

The LinkedIn Post Inspector is an official tool that LinkedIn provides.

By using an official add-on, you can be sure that you aren’t using a shady third-party plug-in that may take your information.

Post Inspector is useful for several purposes.

While it’s a simple tool, its many uses help to ensure it’s refining your content and your experience on LinkedIn.

Overall, it can help ensure that your content is as engaging and effective as possible.

What Does LinkedIn Post Inspector Do?

The LinkedIn Post Inspector has a few primary features.

The most important feature is that it can help you see how to optimize your content.

By doing so, you can increase engagement and interaction on your posts.

Increased engagement means more connections!

Second, Post Inspector will also refresh LinkedIn’s data on your page.

This capability can help them see if your data has changed recently and how frequently you update.

Algorithms need to show who you should connect with and what jobs to recommend.

Finally, the inspector also helps to debug issues.

By extracting the metadata of your posts, LinkedIn can see where a bug occurred and figure out how to fix it!

This information is crucial to helping LinkedIn keep the website running as fluid as possible, as well as handle any bugs you may have found on your end.

Why Use LinkedIn Post Inspector?

The LinkedIn Post Inspector can help you to hone your content to maximize your connections.

Many LinkedIn users are on the site to land their next job, so getting your content out there is crucial!

Being able to have your data refreshed will also help ensure all content shown to you is relevant.

Finally, the debugging metadata can help to make your time on LinkedIn as seamless as possible.

Does Post Inspector Accept Any Link?

LinkedIn Post Inspector accepts links from their website.

If it’s from the website, then you can place it into the Inspector and get the results you need!

Links from other websites are invalid and won’t do any good.

How To Use LinkedIn Post Inspector

Using the LinkedIn Post Inspector is simple and quick.

Here are the three steps that you need to complete the task.

Go to LinkedIn Post Inspector

First, you only need to navigate to the LinkedIn Post Inspector.

You can find the Inspector here.

If you’d prefer, you can find the page from LinkedIn’s website itself, or simply enter the term into a search engine and find the URL in that manner.

Input Your URL and Click on Inspect

Once you’ve navigated to the page, you’ll see a box that encourages you to insert a link.

You need only put your link into the box.

Once that’s done, click inspect! This step will begin the inspection process.

Share Your URL

Once you’ve inspected the link, you’ll see information on the URL.

The Last Scraped date will appear, which will be immediately (you’ve just scraped it).

Below that, the Fetched URL will show, as well as the Canonical URL.

More metadata will appear below this information.

Try it out with your links to see what sort of information you’re sharing.

How Do I View My LinkedIn Post Before Publishing?

When using the LinkedIn Post Inspector tool, you will have a preview of what the post looks like.

This preview is shown after you’ve inspected a link.

The post preview will show you what others will see when the link is shared, as well as what the post will hold for viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we know a bit more about LinkedIn Post Inspector, there are a few more questions we can address.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the feature.

Can you test a post on LinkedIn?

Yes! The LinkedIn Post Inspector will test your posts and see what is missing.

The metadata will show what you need to add to improve your engagement and how you can enhance your content overall.

This information can help significantly improve your content.

Can you scrape a post on LinkedIn?

Scraping is often mistaken as a privacy issue, as it can sometimes help scammers obtain information.

However, scraping is important for algorithms and metadata as well.

You can use the LinkedIn Post Inspector to scrape your posts.

Other third-party applications also offer this service, but it’s recommended you stick to the official inspector.

How often does LinkedIn clear its cache?

Generally speaking, LinkedIn will keep your data for seven days.

After this time has passed, they clear the cache out.

The data saved includes images, page titles, and descriptions.

Some preview links are also sometimes stored.

Can you backdate posts on LinkedIn?

Backdating posts on LinkedIn is a simple process.

Go to the post you want to change and open it up in edit mode.

Afterward, click on the “edit link” option next to the date.

From there, you’ll have the option to change the publishing date.

You can do so and then save your changes to complete your backdating.

Linking Up

LinkedIn Post Inspector is a remarkably useful tool for improving your engagement.

The tool will show you crucial information on how to refine your posts.

Additionally, you can use Post Inspector to ensure that LinkedIn has the necessary information for your profile.

The software is also a crucial debugging tool for LinkedIn!

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to browse the rest of our informative website.

You can also contact us for more information!

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