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Astra is an easy-to-use and beautiful WordPress theme that people can use for various website styles.

More than one million websites out there utilize Astra’s free version to build the website of their dreams and attract people to the site.

If you’re considering a WordPress theme to build a functional, beautiful, and unique website that suits your needs, Astra is an excellent option.

Before you commit to using Astra, the free version, or a paid plan, here’s everything you need to know about this WordPress theme.

What Is Astra?

Astra is a WordPress theme that millions of people use. It’s one of the most popular WordPress themes currently available.

Astra is one of the most accessible themes to use to customize your headings, color scheme, layout, and more.

They also offer a variety of pre-built websites you can start with and then change as you see fit.

This tool is a multi-purpose theme created by Brainstorm Force, who designed the WordPress theme with SEO and performance in mind.

What Is Astra Used For?

People use Astra to create beautiful websites quickly.

You can use this WordPress theme to create blogs, portfolios, e-commerce shops, business websites, and more.

Individuals can use it for their smaller businesses, but larger corporations can still take advantage of Astra’s benefits.

How Astra Works

Knowing how to work, Astra is essential to having a great user experience and getting the website you dream of for your store, blog, or other business.

First, you’ll need to install Astra.

Once you’ve done this, you can use it to customize your website fully. With the free version, you’ll have limited access to different color schemes, Gutenberg blocks, and more.

If you choose one of their paid versions, you’ll be able to utilize various plug-ins and further customization, such as :

  • Advanced blog layouts
  • WooCommerce controls
  • Product updates
  • White labels

Astra at a Glance

Astra is the most used WordPress theme available, but there are specific audiences the creators chose to target when creating the theme.

These individuals or businesses can benefit the most from using Astra, the free or paid versions, but many people can use and appreciate the theme.

  • Market Segment: WordPress users.
  • Best For: People with online storefronts.
  • Plans & Pricing: Astra offers users a free version with enough customization that you don’t need to pay for any of the three paid versions unless you want to. You can use the free version for as long as you want, so there’s no pressure to upgrade.
  • Here are the three Astra plans and the annual and lifetime pricing for each:
  • Astra Pro: $59 annually and $249 for the lifetime version
  • Essential Bundle: $276 annually and $996 for the lifetime version
  • Growth Bundle: $523 annually and $1,893 for the lifetime version

Notable Features of Astra

Before you decide if Astra is the right option for you, knowing all the best features about it can help you make your decision, one way or another.

It’s Very Customizable  

One of the best features that people love about Astra is how customizable it is.

You’re able to make your website everything you want it to be, unlike with other WordPress themes.

It’s Lightweight

Speed is critical to a good user experience when developing a website for your business.

Using Astra, you’ll have a lightweight theme that loads quickly.

The best part about this feature is that it will maintain its fast speed as you grow your website.

It’s Easy To Get a Website in Hours

Astra is a fantastic option when you need a website fast or don’t have the patience to sit around and wait days for a beautifully designed website.

People love that you can have a fully customized website in a matter of hours rather than days.

It Has Seamless Compatibility With Plug-ins

Users love that when they use Astra for their website, they have seamless integration with plug-ins that can make your website more functional and user-friendly.

With this WordPress theme, you can use Elementor, WooCommerce, Toolset, Yoast, and other plug-ins without difficulty.

It Has a Large Library of Pre-Built Websites

Not all WordPress themes come with pre-build websites; even if they do, they might not have a vast selection.

With Astra, you’ll have a large library of pre-built websites that can help get you started with your website.

You can stick with these, customize them or build one from scratch using the theme.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements To Use Astra?

Some minimum requirements ensure that the Astra WordPress theme runs smoothly.

The minimum system requirements to use Astra are:

  • At least PHP version 5.3
  • At least a 5.3 version of WordPress
  • WP Memory limit of 128 MB or more
  • MySQL 5.6 or more

How Much Does Astra Cost?

One of the best things about Astra is that they have a free version available.

Even though it’s free, you still have access to several themes and customization options that will allow you to create a great website quickly that looks amazing and functions well.

Astra Pro adds even more customization options, advanced heading builders, more integrations, spacing control, and additional blog layouts, amongst other things.

This version costs $59 per year.

The Essential Bundle, which costs $276 per year, has all the features of Astra Pro, along with several additional features, including:

  • More than 180 starter templates
  • Portfolio plug-ins
  • Unlimited website usage

The Growth Bundle has all of the above features and costs $523 per year.

This version also includes a SkillJet Academy membership, add-ons for Beaver Builder and Elementor, pro plug-ins for Convert and Schema, and more.

Does Astra Have an Enterprise Version Available?

Yes! If you want to access all Astra’s premium plug-in options, you can upgrade to a paid version.

You’ll want to purchase the Astra Pro plug-in, which will give you access to all the additional features associated with the theme.

Astra Promotions and Savings

When it comes to WordPress themes, learning everything there is to know about it before you spend your money on it is essential.

While we’ve discussed many of the platform’s best features, here’s some further information on promotions and potential savings you can have with Astra.

Does Astra Have a Free Trial?

Technically no.

Even though there are three paid versions of the WordPress theme, you don’t get a free trial of each upgrade before trying them out.

They offer a free version with limited features, but it never expires, so you can use it for as long as you wish.

Does Astra Offer Coupon Codes?

Astra regularly offers discounts or coupon codes for their paid versions of the theme.

They range from saving $10 to saving $1,194.

They also offer sales throughout the year, but you’ll have to keep an eye out for those if you’re interested in getting discounts on paid versions of the theme.

Does Astra Have a Lifetime Deal?

Yes! Astra offers a lifetime deal for those interested in their paid versions.

These are great options if you love Astra, and you’ll be able to save a substantial amount of money if you go this route.

You can split your payment into three installments when you look into paying for the lifetime deal for their Growth Bundle plan.

This option allows you to make three monthly payments while still taking advantage of their lifetime deal.

Who Are Astra’s Main Alternatives?

Astra isn’t the only WordPress theme out there.

Although there are hundreds of options available for WordPress, here are the three main alternatives.

1. Blocksy

Blocksy is a great Astra alternative for those who prefer even more customization.

It comes with more heading styling potions, different layouts for more purposes, and a more extensive color palette.

Users love the drag-and-drop builder that Blocksy has.

It easily integrates with the WordPress Customizer, offers live editing, a responsive design, pre-built layouts, and global typography, and is compatible with Beaver Builder, Elementor and others.

2. Neve

An Astra alternative that’s lightweight and fast is Neve.

It uses Vanilla JavaScript to create a responsive WordPress theme.

It’s compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages which helps with more SEO boosting.

Neve comes with 80 starter demos, custom header and footer designs, a one-click rollback to undo changes, and is compatible with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and more.

3. Go

Go is a GoDaddy theme but competes with the Astra WordPress theme.

It offers you beautiful customization options with a drag-and-drop function and has access to several design elements.

This alternative features a responsive layout, customizable fonts and colors, several design styles, WooCommerce integration, and a social links menu.

How Does Astra Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Astra differentiates itself from its hundreds of competitors in several ways.

They offer a variety of paid versions that include something for everyone, including a free version that people love using.

Other ways they stand out amongst the competition are:

  • They have a sizeable pre-built library
  • They’re the most used WordPress theme in the world
  • They’re lightweight and fast
  • They’re compatible with several plug-in options

Who Is Astra Best For?

This WordPress theme is excellent for everyone, but it’s best for those who love customizing pre-built websites, need a website quickly, and those looking to create an online store website.

Why Is Astra Best for WordPress Users With Online Storefronts?

Astra’s best for those creating an online storefront because they offer several plug-ins that can help with product updates, a user-friendly layout, and it’s easy to use regardless of your website building abilities.

Is Astra Easy To Use?

Astra is a straightforward WordPress theme to use.

The creators make the theme user-friendly so that even beginner website designers feel comfortable creating a high-quality website.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

There are a lot of things to love about the Astra WordPress theme, but there are some features that users love more than others.

The first feature that users love the most about Astra is the customization options.

Even those who aren’t skilled website builders love that they can make their website entirely their own with different themes, colors, and layouts.

Another feature some users love is how quickly you can create a website and get it up and running.

Those who want to update, change, or create a website fast will love that you can get a stunning website in hours rather than days.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Not everyone is obsessed with Astra, and there are a few features that users find frustrating.

One of them is that customization options aren’t the same across all theme versions.

While this makes sense, there’s a drastic difference between the free version and the first paid plan customization options.

Many people believe the free version is a little too basic.

If you pay for one of the paid plans with Astra, you’ll get support if you need it.

While this is a great feature, some users have had challenges with it.

Some people haven’t found it nearly as helpful as it should be for the price they’re paying.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about Astra, we’re here to help.

Here’s what other users or potential users of Astra are asking.

vector graphic showing a roundup of screenshots of the best shopify themes

Do I need Elementor with Astra?

You don’t need Elementor when you’re using Astra.

Now, if you prefer building websites from scratch, you can use Elementor with Astra, but it’s not necessary unless you want it.

Does Astra come with Elementor?

Astra doesn’t come with Elementor, but it’s one of the few WordPress themes fully compatible with the website builder.

So, you can use it with Astra if you choose, but you’ll have to purchase that separately.

Is the Astra WordPress theme responsive?

Astra is very responsive.

The creators behind the WordPress theme made sure that it’s perfect for readability and that it will run smoothly for all users.

Wrapping Up

Astra is one of the best WordPress themes and is used worldwide.

This theme offers a free version and three paid plans worth your money if you want to get a beautiful website fast.

With features like customization, pre-built websites, customer support, and seamless plug-in integration, Astra has little to dislike.

If you’ve tried this WordPress theme, leave a review below!

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