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Having a small business that is strictly a brick-and-mortar operation isn’t enough these days.

In the new age of the internet, expanding your operations to include an eCommerce option is almost necessary to stay relevant in the industry.

Companies like JROX are helpful in that they provide the eCommerce platform as well as other premium features.

These options help you move in the right direction and increase your profit margins while expanding into new territories.

What are the top features associated with JROX?

Continue reading below to find out, as well as pricing structure and reviews.

What is JROX?

As a company, JROX offers an easy-to-use eCommerce platform for those looking to get an online store up and running.

With step-by-step instructions and simple infrastructure, you can enter all necessary information and have your business up and going in no time.

Additionally, JROX helps companies integrate affiliate programs into their business structure.

These programs provide a commission to those who refer new customers and secure the purchase of a sale.

While there is a slight out-of-pocket cost to compensate the affiliates, the long-term profits typically outweigh any financial concerns.

Other top features associated with JROX include customer and content management as well as content design.

All of these amenities lend to the professional appearance each company has on their eCommerce site when partnering with JROX.

What is JROX Used For?

The primary function of the JROX platform is to help companies transition from strictly being an in-person shopping model to both that and an online storefront.

However, the company also provides services to help enact affiliate programs for such businesses and create and manage customer information and content.

How JROX Works

To get a clear visual representation of how JROX works, you can take part in an on-site demo the company provides on its website.

This demonstration shows everything that can be done in conjunction with JROX and outlines the customizations that can be made.

The company offers a specific username and password for those who wish to participate.

It is essential to note that this information is reset every three hours.

Therefore, if you decide to participate in a later opportunity, you will require a new set of login information.

JROX at a Glance

Many vital elements make JROX and the services it provides to users.

Below are some of the features that make the product what it is and why it’s so valuable to customers.

Market Segment: Business Owners

Best For: Those who currently operate an in-store business and are looking to expand to eCommerce

Plans & Pricing:

  • Free Plan: 50 affiliate limit and self-hosted
  • Ecommerce: Hosted by JROX with unlimited affiliates for $47 per month or $30 per month with an annual plan
  • Owned License: Unlimited affiliates and self-hosted for a $297 one-time fee

Notable Features of JROX

As a premier eCommerce and affiliate service provider for business owners of all industries, JROX has many top features that users appreciate.

Some of them include the following:

1. One-time purchase option

Instead of paying a monthly fee for the duration of your business, you can opt to self-host and pay a one-time payment to have unlimited affiliates.

Many business owners appreciate being able to utilize the technology portion while having the option to shop around for hosting services.

2. Ecommerce platform

Web design can be complicated for some people, and it takes time to learn how to integrate all the appropriate codes and elements.

Having an easy-to-use platform like JROX that allows you to get an eCommerce store up and running in no time at all can be a huge weight off a business owner’s shoulders.

3. Customer management

Keeping your customer’s information organized and in one location can be cumbersome.

Finding a system that works and sticking to it can be challenging to implement.

JROX offers solutions to this issue on its platform, and many customers have responded positively to its functionality.

4. Content design

Templates and layouts are continually becoming more detailed and complex.

Creating a storefront that rivals those most profitable can be overwhelming when done on your own.

Using JROX allows you to easily create professional designs for your content due to the tools that JROX provides its users.

5. Free version

For those who are just starting and want to explore the options that eCommerce provides, JROX provides a free version.

While this is self-hosted, meaning you have to take on the expense of making the store live on the internet, you can use the tools available and have up to 50 affiliates in your program.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use JROX?

There are no minimum requirements for using JROX.

The company’s program is web-based and has no technological stipulations.

Additionally, there are no age restrictions for using the program.

With that being said, you need a functional debit or credit card to pay for any monthly, annual, or one-time fees that are part of your package choice.

For the self-hosted plans, you will need to identify a company to house your online store once completed and ensure that everything is set up accordingly to avoid service delays.

If you implement an affiliate program, there are certain legal obligations that you will have to incorporate.

Ultimately, be sure to include an affiliate disclosure on your site and have others do so too.

How Much Does JROX Cost?

There are three plans available for JROX users.

However, if more hosting or custom alterations to a plan are necessary, you can reach out to customer service for a quote.

  • Free Plan: 50 affiliate limit and self-hosted
  • Ecommerce: Hosted by JROX with unlimited affiliates for $47 per month or $30 per month with an annual plan
  • Owned License: Unlimited affiliates and self-hosted – $297 one-time fee

Does JROX Have an Enterprise Version Available?

JROX does not have an enterprise version available for purchase.

However, if your business needs are more significant than what the listed plans offer, you can reach out to customer service to receive a custom quote for services.

JROX Promotions & Savings

If the thought of using JROX for your eCommerce and affiliate program intrigues you but the cost doesn’t, you can rest assured that there are opportunities for a reduced price.

Some of the promotions routinely available are listed below.

Does JROX Have a Free Trial?

If you want to try out the JROX platform for your eCommerce and affiliate program needs, you can enter into a free trial for 30 days.

During that time, JROX will host your site for you and charge your payment method the monthly rate at the end of the trial unless you cancel ahead of time.

Does JROX Offer Coupon Codes?

From time to time, JROX will offer coupon codes to new customers.

These codes will permit users to obtain services for a price reduction.

Most commonly, these are available on the company website or through email communication.

However, at times they will be listed on third-party coupon sites.

Does JROX Have a Lifetime Deal?

While JROX does not offer a lifetime deal with plans that include hosting, they do offer a one-time rate for those looking to use the platform while self-hosting.

This deal is associated with the unlimited affiliate members plan.

However, users can also secure a lifetime deal if they only utilize the free option for the duration of their business.

Does JROX Usually Offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discounts?

Although JROX has not offered Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts in previous years, there is a possibility that the company will provide such promotions in the future.

Who are JROX’s Main Alternatives?

If you like what JROX offers but want to explore a bit to see what other options are available for eCommerce and affiliate services, there are a few alternatives that offer similar products and features as JROX.

1. AffiliateWP

If you are primarily looking to integrate an affiliate program into your business operations, AffiliateWP is an option that may work well for your needs.

While the pricing structure is a bit higher than what you see with JROX, significant savings opportunities occur throughout the year to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

2. Affiliate

While Affiliate doesn’t offer a specific platform to create eCommerce operations, they provide a unique twist of affiliate marketing that is visually appealing and creative.

The company uses custom product boxes and comparison charts that lure customers in and reduce the number of plugins that those operating affiliate sites need to purchase and download.

How Does JROX Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

JROX is a platform that caters to those looking to expand from in-person operations to both that and eCommerce.

They also aim to assist users in starting their affiliate programs.

With direct competition, you will more readily see individual options.

Some may offer an eCommerce platform, while others help you build an affiliate program.

It’s rare to see both in one outside of JROX.

You will also have competitors that offer solutions for individuals that operate affiliate websites.

These users don’t have a business of their own; their sole purpose is to market other companies products and services.

Who is JROX Best For?

When it comes down to it, JROX is best for those who currently operate a brick-and-mortar business but are looking to expand and include eCommerce in their structure.

Additionally, those who are interested in affiliate marketing will be able to integrate reasonably priced solutions into their website.

Why is JROX Best For Ecommerce?

JROX does its best to offer affordable solutions to businesses looking to expand in their industry and market without breaking the bank.

The company also seeks to help increase profit potential through the addition of affiliate marketing.

Is JROX Easy to Use?

While JROX may not have the efficient and streamlined portal that a company like Shopify offers, its website is intuitive and allows individuals to create their online presence in a quick and streamlined way.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

With all the premium features that JROX offers, there are a few that users find incredibly valuable.

The top-rated comes in the form of the free plan option.

While users have to obtain their hosting, many find that being able to create their eCommerce store for no cost has been highly beneficial to their bottom line.

Additionally, users appreciate being able to implement creative marketing approaches through affiliate integration.

You don’t often see a company that blends the two, and the perk doesn’t go unnoticed with JROX’s customers.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

While users find that the price is right for what JROX offers, they have a few points of contention regarding some of the features.

Primarily users express frustration at the lack of customer service options for non-clients.

In the early days, being able to speak to a representative is challenging, and help is restricted to support communities and email.

Additionally, the interface needs a refresh.

While customers understand that JROX’s program won’t be at the same level as high-end platforms, certain areas of the portal can be challenging to use in the design process.

Wrapping Up

Business owners must remain vigilant in their marketing efforts.

With the increase of the internet, creating an online presence is vital to stay relevant and increase profits.

JROX helps business owners to expand their in-store operations to include eCommerce opportunities.

In addition to embracing the online world for product and service sales, JROX takes the extra step of helping companies implement long-term solutions through affiliate marketing programs.

Including these avenues in e-commerce allows business owners to gain additional revenue through customer referrals and increase profit margins over time.

Overall, JROX keenly attempts to help users expand their operations while on a tight budget.

Their trial offer, free plan, and one-time fee option provide ample opportunities to increase profit on a budget.

Are you a current or past customer of JROX?

If so, what are your opinions on the company and the services they offer?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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