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An internal link-building tool produces and manages internal links for pages on your website.

Its sole purpose is to maintain, track and edit your internal links to enhance your website’s content.

Examples of an internal link-building tool would be Linkilo, RankMath, and Internal Link Juicer.

However, another example that provides similar features would be Link Whisper.

When looking for an internal link-building tool, you want to ensure that you can edit and manage your internal link-building efficiently without hassle.

If you are interested in Link Whisper for your website, we will review its features, pricing plans, primary users, and its top three alternatives below.

Link Whisper at a Glance

Below, we will provide an overview of Link Whisper, its pricing plans, primary users, and more.

  • Market Segment: Internal Link-Building Tool
  • Best For: Content Marketers
  • Plans & Pricing:
    • Single Site License
    • 3 Site License
    • 10 Site License
    • 50 Site License

What Is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that helps you enhance your website’s ranking by generating automated keywords and internal links.

It provides data and other information to keep track of your links.

What Is Link Whisper Used For?

The primary use for Link Whisper is to automate inserting internal links into your website or its content.

This plugin can also track and manage your URL, check links health, implement target keywords, and more.

When Spencer Haws built this tool from the ground up, efficiency was his goal, and he most definitely achieved it.

How Link Whisper Works

Link Whisper ensures that your links function correctly by utilizing AI technology to enhance your website’s data.

It helps you maintain your internal and external links’ health and how you can improve them by using SEO factors. 

Notable Features of Link Whisper

Link Whisper provides crucial information and data for your links so that your website is efficient and reaches its target audience.

We will review the features this internal link-building tool offers.

1. Target Keywords

This feature is beneficial if you implement SEO factors into your website.

It searches for target keywords throughout your website and generates suggestions for internal links within that web post.

You can also use the generated keywords as anchor text for the link itself.

2. Link Health Checker

This records the functionality and health of all your external and internal links.

Its purpose is to provide information on your website’s link performance.

Another factor it deals with is to notify you of a broken link, a 404 error, and more.  

3. URL Changer

This feature allows you to change or edit your website’s URL address.

When using this feature, insert the old URL and new URL to change it.

Once you change your website’s address, wherever the old URL is on your website, it will automatically switch to the latest version.

4. Auto-Linking

The auto-linking feature automatically allows you to insert internal and external links into your web pages.

This is an ideal affiliate marketing strategy as you can insert the links by keywords.

Once that keyword is inserted into the post, it will redirect the viewer to another related one.

5. Google Integration

This is one of the primary integration features Link Whisper offers.

This provides search traffic data for your website and its pages.

Another advantage to using this is its ability to keep track of the keywords and easily insert internal links into web pages and your content.

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary to Use Link Whisper?

The only requirement to use this internal link-building tool is that you have WordPress as your web hosting provider.

The only factors to consider are having a stable internet connection and a desktop or mobile device to use this tool for your business.

How Much Does Link Whisper Cost?

For its pricing plans, Link Whispers offers four package plans for its services.

Several of those pricing plans include the following:

  • Single Site License: This primarily features smart internal links and full internal links reporting.
    For this and the other payment plans, you will be billed annually.
  • 3 Site License: This is if you have three websites to manage.
    It includes the same features as if you were choosing the single site license plan.
  • 10 Site License: This is if you have ten websites to manage.
    It does include the same features as a single and three-site license.
  • 50 Site License: This is the premium package plan if you have 50 or more websites.
    This offers all the features from the previous pricing plans.
screenshot of the link whisper pricing page

Does Link Whisper Have an Enterprise Version Available?

Link Whisper doesn’t have an enterprise version available for its services.

However, depending on the number of websites you have for your business, you can select from one of the four pricing plans they have available.

Link Whisper Promotions & Savings

Link Whisper provides four pricing plans for its users.

However, it doesn’t offer a free trial or pricing plan for its features.

To better understand its discounts and savings, we will go over its promotions, coupon codes, and whether or not it offers a lifetime deal.

Does Link Whisper Have a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, Link Whisper doesn’t provide a free trial for its users.

They also do not offer a free pricing plan.

Though, if you would like to use this internal link-building tool for your business, we recommend selecting the single site package plan.

However, choosing a pricing plan depends on how many sites you’re managing.

Does Link Whisper Offer Coupon Codes?

Link Whisper does offer a coupon code for its pricing plan.

It’s a $10 off coupon, but you would have to provide your name and email to receive this coupon deal.

What’s beneficial about this coupon code is that you can use this for any pricing plan.

Though, if you are looking for more coupons, there are third-party websites that provide unofficial deals but ensure that you can use them in your purchase.

Does Link Whisper Have a Lifetime Deal?

Link Whisper, unfortunately, doesn’t offer a lifetime deal for its users.

If you would like this for your business or are managing more than 50 websites, they provide a pricing plan to choose from.

Though this pricing plan is a bit pricey, it’s essential to be aware of that.

Does Link Whisper Usually Offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discounts?

Link Whisper, unfortunately, doesn’t usually offer Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts to its users.

If you are interested in any deals for this internal link-building tool, you can receive a $10 off coupon for your purchase if you sign up with your name and email.

Who Are Link Whisper’s Main Alternatives?

Link Whisper ensures that your website’s internal links are well maintained and easily customizable.

Though it’s efficient in achieving this, other similar alternatives provide the same features and services.

1. Linkilo

screenshot of the linkilo homepage

Linkilo is one of the primary examples of an internal link-building plugin.

While it does provide the same amount of features as Link Whisper does, it also offers a bit more when it comes to features.

Data and link management includes cannibalization reports, link analysis, anchor text reports, advanced auto link features, and more.

Compared to Link Whisper, they do provide four pricing plans.

However, in contrast, they do offer an unlimited sites package plan.

2. Rank Math

screenshot of the Rank Math homepage

Rank Math is another alternative that features the same services as Link Whisper.

Primarily ideal for SEO, its purpose is to enhance your website by implementing SEO factors such as specific keywords and adding any additional relevant internal links.

Another advantage that benefits SEO is its ability to add metadata such as an SEO title and meta description to your content and web pages.

For pricing, they do provide a free pricing plan, but some features are limited.

3. Internal Link Juicer

screenshot of the internal link juicer homepage

Internal Link Juicer is another WordPress plugin that ensures that your internal link-building is efficient and strengthens your website and content.

This tool helps monitor and manage the performance of your internal links while setting a maximum limit for your links per page.

For pricing, it doesn’t offer a variety of package plans, but you can download a free or pro version of this plugin.

How Does Link Whisper Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

Link Whisper differentiates itself from competitors by striving for efficiency in its features and a variety of pricing plans for you to select for your business.

This is to ensure that your internal links are functional and that it enhances your website’s page’s foot traffic by implementing SEO factors such as SEO title, meta description, top or secondary keywords, and more.

Who Is Link Whisper Best For?

Link Whisper is primarily best for editors, SEO specialists, bloggers, or content marketers.

This internal link-building tool specializes in strengthening and maintaining your website’s internal links so that your engagement activity increases.

Another advantage for those who use this tool is that it’s best for those managing more than one website.

Why is Link Whisper Best For Bloggers?

Link Whisper is best for bloggers because it helps users strengthen their website and the website’s internal links.

It uses SEO tools to enhance your web page content by producing keywords related to your topics.

It increases your website’s rankings so that you are at an equal level to your competitors.

Is Link Whisper Easy to Use?

Link Whisper strives to guide its users so that link maintenance and customization are efficient and easy.

One of the contributing factors to this would be its dashboard, as it organizes all of its features, so it’s easy to navigate.

It provides structured data and information on your website or set of websites.

If users have trouble navigating the dashboard or have questions about one of the features, Link Whisper offers tutorials and customer support.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Some features that users love to implement into their website or websites would be its link health checker and Google search console integration.

One of the reasons why users enjoy using their link health checker is to ensure that their outbound and inbound links are functioning efficiently.

They also can check if links are broken, producing a 404 error, or other technical issues.

One of the ways that Google search console integration helps users is by granting them access to foot traffic data for their website and their website’s pages.

This also helps to enhance their SEO by producing targeted keywords and specific internal links.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

The primary features that users find frustrating would be its auto link and internal link-building tool.

One of the reasons why it’s challenging to use their auto-link feature would sometimes be the result of bugs or inaccurate results.

So the user would end up having to put their internal link in their post or web page manually.

Technical issues are another cause for users not to enjoy implementing Link Whisper’s internal link-building tool, as it causes issues with their inbound and outbound links.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions regarding Link Whisper.

image showing a vector illustration of how to get backlinks

Does Link Whisper work for Shopify sites?

Yes! Link Whisper works efficiently for Shopify sites.

It ensures that your links are functioning correctly, and also passes the link juice necessary to rank for important keywords around the site.

Pricing for Shopify sites is no different than pricing for WordPress, making this a valuable took in every niche website owner’s handbag.

Does WordPress have a native internal link-building feature?

WordPress does provide a native internal link-building feature for its users, but it is nowhere near as impressive as Link Whisper or other paid alternatives.

Because internal linking is so important for SEO value, we highly suggest upgrading and paying for a premium internal link-building tool.

Overall Thoughts

So, to review, what is Link Whisper?

It is a specialized internal link-building plugin from WordPress primarily used for your website or blog’s links.

This tool ensures that the health of your internal links is in top shape and also, with its Google integration, increases your engagement activity by helping it find more pages on your site.

Its features include target keywords, link health checker, URL changer, and auto-linking.

For its pricing plans, they provide four package plans: Single Site License, 3 Sites License, 10 Sites License, and 50 Sites License.

Though, if you are interested in internal link-building tools, there are similar alternatives such as Linkilo, RankMath, and Internal Link Juicer.

If you enjoyed reading this article, please leave a comment or review below.

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