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  • Workflowy offers a simpler way to stay organized. If you have a crazy job or an ambitious project, we will be your trusty sidekick.

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Created in 2010, WorkFlowy has marketed itself as the answer to all your to-do list problems.

With a simple, easy-to-use interface and uncomplicated purpose, WorkFlowy is an online to-do list with no extra frills.

It has worked for many people since its creation and continues to offer simple solutions.

This service has developed a large and sincere following, including writers, organizers, and business owners.

However, is WorkFlowy worth it as a service?

Here is a complete review and guide to WorkFlowy and whether it’s worth it for your business or personal life.

WorkFlowy at a Glance

  • Market Segment: Individual productivity
  • Best for: Small businesses or individuals
  • Plans and Pricing:
    • Free
    • Premium ($4.99/month)

What Is WorkFlowy?

WorkFlowy is essentially an online to-do list.

Users can log in to see their personalized worklists, as straightforward or as complicated as they like.

The main component of the app and website is a nested text list, with subcategories and descriptions for each list item.

It is entirely personalized.

WorkFlowy is an incredibly simple design, which is part of why it’s so popular among creative writers, professional artists, and other self-employed people who struggle with organization.

With a free and premium option, WorkFlowy can be used by anyone and is easily canceled after the trial period.

What Is WorkFlowy Used For?

WorkFlowy is primarily used for organization and to-do lists.

Users can create a simple or complicated nesting list with details and time frames on each list item.

An entire project can be organized under one bullet point and expanded for more information, making WorkFlowy an excellent place for teams with multiple projects.

Each item on the to-do list connects to itself and any with the same hashtag or on the same workflow.

Otherwise, they will be listed as different items. WorkFlowy is easy to understand and use and is often used as a personal to-do list instead of a team assignment platform.

How WorkFlowy Works

When a user signs up for WorkFlowy, they can add as many tasks and subtasks as they like.

These tasks appear in a flowchart, and as they complete them, they move to the “completed” tab.

Because each lesson can be personalized, hashtagged, or assigned, the flowchart can have multiple layers and still be well organized.

Workflows and to-do lists are essentially the entirety of WorkFlowy.

Once you’ve made your to-do list, you can log back in and look at it, send it to friends with access, or assign someone to a task.

The simplicity of the app is what makes it popular with many people, but some find it lacking.

Notable Features of WorkFlowy

Here are some of the notable features of WorkFlowy

  • Simple workflows
  • Nested lists
  • Available on multiple platforms (including Linux)
  • In-app organization
  • Task assignment available
  • Task organization through flows and hashtags
  • Easy interface

Are There Any Minimum Requirements Necessary To Use WorkFlowy?

There are no minimum requirements to use WorkFlowy.

You don’t even have to be part of a business.

Because WorkFlowy offers a “freemium” plan, you can sign up for free and unlock the premium features if you need them.

Individuals and companies use WorkFlowy to increase productivity and organization.

To sign up, all you need is a valid email address.

You can sign up for a free account or a seven-day trial of the premium version.

No payment details are required until the week is up and you choose between free and premium accounts for your long-term access.

You can cancel a WorkFlowy account at any time.

How Much Does WorkFlowy Cost?

WorkFlowy has a free plan, but not all of the premium features are available.

A premium plan costs $4.99 a month with a 20% discount if you pay for a whole year at once.

These are the only two plans available, as WorkFlowy focuses primarily on individual and small business organizations instead of larger companies.

The premium plan unlocks unlimited tasks, the ability to assign tasks, and other unique features.

However, a free program allows you to organize your workflows, use hashtags, and have a limited number of functions.

The two plans allow for an individual or a business to be able to save money and organize a workflow.

Does WorkFlowy Have an Enterprise Version Available?

WorkFlowy does not have a version for large companies or enterprises.

Usually, WorkFlowy is used by individuals or small teams.

Because the amount of logins per account is limited, a larger company or enterprise would need multiple WorkFlowy accounts.

It might be more advisable to work with a larger company as an enterprise.

However, WorkFlowy is excellent for CEOs and other people in leadership roles.

Even if you are in charge of a larger company or enterprise, your life could probably use some organizational work.

If you struggle to remember tasks, put them into your personal WorkFlowy account and let the app help you organize.

Workflowy Deals & Discounts

WorkFlowy isn’t very expensive, to begin with, but it’s not one of the cheapest self-organization and to-do list apps available.

Here are all the promotions and savings codes available for WorkFlowy, including discounts and the seven-day free trial.

Does Workflowy Have a Free Trial?

WorkFlowy has a free trial of its premium features.

The problem lasts for one week, and you aren’t required to input any payment information.

Once the week is out, the system will automatically reset your account to non-premium and limit your features and workflows.

A week of free trial is a great way to decide whether the system works for you or not.

While some people work well with a visual list of things they need to do, others do not.

A trial that won’t automatically take payment after a week is helpful for the undecided user.

Does Workflowy Offer Coupon Codes?

WorkFlowy doesn’t have permanent coupon codes but will often run deals or promotions for a premium membership.

If you like the service but want to wait until they announce a contract, you can sign up for the free version and use it in a limited way until the company announces a discounted membership deal.

Of course, there are occasional coupon codes available online through individual bloggers and other businesses in advertising agreements with WorkFlowy.

If you find an online coupon, you can use it, but it might have expired.

These coupons usually only last a week or two.

Does Workflowy Have a Lifetime Deal?

While WorkFlowy does not have a lifetime deal, they offer a 20% discount on a subscription that is paid yearly instead of monthly.

A regular monthly subscription is $4.99 a month, which comes out to about $60 a year.

However, customers who pay for a year of WorkFlowy will get a subscription for around $48.

This is the current best deal on WorkFlowy.

There’s no WorkFlowy for enterprises or lifetime deals because the company is focused on short-term solutions for companies in need of organization.

Who Are WorkFlowy’s Main Alternatives?

Of course, there are hundreds of organization and to-do list apps available.

The main competition for WorkFlowy is the top three task-oriented services available: Asana, Evernote, and ToDoist.

These three companies rival WorkFlowy for the top spot.

1. Asana

Asana is a popular team-based organization app.

It is open to multiple logins and usually has a team leader.

The primary account holder can assign tasks, sub-tasks, and workflows to themselves or someone else.

Some deadlines and stickers pop up when you complete a task.

Asana is slightly more expensive per month than WorkFlowy.

However, it’s better suited to teams because it offers separate logins, multiple different types of accounts, and another organization other than WorkFlowy.

2. Evernote

Evernote is an app that prides itself on a simple design, like WorkFlowy.

However, where WorkFlowy provides a to-do list, complete with bullet points and subtasks, Evernote focuses on being a notes app.

You can make notes about anything and keep them organized.

Evernote is a competitor for WorkFlowy, but it should be more of a companion app.

Instead of a to-do list, it organized thoughts as notes.

It can be used for assignments but is more of an online diary or thought journal.

Evernote costs about the same as WorkFlowy.

3. ToDoist

ToDoist might be the most popular individual to-do list app on the market.

Like WorkFlowy, it’s catered towards individuals or small teams.

However, it has a specific workflow for units as opposed to individuals and offers more features than WorkFlowy.

Although it’s a more complicated app than WorkFlowy, ToDoist has cheaper pricing.

It’s the number one organization app but lacks the simple interface of WorkFlowy.

Of the competitors, this app is the most similar.

How Does WorkFlowy Differentiate Themselves From Competitors?

WorkFlowy might be a little pricier and have fewer extra features than the competition, but the company prides itself on sticking to a simple and sleek business model.

Instead of updating the interface and adding new things, WorkFlowy sticks with what it’s good at — making a simple to-do list easy to read and understand.

The main competitors were designed for companies, teams, and small businesses.

WorkFlowy, on the other hand, specifically focuses on an individual’s organizational needs.

It’s what has set the company apart since its conception in 2010.

Who Is WorkFlowy Best For?

WorkFlowy might seem like it would work best for a marketing or sales team at a small business, but it was meant for individual use.

It works best for individual artists, writers, business people, and those who want to organize multiple projects at once.

The unlimited tasks and subtasks work well for one person but might be confusing to a team.

WorkFlowy designs itself after a single person’s workflow and train of thought and usually works exceptionally well for a single person.

Why Is WorkFlowy Best for Individual Writers and Artists

WorkFlowy has a loyal customer base composed primarily of individual writers and artists.

It has been featured on multiple writer and organization websites as a must-have.

Acclaimed novelist Emma Donaghue, for one, wrote that she “couldn’t live without this app” for the Guardian.

Because WorkFlowy caters to individuals, teams have had issues using it successfully.

If a busy writer, artist, or business person needs an app to organize their thoughts and projects, WorkFlowy is an excellent choice.

Is WorkFlowy Easy To Use?

WorkFlowy has marketed itself almost exclusively as being easy to use.

The app and web-based design are simple — a workflow that you can add to, click in and out and expand or contract when necessary.

Details can be added to each task by clicking on it, and the charges can have subtasks.

Overall, it can be as straightforward or as complicated a to-do list as the user wants.

However, it’s a simple interface and incredibly easy to use, which makes it a favorite for those who need something quick and easy to help them organize their thoughts.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

The main selling point of WorkFlowy is its simplicity.

For a creative author or writer who needs a simple to-do list, the app provides a way to write things down and organize them without being afraid of forgetting important details.

The simple interface and easy-to-learn system are one of the most significant advantages of this software.

WorkFlowy has found a niche for small businesses and individuals and has stuck with that.

By not trying to do anything too fancy, they have found a loyal customer base that loves the organization and visuals of the workflows within the app.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

One of the issues many users have with WorkFlowy is that there’s no way to set reminders, notifications, or deadlines on the app.

While it’s helpful to have a visual of the tasks you need to accomplish, some people need a written deadline to remember the order in which they need to achieve the tasks.

Another frustrating feature is the price. Compared to Asana, Evernote, and several of WorkFlowy’s main competitors, the service is overly simplified for the higher price.

Because it doesn’t have extra features such as deadlines or notifications, many potential customers have opted for different interfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some more details about WorkFlowy.

vector graphic showing a graphic illustration of the best task management software

How many people use WorkFlowy?

There are currently around two million users of WorkFlowy.

Can you share WorkFlowy?

Yes, you can share your to-do lists with others via the desktop app and browser apps by selecting the “Share” button.

Wrap Up

WorkFlowy is a simple but effective design for a to-do list.

While it is catered toward individuals, the workflows and subtasks can be organized or assigned to a team.

If you have experience with WorkFlowy, chime in and leave your review below!

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