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10 Mental Health Blogs to Read in 2022

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Do you blog about mental health issues, or do you live with a mental health condition?

If so, our list of 10 mental health blogs to read can be a useful source of information, inspiration, and support as you start a blog or grow an existing one.

In this list you’ll find blogs about mental illness and personal stories from people living with conditions including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), personality disorder, eating disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Which Are the Best Mental Health Blogs?

Many of these blogs are designed to help people with their physical health and emotional health, usually from personal experience.

Some of these blogs are written by health professionals like clinical psychologists, or those who specialize in natural methods of treatment.

Here are 10 top mental health blogs to read in 2020.

1. Therese Bouchard

thereseborchard homepage screenshot 1

Therese Bouchard is a mental health advocate and writer, and has been named a top 10 influencer in the mental health community.

Her blog covers mental health and holistic health, with topics that include depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and nutrition.

As bloggers we often spend long hours at work on our blog, stay up late, and might struggle to sleep.

Therese’s recent post on 10 ways to beat insomnia naturally is full of tips if you find it’s time to change and get more restful sleep.

2. Talkspace

talkspace homepage screenshot 1

Talkspace is one of the top mental health blogs around.

The service aims to make therapy accessible and affordable, and shares useful and practical advice and tips on how to manage mental health through their blog.

Do you feel stuck with your blog, business, or another aspect of your life?

This therapist’s guide to getting unstuck will help you work through those feelings so you can get back on track.

3. Chipur

chipur homepage screenshot 1

Chipur is a blog dedicated to helping people with anxiety, depression, and bipolar through learning.

The blog was founded by Bill White, a mental health professional, and features hundreds of articles on mood disorders and the science behind them.

Life as a blogger can be busy and overwhelming, and you can end up overstimulated by the world around you.

Here’s 12 signs you’re overstimulated and how you can solve it.

4. Purple Persuasion

purplepersuasion homepage screenshot 1

Purple Persuasion is a mental health blog by Charlotte Walker, a service user with bipolar disorder.

Charlotte created the blog to connect with others in similar situations, and it documents her journey and thoughts on living with bipolar.

As well as blogging her thoughts, Charlotte has created a media and writing credits page.

This is a great way to showcase your expertise — could you create a similar page for your blog?

5. Blurt

blurtitout homepage screenshot 1

The Blurt Foundation is a social enterprise that’s dedicated to helping people with depression.

Over on the blog, the Blurt team shares insights into living with depression and anxiety, as well as practical tips like meal planning when you have low energy.

As well as blog posts, Blurt also hosts regular Twitter chats which is a positive way to bring a community together around a cause or to create a support group.

To help you build authority within your niche this is definitely something to consider.

6. The Mighty

themighty homepage screenshot 1

The Mighty is a health blog that covers over 600 topics related to health, including mental health.

The mental health section is home to thousands of features from featured writers, covering everything from boundaries to loneliness.

If you ever feel lost or stuck, The Mighty’s feature of 35 wholesome memes is a great way to perk up your day.

10 Mental Health Blogs to Read in 2020

7. Beyond Meds

beyondmeds homepage screenshot 1

Beyond Meds is a mental health blog that’s focused on natural self care methods, as well as social and political issues and their effect on our mental health.

Something that Monica does well is help her audience find extra resources that they might find helpful, through a books page.

If you can create a valuable resource on your blog people will keep coming back and will trust your recommendations.

Tip: Selling online courses is a great way to help people while earning extra income from your blog at the same time.

8. The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

thesecretlifeofamanicdepressive homepage screenshot 1

The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive is written by Seaneen, a writer and mental health blogger on life with bipolar disorder.

The blog is a personal diary of living with bipolar, as well as rants and thoughts on mental health.

Seaneen’s blog is a great example of how personal and lifestyle blogs can create a supportive community around a niche topic like mental health.

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9. The Mental Elf

themental health elf homepage screenshot 1

The Mental Elf helps people to stay up to date with mental health research and guidance, through regular blog updates and podcasts.

The blog has a team of over 280 writers who contribute features on mental health, diagnosis, and treatment.

As well as the blog, The Mental Elf produces a podcast that features interviews with mental health professionals which they embed on their blog.

If you run a podcast or have a YouTube channel, make sure you showcase it on your blog too.

10. World of Psychology Blog

WorldofPsychology homepage screenshot 1

World of Psychology Blog is Psych Central’s longest-running blog and features articles on behavior, psychology, and mental health including social anxiety and borderline personality disorder.

The blog has a number of regular contributors and claims the title as the world’s longest-running psychology and mental health blog.

Something that the World of Psychology Blog does well is a regular roundup of their most popular posts from the month.

This is a great way to highlight your best content and attract more attention to it.

Mental Health Blogs to Read in 2020

What Next?

We hope that you’ve found this list of mental health blogs to read useful, whether it’s a source of help with your own journey or has provided ideas for you to try on your own blog.

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