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One of the things that makes travel blogging amazing is the different sights and experiences everywhere you visit.

In every town, city, or country there’s something new to talk about or share with your readers on your blog or social media.

Whether it’s a written guide to how to visit Thailand on a budget or a photo diary of a weekend break in Paris, your travels provide an almost constant source of content.

It’s easy to be inspired by your travels and write about the destinations you visit along the way.

But what if you’re at home and not traveling for a while?

If your travel blog is centered on your experiences, city guides, or photo journals, it can be a challenge to find that same energy when you’re not traveling.

We’re here to help. In this article we share our top blog post ideas for travel bloggers — whether you’re a new blogger or want to refresh your existing blog.

Types of Travel Blog Posts

A great place to start when you plan content for your blog is to imagine what type of posts you want to create.

For some travel bloggers, their posts are very personal, with photo diaries, day in the life, and personal travel experiences as the majority of their content.

Other travel bloggers like to create city guides and share the best places to eat, shop, and enjoy a destination.

Here are some popular types of travel blog posts to help you come up with new content for your blog.

Travel Guides

Almost everyone now researches their travel destinations before they book a vacation or a long-term stay, and one of the first things they look for is a travel guide.

A well-written guide can not only help your readers to plan their next adventure, but help you reach a bigger audience if you optimize it for search engine traffic.

The type of travel guides you write will be influenced by your blog and your niche, as well as your own personal travel experiences.

Here are a few examples of travel guides from other bloggers:

Photo Diaries

Readers of travel blogs love to get a feel for the destination and live your experiences through your words and photographs.

Blogs which feature lots of high quality, beautiful imagery through insightful, personal travel stories can be really attractive to readers and help establish you as an influencer.

To inspire your next photo diary, why not take a look at these examples:


As a travel blogger you’ll come to experience lots of different resorts, cities, experiences, restaurants, and attractions.

Each of these moments lends itself to being shared with your audience through a review.

Reviews can be a great way to add extra content to your blog, for example alongside a travel guide.

Here are some travel reviews to inspire you:


Itineraries offer readers a similar experience to travel guides, but much more in-depth.

Sharing your itineraries for a trip can be a great way to shine the spotlight on the activities you experienced, as well as give an insight into how you travel.

It’s a helpful way to provide your audience with a realistic look at travel planning and behind the scenes.

Here are some itineraries from other travel bloggers:


Ever since the popularity of websites like Buzzfeed, list posts and listicles have become a great way to share travel tips and content that is quick and easy for readers to enjoy.

As a travel blogger, there are lots of different topics you could write a list about — from 10 ways to pack your carry on luggage, to 5 attractions you must visit when in Rome.

Here’s some inspiration for your next list post:


If you like to write lists and reviews, comparisons are a similar type of post that can attract a lot of interest.

With your experience behind you, you could compare different resorts, destinations for a weekend getaway, or which luggage is the best to buy.

Here are some comparison posts to give you some ideas:

How-To Guides

Like we talked about with travel guides, how-to guides are popular for readers who are planning to travel and need some advice.

How-to posts present you with a real opportunity to share your expertise — whether that’s through a guide on how to choose the right hotel or how to have a stress-free experience at the airport.

Here are some how-to guides from other travel bloggers:


Finally, a great way to create a lasting impression with your audience is to create helpful travel checklists — even better if you can create a printable version for them, too.

Checklists are popular as they solve a problem in a simple and straightforward way.

For example, a packing checklist is always useful.

Here’s some more inspiration for your checklists:

Travel Blog Ideas to Inspire You (Even When You’re Stuck at Home)

Travel Blog Post Ideas by Theme

After you’ve decided on the types of content you want to create for your travel blog, the next step is to build up a list of post ideas around the themes that you like to write about.

In this section we share some inspiration for your next blog posts, separated by theme.

Travel Planning

Vacations and once-in-a-lifetime trips can be overwhelming, so what better way to build a relationship with your readers than to share content that helps make their travel planning easier?

  • How to Find the Best Deals for Flights
  • The Best Places to Book a Cultural Adventure
  • How to Decide on the Right Destination for You
  • 10 Ways to Save Money When Booking as a Group
  • How to Book a Package Trip With a Travel Agent

Journeys and Traveling

Traveling to a destination can be exciting, but it can also be a source of worry or stress.

You can create informative, helpful guides and resources that become a key element of your blog’s brand.

  • How to Avoid Panic at the Airport
  • 5 Ways to Beat the Lines at Check In
  • A Guide to Packing Your Carry-On Luggage
  • My Best Tips for Traveling Like a Pro
  • What a Long Flight to New Zealand Is Really Like


When you need to book accommodation for a trip and you can’t decide between two resorts or hotels, a review or guide is extremely useful — especially if it features lots of detailed photographs.

  • A Review of The ABC Hotel in London
  • How to Find the Best Resort for Your Budget
  • All Inclusive vs. Airbnb — Which Is Right For You?
  • A Tour of Our Hotel Room In New York
  • 5 Things to Look For When Comparing Resorts


The best vacations and adventures are those full of experiences.

From cultural moments to the best restaurants in the world, it’s the experiences we have that create our memories.

What better way to tell the story of your travels than through your experiences?

  • My First Experience of Backpacking in Asia
  • 11 Experiences on My Travel Bucket List
  • How to Find the Best Hidden Gems Wherever You Are
  • 25 of the Best Experiences In Berlin for Art Lovers
  • A Photo Diary of Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef In Australia

Language and Culture

The world has many different cultures and languages for travelers to experience, and if you know some of the local tongue before you travel it can make your stay feel more fulfilling.

Do you have some top tips on language and culture you could share?

  • How to Learn the Basics of French Before You Travel
  • 5 Apps to Help Make Learning a Language Easier
  • How to Experience Ireland Like a Local
  • 10 Reasons to Visit Morocco for Your Next Cultural Trip
  • My Favorite Cultural Moments from Traveling Across Europe

Food and Drink

Traveling exposes you to amazing restaurants, bars, and food experiences all over the world.

Inspire your readers to try local dishes, share your restaurant reviews, and tips on how to eat and drink in your favorite destinations.

  • A Food Lover’s Guide to Japan
  • How to Eat on a Budget When Traveling
  • 5 Restaurants You Must Visit When In Spain
  • The Best Food Markets in Canada
  • The Best Diners to Visit on an American Road Trip

Behind the Scenes

Finally, readers love to find out more about you as a travel blogger.

They’re often interested in how you plan your next adventure, about press trips, and what life is like as a blogger.

  • How I Make Money as a Travel Blogger
  • My Top Tips for Travel Photography
  • How I Plan and Write a Great Blog Post
  • 5 Things I Do When Planning Content for My Travel Blog
  • Day In the Life of a Travel Blogger

Even More Travel Blog Content Ideas

With so many ideas to choose from, we hope you now feel inspired to plan and write fresh new content for your travel blog.

If you’d like even more ideas, here are some of our suggestions:

  • Create a roundup post featuring posts on a similar theme — e.g. My Most Popular Travel Guides
  • Feature a guest post from another travel blogger
  • Interview someone within the travel industry — like a flight attendant or a hotel manager
  • Ask readers for questions for a Q&A or “Ask Me Anything” feature
  • Host a giveaway featuring some of your favorite travel products
  • Invite readers or other bloggers to contribute to a feature — e.g. The Ultimate Guide to Traveling on a Budget

For more ideas on how to grow your travel blog and turn it into a success, make sure you sign up for our exclusive newsletter which features tips from our experts on how to grow and monetize your blog.