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6 Twitter Directories To Add Yourself To

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Twitter has become one of the most preferred platforms for business networking and forming new relationships.

However, finding the right people to follow can be tricky since there are over 290 million active Twitter users every month worldwide.

Nevertheless, a Twitter directory can come in handy in finding new people and businesses easily.

In this post, you’ll find the best Twitter directories.

An Overview of Twitter Directories

If you are new to Twitter and are interested in finding new people and businesses, Twitter directories will help you connect with people who match your interests.

What Is a Twitter Directory?

A Twitter directory is a third-party resource that can help you discover new Twitter users that you can follow depending on your interests.

Twitter directories can also help you find new tools to enhance the platform’s functionality.

Why Are Twitter Directories Important?

Twitter directories are essential in various ways, as discussed below.

1. Gain new followers

Once you add your Twitter account to these directories, various users can easily find you.

They will follow your account if you share the same interests, helping you gain more followers.

This is a free approach to building your follower count; most times, these followers are not spammers.

2. Discover new people to follow

If you are trying to find new people to follow, Twitter directories come in handy.

You can browse popular Twitter users in a specific category such as technology, sports, blogging, writers, and politics and follow them.

As a result, you will increase your chances of learning more about topics that suit you.

3. Enhance targeted brand awareness

As a business owner, you can quickly discover people interested in your business using Twitter directories.

This way, you can create content they can directly relate to, helping them know more about your business and persuade them to try out your products.

With this, you can gain new customers, retain existing clients and increase sales.

Does Twitter Have an Internal Directory?

Twitter has an internal user directory at the footer of the homepage in the form of a link when you’re logged out.

Once you click on the link, it directs you to Twitter’s user directory, which lists all Twitter accounts in alphabetical order, including those with non-Latin names, from A to Z.

However, even though the directory option is still there, the link seems to be broken lately, and Twitter has not yet given an official statement about it.

Can I Find Someone on Twitter Without Their Username?

There are various ways you can use to find someone on Twitter, even when you don’t know their username.

Some of them are:

Search by Phone Number or Email

When opening a Twitter account, one of the requirements is to enter your contact details.

Therefore, if you want to find a person’s Twitter account but don’t know their username, you can search using their phone number.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log into your Twitter account
  2. Click the icon on the top left corner and tap on the security and privacy option
  3. Open the privacy and safety option
  4. Scroll down a bit and select discoverability and contacts from the list of options under “Your Twitter activity.”
  5. Enable the Sync address book contacts to permit Twitter to access your contacts

In addition to following the steps above, you can directly enter a person’s phone number or email on the platform’s search bar and try to see if their account shows up.

If the person has a photo in their profile, it will be easier to find them.

For people to find you on Twitter through your phone number or email, you need to turn on the let others find you by phone or let others find you by email settings on the discoverability and contacts section.

Use Third Party Tools

There are various third-party tools you can use to search for a person’s Twitter account if you don’t know their username, including:

When using these tools, you need to know the person’s email or phone number.

These platforms also require you to pay an amount to use their services.

Best Twitter Directories for 2022

Everyone is always looking for new ways to get more Twitter followers.

Well, one of the best ways to do this is by getting discovered through Twitter directories.

There are many out there to choose from and it’s very quick and easy to add yourself to them.

So, here are a few to get you started. Feel free to share your favorite (whether listed or not) in the comments.

1. Twellow

Twellow is often referred to as the Twitter yellow pages.

screenshot of the twello homepage

This is because it has over 25 million users classified into various categories based on the information on their profiles.

Therefore, you can easily find the right people to follow.

If you plan to add yourself to Twellow, it’s best to register with them so that you can update your profile as well as create an extended biography.

They have a large variety of categories to choose from which makes it easier to target your niche.

2. WeFollow


This site is neatly organized by tags with each area showing the top users for that category.

Sadly, celebrities are taking up the homepage since most of them have more followers than anyone else.

So, you don’t get to see any of us “regular” users unless you dig through the tags.

3. Loaded Web

Loaded Web

Loaded Web is a location-based directory.

You can currently see users in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Each country is then categorized by states, territories, and cities.

4. Just Tweet It

Just Tweet It

Another directory with a large range of categories to add yourself to.

You will need to register with the site in order to add yourself and this also allows you to update your profile whenever needed.

5. TweetFind


This is a live Twitter directory that not only allows you to view Twitter users by category but also by rank.

If you can’t find a category that fits you, TweetFind allows you to suggest it; they aim to please.

You can also view and keep up with Twitter trends.

6. Mr. Tweet

Mr Tweet

Mr. Tweet is unique in that instead of you doing the work, it does the work for you.

Mr. Tweets looks through your current Twitter relationships to suggest compatible followers.

It also will suggest you to other Mr. Tweet users who are similar.

7. Twibes

Twibes is another Twitter directory that puts users into various categories depending on their area of interest.

This site primarily operates as Twitter groups.

You can join any group to gain access to its members and more followers with the same interests.

The best thing about Twibes is that you can register for a free account.

8. Hashtags

Hashtags is a barebones directory of hashtag users on Twitter.

Simply enter a hashtag in their search engine and the site will show you prolific users of that hashtag and recent posts with that hashtag.

9. Twitterholic

Twitterholic is a website that allows you to search for your Twitter account and see the number of followers you have gained.

It also enables you to search for other Twitter users, showing the number of followers they have gained over time.

The best thing about this site is that it is accurate.

Typically, its follower count is within 10 to 15 of the actual numbers.

However, the website cannot allow you to get much information on the Twitter community at large.

10. Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed is a twitter directory for higher education hashtags.

So if you’re searching for Twitter users or groups associated with a particular institution, you’ll find them on here.

You can also submit your own hashtag to be featured on the website if you want to promote your higher education group.

11. Twiends

Twiends is a Twitter directory that lists several users depending on their three provided tags.

To gain more followers, you can set up a profile on Twiends depending on your tags.

The site also operates on a coin-based system, which entails following other members to earn more coins and share them to obtain more followers.

12. TwitterPacks

TwitterPacks is a Twitter directory that uses a wiki-style setting. It groups users according to topics, locations, businesses, events, and meetups.

This website has tools such as auto pack that helps you know the users to follow or unfollow depending on their Twitter packs.

Additionally, it has Twitter tools containing important clients, tools, and websites.

13. Legal Birds

Legal Birds is a specialized listing of legal professionals on Twitter, including professors, attorneys, legal administrators, and librarians.

Therefore, if you are searching for like-minded individuals to follow on Twitter, this site comes in handy.

The site also allows you to gain new followers from the legal field, helping you to learn more information from these individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Twitter Directories Header 1

Did Elon Musk buy Twitter?

Elon Musk offered to buy Twitter at $44 billion in April 2022.

However, the two parties did not finalize the deal.

How do I tweet at a company?

Companies have public Twitter profiles that you can easily access using the platform’s search tool.

Once the business profile shows up, click on the blue tweet button that looks like a feather and enter your message in the pop-up that appears.

Wrapping Up

From the discussion above, the best Twitter directory for 2022 is Twellow.

The main reason why Twellow is the best is that it has many users.

Therefore, you can easily find people with shared interests and increase your Twitter following within a short time.

Other Twitter directories that stand out in the list are Twibes and Twitaholic.

You can check out other Twitter directories from our selection above to find the best fit for your needs.