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Virtual Office Services: How They Work and 8 Best Options

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The flexibility Covid provided showed many companies the beauty of virtual offices.

Forget paying for an expensive space that is only used maybe five days out of the week, and open your eyes to the beauty of a virtual office service.

In these times, businesses don’t need a space for their employees to come to work every day anymore.

Virtual office services are more than an excuse to work from home; it is the ability to keep the perks of having a physical office while not being physically there all the time.

What is a Virtual Office Service?

A virtual office service provides all the positives connected to a physical office without the costly building and often long commute required.

The in-person office included with a virtual office provides a space for employees to work and a consistent address.

A reliable meeting space and a receptionist to answer phones connected to a fixed number included with the service are also included with a virtual office.

What Are the Benefits of Virtual Office Services?

The two most significant benefits of moving to a virtual office service are:

  • Flexibility: Business can hire more employees around the country, or even the globe – and they can all work together within their own schedules and private homes
  • More fiscal freedom: Businesses can save huge amounts of money in rent and other expenses, like company cars.

A virtual office space allows a company to work from anywhere while keeping its credibility in a physical location.

Why Do People Need Virtual Office Services?

Not all businesses need a physical building to conduct their services since most companies can realistically run entirely online.

Employees can now conduct business out of the office, which means there is not much need for an office in the first place.

Start-ups, tech companies, and small online businesses, to name a few, do not need a building.

Buildings cost money, not only for the property itself, but also for power, water, heating, air conditioning, and other amenities.

Both small businesses and larger corporations benefit from reduced, unnecessary costs.

How Much Do Virtual Office Services Cost?

The price of a virtual office space is not necessarily a flat rate.

Companies on the smaller side do not need as much as a bigger business would, and thus they do not have to pay for more.

The beauty of virtual offices is that a company can choose its plan.

Plans are based the service package that best suits each company’s needs.

The price of a virtual office also depends on where the physical place is located, meaning that prime locations will cost more.

Placements differentiate pricing anywhere from roughly $40 to over $700.

Though, the most common price is around mid-fifty to two-hundred per month.

Some services will charge extra for certain things.

An example is that they might charge you for holding or mail forwarding.

The surcharges depend on the virtual office package that a company chooses.

How Do Virtual Office Services Work?

A virtual office service provides a physical location for mail to be delivered.

These services also provide a receptionist to answer the phone, and a credible business address comes along with a virtual office.

Put simply, a virtual office space is simply a space for the physical needs of a business that cannot happen virtually or that an establishment does not wish to do online.

vector graphic showing a handful of virtual office services - people doing them one next to the other

What Services Do Virtual Offices Provide?

Virtual offices provide so much more than a business address for mail deliveries.

Physical office spaces allow a conference room and a shared workspace for when the company needs to meet.

This virtual office solution can provide a mail forwarding service, when needed, to present documents to a company.

Phone service without needing to be in an office space is one of the hallmarks of virtual office service.

Voicemail is not professional as a live receptionist provided through these services.

The use of a meeting room, when needed, is also a benefit that a business owner or even an employee could utilize.

Physical office space is not needed for much beyond that in some cases.  

What Are the Features of a Virtual Office?

While a virtual office and a physical office are very similar in many ways, some things can and cannot be done in a virtual office.

Each virtual office service is different, but here are some of the most common features of a virtual office that are the most beneficial to a company:

  • Meeting Room Access
  • Live Receptionist
  • Physical Office Space
  • A Credible, Professional Business Address
  • Mail Handling (and Forwarding when needed)
  • Call Handling
  • Networking
  • Access to Sister Locations

Virtual office spaces feature the unique ability to save money on rent while making money from multiple locations.

Covid-19 revealed that employees still meet their quotas, even if they work from home.

One of the best features of a virtual office is the flexibility that is given not only to the employees but also to the business owners.

How Do I Run a Virtual Office?

Running a virtual office is much like a physical office.

Things need to get done, and people make sure they are.

Phones get answered, mail gets delivered and managed, and work will be completed.

Private offices and meeting rooms are available when needed, but at a much lower cost so that the company does not lose money paying for a space that goes unused.

Not all of the employees in a virtual office work in the office; that is the point.

So virtual offices tend to stay pretty empty unless something requires face-to-face interaction.

Running a virtual office is more about the work getting done and done efficiently than done in person.

Best Virtual Office Services of 2022

A lot goes into a virtual office, almost as much as a non-virtual one, if not more.

What qualifies the best as the best?

The best is the office that provides outstanding services that beat their competition.

A stellar virtual office (or the best) is one that provides all the services needed in the fashion, time, and quality that is above and beyond.

These are the eight top companies that provide the best virtual office service as of 2022:

1. Opus Virtual Office

Why We Suggest This

This virtual office solution offers far more than most competitors.

  • Best For: Companies on a budget

On top of the services that most virtual office spaces provide, Opus offers free-of-charge voicemail and faxes converted to email.

Opus offers business credit building.

For a surcharge, every month Opus also provides a toll-free number, audio conferencing bridge, international call transfers, additional extensions, and voice boxes.

They also feature a call-out and texting feature.

2. Alliance Virtual Offices

Why We Suggest This

The Alliance Virtual Offices allow you to have a flexible working schedule to boost your business.

  • Best For: Businesses that want cost-effective services

Alliance is mainly based in the U.S. but offers over 1200+ locations worldwide.

Alliance is also available at a much lower cost than other companies.

Alliance offers five key things:

  • Virtual offices across the world
  • Live receptionist services
  • Virtual phone numbers
  • A meeting room to book
  • Coworking spaces

They offer two packages to choose from, the main difference being meeting rooms and private offices.

3. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Why We Suggest This

Davinci virtual office lets you have a real mailing address for your virtual office to make a good first impression on your customers.

  • Best For: Businesses on a budget

Davinci offers a lobby director listing and a lobby greeter.

They can also provide day offices, a business support center, and presentation tools.

Additionally, Davinci has incorporation and registered agents available to help, through their partner Legalinc.

Davinci is an international company that has offices available from England to Germany to Japan to the U.S. and Canada.

4. Regus

Why We Suggest This

Regus offers much more than just a professional business address.

  • Best For: Businesses that want more than just an address

Regus offers a professional business address, DragonPass, and PPG partnerships for airport lounge access, community networking, personal growth events, a professional receptionist to greet guests, exclusive business service discounts from global suppliers, and 24/7 customer support.

It is globally available and has three options to choose from and customize to your needs.

5. Servcorp

Why We Suggest This

Servcorp offers prime workspaces for businesses.

  • Best For: Businesses looking for convenient locations

Servcorp provides four packages to choose from depending on location and the needs of the consumer.

Servcorp only has about 150 locations, but it focuses on prime places to give its customers the best credibility.

They feature in-house IT support and secretarial support as well.

Servcorp has been building virtual businesses for over forty years!

6. Sococo

Why We Suggest This

Sococo is entirely virtual which makes it affordable for businesses.

  • Best For: Businesses looking for affordable virtual spaces

Not confined to just business, Sococo has also begun to branch out into classrooms.

They are also the only service that has no physical locations at all; they are entirely virtual.

This means that it is a significantly lower price (because no physical space is needed).

One of the biggest drawbacks, aside from the lack of locations, is that it is paid per person, not a blanket bracketed number of the employees in a company.

7. Intelligent Office

Why We Suggest This

Intelligent office provides excellent virtual assistant services in addition to virtual offices.

  • Best For: Businesses based in the United States and Canada

Only available in the United States and Canada, Intelligent Office stands apart with its quality virtual assistant.

Intelligent office hyper focuses on the building blocks of a virtual office, which they believe is the hallmark of a modern business.

Phone answering, virtual assistant, virtual address, meeting rooms, and office space are what Intelligent Office provides to its users.

8. EOffice

Why We Suggest This

Businesses that want a presence without having to run an office.

  • Best For: Businesses looking for flexible options

Featuring offices from Australia to Saudi Arabia to the UK, EOffice has some of the most diverse locations out of all these virtual office services.

They are in roughly over thirty countries on almost every continent.

Though a little pricier, they have five package options that all include the features of a basic virtual office with extras piled on.

They are friendly and known for the stellar community environment they provide.

Each of these companies is popular for a reason.

For example, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is on top when it comes to the international market; while Regus provides the most flexibility and options when it comes to its service packages.

Best Virtual Offices For Specificity

Each company has something they, in particular, excel at and that makes them special from all the other competition.

Different companies really cater to different businesses and services.

For example, Opus Virtual Offices is known for being easy to learn to use and working well with their customers to really help them dip their feet into virtual offices.

Opus caters to almost all fifty states in the U.S. as well as places in Puerto Rico and Canada.

Regus has made a name for itself by offering a large number of choices for consumers to choose from.

This allows them to find the best fit for their company and really utilize the virtual office system.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions and EOffice are some of the best virtual offices if someone is looking to go worldwide, or those with an already-existing international team.

They both offer offices in many different cities, countries, and on almost every continent.

Best Virtual Offices For Location

Certain businesses really need to be in the best location to thrive, mainly where their business exists.

While there are plenty of offices in Washington DC, there also might need to be a Wyoming virtual office.

Locations are one of the most important things to consider when comparing all the different options with the packages and options they provide.

Davinci has over 5,000 locations, whereas Sococo does not have any physical locations available.

Alliance, Regus, Davinci, and EOffice are the places to look for the best international (and widespread) options.

While Intelligent Office is not international, Regus and Opus feature hundreds of locations internationally.

Best-Priced Virtual Office Services

It is a little complicated when a price comes into play because although a service might be super cheap at the lowest level, getting the things needed may add on a lot of extra expense.

In the long run, one of the mid-level services may be a better deal for what a company does or does not need.

Sococo, EOffice, and Opus are the least expensive of the most basic packages that a company could get.

Sococo does not offer any in-person locations to meet; the lack of meeting space is why they can sell at either $13.49 or $24.99 annually, but this is per seat.

Servcorp is one of the most expensive ($700 per month) if you get their highest package with the most services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we break down some more valuable information on virtual offices.

Can I Use a Virtual Office Address for Business Licensing?  

In short, yes; a virtual business address can be more beneficial than just a place for mail handling, and holding it can be used for business licensing.

To be licensed a business needs a location.

Many small or virtual companies have started to utilize virtual offices.

They provide access to a professional address that is not a person’s home.

Does My Virtual Office Address Include a Phone Number?

It depends on the virtual office service used whether a phone number is included with the address or if it is extra.

All of the services listed here will include a number if they also include a receptionist.

However, some of these, such as EOffice, make phone service an add-on that will cost extra.

Virtual office services usually do not say on their site whether they include a phone number, but if the number does not come along with the plan they say so.

If a service does not provide a number, then there are other places that can provide one.

Regus and Alliance Virtual Offices provide a number with their packages, so it is not an added expense.

Can I Use My Existing Company Phone Number?

Depending on the virtual office service, most companies keep their pre-existing number if they already have one; it comes down to the service.

A number can be provided if needed.

But only Alliance, Opus, and Davinci clearly say they allow a company to keep their existing number.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions also provides two free numbers in any of their packages.

A pre-existing number can still be used, while two new numbers are available for an establishment.

Each virtual office service provider will work with you if you need to keep the same number.

If you do change your number, then these offices are more than happy to help you to make the process as easy as possible.

How Do I Register an LLC With a Virtual Office Address?

It only takes four easy steps to set up an LLC with a virtual Office.

Step One:

Find a virtual service to provide a virtual office address.

Your LLC cannot be registered with a virtual office if you do not have one.

While there are tons out there, the top eight are listed above.

Once a service provider is selected, pick your location and set up the virtual address.

Step Two:

Pick the name of your LLC.

Do not forget to check that the name you choose is available by looking at either the Division of Corporation or the Secretary of State site.

Step Three:

Apply for a Federal Tax Identification Number (FEIN); FEIN is with the IRS, online, free of charge.

Step Four:

Finish the forms.

There are a few registration forms, some fees, and a few documents occasionally called the articles of organization.

Take the time to ensure that legally the company is all sorted out as it will pay off in the long run!

Wrapping Up

The need for virtual offices has skyrocketed in the past two years.

And, with more and more companies realizing that they can achieve the same (or even improved) results through a limited-to-no physical location, this trend shows no sign of slowing down.

If you’re still on the fence about making the shift to a virtual office, run a trial period with a trusted one, and see the results for yourself.  

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