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12 Work From Home Jobs That You Can Do To Make Money

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Working from home, also known as telecommuting or remote work, refers to completing one’s duties from a location outside of their typical workplace.

Working from home has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to technological advances that have made it easier for people to communicate and collaborate remotely.

Furthermore, the digitalization of multiple fields has positively impacted the number of available jobs one can do outside of an office.

Look no further if you’re on a job search.

We’ve done our research and come up with the most worthwhile jobs you can do from home!

The Best Work-From-Home Jobs (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Data Entry Specialist
  2. Virtual Assistant
  3. Social Media Specialist
  4. Blogger
  5. Online Teacher
  6. Web Developer
  7. Marketing Consultant
  8. Medical Transcriptionist
  9. Freelancer
  10. Software Developer
  11. Graphic Designer
  12. Customer Service Representative

Best Work-From-Home Jobs

Our twelve work-from-home job recommendations cover several fields of interest, so you’re guaranteed to find something that your skillset can handle.

1. Data Entry Specialist

Data entry specialists are responsible for accurately and efficiently inputting data into computer systems or databases.

While they typically work in offices, specialists can do their work at home.

While working remotely, you will be required to input a wide range of data, including numerical, alphabetic, or symbolic information, into a shared system or database.

Additionally, you may also have to review data to ensure its accuracy.

As such, it requires a degree of proficiency with computers.

This job requires the applicant to have experience with word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Moreover, the ability to type quickly and accurately is a great extra.

While it may be straightforward, this job demands critical attention to detail and consistency.


  • Availability, with countless job opportunities online
  • Rewarding, with great salaries for advanced data entry specialists
  • Basic, easy-to-learn skills required to get you started


  • Stagnant, due to the repetitive nature of work
  • Limiting, as there are few career advancement options for data entry specialists

2. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are individuals who perform a wide range of tasks, including administrative tasks, customer service, and technical support, for a variety of clients.

They work remotely for virtual assistance companies, and their tasks include (but aren’t limited to) answering phone calls and emails, scheduling appointments and meetings, making travel arrangements, and research and data analysis.

As such, excellent communication skills are a must.

As a virtual assistant, you’ll communicate with clients via email, phone calls, video conferencing, or online chat.

Additionally, if you’re not self-employed, you may work on a project basis or be hired on a retainer to provide long-term assistance.


  • Very flexible, work anywhere with an internet connection
  • Scalable, with varying workloads depending on your field and company
  • Rewarding, with enticing salaries in more prestigious fields


  • Challenges in communication due to the lack of physical presence
  • Susceptibility to technical issues while assisting

3. Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists are responsible for developing, implementing, and managing a company’s social media strategy.

They focus on handling social media marketing and accounts to ensure that the company achieves its set goals.

This involves creating and scheduling posts for social media accounts, engaging with followers, and analyzing the effectiveness of the company’s online campaigns.

As such, you must have intensive knowledge of social media and how it works.

Understanding current trends and how to follow them, staying up-to-date with current features, monitoring data metrics, and being creative are must-haves for a social media specialist.

Before, a specialist would work in-house exclusively for a single company.

Nowadays, most specialists are independent and can work for multiple clients.

They also work for a variety of platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and Instagram.


  • Engaging, as you’ll connect with followers through social media posts
  • Purposeful, in the case of social enterprises and campaigns
  • Flexible, as you can work anywhere with an internet access


  • Time-consuming, as you will continuously analyze current trends and find advertising techniques as a social media manager

4. Blogger

A blogger is an individual who writes and publishes content on a blog.

Bloggers can cover a wide range of topics, from personal experiences and hobbies to news and current events.

They may write about a single subject or a variety of interests.

While blogging used to simply be a means of expressing your passions and sharing your interests with people online, it now became a way of making money.

Most bloggers work on a freelance basis for companies that need written content.

However, you could create a reliable source of income through advertising if you have excellent writing skills and are willing to create your own blog.

It will take you some time and dedication to launch a successful blog.

Most importantly, bloggers need to be creative and always on the lookout for relevant and entertaining information to share.

Furthermore, learning search engine optimization, design, and marketing will help you stand out among other blogs.

Once your blog sees enough traffic, you can monetize it using tools like Google AdSense.

It also helps if you engage with your followers through social media.


  • Interesting, with many subjects to write about and new information to learn
  • Flexible, work anywhere you have an internet connection and a laptop
  • Scalable, with varying salaries depending on your workload or your dedication


  • Competitive for independents, with many countless blogs tackling all subjects already existing
  • Difficult, as launching a successful blog requires expertise in many fields and a lot of dedication

5. Online Teacher

An online teacher is an individual who instructs students online.

As an online teacher, you’ll be sharing information with eager learners from all around the world.

Most job opportunities for online teachers demand that you have a teaching degree to prove your worth.

Aside from educating, you’ll also need to monitor student progress and prepare appropriate examinations for them.

Online teaching can become your full-time job if you dedicate enough time to it, as most websites pay per hour.

However, for part-time job seekers, it can also be a side hustle to add on top of their current job to make some extra money.


  • Engaging, with exposure to different cultures through students
  • Purposeful, as you’re building their future
  • Rewarding, with excellent salaries to dedicated, full-time online teachers
  • Flexible, as you can set precise work hours


  • Demanding, with most jobs requiring a degree to prove your skills
  • Challenging, as you may find it hard to communicate with some students

6. Web Developer

A web developer is a professional who is responsible for the development and maintenance of websites.

They work with a variety of languages, such as HTML and CSS, and technologies to create visually appealing, functional, and user-friendly websites.

As a web developer, you must have extensive knowledge of front-end and back-end web development and the languages used to build websites.

Moreover, you’ll always need to stay up-to-date with new technologies and best practices to maintain proper functionality and security.

Some of your tasks include building and designing the website, implementing security measures, fixing bugs, and working alongside your company or clients to understand their needs and produce appropriate solutions.

Most web developers nowadays are remote workers who function as independent contractors for established companies.

You can also offer your services on freelance websites.


  • Availability, with many work-from-home opportunities available to developers
  • Rewarding, with fantastic salaries across freelancing and company hires, especially for specialists
  • Flexible, as you can work at your own pace as a freelancer and set your own rules


  • Competitive for freelancers, as there are countless online providing their services for cheap
  • Varying in experience, as you may face more difficulty with some individual projects and/or clients than others

7. Marketing Consultant

A marketing consultant provides expert advice and assistance to businesses and individuals alike to help them produce and implement effective marketing strategies.

Marketing consultants may work with small-time businesses or large companies.

They may also specialize in specific industries or marketing channels.

As a consultant, your responsibilities include conducting market research to understand current trends, target audiences, and competitors; developing marketing techniques customized for particular channels, such as social media and advertisements; measuring the effectiveness of your marketing; and working alongside the client to understand their goals.

Nowadays, you can either find jobs at online consultancy firms or agencies or work as an independent contractor on a freelance website.


  • Flexible, as you can work at your own pace alone or alongside a team of qualified marketers
  • Several opportunities, as advertising drives our economy and society
  • Continuous learning, as understanding current trends helps you go further in this field


  • Challenging, as you may face several creative and analytical challenges across different clients
  • Demanding, as most companies looking for consultants require a degree in marketing

8. Medical Transcriptionist

A medical transcriptionist is a healthcare professional who converts spoken or recorded medical dictation into written documents.

They listen to recorded dictation from doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals and transcribe it into medical reports, discharge summaries, referral letters, and other documents.

Medical transcriptionists must have a strong understanding of medical terminology.

As such, telescribe remote jobs require you to have an associate’s degree in medical transcription.

Furthermore, you need to be accurate, as you may find difficulty following the dictation due to the accents or recording quality.

Although they have become popular nowadays, telehealth services can still pose difficulties for newcomers.

As such, some companies may require that you have practical experience in-house.

Medical transcriptionists are also responsible for organizing and maintaining medical records and remaining up-to-date with current terminology and transcription techniques.

All in all, it’s a critical job in the healthcare field that demands great accuracy and attention to detail, but it guarantees appealing salaries.


  • Very rewarding, as most jobs in the healthcare field offer great salaries
  • Purposeful, as you’re helping clients with their healthcare needs


  • Very difficult, as you’ll have to be meticulous and excellent in communication

9. Freelancer

Online freelancing has become very competitive in our times, but, if you’re an expert in a particular field, there are countless websites where you can offer your services to individuals and businesses alike for a fee.

You can either find a remote job with a company or go solo on freelancing websites such as Fiverr and UpWork.

They each have set guidelines to abide by to ensure that you don’t face trouble.

However, with enough time and dedication, you can build a reliable stream of income that can replace your full-time job.

Alternatively, you can apply to a company that hires freelancers for large projects.

You can set your working hours and get paid depending on the services you’ve provided.

It’s important to understand that online freelancing is a highly competitive field.

Aside from understanding appropriate marketing techniques and ensuring that you communicate excellently, you also need to hone your skills to stand out among competitors.

High-value skills, such as web development, design, and writing will net you more opportunities.

Furthermore, ratings will go a long way toward attracting customers.

So, you must build an image that reflects efficiency, reliability, cooperativeness, and proficiency.


  • Very rewarding, as specializing in a highly sought-after skill will net you incredible profits
  • Flexible, as you can work anywhere and at your own pace
  • All-encompassing, as freelancing covers several skills


  • Very competitive, with most solo freelancers requiring to learn several other skills to stand out
  • Time-consuming, as building your portfolio and attracting customers is difficult at first for independent freelancers

10. Software Developer

A software developer is a professional who designs, creates, tests, and maintains computer programs.

They use programming languages and software development tools to develop software that performs a wide range of functions.

Software developers also cover many industries, such as education, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing.

They may also develop programs for mobile devices, computers, or middleware.

As an online developer, your tasks will vary depending on your company’s or individual’s needs and the industry you’re involved in.

They generally include analyzing the user’s needs, designing an appropriate solution, and accounting for the bug-fixing and further revisions they may demand.

You’ll need to be an expert in programming with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

You must also be able to think creatively, be proficient in at least one programming language, and be ready to meet your client’s expectations and work ethic.

There are countless online jobs for software developers, as this is the field of the future.

You can either apply for a company or provide your services on a freelance website.


  • Availability, as it is in-demand and will shape our future
  • Rewarding, with fantastic salaries across freelancing and company hires
  • Flexible, as you can work at your own pace as a freelancer and set your own rules
  • Focusing, with specialization in a specific field allowing you to comfortably earn more


  • Challenging, as you may have tough experiences with some individuals or businesses; you also need an extensive knowledge of computer science

11. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are professionals who create visual materials, either by hand or through software.

They develop the layout and production design for various applications, such as logos, websites, magazines, and advertisements, all to communicate a message or inspire something in people.

Graphic design plays with color, typography, and imagery to create compelling visuals.

As a graphic designer, you’ll work alongside your company or client to understand their needs and produce appropriate visual material that meets their objectives.

While most companies require a college degree for a position and expect you to work alongside a team of designers and marketers, you can become a freelance or royalty-driven designer and work solo.

Websites such as Merch By Amazon allow designers to share their visual artwork to be printed on apparel.

The designer gets paid royalties for every item sold that contains their design .

Designers can also directly sell their artwork online.

In this case, it’s an excellent idea to have a social media account ready, as having an audience helps greatly in driving sales.

As a designer, creativity should be your number one focus.

It’s also important to hone your drawing skills, be it traditional or digital art, and get accustomed to using applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Furthermore, understanding current trends and having a portfolio ready will help boost your design career.


  • Engaging, as you’re always finding creative solutions to your client’s needs
  • Easy, as after acquiring the necessary skills, your only boundary is your creativity
  • Efficient, as creating designs for apparel nets you a passive source of income


  • Competitive, as there are countless designers online and your designs may not stand out
  • Scalable, as your profits are dependent on your dedication and creativity

12. Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative is a professional who assists customers with inquiries, complaints, and issues.

They work in a wide range of fields, from banking to healthcare.

Your duty as a CSR is to assist customers and resolve any problems they may have.

This may include answering questions about products or services, processing orders or returns, handling complaints or concerns, and providing information about policies and procedures.

You may also be responsible for keeping track of customer transactions and complaints.

As such, basic computer skills may be necessary.

Moreover, as a CSR, you need to be patient, empathetic, and have strong problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills.

It also helps to multitask and be able to work under pressure.

Note that depending on your field, you may need specific knowledge or technical skills to meet your company’s requirements.

Healthcare, for example, has specific terminologies the average person may not fully understand.


  • Engaging, as you build positive relationships with customers
  • Rewarding, as CSRs can get fantastic salaries depending on their field
  • Flexible, as you can work anywhere with access to an internet connection


  • Challenging, as dealing with angry customers can be stressful
  • Limiting, as there may be a lack of advancement opportunities for CSRs

Wrapping Up

Working from home has become increasingly popular in recent years and the digitalization of many industries has opened a new horizon for those looking for remote work.

There are countless opportunities out there that cater to every skill set, so you’re guaranteed to find a job that will pique your interest.

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