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About Me Page: Definition, Types, Examples & How To Make One

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About Me pages remain one of the main web pages most websites use to introduce themselves.

However, some people question why they should bother with one.

After all, does it even benefit or help them?

About Me pages matter to me since they can help businesses establish who they are and why others should support them.

As you read, you’ll learn what About Me pages entail, the types available, some solid examples, and how you can make one.

Then, you can create an ideal About Me page and help your business grow and stand out.

What is an About Me Page?

An About Me page is an additional webpage on your website where you talk about yourself and your business.

You also discuss how you established the business and other information you want to share.

What is the Purpose of an About Me Page?

An About Me page exists for you to establish yourself and your business to the customers.

They can understand what your company stands for, its overall mission, and other vital details to understand your viewpoint.

Why is an About Me Page Important?

An About Me page remains essential for two primary reasons: establishing authority and sharing your business with potential buyers.

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Promote Your Brand as an Authority

When you create an About Me page, you improve your brand’s authority.

People learn why they should listen to your business and support it when you discuss what you offer.

That way, they see that your brand understands the industry and needs of the customers.

Let Potential Buyers Learn More About You

Sometimes, buyers want to learn more about businesses.

If you provide the information, customers will see why your business exists and what it wants to accomplish.

That way, they build a relationship with your business.

What Makes a Good About Me Page?

To create a good About Me page, remember the three Bs: be genuine, approachable, and authoritative.

Each one will help you find a good balance so you appeal to as many people as possible.

1. Be Genuine

You need to remain genuine when sharing information on an About Me page.

Acting natural means putting your real emotions and feelings into the post without seeming corny or fake.

Otherwise, people will see through a fake persona, so they won’t trust your business.

Instead, just tell people how you feel and what happened to develop better relationships with them.

2. Be Approachable

However, as you remain genuine with people, you must keep yourself approachable.

For example, some people come off as rough or mean, so avoid leaving that impression.

Instead, you need to present yourself as trustworthy, kind, and a good person.

Doing so will make people willing to hear you out, so keep your writing kind and avoid rude language.

3. Be Authoritative

While you need to be approachable, you must make yourself authoritative.

People need to trust your business and its offers, so make sure you know what you’re talking about before making the page.

You can clarify your authority by stating facts and showing your credentials.

If you make too many jokes, you won’t build credibility, so make yourself someone your customers can trust.

What to Write on an About Me Page

Writing an About Me page requires you to remember what you want your customers to understand.

Remember these three points as you write an About Me page, so you address the page’s primary purpose.

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Present What You’re Offering

As you talk about yourself, you must introduce your business to your visitors.

Use the About Me page as an opportunity to talk about yourself and why you created your business.

Doing so will help you transition into your business to share it with your potential customers.

You can discuss some of your popular products and other points you feel will appeal to your customers.

You can talk about how some of your products help people alongside your goals so they know what to expect from you and your business.

You can expand on your ideas through an About Me page, so people know what to expect as they interact with your business.

Explain What It Will Do for Customers

However, talking about yourself and the business won’t provide enough information to your customers.

You also need to talk about why your customers should buy from you.

Doing so will help them understand how your business assists them, so they’ll want to make a purchase.

Doing so establishes a mutual relationship between the two of you.

Your visitors understand that you can offer them benefits from your products, so they want to support you.

However, if you don’t show them how you can help them, then they’ll go somewhere else.

While you shouldn’t explicitly state how it helps them, you can share some benefits for them to make the connection.

Provide the Next Step

Once you establish yourself and share your business, you need to point your customers in the right direction.

You can provide a call-to-action, so your customers understand how they can support your business.

For example, if you want them to look at your products, provide a link on the page to point them in the right direction.

Again, it comes down to what you feel will help your business and turn your visitors into customers.

However, present it in a way that feels like they’ll benefit from and help you.

Then, when you do so, they feel like they helped your business while also receiving some benefits.

How to Write a Perfect About Me Page

As you keep the tone in mind, you must also tackle the following main points as you write a page.

Then, you can tackle the proper subjects and make your page appealing while you create it.

Establish a Mission Statement

As you write your page, ensure you at least mention your mission statement to your visitors.

A mission statement must show your customers what your business focuses on and wants to accomplish.

However, you must make your mission statement relatable if you want supporters.

You want to make money, but you need to establish a purpose.

Doing so will make your business more appealing to your customers since they want to support a good mission.

Make sure to think about possible mission statements with your leaders to find an ideal one for your business.

Outline Your Company Story

Once you state your mission statement, you can outline your company story and share it with your potential customers.

The company story should discuss why you created the company, how you established it, the key people involved, and why it exists today.

Establishing an outline will help you tackle the main points as you create an About Me page.

That way, you won’t miss any crucial details, but you won’t make the segment too long.

Otherwise, some readers may become bored and move on to something else.

Doing so will take some time, but you can craft an excellent page as you create an outline before you write it.

Reveal How You’ve Evolved

Your company story should also show how your business changed and evolved with time.

For example, mention if you started as a small business with one or two employees.

Then, you can talk about how you expanded across the state, country, or other regions.

Showing evolution lets your customers know they can trust you to grow and improve.

If a business shows signs of slowing down or fading away, people won’t want to support it.

However, if you exemplify how your business remains strong, you can gain more customers.

Make sure you regularly update the About Us page to show further evolution and improvement as your business grows.

State Your Aha Moment

You also want to share your aha moment with your readers.

An aha moment refers to the point when you figured out you wanted to open a business.

The moment can involve a specific detail in your life, what caused it to occur, and anything else interesting.

Aha moments work well since they make your business relatable to your visitors.

People can imagine aha moments happening to them, and some may have similar experiences in their lives.

Even though some people struggle to share personal moments, doing so can build an emotional connection with your audience.

Decide Whether You Want to Use First or Third Person

While writing an About Me page, you don’t want to switch points of view throughout it.

Doing so will make it seem unprofessional and inconsistent, so choose between a first- or third-person view before you write.

A first-person view means talking as if you’re speaking.

That means you use words such as I and we.

If you go with a third-person view, you need to talk about yourself as someone else.

That means using words like he, she, or they.

A first-person view makes it more personable, while a third-person view makes it more authoritative, so choose whichever fits your brand.

Include an Image

While you edit your page, you need to think about how it looks.

Sometimes, businesses will try to create a page without utilizing an image, but doing so can make your page hard to read.

Sometimes, people find it easier to read a page if images break up the words.

On top of that, images allow people to see you and your employees.

When people see others, they feel a stronger connection to those people.

Since pictures of you, your leaders, and your employees add faces to the business, you make it appealing to others.

Spend some time developing great pictures to make the About Me page better.

Be Honest

As you explain your story, remain honest. Lies cause problems for multiple reasons.

For example, people won’t trust your products and don’t want to support you.

Instead, focus on telling a real story about your life.

Not only will your customers connect with you better, but they’ll also appreciate your honesty.

As you establish honesty and integrity, your customers will feel better about supporting you since you match their morals.

Pro Tip: Use an About Me Generator

Sometimes, creating your own About Me page involves some challenges.

If you don’t write regularly or find it hard to think of words, making one will take more time than expected.

Luckily, you can use About Me generator tools to help you out.

For example, Jasper.ai or a handful of the best ai writing software helps you make marketing copy, so you don’t have to make it yourself.

The program will suggest more words or alternatives you can use as you write the words.

As you do so, you’ll quickly create an About Me page.

Once you create the page, you can read it and adjust it to match your tone better.

However, additional assistance makes creating a page more straightforward, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we discussed why an About Me page matters and how it benefits you, we want to discuss a few frequently asked questions.

vector graphic showing elements of blog design

How do you write an excellent short bio?

To write an excellent short bio, you need to address a few crucial points: mention your experience, goals, and why you did your business.Doing so will give people some insight into your personality. You should include anything else relevant to your business.

Are there About Me templates I can use?

You can find About Me templates to help you develop a page.The templates will mention which significant points you need to address and offer some headings.Make sure to look into the options online to see which meets your needs.

Wrapping Up

About Me pages remain essential for websites, so create one of your own.

If you need help developing an About Me page, you can use Jasper.ai to generate a unique one.

Remember the points above and use the tips to develop an ideal About Me page.

Doing so will help you make your page good so it becomes appealing to your website visitors.

If you have any questions about an About Me page, you can always leave a comment to get some answers.

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